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Chapter One:

---The Switch---

Harry took one last attempt at flattening his unruly hair, sighed and thought to himself 'This is as good as it's gonna get.' then fled down the dormitory stairs into the Gryffindor common room.

"Where have you been!? We have been waiting for twenty minutes, Harry! We're going to be late if you don't hurry up!" Hermione griped at him as he slid on the large rug and landed in front of her and Ron. "Come on!"

"I'm here now aren't I?" He growled as they shot out of the portrait hole (With the Fat Lady yelling behind them, "It's not a race, you know!") and ran down the corridors to reach the front hall.

Ron panted, "I... hope... they.. have... not... left... already."

And it was a good thing they hadn't, they halted when they reached Filch and a large group of students preparing for the first Hogsmede visit of the year. The caretaker finished giving the instructions in his scratchy voice and the group started off towards the town.

"Jerk sighting." Ron stated, as Draco Malfoy passed them sneering.

"Aww, what's wrong with ickle Ronnie?" He whined in a baby-voice. "Upset that mummy and daddy didn't have any monies for the wittle baby?"

Hermione latched onto Ron's arm to keep him from hurling himself at Draco, but she didn't grab Harry in time. He lunged at the boy but before he knew what was happening Crabbe and Goyle had jumped in front of their leader and knocked Harry to the ground.

In ready retaliation, Ron jerked away from his girlfriend and made to attack the two bullies. But before he could get close enough to blacken an eye a voice behind him said, "Mister Weasly!"

It was Professor McGonagall, capped in her tartan hat and cape, bringing up the rear of the group of students. "There will be none of that on this trip! 10 points from Gryffindor!" He and Harry opened their mouths to protest but thought better of it at the look on her face.

Defeated, the three Gryffindors slouched off to re-join the rest of the students to the sound of Malfoy and his thug's laughter.

When they had all reached Hogsmede, the trio headed straight to Honeydukes while they saw Draco head down the opposite cobblestone street. Hand in hand, Hermione and Ron entered first, with Harry following behind. 'I hate to see them together.' He thought but reprimanded himself at once; 'It's my own fault that it's him with her and not me. I should have just told her I loved her. But they're my best friends, they deserve to be happy.' He forced a smile. He still didn't know what had stopped him from confessing his feelings to Hermione; something just felt off to him. Almost unnatural, like there was something else that should be happening instead.

They shopped around and filled a large bag with sweets each, then headed to Zonko's Joke Shop. Inside they spent a while talking with Seamus and Dean ('Did you hear about the Tornado's win last week!?') and bought a large enough supply of dung bombs to last them the whole year. Hermione had given up on trying to keep Harry and Ron out of trouble, after all, it was their last year at Hogwarts and they all just wanted to enjoy it, "And get lots of N.E.W.Ts!" Hermione had reminded them.

As they were leaving Zonko's Hermione stated that she wanted to pick up a few books before going to The Three Broomsticks. "It won't take long, really, I promise." She said. But Harry knew better, 'not long' in a bookstore to Hermione was about two hours.

"Why don't you two go ahead and I'll go save us a seat at The Three Broomsticks?" Harry asked.

Clearly eager to have a few moments alone, Hermione and Ron agreed. "We'll be along shortly, mate!"

Harry made his way to the pub, entered and ordered a butterbeer. He sat down at a table in the corner and began to look through his purchases, his mind on the upcoming Quidditch season.

"Well, well, well.. look who it is." He didn't even have to look up to know who had made their way over to bug him.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry asked in an annoyed tone.

"Where's the little mudblood and her weasle?" The blonde asked.

'Mudblood' always angered him and Draco knew it, Harry jumped to his feet and punched Draco in the stomach. Draco howled, and Crabbe and Goyle came running to his rescue. Eager to make Harry bleed, the two balled up their fists and prepared to strike.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw a dark and frail looking witch raise her wand, point it at he and Draco and mutter something from across the room. Before he could give it much thought he heard a voice behind him that made his heart sink. "Fighting again?" McGonagall said, her lips very thin with anger.

"He..." Harry began, but he was cut off.

