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.: Chapter one - The Very Much Unboring Day :.

'What a nice day,' he thought, taking a small gulp of the warm liquid that reigned the cup he held, as he moved into a more relaxing position in his mesh-covered chair. Lazily, his blood-tinted eyes closed, dark lashes covering them from sight. 'So peaceful...' he added, admiring the silence of the room, other than the low humming of electronics. 'I wish more days were like thi--' but before he could finish this thought, a loud buzzing noise shredded through his serene atmosphere. Eyes flashed open sharply, as a surprised and slightly worried look graced his face.

"Oh no... Please no. Not today. Not on my day off..." he trailed off, voice going slightly hysterical. In some more focused part of his mind, he knew he was overreacting slightly. Then common sense hit him, and he realized that he wasn't. He was underreacting, in fact. This fear was only further enforced by the screen that blinked on above the speaker that kept emanating the annoying sound.

"Hey Yami! Guess who?" came a singsong voice from the monitor speaker. A fluff of wheat-schemed hair appeared around a tanned face, violet eyes right up to the screen, an insane gleam flickering off them.

Suddenly, that face was gone, and another replaced it. "Hey, Yami! We know you're up there!" came a different voice, this one more sanded down than the other's. His brown eyes were sharper, and more focused, as well. White hair fluttered around the pale face, almost as if it hadn't been brushed.

And as instantly as it had jumped into the screen's view, it disappeared, being replaced by the first one. "We're hungry, too! You'd better have picked up some more food! We are growing boys after all!"

A pale hand shot up, grabbing the sandy yellow hair, causing a squeak from its owner. The said hand then pushed the tanned being out of view again. "I wasn't done, you ass!" he exclaimed, voice taking on a dark edge. The figure then turned back to the screen; "And you'd better entertain us! We're bored as--"

A tanned blur obscured the screen, folding around a fist-full of white hair, yanking it back. "You're the ass! You interrupted me too! And you–!" The words after this could no longer be labeled as 'coherent'; insults being screamed at one another, jumbled images bounced across the screen; hair, feet, fists and many other body parts being thrown about in wild-like flailing. The fight ensued.

Yami, whose hair seemed to have fallen slightly out of place, was now rocking back and forth, arms wrapped tightly around knees, the glass he had been drinking out of now laying on the soaked carpet at his feet. "Why? Why can't I have a few hours of peace? Of silence? Of SANITY?" he murmured to himself, hands fisting into his hair, still rocking himself to help keep his mind calm. No. He had to be the mature one of the group. He had to be the adult. He had to--

"You damnable, Ethe-hle forsaken, mother-fucking--!"

...He had to get out of here.

But his exit was blocked! They were at the door! ...The window! Maybe he could jump out of the window! It would be risky, but he'd heard of people doing it. There were stories of crazed beings leaping from their homes and surviving. He could do it too! "Oh, what am I thinking?" he mumbled, hand now rubbing at his face. "Only fools jump from windows on the twentieth level of housing..." he continued, now ignoring the sounds of the brawl. "I need to think clearly... The faster I let them in, the faster they will leave..."


"You fucking asshole, I should--!"

"...Or maybe I should just call security."

The buzzer, which served as a doorbell, went off again. And again. And again.

Growling under his breath, Yami got up from his position, face scrunching as his foot hit the now cooled liquid that was covering his carpet. "Great," he muttered, then overstepped the puddle, heading towards the door.

Flipping the white switch next to it, the hard, steel-plated doors slid into the wall, revealing the two Althasians, who were sprawled out on the floor, both holding the other's hair in their hands tightly, while teeth were sunk into flesh.

Yami stared. Not in a surprised way. Oh no, he was in no way surprised by the two's actions. But he stared. Stared at them in a bored, 'I've seen this one too many times' way. "Will you two stop your bickering and get inside? I don't want to have security called on me again because you two are fighting in the public hallway." he said, and turned, walking back into his residence, leaving the doorway wide open for them to enter.

