Author's Note: This story is converted from an RPG in 'Only One Truth: A Detective Conan RPG' forum ). Note that there are changes made such as deleting unimportant parts, changing a few things or adding more stuffs. I am Kaito. Credit to Mariata ) who helped by playing the part of Nakamori Aoko! :)


"'Kid strikes again! Last night, he stole the Doll's Pearl and had a flamboyant escape'," Kuroba Kaito read with a wide grin on his face. School had not started that morning, but he was sitting in his chair reading the newspaper like always, especially when the famous Kaitou Kid---or should I say, he was on the news.

"Iiiinteresting," he drawled, sounding a little too happy. "I wonder when Kid will strike next. Maybe tonight?"

"'Inspector Nakamori was furious and had said the following, "I have no idea what Kid has on his mind. He doesn't play with dolls, does he?"' Oh please, Inspector, it's a little crystal doll in a pearl," he said, fishing out the pearl from his pocket and examining it under the table. Very pretty and valuable, too, he thought with a grin.

Nakamori Aoko was at the back of the room, checking her locker. Notebook, textbook, pencil, eraser, lined paper... She tried her best to ignore her childhood friend's ongoing rave about Kid---it wasn't hard, thankfully, because most of the rest of the class were chattering away as well.

She closed the metal boy and walked over. "What's that you're holding?" she asked, curiosity dotting her tone. She straightened out the small stack of stuff she was holding on her own desk before sitting down.

"Nothing," Kaito said coolly, but his grin did not go away. He pocked the pearl again and straightened out the newspaper. "Your otoo-san looks really good," he teased, referring to the red-faced Inspector Nakamori picture on the front page.

Aoko immediately turned red. "Ka...Kaito..." she growled in a dangerous undertone. She knew he was teasing her again, but she couldn't help but let some annoyance seep through. "What do you mean by that...?"

Her hands were still on the desk, a firm grip forming on her stack of stuff.

"Why, do you think I'm comparing your otoo-san with you?" Kaito said, leaning back with a cheeky grin. He loved teasing Aoko and especially watching her trying to keep calm. "Not that it's untrue, but---"

Aoko could almost hear the slow quieting of the class, as their attention was slowly drawn away from their chattering...

She broke into a false laugh, eyebrows drawn down in annoyance, her eyes closed through smiling. "Hahahahaha...y-you..."

Kaito was enjoying the moment when Keiko suddenly burst into their conversation. "Hey, have you heard?" she exclaimed excitedly. "There's a ghost in this school!"

"G-ghost?" Aoko's look suddenly shifted into that of worry. "Is that true, Keiko-chan?"

Kaito laughed. "That's nonsense!"

Aoko almost glared at Kaito when he said that.

"It's true! The gym sensei saw a flashing light in the lab last night, and there was scary howling in there. A couple of gakusei overheard him telling the principal. Now nobody dares to go into the lab!"

"Do you mean the science lab downstairs?" a soft voice asked, joining into the conversation. Aoko blinked. "Akako-chan!"

"Yeah, that's the one," Keiko said, looking thoughtful. "Oh, I also heard from other gakusei, that there were traces of blood at various places in school, like the bathroom, the corridor..."

Kaito smirked as he glanced at Aoko. "You're scared, aren't you?"

She glared at him. "Of course I'm not!" she retorted, standing up.

Akako chuckled silently, retreating to her seat. She was quite amused. This was going to be interesting.

"Are you sure? There was once when you asked me to follow you to the bathroom and wait outside so---"Something hit him in the face. "Ouch!"

"Aoko-chan, how is your otoo-san doing?" Keiko asked cheerfully, already changing the subject.

Aoko blinked, removing the stack from Kaito's head. "He's doing fine. He's just very busy..." Because of that thief, she thought bitterly. Absentmindedly, she straightened the stack again.

"I wonder when Kid will strike again," Keiko said gleefully. "Last night was so exciting!"

