Mr. Dr. Possible Part two

Hello again, this is Mr. Dr. Possible. I wanted to bring you up to date on what has been going on with my daughter, Kim. When we last spoke Kim and Ron had started dating just a little bit. I know that they had always been on missions together but this is something different. These were actual dates. The two of them actually seemed to be attracted to each other. I was a little uneasy about dating. I know Ron and I trust him but, he is a boy and boys will be boys. I had a talk with Ron and gave him my "black hole deep" talk. Kim gets upset with me about that, but I am looking out for my Kim.

I have a hard time realizing that my Kimmie Cub is growing up. I started to realize this is some of our conversations at the supper table, she would express views on politics, school and events around town that were in-depth and full of insight. Her clothing choices were a little more mature. She is taller and her voice is slightly huskier. And... well..Ah...she gave me a hug the other day and I realized that she was growing in many ways. Ron was growing also. He was filling out, and gaining weight. His voice was deepening and he started to grow a beard if he didn't shave regularly. I know that Kim noticed how Ron was growing, and I know that Ron saw the same in Kim. I knew that this was normal, I didn't like it much but you can't stop nature.

I wasn't sure about the emotional part of their relationship. I say I wasn't sure until Ron and Kim had a very rough mission. I never knew what really happened. I knew that their missions could be dangerous, but this mission changed their lives and their relationship. We got a call from Wade, the young man who gives Kim and Ron their outside support. Wade was very upset and told us that Kim and Ron had been transferred to the Trauma Center near their last mission. Ron was hurt, but Kim was in bad shape. We were rushed to the hospital by Global Justice. When we got there, we rushed to the room where they were. When we entered the room we were met by a sight that I will never forget. Kim was lying in the bed. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving. Ron was standing beside her holding her hand and stroking her hair. He was speaking to her "Kim, wake up, Kim. Kim, I love you, please don't leave me." I came up behind him and touched on the shoulder. He turned to me. The expression on his face was one of total agony. "Mr. P., she won't wake up". I got a good look at him. He was dirty, and his mission clothes were cut and torn. He was injured but for some reason, he had not been treated. When I turned to ask the doctor why he told me "Ron, wouldn't let us treat him till we took care of him. Now he will not leave her side." I went over to Ron and gently pulled him back from Kim. "Ron, let them take care of you. Mrs. Possible will stay with Kim. How about you come with me and let the doctors take care of you." He nodded and allowed me to lead him to the other side of the room.

The doctors treated him as he told us some of what happened. "Mr. P. Drakken, Shego and Monkeyfist were together this time. I was able to handle Monkeyfist and Kim took on Shego. What we did not see was Drakken with some new weapon. Apparently it was all a plan for Shego and Monkeyfist to get Kim and me in a certain spot. That was when Drakken blew the bomb. I heard the click and turned and grabbed Kim. I pulled her to the side and the bomb blew. I don't remember anything after that till I woke up. Kim was hurt and wouldn't wake up. I called Wade and here we are" As Ron spoke I looked into his eyes, I saw an agony, a depth of feeling I had never seen in a man. I say a man because in my opinion that was what was in front of me. I took Ron into my arms and gave him a hug. Then I told him "Let's get back to Kim"

That young man would not leave her side. I do not think he slept hardly any. He just sat at her side holding her hand watching her breathe as if he counted every breath. His parents came and they were able to get him to clean up some and go get something to eat. But soon he was back by her side. A few days later Kim woke up and Ron was right there at her side. When she woke up the first thing she saw was Ron. Her face broke into a weak smile and she said "Hi". Ron leaned over and gave her a kiss and said "Hi yourself" There were tears in their eyes as Kim raised her hand and touched his face, Ron raised his hand and covered her hand with his as if he savored any second of her touch. Mrs. Possible and I stood to the side and understood. I understood. She wasn't my Kimmie Cub anymore. She was Kim Possible, a young woman with a life of her own in front of her. She had a wonderful young man at her side who loved her. A young man who loved her to a level that he would give his life for her. A young man whom I would come to trust and love as a son of my own. I knew that sometime in the future that I would lead Kim down the aisle of a church. The pastor would ask who gives this woman to be married? I would say "her mother and I". I would turn to my lovely green eyed, auburn haired daughter and give her a kiss. I would then turn to shake the hand of Ron Stoppable. A man that I would trust with the greatest treasure in my life. I would shake his hand then step aside for him to take his place beside her. A place that I relinquish with pride and love. So long Kimmie Cub, you have found a man that loves you more than I.