Bakura unlatched his mouth from the tanned male's arm as Mariku let the other's leg go. Both were scratched up, a few blood spots here and there, but nothing critical. The fight forgotten, Mariku stood up, causing Bakura to fall off of him, landing with a dull 'thud!' on the plush hallway floor.

"Bastard!" he yelped, grabbing and biting his friend's leg harshly.

Yami, who was leaning against the wall by the door, just sighed. He was tired of them fighting all the time like that. Although, if they didn't fight constantly, they wouldn't be Bakura and Mariku... Sighing again, he pushed himself regally off the wall, and flipped the switch next to him down, turning away and heading back to his favorite chair, door closing behind him.


"Did you wet the floor? I thought you were housetrained, by now, Yami," Bakura asked, watching as the spiky-haired man scrubbed at the carpet, attempting to force the wet spot away.

Yami bristled at the comment and turned, glaring at the two figures that were now making themselves quit at home. Bakura, who was sitting lazily, sprawled out over his couch, was grinning at him, knowing he was pissing the other man off.

Mariku on the other hand had taken it upon himself to go raid the food supply. Clattering and tapping could be heard from inside the kitchen facility, but neither dared to see what the blonde was up to.

"Shut up, alha-thiy. This was your fault in the first place!" Yami spat out, glaring

This pulled a laugh out of the white-haired one. "Scared the piss right out of you, huh?" And this statement was followed by much laughing.

Yami, who was trying to restrain himself from possibly maiming the other, was just seething, not trusting his mouth to say something that wouldn't start a war. "Since this is your fault, you should be the one cleaning it up." he said, trying to be as calm as he could at the moment.

"Yeah, I should," Bakura agreed, but did not move from his position.

Sighing again, Yami shook his head. "You're impossible."

"But that's why you love me," the other said, grinning at the crimson-eyed male.

Yami rolled his eyes, shaking his head, turning back to the task he had been doing. Suddenly, a corn-flower head popped into the room, a slab of green-tinted meat hanging halfway out of his mouth. "Whu...?" he asked as well as one can with anything clogging up their entire mouth.

Yami, who noticed Mariku, blinked, then his eyes widened, and he stood up, pointing an accusing finger at the blonde. "That's my special meat! Put it back right now, you disgusting vermin!" he shouted, and ran over to the other, grabbing the said item, and pulling on it, trying to take it back.

Mariku grinned and let it go, causing Yami to stumble backwards, the latter having not expected the fight to be over so quickly. "It's all yours, your highness," Mariku taunted, bowing, grin still sewn onto his features.

Yami, who was suspicious, lifted up the meat and looked at it, face quickly curling in disgust. "You're sick," he grumbled, and threw the meat, which was dripping with phlegm and saliva, back at the other.

Mariku grinned, holding the green cut of meat and slipped it back into his mouth, seeming quite pleased with himself.

Bakura, who was still sprawled out on the chair, shook his head. "You are disgusting. Why I put up with you, I'm not sure." And he was suddenly jumped from behind.

"It's 'cause you love me!" Mariku cried, hugging the white-haired male tightly, depriving him of air. The meat lay forgotten on the floor, next to an extremely mortified Yami.

"My... my carpet..." he stuttered dumbly, body shaking and his right eyes twitching up slightly.

Meanwhile, Bakura was sitting with his arms crossed, looking quite cheesed off. Seeing as how the tanned blonde was hugging him tightly, drooling into his hair, one could see why. Finally, with a final muscle spasm under his eye, Bakura turned and swatted at Mariku, missing completely, though causing the other to let go and jump back. "Your aim sucks." he said, blinking down at the pale being now standing in front of him.

"I'll show you whose aim sucks!"

And on came the carnage.