"Hey, back to the subject...what do you mean by 'traces of blood', and not 'trails of blood'?" Kaito asked with interest, half of it meant to tease Aoko some more.

"Like smears on the wall, small writings in blood, drops of blood..." Keiko started to describe different kind of blood traces. Kaito kept looking very interested. He glanced at Aoko with a snicker.

"Keiko-chaaaaaan..." Aoko sweat dropped, looking faintly exasperated. She glared at Kaito when he teased her again. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. "S-say, Keiko-chan? Want to eat on the roof for lunch?" she asked cheerfully, trying to change the subject.

"Just when she was getting to the best part?" Kaito asked with a grin. "Ouch!"

"Quiet, you." Aoko lowered her weapon.

Then their sensei came in, lugging along her books. Students bowed, exchanged greetings, and sat down.

Aoko stretched, yawning. Finally, time to eat... She slid out a container from her desk---it was easier to carry around than a bento box, though couldn't put as much in it.

Kaito leaned over, mischief spread over his face. "Aoko......"

She shivered. "W-what?"

"BLOOD!" he screamed very loudly, pointing into her container.

Aoko's eyes went wide, and she dropped her container, which clattered on the table. Luckily, it didn't spill.

Kaito laughed wildly before disappearing with a pop. Aoko heard it seconds before she turned around and shouted at him, hands fisted.

"Kaaitoooo!!!" Arrrrgggghhh... Aoko picked up her lunch, sitting on her desk (feet on the chair) glaring at Kaito. She ate her food in annoyed bites. Keiko watched Aoko with a sweat drop. The things Kaito-kun does...I still wonder why she likes him...

Kaito sat at the back of the room, far from Aoko, the usual grin on his face as he watched Aoko. Akako chuckled, amused as usual. She gently tapped Kaito on the shoulder. He shivered a little, and turned with an annoying look on his face. "What do you want?" he asked, glancing at his back at the same time in case the witch stuck something on him.

"Pfft. You shouldn't need to worry about that right now, Kuroba-kun," the witch soothed, narrowed eyes on Kaito's face. Her mouth shifted into a faint, enigmatic smile. "I just have something to tell you."

Kaito looked up at Akako. "Okay...what do you want to tell me?"

Akako's smile widened. "About the haunting, of course." Then it faded. "The science lab is infested. I suggest you take care, if you're planning on going." Her eyes narrowed, and the smile returned. She leaned back up, heading out of the room, which was basically the cue for Aoko to stomp in front of Kaito.

Infested of what? Kaito wanted to ask, but Akako was gone. How does she know anyway? he thought, sipping milk from his carton absentmindedly. He didn't notice Aoko coming up to him.

"Thanks to you, I lost my appetite!" Aoko yelled, both hands slamming on the desk Kaito was behind.

Kaito jumped, spilling milk all over himself. "AIK!!" he screeched, jumping up. "Look what you did!" He pulled out a handkerchief from his sleeve and started drying his face.

At first Aoko seemed tense and annoyed, but that slowly ebbed away...she started giggling. "Got'cha!"

"Don't laugh!" Kaito snapped as he tucked every corner of his handkerchief into his hand, and then opened it up right in front of Aoko's face. It was a beetle the size of a meatball (fake, of course). The giggles turned into sudden, mute squeak. She quickly took a few steps away, staring at the beetle. "D-don't do that!" Her hands were on her elbows.

Kaito smirked as he closed his fist and opened it up again. A butterfly flew towards Aoko, up into the air, and out of a window. Aoko eyes watched as it did so. "See? You ARE a coward, and I bet you wouldn't dare to come back to school at night with all the haunting around here," he teased.

She stiffened. "I am NOT! I'll prove it to you!" Aoko retorted, looking determined. "See you after school at eight!"

Kaito looked at her in surprise. Wow, she actually took it seriously. Oh well. He grinned. "Sure."

But for some reason, Akako's words continued to echo in his mind... "The science lab is infested...I suggest you take care..." That's nonsense, I'll prove that there's no ghost here, because there IS no ghost, he decided.