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---------The Legend of the Akakami---------

Doctor Janet Fraiser, Major in the United States Air Force, struggled to suppress the excitement from bubbling up in her chest. Standing in the gate room, with two members of SG-6 standing beside her, watching as the center ring on the Stargate spun as the control room dialed the address Janet was being sent off to, Janet told herself to calm down, that she had done this before. Traveling to another planet was nothing new for the petite doctor, but it still sent a thrill down her spine every time.

As the chevrons locked one by one, Janet's mind reviewed the contents of her pack, hoping she had everything she needed to complete her mission. Half of SG-6 had returned not two hours ago, reporting that there was a medical emergency and a medic needed to be sent out immediately.

Janet was volunteered and she quickly found out that one of the members of SG-6 had taken a very nasty fall and couldn't feel half of his body. Janet's mission was to go in and determine whether the soldier could be moved safely, without worsening his already serious injuries.

As all the possibilities of what exactly had happened to the injured member of SG-6 ran through Janet's mind, the last chevron locked and the wormhole burst into existence. The event horizon settled and the gate room filled with an ethereal light as the Stargate shimmered with the wormhole contained within.

"SG-6, Doctor Fraiser, you have a go. Good luck," General Hammond's voice came from the sound system, signaling the departure of the three people standing by the ramp. The two members of SG-6 preceded Janet through the Stargate and, as she approached the event horizon, she paused for a just a second, taking in the liquid beauty in front of her. Taking a deep breath, Janet stepped forward through the Stargate.

It sucked her in, breaking her body down to its most basic particles before spitting her back out on the other side, leaving her feeling a little dizzy and totally rearranged. She shook it off and quickly caught up to the two members of SG-6.

"How far away is it?" Janet asked. One of the men turned to her.

"About two hours away, ma'am," the soldier said. Janet nodded and lifted her foot to take another step when the world around her burst into a bright flash of light followed by a suffocating darkness as she passed out.

Janet came to not too long after she passed out. Her eyes closed, the first thing she registered was the strong grip on each arm and she felt herself being carried away. Figuring she had passed out and SG-6 had caught her, she turned her head to look up at one of the men who had her in their hands.

"What happened?" she asked, slightly groggy, and she opened her eyes, expecting to see the familiar members of SG-6. Immediately awake, she froze in horror as she saw who was carrying her. It wasn't SG-6. Humanoid in appearance, their distinguishing features were their teal skin and black, almond-shaped eyes. Her mind filled with fear, all rational thought fled her and she struggled in the grip of her captors.

"Let me go!" Janet demanded, managing to wrench her arm away from one of the creatures' grip. Its companion spoke several harsh words in a language that Janet didn't understand as it pushed her to the ground. She cried out slightly as she hit the floor and barely had the time to register that she had been shoved to the ground when one of the aliens swiftly kicked her in the ribs.

Her entire body exploded with pain as she heard the sound of bones cracking and she knew the creature had broken a couple of her ribs, probably fracturing others near it. Struggling to breathe, Janet was only dimly aware of that her captors had picked her back up off the floor and resumed dragging her.

She wasn't sure how long they had her in their grips, but she was glad when they let go of her, shoving her roughly into a holding cell. Janet watched as one of the aliens pressed a button on a console and a blue energy field sprung into place at the entrance to her cell.

"What do you want with me?" she questioned. The aliens looked at her uncomprehendingly for a few seconds before they turned and walked away. Janet sighed shallowly, unable to draw a full enough breath. Steeling herself against the pain, Janet tenderly probed her wounded ribs, trying to determine which ribs were broken. She hissed in pain as she applied pressure to the broken bones and tried to control her breathing so she wouldn't cause any more pain than necessary.

After examining herself as thoroughly as she could given her circumstances, she settled back against one of the walls of her cell and took in her surroundings. Smooth metal walls and pale fluorescent lighting hinted to Janet that she was in a complex of sorts.

They won't get away with this,' Janet thought, referring to her capture. She knew once SG-1 and General Hammond were aware of her capture that action would be taken to get her back. Surely SG-6 could give them some clues as to what had happened to her, right? Janet continued to worry over whether SG-6 had seen anything at all with regards to her capture, hoping they had.

Several hours passed and Janet began to worry. Were her captors just going to keep her there forever? Or were they just trying to give her enough time to worry herself into an irrational fear so she would tell them everything she knew? Janet didn't have to wonder about why they wanted her for much longer. Three figures approached her cell and, from what she could tell, they were male and definitely not the two who had thrown her in there.

One of them gestured to the cell and barked out an order; Janet immediately knew he was in charge. One of his lackeys opened the energy field while the other entered her cell and pulled her to her feet. With his other hand, he pressed something to her forehead and a sharp pain lanced through her head.