Something akin to hyperventilation could be heard over the shouting. "My... beautiful... carpet..." Finally, he glared, spinning and turning on the fight scene. "That's IT!" he screamed, leaping at the ball of limbs, tackling both of them, and pinning both to the ground with his knees. "You morons ruined my carpet!" he shouted, grabbing the front of each of their shirts, shaking them harshly.


"...Um, ow," Yami muttered out, blinking blankly. Down below, Mariku had the short prince's fist enveloped inside his mouth. Once again he looked to be quite proud. Eyelid twitching once more, Yami glanced down. "If it wouldn't be too much trouble for you to withhold your animal instincts for three seconds..."

Mariku just looked up, large eyes shimmering with innocence, though he still held Yami's hand captive. The very look he wore made everyone around him want to barf. The prince growled, letting go of Bakura, and tugging on his fist, attempting to get it free. After straining and possibly pulling a few muscles in his back, Yami seethed, now standing on Mariku's chest, pulling on his hand with his free arm.

Mariku still refused to budge.

"Get. Off." the spiky-haired one ground out, glaring daggers at the blonde one beneath him. While this was happening, Bakura, finding all this funny, took a seat on the couch to watch, kicking the forgotten meat out of the way, leaving a thick smear behind.

Mariku refused to let up though, grabbing hold of Yami's wrist with his hands, holding tightly.

While watching this, Bakura put his feet up, getting more comfortable. This was always fun.

"Oh, for the love of everything pure and honorable, GET OFF OF ME!"

...Very fun.


Close to an hour passed before Mariku finally let go, leaving Yami to wrap his hand, where there were imprinted fang marks. And really, he only let go once the screen blinked on, alerting them to a message. Actually, not even when it started; after the message alarm had been going off for several minutes was when he let go. Bakura had grown irritated from the sound and had gotten up and kicked the damnable thing, turning it on, and played the message.

An old man, with a wrinkled face and graying hair appeared before them, his cold blue eyes boring into whoever was looking into them. "Yami, if you're there, then you'll want to get down here immediately. And bring those two spazzes with you. I have a mission for you three." And with that, the screen blinked out, leaving the three in silence. Bakura looked slightly ecstatic to have something to do, while Yami was looking around for his first aid kit, so he could look presentable for his boss. Mariku, on the other hand, had gone back to sniffing the greenish meat, which now had little bits of carpet-hair sticking up from it. Deciding it was still good, he bit down, picking it up with his mouth, and walking back into the kitchen, going unnoticed by the other two in the room.

"At least now I've got something to do," Bakura mumbled, running a hand through his hair and turning only to find the meat and Mariku missing in action. "Um..." Hearing several unmentionable noises come from the kitchen, he decided it was best just not to ask.

Yami finally stood up, holding up his newly wrapped fist proudly. "Fear not, for I am a master at first-aid!" he proclaimed, blinking once noticing there was only one person in the room. Bakura was standing all by his lonesome, a blank expression resting upon his face, arm outstretched and pointing to the kitchen. Yami frowned, walking forward, peeking his head in, his eyes widening when he saw Mariku. "Oh, for the love of Ethe-hle! You animal!" he yelped, backing up, hand over his mouth. He would have continued backing up, had ne not suddenly slipped in something, falling straight on his backside. Growling, he leaned up, rubbing his back, eyes closed. After opening them, he glanced down, noticing a thick, off-green smear in front of him.

"What the...?"

Bakura slowly stepped out of the room, hands behind his back innocently.

There followed the most unruly, horrified scream, which caused people several housings down to open their doors in wonder.


"Yami, Bakura, and Mariku, reporting for duty, sir," the spiky-haired prince stated, standing straight, hand over his chest in a form of respect, though the said hand was wrapped numerous times in white cloth. Bakura, who was standing to the left of Yami, had his arms crossed, leaning his weight on one leg, looking overall bored. Mariku, who was to the left of Bakura, was chewing on something, its tail hanging limply out of the tanned male's mouth as he gnawed absentmindedly.

