Title: Sway Away

Summary: Pretty much the same. Grissom, Sara and Nick are called to a house with an unusual addition. Now their only suspect turns up dead. Cue the creepy music.

Rating: PG-13 for language.

Disclaimer: Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Don't own CSI.

A/N: I haven't updated in so long you probably forgot about this awful fic. I hadn't been feeling up to writing lately and I had a major case of writers block. Eventually ideas came back and developed into this chapter and other chapters to come. Thank you for all of the reviews!! I am so happy that everyone wished to see this fic go forward. I hope you like where it is going and if you don't, drop me a line and be nice. No beta, all mistakes are mine.


"Looks like suicide."

"I wouldn't be so sure." Grissom said, eyeing the body hanging from a rope in the closet.

"Why not?" Sara asked.

"Well, he doesn't have any pants on."

Sara looked at the pants-less victim and giggled.

"So what are you saying?" Nick asked.

"That this man died of autoerotic asphyxia."

Sara glanced at Nick and then at Grissom, mouth open with wonder.

"They say that by cutting off the air to your brain it increases a persons…sexual pleasure while uh…pleasuring themselves." Grissom said, blushing.

"More than 300 young men die each year because of it."

"Uh-huh. So that's what happened here then?" Sara said, curious to Grissom's knowledge. Nick snickered.

"That's my first guess. But I think we'll have to wait till the post."

"Brandon McBroom, 27. Mailman noticed the mail wasn't being picked up." Brass said, walking into the bedroom.

"Whoa." He said, stopping and looking up at the victim.

"Well looks like he's caught with his pants down." He said slyly, looking at Sara for a response. She glared at him.

"David's here, you guys about done?" Brass said, closing his notebook.

Grissom nodded.

David came in and gave a slight nod to Grissom and Nick.

"Hey Sara," he said shyly.

"Hi David."

Grissom shot a glance at Sara and she shrugged. He smiled back and looked down to fumble with his kit. David dragged in a gurney and reached up to the cut the victim free while the EMT's set the body down. Grissom looked at the victim's neck and immediately grabbed a pair of gloves.

"Hold it David!" Grissom exclaimed, stopping him from leaving.

"What is it Grissom?" Sara asked.

Grissom looked down at the victim's neck, the rope was tied loosely around it. He stared at it for a while before reaching down to move it.

"There are no ligature marks on his neck." Grissom observed.

"You mean…" Sara began.

"He didn't die as a result of autoerotic asphyxia." Grissom finished.

"And if the sex swing wasn't weird enough." Sara said, smiling at Grissom.

"So that means that this man was tied up and posed to make it look like he died of strangulation." Grissom said turning to Sara.

"Like our victim in the sex swing." Sara smiled.

"Like our victim in the sex swing." Grissom repeated, smiling back.

"Serial Killer?" Brass asked.

"Two murder's, same MO. Possibly." Grissom said as he loosened the rope and lifted it over the victim's head.

"A sexual serial killer." Sara quipped, opening an evidence bag for Grissom to place the rope in.

Brass snickered and shot a glance at Sara who glared back.


"What have you got for me Greg?" Sara asked, walking into the DNA lab.

"The question is what have you got for me?" Greg said, spinning on his chair.

"Epithelial swab from another noose."

"Smoking." Greg said, spinning around to set the swab down.

"So, what have you got for me?"

"More then you'll ever know."

"Greg! Will you stop flirting with me and just tell me the results!"

"Whoa, just cause you can't handle the Greg man doesn't mean you have to get snooty."


"Yeah, snooty."

Sara glared at Greg and he got the message. He handed her the results.

"Got DNA from the hair in the knot, ran it through CODIS, no match but I can confirm that the hair is from a female, not the victim's."

Sara sighed.

"The DNA from the epithelia's was a CODIS hit to a one, Brandon McBroom."

"That's the boyfriend." Sara said.

"I'll be back real soon for the other results." Sara said, rushing out the door to meet Grissom.


"Started without me?" Sara said, grabbing a white coat and pushing through the morgue's double doors.

"Sorry." Grissom said.

"Nick's not sitting in on this one?" Sara asked, walking up to the slab.

