Key To the Underground

Meeting Karen

In the silent halls of an Oz base, the quiet was broken with the sound of brisk walking. A young teenage girl was walking down the long hallway. She looked older than her age, with rim glasses, which framed her stern face. Walking briskly, with her hands placed in front of her, and her head held with such authority that no one passing her, questioned her. Behind those glasses were bright green eyes and her red hair tied up in a bun. Reaching the end of the hallway, she opened the door. In the office, there was a man around seven years older than her, sitting behind a desk. Sitting across from him, the two faced off in a small staring contest. Finally she smirked, and gave this casual, but on guard look.

"You requested my presence sir?" the girl asked.

The man handed her a piece of paper; "Oz wants you to find the Gundam pilots Miss. Grant. I'm counting on you to carry out this mission."

Grant read the message, "Understood sir, just one question."

"And that would be?"

She smiled, "What of the key to the Underground?"

"Do not worry, the key is safe with us…"

It was a regular boring afternoon of the Gundam pilots. They were in school, of course. Wufei, Heero, Duo, Quatre and Trowa were listening to the teacher. At least, most of them were. At that moment some girl their age walked through the door.

Duo poked Heero, "Geek alert."

Geek wasn't the right word for her, but she did look nervous, her green eyes darted from person to person behind those rim glasses of hers. Yet, she looked calm, just caution.

"Everyone, welcome Karen Grant to our class."

Karen takes a bow, "I'm please to be here."

"Karen, why don't you sit over there, beside Heero and Wufei?"

Karen took a sit beside them; she gives them a small smile. Heero just ignores her, while Wufei just snorted. Later that day, during lunch, they met Karen again.

"May I sit here?" she asked.

Quatre nods, "Of course Miss. Grant."

"Just call me Karen, I prefer that," Karen answered, sitting down.

Duo studied her as they ate. She seemed like any normal girl, with glasses, she looked pretty smart, and she wore this locket. He figured there was something written on the back, but left that alone. Next period was gym; the pilots watched as the girl with glasses came out again. This time, she didn't have glasses on, getting rid of that smart girl look, and her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail.

"Okay, sparring time, first two people up are Wufei and Karen," the gym teacher called out.

Wufei snorted again, "I don't fight women."

"At least give me a try, you might be surprised," Karen answered back.

Wufei just shook his head, as the two met at the mat. Karen quickly got into a ready stance; Heero noted that Karen was no slouch when it came to fighting. They started off; Wufei went start to the attack, while Karen went for the defence. Even after a sum odd minutes, Wufei had yet to land a blow on Karen. She was quick; he gave her that much credit, but still he wasn't about to let a girl get to him. He gave her a round about kick to the head, when everyone gasped. Karen had grabbed Wufei's leg; she smiled sweetly before twisting him to the ground. Using that chance, she punched him hard in the stomach.

"I guess I win this match, thank you for giving me the chance Wufei," Karen murmured, helping him up.

Wufei just grunted.

Duo laughed, "Man, and I thought she was just another geek, I didn't even see that coming!"

Wufei was not happy about losing to Karen, not at all, but Heero interrupted his thoughts.

"We have another mission to go to," Heero whispered.

Wufei gave him a glance, "When?"


During this time, Commander Grant, Karen's superior was frowning. Something wasn't right; he knew that something wasn't right. Picking up the phone, he dialled a number he knew by heart, "Hello, this is Commander Grant here."

"What's up Ryan?"

"I have a favour to ask of you," Ryan told him.

"And that would be?"

Ryan looked out the window, "Check up on my cousin will you?"

"Karen? Why? She's big girl Ryan. Think she can't handled five Gundam pilots?"

"Maybe, maybe not, just look out for her okay?"

"Sure, sure, it's all you Ryan."

"Thanks," Ryan hung up, and dialled another number, "Hello? This is Commander Grant. Look, listen and listen well. I don't want anyone to know about the key to the Underground okay? No one, make the security tighter if you have to, I don't want any information to leak out."

"Right sir, I'll get on it now."

