This is a Digimon story in the form of MMPR: The Movie. And, yes, this is compleatly AU. I've decided that since my Prologe was so short, I was just going to include it in the chapter one post. I do not own Digimon or Power Rangers.


Prologe: Mysterious Manhole
At a construcion site, the usual busy day was going on. Men and women working, digging a place to erect a Children's Center.

"What do you think it is, Jack?"

"Beats me. Get it open!"

Little did Jack know, it was something best left shut.


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Chapter 1: Skydiving and Rocky Mountain Climbing

A plane soared over the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan. Inside was the chance to get funding for the Children's Center

"Guys! Ten minutes to jump!" called a boy in a orange jumpsuit.

"Chill, Tai, we know already." said a blonde boy in a blue jumpsuit.

A girl looked over at them and shook her head. "Tai, sometimes I wonder why you and Matt are best friends."

"Maybe this is God's way of telling us has a strange sence of humor, Sora." said a red-haired boy in a purple jumpsuit.

"Oh, lighten up, Izzy." said a strawberry blonde in a green jumpsuit.

"How did you talk me into this, Mimi?" asked a boy in glasses and a black jumpsuit.

"I'm glad you invited us, TK" said a girl in a pink jumpsuit.

"No problem, Kari." a boy in a yellow jumpsuit. "You'll never know how boring it is to jump alone. Remember the plan, Tommy?"

"How could I forget? 'Hold on tight.'" said a small boy in a white jumpsuit.

"You better." said Tai, grinning at Tommy. "TK's going to do his spins and flips. Don't get siiiick." He drew out the last word.

"Stop, Tai." Sora said. She bent down to Tommy's level. "You still up with this?"

"Of course!" Tommy said. "How many eight-year-olds get to skydive with my cousin, even if he does it part time?"

"That's only because I'm eleven, Tommy." TK said drily.

"But you're still well known around Japan!" Tommy protested.

"Jump time!" Tai called.

"Okay, listen up!" TK yelled. "Here's the plan. We jump, we spin, we form a circle, at the right time we break and open up. Try to aim for the target. Tai, your first!"

Tai opened the door. "Here goes." he said. "The Fires of Courage!"

Matt came next at TK's call. "Storms of Friendship!"


"Wings of Love!" Sora called, jumping out.


"All systems go!" Izzy yelled, leaping out.


"I hope we axcidentally land on the mall!" Mimi said dreamily, jumping out.


The boy in the black jumpsuit went to the door and jumped out, yelling "How did Mimi talk me into this?!"


"I'm a Angel of Light!" Kari yelled, jumping out.

"Ready, Tommy?" TK asked, looking down at his cousin, who was strapped to him.

Tommy grinned. "Let's do it!"

TK went to the door and turned to look at the other team, led by a ametuer jumper named Katsuharu. "Catcha on the flipside."

They fell backwards, flipping head over heels. Down below, the others were pulling other stunts. Tai and Matt were spread out like a star, catching the most wind. Sora and Mimi were flipping head over heels. Izzy and Joe were spinning like helecopters. Kari was performing twist flips.

TK began to talk into a radio in his ear. "Hope to Wind, what's going on down there?"

"Hope, this is Wind. The crowd is going nuts. Davis and Yolei are jumping up and down like crazy, JP is chowing down, Cody is getting away from them, looking embarassed, Takuya, Koji, and Koichi are getting closer to the target, and I'm looking for you guys." said their friend Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto. "Where are you, anyway? Did you jump yet?"

"Yeah, we jumped." TK answered. "Ice, how're you doing?"

Tommy looked up. "This is great! Can we flip again?"

TK laughed. "We're out of time. Hope to Team, form up."

All did whatever was nessecery to slow down or speed up to meet up. They grabbed each other's hands and formeed a ring.

"Sincerity to Reliability." Mimi said. "Aren't you glad you came?"

"Can we do this again when we're finished?" Joe asked, answering Mimi.