"No, he's off and running with backgrounds of the victims, seeing if we have any hits off of those."

Sara nodded.

"Continue." Sara said to Doc. Robbins.

"As I was saying to Grissom, your vic's hyoid bone was broken. Which means he was strangulated, but he didn't do it himself."

Sara moved closer to Grissom to look at the victim's neck where Doc. Robbins pointed to four distinct purple finger marks on the victim's neck.

"These four marks suggest that the victim was strangulated, cold storage probably brought the bruises out since you didn't see any bruises at the scene.

Sara pointed to some white substance on the victims' lips. Her hand brushed Grissom's and she could feel him tense up. She smiled.

"Doesn't look like saliva, any idea?"

"No, I thought maybe semen. I sent a sample to Trace and then off to DNA."

Sara nodded.

"That's it Doc?" Grissom said, clearing his throat.

"For now, I'm about to start the internal exam."

"I'm leaving." Sara winced.

"Thanks Doc." She said as she headed out the door.

Grissom followed her and hung his white coat.

"Any luck with Greg?" he asked.

"No, the hair turned up no match in CODIS but Greg determined that it was a females. The epithelia's turned up the dead boyfriend." Sara said, lifting her white coat off her shoulders.

Grissom sighed.

"Lets met Nick in the war room and see what he's turned up."

"Lets go." Sara said, leading the way to the break room.

Grissom smiled at her eagerness and followed her.


"Hey Nick, any good news?" Sara said, as Nick walked into the break room to join her and Grissom.

"Well…" Nick began. He sat down and threw a case file at Grissom and Sara. Sara moved in close to Grissom to read it. She could feel his warmth next to her and she closed her eyes for a moment to soak it in.

"Apparently, the female victim had a restraining order brought against her ex-boyfriend."

"Suspect?" Sara asked.

"That's what I was thinking too, the reason for the R.O. was the fact that the ex was harassing the victim when she was with her boyfriend. In public places, like the mall or the supermarket, once the ex went to her home she filed the R.O."

"Any priors?"

"One, assault and battery."

"Hm." Sara sighed.

"Nice work Nicky," Grissom said.

"Vega is bringing him in." Nick said.


"Mr. Rodriguez." Det. Vega said, sitting in front of the suspect.

"Can we get you anything to drink?"

"A soda." Mr. Rodriguez said harshly.

"Sucker." Sara said to Grissom behind the mirrored glass.

Grissom chuckled.

"Gets them every time." He said, staring at the suspect through the glass. The cramped space made him uncomfortable with Sara. He tried to breathe quietly but could not help but notice her chest moving up and down with rapid breath.

The suspect was dressed in a white tang top and jeans. His arms were tattooed and muscular. Nick walked in with a soda and set it down before sitting next to Det. Vega.

"Here you are Mr. Rodriguez."

Mr. Rodriguez grabbed the soda and swallowed back a gulp before slamming it back down on the table.

"So why the hell did you bring me here?" he said.

"Do you know this woman?" Nick said, pushing a picture of the female victim towards Mr. Rodriguez.

"That's Margie."

"How do you know her?"

"We dated. Until she dumped me. Bitch."

"So the break-up wasn't amicable."

The suspect stared blankly at Nick.

"Of course it wasn't. She broke up with me out of nowhere. I always knew she was having an affair."

"Do you know this man?" Nick said, pushing a picture of the male victim across the table.

"No." the suspect said, crossing his arms on his chest and looking away.

"He's lying." Grissom said.

"Blatantly," Sara replied, looking up at Grissom.

Nick asked a few more questions and Det. Vega showed the suspect out of the interrogation room.

"We'll get back to you if we have any additional questions." Nick shouted.

The suspect didn't respond and walked down the hall. Nick grabbed a pen and stuck it in the empty soda can, holding it up to show Grissom and Sara. He smiled.

"I'll go get that to Greg." She said, turning to leave.

"Then go home, there's nothing more we can do tonight." Grissom said, staring at Sara tenderly.

Sara nodded.

"See you later." Grissom said, smiling.

Sara looked down at the floor and then up at Grissom's eyes. She smiled.

"Yeah, later."



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