Ryan nods, "Good."

Back at the school, Wufei was doing katas in the garden. This was his way of relaxing, and getting away from the noise, Duo's ranting and everything else for that matter. Only today was different, he could swear someone was watching him. After finishing one, he looked up to notice that Karen was sitting on the rock, writing on a notebook, and with a clear view of him. Frowning, he walked up to the girl, carefully walking behind her. He looked over her shoulder. There, with a lot of talent was him, in one of his kata positions. She had been sketching him!

"Do you like it?" Karen asked not looking up.

Wufei stared at her, "You knew I was there?"

"Yes, sorry if I disturbed you Wufei. It's easier to sketch people when they don't know you are, it's more natural that way," she explained.

Wufei just nods, "If you say so onna."

"You really don't like females do you?" Karen frowned.

"No, I just don't like the idea of females fighting, they are weak and shouldn't fight."

Karen thought for a minute, "If I was weak, the I wouldn't have beaten you."

Wufei growled, "You were lucky that's all."

Whether are not Karen was insulted by that, he couldn't tell, she just shrugged, "If that's the way you see, then fine. Perhaps we can spar together sometime."

"I don't fight women," Wufei repeated himself.

Karen stood up, "Then don't think of me as a woman, but a fellow student and a sparring partner. If you accept my offer, then meet me here early in the morning before class."

With that she walked away, leaving a dumbfounded Wufei behind. He couldn't believe she just said that. Sally on the other hand would be yelling at him for saying that, and for once, he couldn't say anything back to her. Of course having a serious sparring partner would do him some good. Heero was out of the question as far a sparring went. He'd be damned if he had to spar with Duo. Trowa wasn't the sparring type, and Quatre wasn't the fighting type. Just too bad that wasn't the only surprise a waiting the pilots that day. That night they left for an Oz base, which had to be destroyed. The only problem was, the base was expecting them. There were so many suits it was incredible to say the least. Aries, Leos, and Virgos all there ready for them. The battle went on for hours, or that what it seemed like, or maybe it did go on for hours. Explosions, thermal weapons clashing, fire everywhere. There didn't seem to be any problems at first, but when the Heavyarms had that familiar clicking sound, it was a sure sign that the battle had gone on long enough. It wasn't that the other pilots were more experience that the Gundam pilots, or that the mobile suits were better. The base was over taking them in a different way, by brute force and the power of huge numbers.

Duo gave a small grunt as the DeathScythe was hit, "How much longer?"

"Don't know, they just keep coming," Quatre took down two, while three more came charging at him.

"We won't be able to how out much longer," Trowa stated, "They are using just sheer numbers to over power us."

"There's a chance we'll have to self-detonate," Heero muttered.

Wufei growled, "This is injustice."

"For once, I'll have to agree with you on that one Wufei," Duo tried to joke.

"Well, don't self-detonate on me yet you guys!" another voice called.

"What the hell?" Trowa stared ahead.

Ahead was another mobile suit, but it wasn't familiar, in fact the other pilots could have sworn it was a Gundam! It was just a big as theirs, with colours of dark and bright red, making almost hard to make out among to flames. With wings in a fiery red and orange colour, and in it's hand looked to be like a thermal sword, but could be better described as a thermal rapier. Duo's jaw dropped at the sight of it. Suddenly the unknown Gundam charged at Duo, Duo got his scythe ready. What happened next surprised everyone; the Gundam leaped over Duo, and impaled the mobile suit behind him.

"Be careful," the other pilot warned, "Since there are six of us now, three of you destroy the base, and two of you stay with me, and keep these mobile suits from attacking the others."

Duo nods, "Sounds like a plan."

"How can we trust you?" Heero glared, even though the video link to that pilot wasn't on.

"Do you have a choice?"

Quatre speaks up, "I trust this pilot, come on. Wufei, Trowa and Heero, destroy the base, Duo and I will stay here with… I don't know your name."

"I can't tell you my name, but just call me Key," the pilot replied.