"Enough chit-chat." TK said. "Hope to Wind, can you see us on the screen yet?"

"Not yet." Zoe replied. "Wait, there! Let me guess, Ice is strapped to you?"

"You think I'd let him go on his own? He'd be killed!" TK replied. "Hope to team, break. Courage, you're up."

"Gotcha." Tai replied. "Courage, over and out."


Zoe listened to TK giving instructions, then switched to a different channel. "Wind to group. They're breaking, with Courage up first. Get to the dropzone!"

"Friendly Courage to Wind, can I go to the bathroom first, please?"

"No, but you can stop with the stupid jokes, Davis." Zoe barked. She switched channels. "Wind to Courage, where are you?"

"We just pulled our 'chutes." Tai said into her ear. "I see the landing target and I'm coming."

She change channels in time to hear Miyako "Yolei" Inoue say "Oh, no. Reliable Knowlege, this is Sincere Love. Where'd you go?"

"Sorry." Iori "Cody" Hida said. "You, Friendly Courage, and Thunder were embarassing me. I'm at the target with Flame, Light Wolf, and Darkness."

"Wind to Destiny, you ready?" Zoe asked on a new channel.

"Of course." Wallace "Willis" Davison replied. "You didn't tell them I was here, did you?">

"No, I didn't." Zoe said, heading for the target. "Just start the anouncments."

"Right." Willis said. "Destiny, out."

Zoe scanned the area abd saw Takuya, Koji, Koichi, and Cody at the row just as a voice came over the speakers.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of Tokyo, and welcome to Tokyo Children's Center's charity Jump-a-thon!"

A roar of applause rose as Zoe tried to get in contact with the missing three.

"Wind to Friendly Courage, Sincere Love, and Thunder. Where are you?"

"This is Sincere Love." Yolei said. "Friendly Courage and I just made it to the front row and are heading to Reliable Knowlege, Flame, Light Wolf, and Darkness."

"This is Thunder. I just left the food court and I am heading for the target."

Zoe switched channels. "Destiny, this is Wind. Change to channel five for landing order. All I know is that Courage is up."

"Acknowleged, Wind." came Willis's reply.

Zoe changed to the team channel and looked up. "Courage, I see you. Get ready. Is that Friendship behind you?"

"Yeah." Tai said. "I'm coming."

"And here they come!" Willis's voice said form the speakers. "The youth who are helping fund the Children's Center! First up is Taichi "Tai" Kamiya!"

Tai zoomed overhead, circled around, and landed on the center of the target.

"Perfect, Tai!" came Willis's voice.

"That was fun." Tai said, coming to stand next to Zoe. "Friendship, you're up."

"And next is Yamato "Matt" Ishida!" came Willis's voice from the speakers.

Matt dived, straightened, and landed on the center of the target.

"Awesome, Matt!" Willis yelled along with the crowd.

"Hey, Matt," Tai said as Matt walked up, "That was good."

"Hope to Friendship." TK buzzed in their ears. "Not bad for a ameteur. A little risky, but not bad. Sincerity, you're up."

"Next is Mimi Tachikawa!" Willis anounced to the crowd.

"Hey, Sincerity, looking good!" a voice floated on the radio.

"Cut the chit-chat until everyone's down, Friendly Courage!" TK and Zoe barked at the same time.

Mimi soared down like a butterfly and gracefully landed on the center of the target.

"Nice, Mimi!" Willis said as the audience went nuts.

"That was fun." Mimi said. "Reliability, You're all clear."

"Hang on, hang on." Joe said. "I'm coming."

""And next is Jyou 'Joe' Kido!" Willis said.

Joe floated down, landed on the center of the target, then tripped and fell flat on his face.

"Ouch!" Willis moaned as the crowd screamed. "Joe trips and falls, but but he landed on the target, yes!"

"Hope to Reliability, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Then hurry and get out of the way. Love's on her way down."

"Settle down, folks, Mr. Kido's fine." Willis said. "And here comes Sora Takikouchi!"

