Title: Forthcoming Destiny

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Summary: Haruka has recently started to have nightmares about world destruction, Michiru seeks out to awaken Haruka as Sailor Uranus.

Spoilers: The plot leads up to when Haruka and Michiru first meet and when Michiru reveals Haruka her destiny.

Disclaimer: Haruka and Michiru do not belong to me, they belong to Naoko-sama and etc..

The sun shined ever so brightly as Katana and Michiru were walking

"So how was your trip, Michiru-chan?" Katana asked Michiru as they left school and headed for Haruka's motorcycle race. Michiru looked down slightly and her face showed no expression as she recalled the night when she had last spoken to Haruka, she decided not to bring her up though because she didn't feel like going into details

Michiru half smiled "It was nice, refreshing." Michiru said simply Katana just nodded

Michiru knew what she had to do today, no more fooling around, she needed to get to the bottom of this.

Haruka readied her Yamaha TZR250 motorcycle at the race track, eager to begin, she felt a surge of energy rise within her, something that wanted to push her more then ever before.

When she began the race she was far ahead of everyone, but not intentionally, she felt the sudden need for speed. She shifted her weight on the turns with such ease and grace, like it was nothing.

She continued this through out the race and won like it was a piece of cake just like so many times before. Haruka grinned to herself as she pulled off her helmet which revealed her beautiful teal eyes and sandy blond hair as she flashed the crowd a smile.

Haruka's opponents grunted with irritation as they left the race track. Another day soon to go by. Little did she know what would await her minutes later.

Haruka held her helmet over her shoulder as she approached a garage and came to a halt when she heard someone moaning in pain. She turned "Is someone there?" she called out as she entered seeing a young elementary school boy, he had short golden brown hair and dark green eyes, he was on he's knees, doubled over clutching his chest in pain.

"Help me..." he replied in a hoarse voice Haruka immediately came to his aid "What's wrong? Are you alright?" she asked with concern as she placed her hand on his back and knelled at his side

This time the boy reached out with his hand "Help me..." He pleaded then unleashed into a cry as a blinding red light caused Haruka to jump back "Nani?" she cried out in alarm as a large youma in place of the young boy appeared before her, snarling ferociously at her

Haruka immediately took many steps back. She turned to see a thin but large pole leaning against the wall. She quickly reached for it and held it out before her then cried out "You...YOUMA!" and held the pole back ready to strike when a vision of the boy who had just been crouching in pain moments ago appeared before her eyes reaching out towards her "Help me..." which caught her in such surprise, the youma chose that moment to dive in towards her. Haruka instinctively held out the pole blocking the Youma from reach

She cried out as the impact threw her towards the ground. She sat up in pain trying to grasp what she was truly witnessing. The youma right before her showed it's sharp jaws and lunged towards her once more. Just as Haruka was about to feel her fate, she winced as another blinding light pierced through the air before her and the youma. Haruka watched in awe as the light and what looked like pen sat ajar in the mid air.

Without hesitating, Haruka felt herself now reaching out towards the thin object, it was like her body wasn't even her own, deep down she wanted to pull back and flee the scene but it was like she was locked in place and couldn't control what she was doing. "Don't do it!" she heard a familiar voice call out which made her flinch and she drew her hand back as the henshin stick fell to the ground

She looked over her shoulder and could see a a figure leaning against the outside of the garage, the dark light concealed her aqua features. "Don't grab that." the dark figure said firmly "Once you grab ahold of it..." Michiru trailed off and looked up as she allowed her aqua features to be shown "...You will never again return to your mundane life." Michiru stated sadly but simply before turning and looking straight over in Haruka's direction

Michiru lifted her henshin stick which was very similar to the one Haruka was about to grab. Michiru closed her eyes and called out "Neptune Planet Power...Make Up!" Haruka watched as aqua lights emerged from the pen and filled the area. In place of Michiru who was now Sailor Neptune, stood before her

Haruka's eyes widened in both awe and fear as the youma leaped after Sailor Neptune, who quickly sent the youma into a large stack of paint cans as smoke filled the air. Neptune slowly but elegantly stood up, and turned face to face with an enraged Haruka. "You can't!" Haruka cried out as the smoke dissipated "He was human until just a few minutes ago!" she said standing ground "Are you all right doing this? This is murder!" Haruka shouted

Neptune looked down slightly and spoke softly "The silence is approaching...If I don't do this, there will be even more victims!"

"Are you saying that's why you don't care how you accomplish it?" Haruka questioned

"That's right!" Neptune spoke harshly and heartlessly

"I don't care what means I use!"

