By Karah

Disclaimer: Not mine and I do not want them to be mine! A/N: When I wrote this it was probably four years ago before Christmas. I'd really like to know what you think. I'm not a huge fan of my own stuff. Especially another GG fic I'm writing.

Pairings: Chris/Lor, Dean/Rory/Tristan

Summary: Raised in Santa Cruz, California Leigh (Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden) has never known her biological parents because she was adopted at one week old and has always lived in California. Until the day, she turns eighteen and can contact her parents and ask them what made them put her up for adoption and if they ever wanted her at all.

Prologue: Dinner:

Hartford Adoption Agency:

Alyssa Hayden was looking though the past adoption files and noticed the file: Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden.

'Who is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden? And why was she adopted?' Alyssa wondered, 'Maybe if I look at the file I'll find out what I'm wondering.'

So, Alyssa took the file, put it in her backpack and got back to work.


"Hello. Hartford Adoption Agency. How may I help you?" Alyssa asked.

"Alyssa, it's mom. Your father will be late so I need you to pick me up from work. We are going to Grandma's house for dinner tonight." Lorelai told her second daughter.

"Ok, Mom. I will get off at 6:00. Miss Mackenzie wants me here that long. Do not worry so much. I will get my homework done later. By the way, who is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden?" Alyssa asked.

"I'll tell you later, Lyss." Lorelai replied.

Gilmore Household Hours Later:

"Richard, did you know Lorelai would be 18 today?" Emily asked her husband.

"I'm surprised you even remembered." Richard replied.

"Why would I not remember?" Emily asked.

"Because you were the one who told Christopher and Lorelai to give her up for adoption eighteen years ago." Richard replied.


"Hello?" Emily asked.

"Hello, Mom. It is only going to be Lyss and me today. Chris is gone on a business trip in California. He won't be back for a week." Lorelai replied.

"Good to know, Lorelai. You do know what today it don't you?" Emily asked.

"Yes I do, Mom." Lorelai replied.

"Well good. You do know that you'll have to tell Alyssa one day." Emily said.

"Yah she already asked. I am telling her later. Do you think she ever wondered who we were and why we gave her away?" Lorelai asked.

"Most likely." Emily replied.

Santa Cruz University Quad:

"Liz! Your back! How was your trip?" Leigh Matthews asked her best friend.

"Fine. I could not wait to get back here though. How's stuff at home?" Liz Matte asked.

"Ok I guess. Mom and Dad said I could contact my biological parents if I wanted to now that I am going to be eighteen. I have always wondered who they were and why they gave me up. Were they too young for a baby? Or did they just not want me?" Leigh wondered.

"I have no idea, L. However, I do think you should at least find out how to get a hold of them. You never know it could turn out good." Liz said.

"Yah right. Eighteen years later? They probably have a family by now and they might not even have wanted me in the first place." Leigh said.

It broke Liz's heart to hear her best friend talk this way, but on the other hand Liz knew exactly how Leigh felt, having been adopted her self and only just finding her biological parents two months ago.

"L, you know that no matter what I'll always be here for you right?" Liz suddenly asked.

"Yah. I do. However, you are the only one who really knows how I feel. Dean does not even really know how I feel. He has lived with his biological parents all his life. How would he know what it's like to know your adopted and wonder what your biological parents are like, who they are and why they gave you up. At least I know they didn't leave me at some street corner to get picked up by just anyone." Leigh replied.

Back in Hartford at Dinner Time:

"Mom, who is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden?" Alyssa asked.

"She's your sister. She was born eighteen years ago today. Your grandparents made your father and I put her up for adoption. When you were born fifteen years ago, I was thinking of going to HAA and demanding to know where Leigh had gone. When you were two, Chris went there and all he found out was that she was now living in California with her adoptive parents. Your father and I aren't allowed to talk to her unless she calls us." Lorelai replied.

"Mom, did you ever regret giving her up?" Alyssa asked.

"Everyday of my life. Just do not tell your grandparents that. They'd freak." Lorelai said.

"So when was Lorelai Leigh born?" Alyssa asked.

"Eighteen years ago today. Legally she is now allowed to contact your father and I, if she wants to. I'm pretty sure that she knows she's adopted." Lorelai replied.

A Santa Cruz Coffee Shop:

"Liz, do you think that I should find out how to contact them?" Leigh asked.

"I think you should do whatever you feel like doing, L. You cannot change the past but you can make the future. You should track them down and get to know them and any other family members you may have." Liz replied.

"How do you always know what to say around me, Liz?" Leigh asked.

"Your my best friend. I just want you to get to know them." Liz replied as Dean walked up.

"Leigh, do you want to come to Stars Hollow with me for Christmas?" Dean asked after saying hello to both girls.

"Sure." Leigh replied.

"Have you found out how to contact your biological parents yet?" Dean asked.

Across the coffee shop:

"Mike, I'm not really here on business. I'm here because I need a vacation from Lor and Lyss." Chris told his friend.

It was then that Chris noticed the two college looking girls and a guy who looked to be pretty into the one girl. While looking over there, Chris noticed that the one girl looked a lot like an older version of Alyssa and a younger version of Lor. The two girls and one guy walked over that way after paying for their coffees to walk out the door. Chris silently followed them out leaving Mike just sitting there. Chris followed the college kids all the way to an apartment. Chris watched the two girls walk into the apartment building with the guy behind them.

Hartford, Three Days Later:

"Mom, what are we doing tonight?" Alyssa asked walking into the living room.

"Your father should be home sometime tonight, so we're going out, Lyss." Lorelai replied.

Suddenly the phone rang.

"Is this the residence of Christopher Hayden?" A girl's voice asked.

"Yes. Christopher is my dad. He is in California right now though." Alyssa replied.

"Do you know how I could get a hold of Lorelai Gilmore?" The girl asked.

"She's my mother. Now Lorelai Hayden. She is here if you would like to talk to her. By the way, what's your name?" Alyssa asked.

"Leigh Matthews." Leigh replied.

"I'll get my mom." Alyssa said.

"Thanks." Leigh said.

"Mom, phone! Some girl named Leigh Matthews." Alyssa said handing the phone to Lorelai.

Stars-Hollow, Luke's an Hour Later:

"So did you phone her?" Dean asked.

"Yah. Were meeting in Hartford at 7 pm tonight to talk and start to get to know each other. She said that if Christopher was back by then, he'd be coming too." Leigh replied.

Just then, Luke walked up to the two and asked them what they wanted.

"Coffee and fries." Leigh ordered.

Dean ordered the same as Leigh and the food came in just as Dean's little sister Clara and her friends walked in to the diner.

"Dean, mom needs to talk to you." Clara said.

"Ok, Clara." Dean said.

Clara and her friends ordered sodas and doughnuts to go then left the diner.

"I guess I have to go. Do you want to me to come?" Dean asked.

"No I'll be fine. I'll catch up with you later." Leigh said.