"What the hell was that?" she questioned, knowing they wouldn't be able to understand her.

"Just a bit of technology so you can temporarily understand and speak our language," the leader spoke. Janet jumped in surprise at the statement, amazed she could understand what he was saying, but she didn't dwell on it for long.

"What do you want with me?" she demanded. The creature smiled.

"You will see," he said as he nodded to one of his aides. The other creature came forward and yanked her arm. She watched as he pressed a small tube to her arm and she felt a sharp pinch for a few seconds. When he pulled away and handed the tube off to the leader, Janet could see a small amount of blood bead on her arm.

"What was that for?" she demanded again as one of them grabbed her arm and dragged her along as they moved through a complex series of hallways. Janet stared in awe, despite her situation, at how technologically advanced this species was. They finally stopped in front of a large door. The leader pressed a combination of buttons on a pad and the doors swung open to reveal a large medical lab.

Janet's mouth dropped and her immense awe overrode the deep-seated fear in the pit of her stomach. The lab was any scientist's dream and Janet felt a pang of envy. Her awe quickly faded, however, as she began to wonder why she had been brought there. She was shoved onto one of the lab tables and she watched while the leader put the tube that had her blood in it into a machine before he turned back to her.

"You may call me Sakesh," he stated as he drew out a couple of small devices and attached them to her, one on the back of her neck and other on her temple. He didn't say anything more as he walked over to a console and typed furiously, entering in command after command.

Finally he finished and turned back to Janet, looking at her expectantly, as if waiting for a reaction of some kind. Janet looked back at him, confused, and opened her mouth to question him. Her question turned into a gasp as pain ripped through her mind, pulling out memories, thoughts, knowledge, feelings. She felt sick to her stomach at what she felt was the blatant violation of her privacy and she fell to her side as the sensation continued, tears escaping from underneath her closed eyelids.

Eventually, the experience ended and Janet let out a sob of relief, not caring that the massive intake of breath severely pained her broken ribs.

"Why?" she breathed, "Why would you do that?" Sakesh looked down at her, seemingly unaffected by Janet's obvious discomfort.

"I assure you, this is strictly business," Sakesh intoned before turning back to the console. As he typed in a few more commands, an iridescent cover came down to cover the table next to Janet, several tubes and wires connected to it. Janet watched with confusion as the wires began to glow and materials passed through the clear tubing. Janet couldn't see what was going on underneath the cover, so she watched the tubes and wires connected to it with fear-tinted awe and confusion.

Several minutes passed and, eventually, the show ended. The cover slowly lifted and when Janet saw what was now underneath there, she felt her heart sink into her stomach with a fear she had never known before. Cradling her ribs with her arm, she pushed herself off the table she was on and went over to look down at herself. Lying on the cool, metal table was an exact clone of herself, complete with the BDUs she was wearing.

Janet's mouth dropped open and she looked up at Sakesh, but she couldn't voice her thoughts and questions.

"Yes, she's a perfect clone of you, complete with all your memories, knowledge, and feelings. The only difference is the small recording device inside her brain which your Tau'ri sensors will be unable to detect. For all extensive purposes, this clone is you," Sakesh said.

"But, why are you doing this?" Janet asked. Sakesh sighed.

"My people have made a deal with the one you call Anubis," he said, "In exchange for performing this task, he agreed to leave our people alone, knowing we could expose his secret at any time if he dared retaliate against us. He wants to monitor you people, though why I know not. I'm supposed to place the clone back in your place and no one on your planet will be the wiser to what has happened." Janet looked up at him incredulously.

"Are you crazy?" she asked, "I've been missing for hours! My friends will notice I'm gone and report it back to our leaders. You'll never get away with this." Sakesh smiled proudly.

"Oh, I'm afraid I will," he said, "You see, though you've experienced several hours here, not even a second has passed for your friends on the planet you used the Stargate to get to. Thanks to a technology I developed several decades ago to manipulate and bend time as I wish, time can pass at a different rate in this complex. Your friends will not notice you've been gone much less suspect something is different." Janet sunk with defeat, knowing she may never see her home again with this clone in her place.

"So, what are you going to do with me?" Janet asked, fearing the answer.

"I was never given any instructions as to what to do with you, though I know that Anubis would prefer your death. However, I am not inclined to give him everything he wants and, though I do this for him, I have no desire to see an intelligent being such as you dead. Since I cannot send you back to your home world, I will send you somewhere you don't know so you can never return home. Anubis would destroy my people if you ever made it back to your people with the clone still in your place," Sakesh said, a hint of pity and fear on his face.

