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At that time, Aoko was being fussed over by her father (who had sent his men for Kid already) when the bright light attracted her attention. Aoko spun around. "Nan...nani?!"

Nakamori Ginzou was having a fit. "Another one?!" he growled, shaking a fist in the air. "Darned Kid! Bringing my daughter into a danger like this!"

Seeing the officers coming for him, Kid quickly disappeared. He was back on the flagpole within seconds. "Konbanwa, Nakamori-keibu. I suggest you take Nakamori-san home, and that mad scientist to jail. I have a very important job to do at the moment."

He set up his hang glider and flew towards the lab window. He was almost there when he saw a pair of eyes gleaming inside. He dodged just in time as another creature flew out. Wait...if sensei is down there, how did this one get created? he thought in surprise. Unless---

He landed on the window sill and rushed to the desk. There was a machine he didn't notice before, and something was building up in it. "Okay, time to get destroying," he said gleefully as he cracked his knuckles. He took the wires and started pulling them apart, breaking everything on the machine. When he was done, he unplugged it, and stood back to watch his masterpiece. "Very nice. Now to get back to the last creature and Aoko..."

Just as he jumped onto the window sill, a bright flash almost knocked him over behind him. "Oh, come ON!" he groaned as he turned around. The last creature in the machine burst out, looking uglier than the first few. He could hear the screech of the third one flying outside.


The officers had arrested the laughing mad scientist, now taking him into custody.

Aoko glanced around. Contrary to her father's orders, she had dashed back into the school grounds. "Darn it, Kaito---where are you?!"

Her father's shouts alerted her to how far into the grounds she actually went. Her eyes noticed how the light continued flashing at short intervals, making her tired eyes feel foggy whenever they glared in her sight.

"AOOKOOO!" Nakamori-keibu cursed under his breath, running over to his daughter.

Aoko glanced behind her---before the feeling of being grabbed and lifted filled her senses. "Eh---?!"

Before she knew it, she was high above the school, hand reaching down limply at the rapidly disappearing ground.

Kid and the fourth monster seemed to be having a staring contest in the lab. The connection was broken when Kid heard shouts outside. He spun around---and saw the third creature grabbing Aoko and taking her high into the air.

"NO!" He sprang out, hang glider in place, and headed towards them. He could hear the other following him. Come ON, wind, do your stuff! He ducked as the fourth one tried to swoop down onto him. He whipped out his card gun. Two more left! He lowly cursed, but aimed at the monster with Aoko.

BAM! Even though he wasn't supposed to fire it, he fired it. Aoko winced slightly from the gunshot sound.

"Stupid monster!" Kid cursed. "Let go of Aoko!" He ducked again as the other monster tried to attack again. One more card left. He paused when he was aiming once more. Wait, why am I wasting my expensive cards when I have---

He whipped out his flash bomb and tossed it at the monster. It exploded, casting a blinding flash in the sky. Meanwhile, Aoko wasn't too pleased. She was in a skirt for crying out loud. The flash bomb hadn't helped much either---while she knew that Kid was trying to save her, the situation kept annoying her more and more...

She hated being helpless.

Kid sprang forward in the light and punched the monsters' legs. It screeched, letting go, and he caught Aoko in his arms. He let out a relieved sigh. "That is close."

Aoko felt her cheeks go red. Eh...? Her eyes remained like that for a few moments, before she abruptly shook her head. No, no, no! Bad Aoko! This is Kid, not Kaito---aargh, I don't like Kaito that way either, what am I talking about?!

She glared hard at Kid's face, and cursed the monocle that shield his eye. She could unmask him---right then, and there. didn't feel right to do so. The thief had just saved her, so why should she? However, that brief, unguarded sigh---Kid seemed familiar to her. Aoko mentally bonked her head. Of course he is! You see him practically every day, stamped all over your father's stuff! And he is your dad's main occupation! What did you expect?!

But the feeling did not go away. This was the first time she had been so close to Kid. Every heist she had been in, she was away from him, watching at a distance, cheering her dad on (while onlookers shook their head, wondering what the heck was with the girl).

As she descended to the ground, she also could not help but wonder---just WHAT was the infamous Phantom Thief doing at her school at this time of night?!

Kid could sense something wrong on Aoko. She had not struggled or screamed at him, considering the fact that she hated Kid---and would definitely not like him doing that. She better not figure out who I really am.

He set Aoko down on the ground and wiped his brow. You are really heavy, you know that? he wanted to say, but he could not tease Aoko---after all, he was not Kuroba Kaito now, but Kaitou Kid. Besides, he had other things to take care of. He sprang up onto the fence. "This way, ugly!" he called.

