Is Destiny Always Right?

Summary: During the R season breakup, Mamoru once again tells Usagi that he doesn't love her. Yet this time something changes. What? Well there's a new young man in Usagi's life. What does Mamoru do when he sees this man comforting his bunny?

Chapter One- Two Princes

Usagi's eyes teared as she stared at the retreating form of Mamoru. "Mamo-chan... You promised we would always be together.. Doushite Mamo-chan..? Doushite..?"

She rubbed at her eyes sadly, trying to get rid of all the tears, hating that she was this weak. "Onegai Mamoru! Doushite? I'll change whatever it is you don't like!"

Mamoru stilled in his walk away from her, wincing as he pictured her small crying form. "Iie. Don't change anything. That's not it Usagi.." He paused, clenching a fist to get the words out as he turned to glare at her, his heart close to breaking. "I just... Don't love you anymore.." After a small moment he added, "Get over it."

Usagi's crystal blue eyes widened and filled with a new rush of tears. "Mam-mamoru..."

Mamoru looked slightly confused as a tall, handsome young man moved in front of his Usako and he felt a strong surge of jealousy as he saw the man touch her to help her up.

The man's piercing amber eyes turned to glare at him. "You might not love her anymore, demo you could at least have a bit of decency. You've broken the poor girl's heart you bastard." His glare deepened and the wind seemed to blow at them ominously, ruffling the man's dark brown hair so that the fine strands fell into his dark eyes, giving him a boyishly charming look. Or it would have, had he not been glaring so fiercely. He glanced down at the small girl that was resting her pale hands on his chest. "Forget about him. He obviously isn't worth your time if he's making you cry so."

Usagi stared at the pale man as if in a trance. Her eyes were still shedding tears, but she had almost forgotten that Mamoru was there. This man's voice was... beautiful. She blushed prettily as she realized she was staring and hastily tried to pull out of his arms, stumbling only to be caught by him again.

Mamoru's dark blue eyes narrowed. Who did this guy think he was touching his Usako that way?! He moved forward to do something, and then halted, clenching his fists tighter. He had no right anymore. And this would work out for the best. Usako would stay alive this way.

Making up his mind he quickly turned and stalked off towards his apartment.

This of course brought Usagi out of her daze. "M-mamoru!" She hung her head as she realized he was long gone, causing her twin odongos to droop slightly, as if they were just as sad as she.

The young man blinked and tilted his head. "Why do you bother with him Serenity?"

"Because I love..." She glanced up at him sharply, her eyes wide and frightened as she instantly went on the defensive. "Why did you call me that?"

"You are her, aren't you?" He smiled slightly, making him even more handsome than before. "I mean you look exactly as I remember. Besides," he grinned mischievously, "who else wears this style?" He fingered one of her long, silky blonde streamers.

Her earlier blush returned as she stared up at him, still afraid. "Who are you?"

He smiled and gave a curt bow, his hair swaying in the afternoon sun so that she saw pure golden highlights. "Watashi wa Satu, Itsuma." He erected himself and took her small hand into his own, kissing her palm in a sign of respect. "And it's nice to finally meet you again, tsuki no hime."

Usagi's blush deepened and her brow furrowed. "Why is your name so familiar?"

He chuckled, the sound deep and soothing, "Because I was your betrothed before you met Endymion."

End Two Princes

AN: I know that I shouldn't start a new fic with having another one that I desperately need to work on... but the idea won't leave me alone! Anyway let me know what you think. And don't worry this will be Mamoru/Usagi.. Unless you people don't want it to be... I'll try to keep everyone in character, but I'll probably change them just a bit to fit my purposes. Till next time!