"Good of you to take your time, as usual," came the gruff voice of the leader of their organization. Yami's shoulders sagged, face drooping, knowing it was useless to try to back himself up. After clearing his throat, the older man leaned his arms down on his desk, shifting in his seat. "Well boys," he began, looking at each one of them, making eye contact. "Now, I know ever single person on this field, and I have chosen you three for this extremely important mission. You three have the guts, the brains and the brawns to stand up to this. Mariku... spit that out," he paused, raising an eyebrow at the tanned male.

Mariku stared back, donning a look which was meant to be interpreted as, "I have not the slightest clue of what thou hath spoken!" He slurped in suddenly, sucking the snake-like tail into his mouth, and then going back to his idle chewing. Turning his head to the side, he saw Bakura glaring at him, looking like he was standing with a bunch of idiots, while Yami looked slightly disturbed. Turning back, he saw the elder eyeing at him expectantly. His only answer was a shrug, before gulping down whatever creature was doomed to the retched demise of his seemingly steel-plated stomach.

Silence wafted about the room for several moments before the leader cleared his throat loudly. "As I was saying... You three make up a good team of brawns, brains, and will power to complete this mission successfully." After steepling his fingers, he continued. "As you know, the planet we discovered several time periods ago, if you will recall, is much more complicated than we had previously thought," he explained, watching the three carefully.

"It does contain life forms, as we suspected, since the planetary formation seemed to have made it suitable for such. But," he paused, letting the sentence sink in, "the life is not what we had thought it to be," he finished, pushing back his chair and standing up, tapping his fingers against what appeared to be nothing more than air. Several synthetic bleeps were heard, and then an image flickered before becoming solid before their eyes. The blurred image held that of a normal boy, wearing a baseball cap backwards and riding a bicycle through what seemed to be a park. After hearing the reaction from the three, which were sharp gasps, he turned, pointing to the male in the picture. "This is what inhabits the new planet; beings which look incredibly like ourselves!" he exclaimed, swooping his hand across the three Althasians in front of him, emphasizing his point. "But the more observations we have made, the more we have noticed how little life seems to mean to them." Suddenly another image replaced the previous, this one being a man holding a gun, firing it upon a woman, who looked to be in quite a lot of pain, blood spurting around the puncture of the bullet. Yami's face scrunched into a distasteful, horrified expression, body reeling back slightly. Even Bakura and Mariku were fazed by the image, having to avert their eyes from the bloody scene.

"Now, you three have been placed in a position where you are to go to that planet, and try to blend in with those creatures, and hopefully learn what has caused them such corruption. Also, study their culture; find out their language and their basic way of life. And if possible, bring one, or preferably more, back with you, so we may have better, closer observations. Our recorders can only help us so much," he added, shaking his head.

Swallowing hard, Yami stepped forward, with less enthusiasm than he had earlier. "Sir...? When will this mission begin?" the prince asked wearily.

Turning his back to the three, the leader folded his hands behind his back, looking out the window in his office at the vast city below. "Your mission begins tomorrow. Pack lightly, and be here to meet your transportation before sunrise. Oh, and say goodbye to any loved ones; you'll be gone quite a while."

Exiting the office, Yami turned, leaning against the wall, heaving a shaky sigh. "Well, this is just great," he muttered, rubbing his forehead.

Bakura was second to walk out, slouched over, Mariku having jumped on his back before leaving, wrapping his arms around the pale one's neck and gripping his thin waist with his strong, tanned legs. Grumbling, Bakura pushed himself against the wall, attempting to get Mariku off, but failing miserably. He mumbled something incoherent, sliding down the wall so he was sitting next the Yami. Instead of moving, the violet-eyed male decided to preen the tangle-infested silver locks, combing them with his fingers happily. Though looking quite annoyed, Bakura did nothing to stop him.

After sighing once more, Yami looked up, staring straight ahead. "I have the feeling this is going to be a long, long trip..."

.: Chapter end :.

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