He leaned against the pillar leisurely as the two monsters charged from either side. "One, two---"

He leaped up when both monsters were near enough. They crashed into each other and fell on the ground, out cold. An idea lighting up, Kid steered himself back to the lab without waiting for another second.

Aoko watched, slightly dazed from the ground as the monsters collided. She watched as Kid went back in the direction of the lab, just barely a second later. He had disappeared from her view completely before her mind could prompt her body to move.

Nakamori-keibu rushed to her side, helping her up. "Yeah, yeah, Dad, I'm fine..." If this was fine with her father, then she was fine with it too.

"That darn Kid better be careful," Nakamori-keibu growled. Silently, Aoko agreed, content to just lean against her father's more stable form. She had enough excitement to last her well into next week.


In the lab, Kid snatched up the mad scientist's formulas. Good, he thought triumphantly. He leaped out of the window and steered his hang glider back to the fence before stopping.

"I have got what I want, Nakamori-keibu! Thank you for your quick arrival." He bowed, grinning. "Take care of your daughter---she's been a brave, sweet young lady tonight. Oh, and these aren't really important---" He waved the papers. "---but if you want to capture me, why not try then?"

Inspector Nakamori grumbled. As much as he would have liked arresting Kid, throwing the thief behind bars and forgetting the key in the garbage on his way out of the prison, at the moment it didn't seem...necessary. They were all tired, and so was Aoko. And he was pretty that Kid was, too---whoever he was.

"Some other night, Kid. You better send a note, or I'll send that after you!" He turned around, shifting slightly to get a better grip on Aoko, leading her into his car---leaving the Phantom Thief alone. Then he sent an order for his people to clear out and get some rest.

Kid grinned, tucking the papers into his shirt. "Sure thing. Nakamori-san," he called to Aoko, "don't forget your friend. Oyasuminasai, everyone! Thank you for watching the show." With a small poof, he disappeared.

Back at the school, Kaito leaned against the building with a relieved sigh, having dressed back to himself. The formulas were safely in his uniform. He wiped blood off his head before stumbling out.

Hearing shuffling behind them, they paused, Aoko turning around first. "Kaito!" she shouted. Her father and herself watched as he stumbled out of the school. "Where were you?" she demanded, slipping forward and touching her childhood friend's shoulder (it paused slightly before it actually touched---like she was hesitating). "and where did you get this? Kaito?" she said, beginning to fuss over him worriedly.

"The monster was pretty rough back there," Kaito laughed, wiping more blood from his eye. "No big deal. Are you okay? What happened? Oh, hi, Nakamori-keibu, you're here. Ohhh."

He walked over and peered at the four collapsed monsters in amusement. "You did this with your mop, Aoko? I underestimated you," he said, a mocking tone in his voice.

Aoko flushed slightly at the statement. "I-I didn't...K-Kaito." He was teasing her again, she knew it.

Nakamori-keibu could only shake his head as he turned around. "Aoko, let's go home. And Kaito-kun should come too."

"A-ah? Oh, okay."

"Sure, thanks, Nakamori-keibu," Kaito said before hopping into the car. "So, you didn't? Then who did?" he continued to ask Aoko in amusement as he turned to watch some people clearing up the mess as they started off. "Is it Kaitou Kid?" He made it sound as if it was a guess but he still knew.

Aoko made a thoughtful sound, not really answering the question. She watched idly as the streetlamps passed by the car, listening to the faint humming of the engines. It was Inspector Nakamori who had answered, "Yes."

"Really?" Kaito asked, leaning forward. "You saw him too, Nakamori-keibu? What's he doing at school then?"

Nakamori thought it over. " that I think about it, it's a little strange. Why was he at school?"

"Maybe he just happens to pass by," Kaito suggested. The inspector grunted in answer.

Then, Kaito noticed Aoko's awkward silence. "Hey, Aoko...are you okay?" he asked, peering at her.

Aoko blinked. "Hm? Y-yeah, I'm fine," she answered, managing a weak smile. She hoped that it could be attributed to her tired state, seeing as she was REALLY tired.

Kaito gazed at her for a moment. Not convincing enough, Aoko... "I know something's bothering you," he said seriously.

"I'm just fine!" Aoko muttered, glaring at him.

Kaito blinked. He shrugged. "Okay...suit yourself. But whatever it is, don't let it bother you too much." He yawned, and remembered something. "By the way, Aoko...sorry about today," he added, turning to gaze out of the window (and hide his red face). "I underestimated you. You're really brave."

But Aoko had already fallen asleep, oblivious to what Kaito had said to her.

"Hey...Aoko?" Kaito turned to her to find her asleep. He sighed, and smiled.

You did good, did good.