Sora flew in, like Mimi, as graceful as a bird. She landed on the center of the target as a new voice came on the radio.

"Hey, guys, it's Kindness. Sorry I'm late. Who'd I miss and how'd they do?"

"Kindness, this is Hope. Give us a little longer."

"Excellent, Sora!" Willis boomed.

"Knowlege, this is Love. You're set, get down here."

"Kindness, this is Wind. Switch to channel three and I'll explain."

"Better, I'll come to you. I'm with the others and heading your way."

"And now, Odiaba's brainiac, Kourisho 'Izzy' Izumi!" Willis anounced as Izzy got lower and lower.

Tai turned to Zoe. "Do you find it funny that Izzy's last name is the same as your first name?"

"I heard that, Courage." Izzy said into the radio.

He landed on the center of the target, earning a roar of approval from the crowd and a "Well done, Izzy!" from Willis.

"Hope to Light Angel. Make your move, girl."

"Next is Tai's little sister, Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya!" Willis anounced.

"Anomynous, this is Wind." Zoe said. "Three sixty."

She changed to channel three and walked away from the landed jumpers. "Destiny, you there?"

"I'm here, Wind."

"Just to let you know, after Kari, Tommy's gonna be with TK and they're gonna finish it off."

"Gotcha. Destiny, out."

Zoe returned to the others and switched channels in time to here "Wind, this is Hope. Who's Anomynous?"

"A surprize for you guys, Hope. A surprize."

"Here she comes!" Willis said.

Kari swooped and soared in, landing on the center of the target.

"And she makes it easy!"Willis yelled with the crowd. "And with seven down, there's only Matt's little brother, and well known skydiving daredevil, Takeru 'TK' Takaishi, and his little cousin Tomoki 'Tommy' Himi. Can they do it?"

"Yeah, go TK!" Kari yelled.

TK and Tommy were still pretty high. Zoe found the reason as she heard TK say "Hope to Ice, hang on tight!"

She watched as TK put the parachute through three somersaults. Her jaw dropped dispite herself. She had to take off her headset that conected her to the radio when she heard Tommy's squeal of delight. Looking at the others, she saw they were just as amazed as she was.

TK swooped down and did one last somersault, recieving another squeal of joy from Tommy, audible even without the radios, and landed on the center of the target, recieving the loudest applause yet, through which you could barly hear "HE DID IT! Oh, ladies and gentlemen, give TK and Tommy a warm welcome!" from Willis.


All the jumpers plus Zoe, Takuya (Flame), Koji (Light Wolf), Koichi (Darkness), JP (Thunder), Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken (Kindness) ran up to TK and Tommy, who were taking their helmets off.

"That was great!" Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya said.

"How do you feel?" Zoe asked.

"Dizzy." Tommy said as TK unstrapped him.

Zoe turned to her radio.

"Anomynous, finish up and meet with us.

"Acknowleged, Wind." came Willis's voice. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us..."

As Willis continued to give the farewell, Tai said "Why does that sound so familiar?"

The ground crew laughed. "Oh, I don't know..." Yolei said innocently.

Zoe giggled and turned to Tai. "Oh, crud."

Tai had on a puppy dog pout. "C'mon, Zee. Tell us."

It didn't help that the other boys put on their pouts.

Zoe started backing away. "No. Guys, I mean it. No. Guys, stop."

"Stop what?

All turned to see Willis leaning against a street light. "Hey, guys. Why don't you leave poor Zoe alone?"

There was a chorus of "Willis!" from the girls and "Destiny!" from the guys.

"Anomynous." TK said, shaking his head. "I ask you."

"Rollerblading, anyone?"

Ken asked, pulling out his magenta blades.

"Wait!" Kari said suddenly. "Where's Katsuharu and his group?"

There was scilence for a moment.

"Well," TK said quietly, "I did hear that Katsuharu wanted to climb the Rockies."

Everyone burst into laughter.


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