"I don't care what he did, Mister Potter. 25 points from Gryffindor, and 25 points from Slytherin seeing as how this is you're second warning today. I have had enough. One more time and all of you will have detention and more points than you can earn in your lifetime taken away, do I make myself clear?" the Professor replied.

"Crystal." Stated Draco. Harry gulped and nodded, he knew how rough McGonagall could be when the need arose (which it often did).

"Now, seeing as how you three have been here for a while I think you should move on to some other activity to assure no more fights break out." She said to Draco and his goonies.

With a sneer, Draco complied and they stalked out of the Three Broomsticks. Without another word Professor McGonagall walked back over to her table where she was having drinks with Professor Sprout and Professor Grubby-Plank and sat down. Harry scowled and sipped his butterbeer quietly, waiting for his friends.

The rest of the Hogsmede visit went smoothly, Harry trying to ignore Ron and Hermione's constant puppy love glances at each other and enjoy his day out. He didn't say much for the rest of the day, and they didn't seem to notice until sunset when they were making their way back to the castle for dinner.

"You ok, mate?" Ron asked.

"Yeah." Harry replied.

"Are you sure Harry? You don't seem like yourself." Hermione said, with a worried rub on his back.

He inched away and forced a smile, "Yeah, I'm fine. I promise. Just tired."

They seemed to take this as an adequate excuse and went back to their handholding, throwing glances at him every few minutes to make sure he was still with them.

"I think I'm going to turn in." Harry stated as they entered the bustling common room after dinner.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Hermione asked, hugging him.

"Yes. Just tired." Harry lied. He wasn't tired; he didn't know what was wrong. Did he still have feelings for Hermione? He thought that could be the case, but something still felt off. He just wanted to go lay in bed and pretend to sleep it off.

After saying his good-night's, Harry made his way up to his dormitory and undressed. He was the first one to bed; everyone else would still be up for hours since it was a Saturday night. He crawled into bed and pulled the curtains closed around him. As soon as he lay his head on the pillow, a haze of sleep overtook him.

Harry awoke in the morning, yawned and stretched. He didn't hear the usual birds singing outside the Gryffindor tower window, but it didn't really register. He sat up and reached around for his glasses on the beside table, when he couldn't find them he yanked back the curtains to see if his reaching hand had just missed them somehow.

He was not in Gryffindor Tower at all, he was in a dark and mildly lit dormitory that looked like it must be in the dungeons. It was cold, much like Snape's classroom and decorated in green and silver instead of maroon and gold. Panic-stricken, Harry glanced around for a reason why he was in the Slytherin dormitories; perhaps someone had moved him in his sleep? Some cruel joke.

He looked down and saw that he was clad in black satin pajamas, and then it struck him that he could see perfectly fine without his glasses! He ran over to the mirror on the opposite wall, glanced in and nearly fainted from the sight. It was not untidy Harry Potter that stared back out at him, but the cool gray eyes and sleek blonde hair of Draco Malfoy.

Draco shifted in his bed, he heard birds singing outside and wished they would stop so he could sleep. 'Wait a minute! Birds?!' Draco's eyes shot open, he sat up in bed and the room was blurry. He could barely see the curtains wrapped around his the canopy.

'Oh gods! I've gone blind!' He thought to himself as panic flooded him. He jerked open the curtains and stumbled out of bed, the room was a swirl of sunlight. 'There's no bloody sun in the Slytherin dungeons!'

He felt around him for something familiar and his hand landed on a pair of rimmed glasses, he picked them up and slowly fit them onto his face. The room came into focus and he saw that he was not in the Slytherin dungeons at all, but in Gryffindor Tower!

He let out a muffled yell, as he looked around the room. He thought this surely must be some kind of bad dream or joke or something. Anything. He slowly paced the room, wondering what he should do. If it was a joke, he was not going to come out as the ass. He would play calm and pull one over on whomever was doing this to him.

He turned around and found him face to face with a mirror. His black satin pajamas were replaced with a pair of green flannel pants; his sleek blonde hair by untidy black. Draco covered his mouth to stifle a scream, his reflection was not his reflection, it was Harry Potter's!

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