Haruka clenched her fist "Are you really that satisfiedshe began but was cut off by a roar of anger behind her

Neptune leaped forward "Look out!" she cried managing to clutch hold around Haruka but cried out in unbearable pain as she felt the jaws break into the skin of her arm, then her back. Haruka's eyes widened when she felt her self being carried out of harms way, she felt her nightmares coming true. The instant Neptune appeared memories and visions started flooding back over her, the images of world destruction were all so clear now as was her past. She wanted to believe in all her power that this was just some nightmare from the very beginning, that she would wake up the next morning and this would all just be some bad dream and she would pick up where she left off. Neptune's screams drowned her thoughts, why hadn't she met her fate yet? Wait, Neptune, risking her own life to protect her's, but why? Haruka thought as tears began to enter her eyes and cloud her vision and soon, she felt herself hit the cold ground, Neptune on top of her.

Neptune turned face to face with the youma 'This is it.' she thought to herself "DEEP SUBMERGE!" She cried out sending a large mass of ocean current straight into the youma, causing the monstrous form to revert back into the helpless boy. Neptune fell to her knees and sighed with both pain and relief.

Haruka moved to Neptune's side and put her arm around Neptune's shoulders to support her weight and let her other hand rest on Neptune's thigh. With great effort, Neptune finally managed to open her eyes. "Where's the youma...?" she asked weakly Haruka managed a smile as she watched Neptune "He turned back into a human." she said with a great relief "He's all right."

"I might have killed him." Neptune said sadly and averted Haruka's gaze

"No...Next time, I'm sure I'll kill...It's not that I'm fine with it. But I am a soldier...Because I choose to do this."

Haruka moved her arm around Michiru's waist and moved her closer towards her

"Then why did you cover for me just now...?" She asked with confusion

Haruka moved and ever so gently lifted Neptune's arm for inspection, and sadness filled her teal features once more as she

examined the large cuts that were starting to bleed

"If you hurt your hand, you won't be able to become a violinist." Haruka stated It hurt her deeply, she remembered telling Michiru to force the burden of this mission upon herself, and here she was laying in her arms injured because of saving her. 'I am the one who's selfish.' Haruka thought sadly Michiru had nearly chosen to throw her dreams away to protect her

"I...I didn't investigate you because you were the other soldier. It goes back much further than when I realized you were the one. As Neptune spoke Haruka continued to watch her intensely "I was watching you in your first race from close by." Neptune continued as she remembered the time she and Katana had went to see the race

"I wanted to cruise along the beach in your car...just once..." Haruka widened her eyes at this as Neptune sat up inching closer towards Haruka "You don't rely on anyone at all, And you are always honest to your feelings."

"I'm not honest at all..." Haruka spoke up "I keep running away."

Tears filled Neptune's eyes "I know more about you than you do...Because I've always been watching you. You are the one person I don't want to see walking in the path I did...But... when I realized you were the one...I was happy..." "Gomen nesai...I didn't mean to tell you all this...Gomen nesai..."

Haruka frowned and took hold of Neptune's hand then turned over in the direction of the henshin stick laying on the cold cement. She knew what she wanted to do, it was what she had to do, she didn't have any other choice, she wanted to help Neptune, and the only way to do that was to accept her own destiny for what it was, she didn't want to run anymore. The moment had come, it was the moment she feared that would now change her life forever.

She gently lowered Neptune's hand stood up and slowly approached the henshin stick like it was deadly poison. She bent down slowly and clasped it tightly in her hand and braced herself as she stood back up."URANUS PLANET POWER...MAKE UP!"

A few weeks later, school had just let for summer break, and soon, In a few months Haruka and Michiru would enter high school.

Michiru let the summer atmosphere fill her room through the open window. For the first time in months she felt in a great mood. She finished applying her lipstick when she heard a familiar car engine pull up out side. A bright smile lit up on Michiru's face and she hurried towards the open window to see Haruka slowly getting out of her car. She held a dozen roses. Michiru left her room and quickly went down the stairs where Haruka now was. "Haruka!" Michiru called then came to a halt out "But...there's no school today..." Michiru trailed off

Well I remembered a certain beautiful aqua haired girl who wanted to cruise along the beach in my car...or was that another beautiful girl by the name of Kaiou Michiru?" Haruka asked with a seductive smile

Michiru went up to Haruka and took the bouquet of roses and planted a kiss on Haruka's lips. "I hope you don't have other plans..." Haruka trailed off as she felt Michiru's finger on her lips "I'm sure they can wait until later." Michiru grinned

Haruka gave Michiru a speechless expression "Ah...so that means we can go then?" she chuckled