Janet suddenly understood and could not hold Sakesh's actions fully against him, knowing he was responsible for ensuring his people did not die a painful death or become slaves under the power of Anubis. But, it still didn't do much to ease Janet's turmoil.

"Do know I am sorry," Sakesh said as he pulled out a long strip of fabric and approached her. He stood behind her and pulled the cloth over her eyes, tying it behind her head just as Janet saw one of Sakesh's assistants picking up the unconscious clone and the other picking up her pack. Her hands were pulled together behind her back and she was led along blindly down more hallways. She could hear the sounds of Sakesh's aids walking with them.

They stopped in a room, a kind Janet couldn't describe, and she listened as the pack was hoisted on to the clone's back. Immediately following was a loud whooshing noise and, suddenly, Sakesh was by her side.

"Now, we wait for your clone and the others who were with you to move far enough from the Stargate," he explained. They stood there for several minutes, waiting for Sakesh to declare the time right. He did eventually and pulled Janet onto a raised platform. Janet suddenly understood the whooshing noise as a sharp wind whipped around her, bright light penetrating even through the thick cloth of her blindfold.

She knew the instant she was outside. The sounds of nature surrounded her as Sakesh led her along, holding her hands behind her back so she couldn't remove the blindfold. Janet decided not to struggle judging by the death grip Sakesh had on her hands as he dialed an address into the Stargate. Janet heard the telltale signs, the distinctive sound of the symbols being pressed followed by the whirring of the inner ring as it dialed the coordinates.

Shortly after, Janet heard the sound of the wormhole exploding into existence and then found herself being led up the steps she had walked down not 12 hours before.

"Goodbye," Sakesh whispered before shoving her roughly through the Stargate. Janet reappeared on the other end, severely disoriented, and stumbled down the steps leading up the Stargate. She cried out as she fell down the stairs, landing hard on her left shoulder. She heard the characteristic pop of her shoulder dislocating and bit her lip to prevent crying out from pain.

Trying to ignore it, she struggled to get up and remove the blindfold fast enough to see the coordinates of the planet she had been sent to. She had pushed herself to her knees and removed the blindfold just in time to hear the wormhole disengaging.

"NO!" she cried as despair powered her body forward. She stumbled towards the DHD and stared down at the symbols through tear-filled eyes. But she didn't attempt to dial out. She didn't know the symbols of the planet she was on, so dialing out was not an option.

Janet sunk to her knees, hot tears running down her face at the realization that she was never going home, that she would never see her friends and family again. And they would never know she was gone.

This isn't fair,' she thought, I'll never see them again. Jack, Teal'c, Sam, Daniel...Cassie. I'll never hug my daughter again or laugh with Sam over coffee...never go out with SG-1 after one of their missions…never tell Daniel how I feel about him.' Janet had realized soon after Daniel's ascension how much he meant to her, how much she loved him. Now, after just getting him back, she would never be able to tell him.

She indulged in her misery for a few moments before forcing her grief back down underneath the surface.

"You can't think about this now," she told herself, "You have to find out how to survive on this planet." Though Janet despaired at the thought of never going home, it certainly wasn't something to end her life over. Determined, she pushed herself back onto her feet and turned around slowly to take in her surroundings.

The Stargate was positioned in the bottom of a valley, surrounded by both sides by grass-covered hills. Janet nearly wept with relief at the sight of a well worn path leading from the Stargate. A well worn path meant civilization and civilization led the possibility of finding help to survive. Janet's eyes followed the path up the hill, not looking forward to the semi-steep climb ahead of her.

Holding her dislocated shoulder close to her body to prevent excessive jarring, Janet started walking up the path, regulating her breathing to avoid discomfort from her ribs. She struggled to put one foot in front of the other, concentrating on the simple action of walking instead of letting doubts and fears plague her mind as it was wont to do.

She had neared the top of the hill when the sound of running horses caught her attention. Turning, she watched a small group of riders approach her from the hill behind the Stargate. They slowed as they spotted her. Janet seized up with fear, not knowing what type of people these were.

She stood there impassively, watching as the leader, a woman, got off the horse and walked up to her. As the figure approached, Janet was able to get a closer look at the woman. Long chestnut hair framed a lightly tanned face that held sparkling emerald eyes and full, red lips. The woman took in the sight of Janet, her face skewed into a look of concern.

"Are you all right?" she asked and Janet could hear the upper class breeding in her voice. Janet could only shake her head in the negative as she took in the beauty of the woman in front of her. She looked no older than 35, but her eyes belied wisdom beyond her years.

"Do you need help?" she asked, "What can I do for you? My name is Karise." Janet smiled.

"My name's Janet," she said weakly, "And, yes, I do need help."

