Title: Forthcoming Destiny

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Summary: Haruka has recently started to have nightmares about world destruction, Michiru seeks out to awaken Haruka as Sailor Uranus.

Spoilers: The plot leads up to when Haruka and Michiru first meet and when Michiru reveals Haruka her destiny.

Disclaimer: Haruka and Michiru do not belong to me, they belong to Naoko-sama and etc..

Fourteen year old Haruka ran her hand through her sandy hair as she worked on her Math. Yet she found herself distracted by her thoughts, she had been having alot of nightmares, the same one each night, a vision of destruction, the thought sent chills down her spine. She didn't realize she was lost in thought when she heard a voice beside her "Tenou, have you finished the assignment?"

Haruka snapped out of her revere "Oh, gomen ne, sensei." Haruka said looking up at her teacher who stood next to her peering over her shoulder then looked back to her math paper which was only half done

The teacher didn't appear too pleased "Just please try to stay focused." she said with a sigh and walked back towards the middle off the class room 'Easier said than done.' Haruka thought to herself as she noticed she was drawing attention to herself from other students across the room

Haruka looked back down to her paper and began to work out the problems. She was one of the most popular students in school and by far one of the hottest 'guys' in school, heh, if they only knew..

Yet, she kept a distance from the popular crowds, usually for lunch she snuck off campus by herself and drove to a local cafe and arrived back when lunch was over. She could usually pass off with the 'I got my license from overseas' bit and people usually took it because she didn't look her age.

Haruka sighed with relief as the school bell rang only moments later. All the students suddenly stood up and hustled making their way towards the door. Haruka quickly gathered her things and headed towards the door as well.

"Please don't forget to do pages 27-30 in your math textbooks." The teacher called out
Loud groans could be heard from the hustling crowd as they made their way through the door, So much for a homework free weekend.

A few minutes later, Haruka reached her locker and slid all of her text books into the locker except for the Geometry one then slammed it shut. She made her way through the many crowds of students who mostly stood there and gossiped. Haruka sweat dropped rolled her eyes as she tried to squeeze through the many groups of people. When she finally exited the building she sighed with relief. And made her way towards the parking lot and to her yellow convertible, she unlocked the trunk then opened it and threw her school stuff inside then moved to get into the drivers side, inserted the keys into the ignition and took off towards her apartment.

Michiru's last class was Music, she had headed to her locker to put away her things and head home. She went to a private girls school. "Konnichiwa, Michiru-chan." a voice called from behind the aqua haired girl "Konnichiwa, Katana-chan." Michiru replied with a smile as she finished putting her books away then shut her locker then turned to her dark haired friend holding her violin case.

"Let's walk home together today." Katana said folding her hands over her book case as Michiru smiled in response
"Are you going to Tenou Haruka's race, he's so kawaii, I can't wait to get his autograph." Katana beamed as they walked down the side walk towards their houses Katana had been talking nonstop about races, boys and yada yada yada general girly stuff.

Michiru hadn't said a thing for the past ten minutes while she let her friend ramble on and on, and she wasn't even paying attention, she was again off in her own world. She knew for some time now, Haruka was a girl and was destined to become Sailor Uranus soon, her mission was to awaken her, but it wasn't going to be easy.

A few minutes later they both stopped in front of Katana's house as Katana turned back to Michiru "I'll see you Monday, Sayonara, Michiru-chan." Katana said with a wave and ran into her house

Michiru carried her violin case in front of her while she started to walk slowly towards her apartment
She didn't want to put a burden on Haruka and force her to accept her destiny as a soldier, which had happened to her, thing's were never the same again. Michiru frowned and sulked and continued home

After getting frustrated with all the geometry work and finally finishing it, Haruka stood up from her table and stretched and decided to go take a hot bath before she got ready for bed. It was almost 2AM and she was extremely tired, but she tried to avoid sleep as much as humanly possible. When she had first gotten home she had taken her jog around the block, went to the store, and cleaned up the apartment for a bit before homework.

