Chapter 3: Spring Break Starts:

It was now March. The week of Spring Break to be exact. Alyssa would be flying from Hartford to Santa Cruz then she would be joining Rory, Liz and their friends in driving to Miami. That was the plan at least. However, Alyssa's plane landed in the Santa Cruz Airport two and a half hours late. So that made the trip to Miami take even longer. Then halfway through the drive there the van conked out and had to be repaired.

"This sucks. We totally could've been to Miami already." Kat complained.

"Kat, suck it up." Liz said, "That may be true but the world does not always revolve around you."

It took the mechanics three and a half days to repair the van and the group three more days to get to Miami. By the time they actually pulled into the hotel they were staying at more than half the group was thinking that the trip wasn't even worth it.

"Rory, I have to phone mom and dad." Alyssa said, "They told me before I left that I had to call them no matter what time we got here."

"OK. You can use my cell." Rory said as she took it out of her purse.

Alyssa dialed her parents' phone number in Hartford and got the answering machine. Then remembering that it was Friday she called her grandparents.

"Hello?" Elisa, the maid asked.

"Hi, Elisa. This is Alyssa. Are my parents there?" Alyssa asked.

"Please hang on. I will get them." Elisa said.

Soon Lorelai was on the phone.

"Lyss. Hello. Elisa said you were on the phone." Lorelai said.

"Yes." Alyssa said, "You and dad told me to call you when I was in Miami. Well we're here."

"What took so long?" Lorelai asked, "We thought you'd be there already."

"Well at first my plane was two and a half hours late landing in Santa Cruz and the van that Rory's friends rented broke down half way here and took three and a half days to repair. Then three more days to get here." Alyssa said.

"It's good that you're there." Lorelai said.

"You will tell dad won't you?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes. I will. Your grandparents too since we're here." Lorelai said, "So what will you do while you're there?"

"I don't know. Swim, hang out at the beach, talk." Alyssa said.

"OK. Just remember what your dad and I told you." Lorelai said.

"Yah I will." Alyssa said.

"OK. Bye, Lyss." Lorelai said.

"Bye, mom." Alyssa said.

It was 8 pm so the group of six headed to their rooms and changed into clothes to go to a club that night. They were at the club way into the wee hours of the morning so it was 2 am by the time they made it back to the hotel and crashed before spending the day in the water.

"I hate to ask this, Lyss, but did Lorelai and Christopher tell you stuff you couldn't do?" Rory asked as they headed out to the beach.

"One thing. I can't drink. But since I'm under age that's not really a problem." Alyssa replied.

"Okay. I just don't want you to get into any trouble when you go home in a week." Rory said.

"You worry way too much, Ror." Dean said.

"Don't I know it." Liz agreed, "You've been like that forever."

"Yah I know...can't help it. But if Alyssa did do something she wasn't allowed to and Lorelai and Chris found out then they might not let her go anywhere with me again." Rory said.

"Where else would I go with you?" Alyssa asked.

"I don't know...Mexico in the summer. My adoptive parents have a condo in Cancun." Rory said.

"So why didn't you go there for Spring Break?" Alyssa asked.

"Miami is the place to be for SB." Kat replied nosing in on the conversation.

"Well...that and they haven't had the condo opened up yet. By June it will be." Rory said.

That night Rory, Alyssa, Kat, Liz, Dean and Matt headed to a club in Miami and discovered that Alyssa looked like she was old enough to go in. Even to drink...well if a 21-year-old guy bought her the drink. To say the least the outing was very interesting. Rory watched older guys hit on her fifteen-year-old sister amazed.

"You're definitely Lorelai's daughter." Rory said.

"Why do you say that?" Alyssa asked.

"Well...from what she told me about herself when I met you at Christmas, she was just like you at your age...a total guy magnet and boy crazy. I guess that's part of the reason she got pregnant at 16." Rory said which is something none of her friends except Liz knew.

"What!" Kat exclaimed, "You're serious?"

"Kat, I'm eighteen. Lorelai is 34. Do the math." Rory replied.

"But that would mean she was only 19 when she had Alyssa." Kat said.

"Yes. My mom was only 19 when I was born. And so was my dad." Alyssa said.

"So, Lorelai was a young mom...a really young mom." Kat said.

"Why did you think I was adopted, Kat?" Rory asked.

"Well...truthfully...I just thought your parents never wanted kids." Kat replied, "I never thought it was because they were too young."

"Which is just like you." Matt said.

'Will you ever think before you speak, Kat?' Rory wondered, 'Whatever you want to say comes out before you even have a chance to think about the consequences.'

"That mouth of yours will get you into big trouble one day, Kat." Liz said.

"Whatever." Kat said.

"Sometimes it's really hard to believe that all of us are friends." Rory said.

"Why?" Alyssa wondered.

"Well, Kat's self-obsessed. I guess it's not hard to believe that Liz and Kat are friends though because Liz is a friend to everyone...even the queen of self-obsessed. And well... Matt is Matt. Dean is Matt's best friend and Dean. As for me, I'm just a bookworm." Rory replied.

"You are not, Ror." Dean said.

"Dean, do you forget how we met?" Rory asked, "I am a bookworm."

"Okay, so you were at party reading. But you're not reading right now." Dean said.

"Yes...but one guess what's in my purse...besides a wallet, my cell and make-up." Rory said.

"If it's a book like I know it is then you really are a bookworm...but not as much as when we met." Dean said.

"True...but I still take a book everywhere." Rory said.

"So did you have a book at the beach today?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes." Rory replied, "It was Ice Road by Gillian Slovo. Same book that is in my purse right now."

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