"It is good to meet you Janet," Karise said, "We will take you into the city. There, we will find help for you. You look as if you are in need of a healer. Please, ride on my horse. I will walk beside you." Janet's eyes watered at the sincerity and kindness of the offer. Suddenly, one of the riders walked up to Karise, his eyes guarded as he took in Janet's appearance.

"My queen, surely you're not serious. We don't know where she comes from, much less what her intentions are." Janet's mouth dropped in surprise.

"Tanith!" Karise cried out sharply, "This woman is obviously hurt and in need of a healer! Will you deny her that?" Tanith looked significantly chastised.

"You're a queen?" Janet asked, her voice hushed. All the riders looked over at her with disbelief.

"Surely you have heard of Queen Karise, ruler off all Zimmeria?" another one of the riders asked. Janet shook her head, slightly embarrassed by the disbelieving looks she was receiving.

"I'm sorry, I haven't. I've come here through the Stargate and I'm afraid I don't know anything about this world." Karise cocked her head to the side, a look of confusion on her face.

"Stargate?" she asked, the word slowly rolling off her tongue as if it were foreign.

"Yes," Janet said, "The big ring back there." Janet gestured towards the Stargate. Suddenly, all the leery looks disappeared from the faces of the riders to change into ones of awe.

"You've come through the Great Ring?" Karise asked, the look on her face reverent, "Is that what it does? Where does it go?" Karise took Janet by the elbow, careful of Janet's obviously injured arm as she led Janet to the horse.

"It goes many places," Janet said, "To many planets all across the galaxy." Karise looked enthralled as Janet explained about the Stargate.

"Do all those who travel through the Great Ring dress as strangely as you?" Karise asked. Janet blushed a little at the statement, noting how different her clothing looked from the suede riding pants and soft, cotton shirts the others wore.

"No, not all do," Janet answered, "On my planet, I'm part of the military. I'm a doctor and I help those who go through with the injuries and diseases they get on other planets."

"So, you're a healer?" Karise asked as she and Janet neared the horse.

"Of sorts," Janet replied as she tried to climb onto the horse. Not able to pull herself up, she looked over at Karise apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I can't get on," Janet said. Karise smiled at her gently.

"It's all right, I'll help you," Karise said as she approached Janet and pressed her fingers against Janet's face, her first two fingers on each hand resting on her temple while her thumbs brushed against her lower cheeks near the corners of her mouth.

"What are you doing?" Janet asked as she felt herself grow increasingly tired.

"Just something to help you," Karise said cryptically. Another question burst into Janet's mind, but she found herself unable to ask it as, once again, darkness surrounded her and she slipped from consciousness. Karise watched as Janet crumpled in front of her. From behind her, Tanith approached.

"What do you intend to do with her?" Tanith asked, "She could be dangerous." Karise looked at him as she stepped away and watched as Janet rose into the air as if carried by invisible hands, settling down on the horse, lying across the saddle. Her task complete, she answered the question.

"I do not know about her being dangerous, brother," Karise said softly.

"It is my duty as Lord Protector to watch out for potential threats, Karise. You know that," Tanith said pointedly at his sister. Karise sighed.

"I realize," she said, "I just don't feel that she is a danger. Can't you feel the strength residing deep within her soul? It is so pure. She may even be the Akakami, Tanith." Tanith looked appropriately shocked.

"How could this little slip of a woman be the Akakami?" Tanith asked. Karise shook her head.

"Size doesn't matter, as you know. Besides, we'll never find out if she is or not if we don't keep her around and kill her right off like you seem to want to." Tanith looked insulted.

"I never said we should kill her," Tanith muttered, "I just wanted to advise using caution when dealing with her."

"And I shall," Karise said, "But, for now, let's return to the palace and have Aerin look at her. He is, after all, one of the best healers in all of Zimmeria." Tanith looked proud at the mention of his oldest son, but didn't comment on it as he motioned for all the other members of their party to move forward.

"I just wish we had a dousha with us," Tanith said, glancing at the horse Karise had been riding on and uncomfortable with the fact that Karise seemed determined to lead the horse back on foot, leaving her wide in the open for anyone to see.

"It would make things easier," Karise said.

"Then share your horse with me, dear sister," Tanith said, "You will still be able to lead the reins of the horse, but you wouldn't be on foot." Karise nodded at the idea.

"Let's return, then." With that, Tanith and Karise climbed onto Tanith's horse, Karise holding the reins to her own horse, where Janet lay across the saddle. Letting out a sharp whistle, Tanith took the reins of his own horse and spurred it on, the others following behind him in a cloud of dust as the horses' hooves pounded against the dirt road, obscuring the view of the Stargate behind them.

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