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Chapter six: In Character

As Harry sat in the dimly lit dungeons studying by candle-light in mid afternoon he wondered why anyone in their right minds would want their dormitories or even class rooms in such a dreary place. "Bloody Slytherins", he mumbled to himself as he scanned the pages of the library book he and Draco had stolen for more information on their predicament.

"Hey there stranger", came a sultry male voice from across the room. Startled, Harry looked up to see Draco's boyfriend, Blase Zabini standing in the door frame.

"Er.. hi.", was all that Harry could manage. The olive skinned boy stalked into the room and crawled up on to the bed where Harry was sitting.

"Draco, my dragon," He purred, Harry was frozen. He wanted to run from the encounter but at the same time didn't want to escape the musky warmth that was moving towards him. Blaise was a very attractive boy, perfect skin, big and beautiful brown eyes, silky hair falling in a black shaggy cut sweeping across his face.. oh those soft lips... and that toned body...

Harry suddenly came to his sense as he was leaning into the other boy, 'WHOA!' His mind was racing, 'I'm not gay! What the fuck am I doing?' He had jumped up from his place on the bed and was now standing, panting against the wall staring at Blaise.

The other boy looked at him curiously, clearly trying to decide what to do. "Are you ok?" he finally asked.

"I um.. yeah.. well no.. I'm just..." Harry stopped, collecting his cool, "I'm fine". Blaise just starred at him. Harry wished he would blink and stop looking at him like that. "What?" He finally asked, tired of being examined.

"You're just so sexy when you play these little cat and mouse games, Draco." Blaise stated a little breathlessly, brushing the dark hair from his eyes. "You turn me on so much."

Harry's heart was beating so quickly, his mind was pulling him in one direction while his body pulled him in another. 'I.. I.." But before he could protest much further those soft lips were on his and .. a hand on his crotch? 'Oh god, OH GOD!' Blaise had him pinned against the wall with his strong body, bracing himself against the wall with one hand and rubbing Harry's groin with the other. Harry's mind was trying to make sense of the kisses but he was quickly being lost to ecstasy. He knew it wasn't him that Blaise wanted, it was Draco, but he was Draco! His heart beat faster and faster with each rub, each time their lips parted and pulled back in, the other boy parting his lips and massaging his tongue. His mind was screaming, 'This isn't right!', while his body was screaming 'Oh gods, fuck me!'

"Mmm", Blaise moaned, breaking away from a kiss. Words were lost, before Harry knew what was happening the Italian boy had unzipped his trousers and was sliding a warm hand down into them. Harry couldn't protest, he couldn't shout 'Wait! Hey! I'm not Draco.. I'm Harry Potter!', He couldn't do anything but press his body hard into the stone wall while his erect ('Wait.. erect? He's a boy!') member was worked quickly by the strong hand.

Thoughts became blurs as Harry was pushed over the edge with the kisses and furious workings of Blaise's hand. "No, don't sto..." He began as the boy withdrew his hand but his words were cut off by a final kiss as Blaise slid to his knees and pulled Harry's trousers down farther. Soft kisses on his stomach, warm lips, hot tongue, "Oh Gods" he moaned as Blaise took his hardness into his mouth. Tongue lapping, lips.. kisses.. his mind was fuzzy and he gave in to the sensation surrounding him. Harry had been with girls, he really didn't have any problem in that department, but this was somehow better. His knees were shaking, he felt like his heart was going to jump from his chest any moment.

"I'm gonna..." The words had barely began to escape his lips before he exploded in Blaise's mouth, relaxing against the wall with post-orgasmic bliss. His mind was still fuzzy as the boy gave him a quick kiss on the lips and mumbled something about returning the favor later and having to stop by Professor Snape's class before dinner.

The whole event happened so quickly, Harry's mind barely had time to process it. It seems just a couple seconds had passed from Blaise's entrance to his departure but as he glanced at the clock in the corner he saw it was fifteen minutes until dinner. He quickly grabbed a change of clothes and rushed to the nearest prefects bathroom to take a quick shower and clean up before going to the Great Hall.

'Well, Draco did say to play along', he thought to himself with a laugh as he rinsed himself under the hot spray of water.

"Got it?" Harry whispered to Draco as he shut the door of the utility closet they were hiding in. The two boys had snuck down a corridor and into the closet in order to talk privately without making anyone suspicious of seeing them together after dinner. They especially didn't want Professor McGonnagal noticing anything out of the ordinary, they knew the kind of trouble they would be into if either of them caused any more problems.

"Yeah." Draco replied, pulling Harry's invisibility cloak out of his bag. "Be careful, Snape may like me but he's still a prat."

Harry nodded, he never damn well what a prick Snape could be seeing as how he had experienced so many run-ins with him during his seven years at Hogwarts.

"How did everything go today... any of my friends bother you?" Harry didn't dare tell Draco about what happened with Blaise.. he couldn't. Draco might think he was gay! A little voice inside Harry's head was chuckling, 'You are gay Harry!' But he wouldn't admit. It just simply wasn't true. The thing with Blaise was just a.. he was.. caught up in the moment.

Realizing he hadn't answered by the look on Malfoy's face Harry swallowed and replied, "I just stayed in character." It wasn't a lie, he just wasn't telling the truth.

'I was just doing it to seem natural. I have to play like I'm Draco.' He tried to reassure himself. It wasn't working. Harry suddenly realized how small the closet was, how close he and Draco were standing, and jumped back a little, reeling.

"What?" Draco asked.

"It's just... it's still a little weird to be staring at myself." Harry replied, though he wasn't entirely sure that was the reason for his actions.

"I know, every time I look at you." The boy in Harry's body paused, "It's just weird."

They stood there quietly for a moment in the dark of the utility closet. Harry cleared his throat. He was suddenly very parched. "Oh.. um, well I wanted to ask you.. what do we do if a er.. sexual situation comes up?" He wasn't even sure what made him ask it, but he immediately wondered if it was a mistake as soon as he saw the worried look on Draco's face.

"Why, did something happen?" The boy demanded.

"Oh, no.. no." Harry was telling himself just as much as he was Draco.

"Oh. Well... we can't tell anyone that we're switched so if you screwed someone it would be like me screwing them."

"So should we just wait?"

"There are certain people I wouldn't want getting their hands on my body."

"Same." Harry said dryly. He was feeling a little guilty then he realized that Draco and Blaise were together so it wouldn't matter.

"And I'm with someone anyway. Not that we don't both cheat, but we should use care in this particular situation." Harry could tell that Draco was choosing his words carefully.

"Oh? You are?" Harry tried to sound surprised.

"I am. But don't worry about that. We'll start the potion tomorrow morning after you get the ingredients tonight, it will only be a few days before we're back to our own bodies so I'd say we should be able to control ourselves until then, don't you?" Harry gulped and nodded. "That should fall under the tampering with each other's lives pact that we made."

Harry noticed that he was sweating. He nodded again and opened the door to leave, before he could step out Draco grabbed his arm, Harry's stomach did a cartwheel.

"Be careful."