I am Mr. Dr. Possible

Hi, I am Dr. Possible. Mr. Dr. Possible that is. My wife is also Dr. Possible. She is a medical doctor and I am a scientific doctor. She is a brain surgeon and I am a rocket scientist. We have three children, two twin boys, Jim and Tim, and one girl, Kim. Kimberly Ann Possible, my little Kimmie Cub. She is the eldest of our children. She has auburn hair and green eyes. She is captain of the Cheerleading squad at her high school where she is an honor student. She also saves the world on occasion. She is one of the two team members of Team Possible. Team Possible is a pair of young people who fight villains all over the world. The other person on the team is a young man by the name of Ron Stoppable. Ron and Kim have been friends since Pre-K. They have grown up together and are together most of the time.

Kim never seemed to have a boyfriend in a love interest way. I always thought it would be Ron until a boy by the name of Josh Mankey came into Kim's life. I have known girls to have crushes on boys, but Kim went head over heels for Josh. She would get all flustered when he was around. She tried to get Ron to help her meet Josh. Josh was everything Ron wasn't. Josh was very good looking so the girls say, athletic, and very smooth. Too smooth for my tastes or liking. I never did really like the young man. I knew a young man very similar that broke my wife's heart. It wasn't that Ron wasn't good looking, or anything like that, but Ron was Ron. Popularity was not on his priority list. The first thing on his priority list was looking after Kim at school and on missions. I don't think Kim really realized that Ron seemed to always be there for her. I know it hurt Ron when he was over at the house and all Kim would talk about would be Josh. Josh, this and Josh that. I also knew from some of Kim's other friends that she treated Ron rather badly as school sometimes if it seemed to score points with her with Josh. I also know that Kim would get very angry with Ron sometimes because of Josh. This continued for sometime. All during this time Mrs. Possible and I tried to talk to her about but she would just get very upset. But no matter how bad he was hurt by what Kim did, Ron always remained her friend. I really admired Ron for that.

Then came the day that something happened between Josh and Kim. I really never found out what happened but apparently Josh said something or did something about Ron that really made Kim angry. I believe at that point she saw Josh in a different way. I also believed that she finally realized just how badly she had been treating Ron. Also she noticed that whenever she needed someone Ron was always there and Josh was there when if seemed he felt like it. It was after all this happened that I noticed Kim looking at Ron in a different way. Her voice would change in a certain way when she saw him or they talked. She looked at him in a different manner and the expressions on her face would be a certain way. She had this certain smile that she would only use around Ron or when she was talking about him. Kim also spent more time with her photo albums especially the ones with Ron in the pictures.

I really found out something was on her mind one day as I was taking out the trash. The bag broke as I was placing in the can. Several pieces of paper fell out and I reached down to pick them up. I realized that they had Kim's handwriting on them. I was getting ready to put them in the trash when I saw Ron's name. I noticed that Kim had written Ron's name several times along with Mrs. Kimberly Stoppable, Mrs. Ronald Stoppable and other variations. I realized then that something in my Kimmie Cub had changed and I realized that she was growing up fast. I knew Ron loved Kim very much. It doesn't take a father long to see how another young man treats his daughter to see how he feels about her. I knew that Ron would look after Kim as good or better than I ever could. He looked at Kim the way I looked at my wife at that stage of our relationship. I also realized that Kim looked at Ron the way my wife looked at me. Over the months, I knew something had grown between the two of them. Especially at Christmas, when normally Kim has to trick Ron under the mistletoe and she is always the kisser and he is the kissee. This year it was Ron that lead Kim under the mistletoe and the kiss that occurred was very mutual. My wife and I were very pleased as we had hoped that Kim and Ron would be together. They are really inseparable now and I watch them growing in love each day. They still go on missions to save the world and they go to school, but now they hold hands.