Back at another Oz base, Ryan was having trouble. It all started with a simple phone call. To anyone outside his office, it sounded like he was ready to scream bloody murder, "What do you mean someone broke in and got out? They will soon found out about Key and that's the last thing we need! Wait, I have another message coming in."

Ryan took a deep breath, and wondered how he had gotten himself into this. His cousin was sure to fail her mission now, he was sure of it. After all of this, there were no room for mistakes, and now they happened. Also, his Excellently would soon have question, which needed to be answered.

"This is Commander Grant speaking, it's an honour your Excellently," Ryan took a quick bow.

Treize nodded, "So I've heard there are problems."


"The rumours about a sixth Gundam pilot, codenamed Key. What are you doing about this?" he asked.

"We are sending out Oz soldiers right now to search for this Key, and we will have him soon, before he comes into contact with the other five Gundam pilots," Ryan explains.

"Good, make sure you do," and with that the transmission blanked out.

Ryan sighed again, running his fingers through his hair, before calling a soldier to his office.

The soldier stood at attention, "Yes sir?"

"Send out a message, that the Gundam pilot known as Key is out there. I want him arrested, and brought back here alive, understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Dismissed, oh and one more thing, get me Kasey, now…"

Back at the destroyed Oz base, Duo was thanking Key for saving their lives.

"Man, thanks, you saved our butts. You should come back with us," Duo offered.

Quatre nods, "Yes, it would be great to have another pilot with us."

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

Heero frowned, "Why not?"

"There are some things I still have to do by myself," Key explained, "I hope to see you again."

From there they departed from the scene. Leaving the mysterious Key by himself. For now at least, until they would meet again in battle.

Early the next morning, Wufei got up and headed out of the dorms. In some ways he mentally kicked himself for doing this. After all, why would he of all people want to spar with a girl? A girl who knows how to fight, who is smart and very pretty. He mentally kicked himself again for that last thought. She was still a weak woman, though at least she a brains. Karen was already there, waiting; she smiled brightly at him and waved at him to come over.

"I'm glad you came," Karen said.

Wufei nods, "Only because you're a sparring partner."

"Fine, that's all it is then," Karen smiled, "Shall we?"

The two got started right then and there. It was a sight to be seen, the two could be almost a perfect match. Now that both were going all out, and it some ways you could say they enjoyed it. Karen wondered about Wufei, of course she knew who he was. From the information she gathered, he and his dorm mates were the five Gundam pilots. The pilots she was sent to track down, of course this was just business right? After an hour or so, they stopped breathing hard, and Karen was smiling. One wouldn't say that Wufei was smiling, but he was smirking.

"How about we get some breakfast?" Karen suggested.

Wufei nods, "Only not in the café, Maxwell is not someone you want to eat around."


"Duo, I always call him Maxwell," Wufei explains.

Karen walks over to a rock, where she left some of her things. Putting on her glasses, she smiles again, "You must have some strange bunch of friends."

"No, some of them are okay," Wufei shrugs.

"Come on, I know a great place."

Had the other Gundam pilots been there, their jaws would have dropped all the way to the ground. This was probably the first time Wufei had talked to a girl, with arguing with her. Then again, this was first time that a girl didn't get angry for being called a weak woman. In fact, Karen seemed to deal with it, in a sensible manner. In the mean time, Wufei was learning a few things about Karen. Duo was right, Karen was a smart girl, and most would have considered her a geek if it weren't for the fact she could fight. Karen knew how to speak the two main dialects of Chinese; she knew Japanese and a bit of Latin. During this time, Karen had come to learn about Wufei, and wondered if this was going to make her mission harder than before.

After classes, lunch and more classes, Karen headed back to her apartment, content, and grinning from ear to ear. Not only did she find out who the pilots were, she now knew a bit more about them. Quickly closing the door behind her, she jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

"You know Karen, out of all the ways you could shrew up this mission. Falling for a Gundam pilot would be the tops," the voice said.

Karen turned with emotionless eyes, "Hello Kasey…"

Author's Note: Yea… As you can tell I'm going to work on two stories. This one just got to me, tell me what you think!