"Hai, Just give me a few minutes, I'm going to put these in a vase." Michiru said then hurried back up the stairs and back inside her apartment and surely enough she found a tall and wide glass vase, filled it with water then placed the roses inside of it. Michiru smiled at Haruka's gesture then quickly decided to grab her sketch book and pencil then headed back towards the door and went back down the stairs to find Haruka leaning against her car with her hands in each pocket

"Ready?" Haruka asked with a smile


Upon arriving to the beach, Michiru led Haruka to a less crowded area, luckily It wasn't very crowed, and held up her sketch book "I was wondering if you would reconsider my offer?" Haruka gave a reluctant smile and nodded

Haruka placed her jacket next to Michiru on the small brick wall. Walked out in front to the sand of the shore and closed her eyes letting the wind caress her long strands of hair. She held her arms back slowly, she let the wind embrace her. This scene intrigued Michiru, and very much inspired her. She held the pencil to the paper and began to sketch the awe inspiring sight before her.

'I've never felt so complete, so calm and free.' Haruka spoke inside herself then noted how the nightmares and panic attacks had came to a complete stop the day that she had chosen to accept her destiny. She was no longer haunted by her fears, as long as Michiru was by her side she felt she could accomplish anything. In a way, she was glad she made the decision she did, her life was now completely changed forever, but somehow she knew she could get through it.

She wasn't exactly sure how long she had remained in her position, Until Michiru's voice brought her out of her revere "You can relax now silly, I finished the portrait five minutes ago." Michiru giggled

Haruka opened her eyes, the stiffness in her arms was informing her that Michiru's was right. Haruka blushed slightly "Oh...yeah...he he, right, let's see." Haruka chuckled as rubbed the back of her head

Michiru re-opened her sketch book and held it out towards Haruka. In the portrait, it showed Haruka looking ill at ease, sky blue colored ribbons enveloping her body as she floated freely in the wind. "It's beautiful, Michiru, and I'm sure that's because the person who modeled for you is as well." Haruka said with a wink "Haruka!" Michiru shouted with excitement and laughter and she sat up as Haruka put the sketch book back on the small brick wall and backed up

Michiru playfully pushed Haruka "Oh I see how it is!" Haruka cried out with a laugh as she quickly swept Michiru off her feet and into her arms then spun her around as she splashed into rising shore water

Both of them erupted into laughter as Haruka ran into the ocean water, making large splashes. Michiru giggled as she wrapped her arms around Haruka's neck. She'd never had so much fun, it felt different than being always the reserved, mature, and serious Michiru. This was a totally new side of her, she wished she could stay like this for ever and forget about their dutys. But she knew she couldn't, but right now, just for today she wanted to indulge in this fantasy.

Haruka chuckled

Time flew by as they felt themselves now riding along the coastline of the beach watching as the evening sun was about to set, like it was melting into the calm sea. Haruka smiled at herself as she drove. 'So, I chose this path. No, I just acknowledged the fact that I am a sailor soldier...Yes I must find the Messiah that will save this world...I am no longer allowed to stand in once place, My days are filled with battles, But..."Haruka turned and gazed over at Michiru "I'm glad I was able to meet you..." Michiru turned and ran her hand through her hair "Nani?"

"Let's cruise together like this forever...I won't let you go home tonight." Haruka clarified in a seductive tone

Michiru giggled with delight "Oh, My!"

That first moment, We shared a glance, At one another, A scent of a feeling was in the air,

Of a very familiar smile. A very strange, A strong power, Calls out to you, The meaning of this chance meeting, Can't you notice any sooner? Under the wide and open sky, An endless search continues for, Those hot and burning eyes that are yours.

This fate, to be so very beautiful, The tears I cry are made to shine, shine as bright as ever before. There will be, Memories that will come and hold me down, But I'll never look, back at what's in the past, Was the feeling that I felt. Moving to you, Outstretched hand, with my fingers, But the deep color of darkness, Slowly over painted them, During a cold, thundering storm, It will awake, A distant dream that will come to be,

An actual reality... All of the choices I had made, Believing them to be the ones, To have the power to make the future change. This fate, to be so very wonderful,

My body is starting to shine so bright, shine as bright as ever before.

There will be, Many sad feelings come to hold me down,

But I'll never be hurt by sadness again, As long as you're by my side.

This fate, to be so very beautiful,

The tears I cry are made to shine, shine as bright as ever be

fore. There will be, Many sad feelings come to hold me down,

But I'll never be hurt by sadness again, As long as you're by my side. As long as you're by my side, As long as you're by my side

Michiru's S Image song, Fate is so beautiful


Well that's all, I hope everyone enjoyed it. I'd like to thank all of my reviewers who've been read and given me advice, Domo Arigatou! . Ja!