Haruka entered the bathroom and ran the bathwater and poured some bath oil seeds into the running water.

She removed her slacks and the jacket of her school 'boys' uniform, she preferred the men's uniform much more because it was alot more comfortable and due to the many reasons society saw her as a male, she preferred the easy way out.
A few minutes later, Haruka shut off the faucet and slowly slid her long slender legs into the warm scented water.

She let out a long content sigh and slowly lay down in the tub, propping up her legs against the tiled wall. She began to lather herself up in soap as she enjoyed the heat of the water. Moments later, she found herself thinking about the nightmare's she had been having, she lay there in silence as drops of water fell from her long sandy strands of hair.
Haruka looked down where the drop of water had fell to see the slow movement of the lined circles through the now soapy water.

Letting out a long sigh, Haruka ran her hand through her wet strands of hair, deciding she should go to bed no matter how much her mind protested otherwise.
Haruka sighed and drained the tub wrapping a towel around herself as she got out.

Michiru sat inside the comfort of her apartment working her painting of world destruction, a vision she's had countless times.
She envisioned it clearly inside her mind and had the strong urge to paint. Inside the painting were many buildings collapsing
and being swallowed up by a large violent wave of ocean.

She looked up towards her clock which showed 12:30AM, she had always been a night owl, even during the school days, she usually stayed up late anyways due to the massive amount of homework that was always assigned.

Even as smart and talented Michiru was, she wasn't totally a straight A student, she usually paid more attention to her Music and Art classes particularly, she was more of a B type student, she made sure her work got done, but she didn't always study mostly because of her lack of time due to youma attacks and violin recital's.
Michiru stopped mid stroke and her hand lingered with the paintbrush in the air.

She felt an odd chill pass through her body, she got this time to time now that she was Sailor Neptune. She cringed then tried and regained her composure and continued with her painting, the image before her even frightened her some, her own image.
Satisfied with her painting she stood up elegantly setting the brush back down with the paint set and set it aside.

Michiru gazed back at her painting it was just as she envisioned it in her mind, she'd been having visions of the end of the world ever since she had become Sailor Neptune, the fall of the Moon Kingdom was devastating, even more so because, Sailor Pluto, Uranus and herself couldn't do anything about it.

She sighed and decided she should get ready for bed since she had a violin concert tomorrow, and she needed a decent amount of rest to be able to perform. She left her painting to dry and headed towards her bedroom.

That night had been nothing but nightmares for Haruka.
Haruka tossed and turned and was unable to get comfortable.

She stood in a path of flood of bright red light, one by one building's were being destroyed, a deadly light that engulfed the whole city, screams and cries arose from everyone imaginable, all hell had broke loose. Haruka's eyes were wide with horror, feeling like there was nothing she could do to stop it, to end everyone's suffering.
She collapsed to the ground and held her head in her hands trying to drown out the cries of the suffering.

"Stop this..stop this." she cried out over the rest of the terrified cries
Haruka jumped up inside her bed, she was sweating and her heart was pounding inside of her chest, drowning out her hearing,
she clutched her chest and heaved breaths inside and out, her other hand supporting the weight of her forehead.
"Why, why is this happening to me?" she questioned

She turned and looked at her clock which now showed 3:10AM
"Oh, Kami-sama." Haruka sighed and fell back into her pillows "Why me?"
Worry made it's way over Haruka's features.

Her chest began to throb, she got this off and on ever since the nightmares started...panic attacks.
Haruka rolled over and gazed out into the moonlight which streamed into her room
The quiet was curing and serene compared to the terrifying nightmare, she just had moments


When it was quiet like this she began to reflect on her life, she had been an orphan for quite a while now,
until she decided she wanted to live on her own at an early age, she had always been independent, it was her nature.
Her heart pace began to slow and her skin was slightly dryer now.
This ray of light, gave her hope, somehow, it felt vaguely...familiar.

To be continued...