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Rating: PG 13...just to be safe

Summary: Raven is gone…taken away thanks to her father's essence inside of her. Now she is trying to return his physical body from the void and bring about the end of everything. Can the Teen Titan's stop her from bringing about Armageddon or will they just be swept aside by Raven's now unstoppable power.


Chapter I

Raven floated motionless in the air, her eyes where firmly shut as the sun shone against her face, warming her pale skin as she chanted her magic words under her breath. Robin watched her mediate from a distance, he had always liked keeping an eye on her, he didn't know why he did he just did. His cape fluttered about as a slight wind blew around the tower's roof, making Raven's hair dance about gently. Robin didn't want to say anything but he found Raven beautiful in a mysterious way, sure Starfire was beautiful but Raven was in a league of her own. He watched her for a moment that seemed like an eternity until he felt the cold morning air begin to get to him. With a smile he turned and re-entered the tower, leaving the violet haired witch to her mediation. Raven opened one of her eyes as Robin closed the door, she knew he was there, she always knew he was there watching her from the shadows, making sure she was safe. It was cute but pointless to her, she didn't need a babysitter…she didn't need anybody. She returned to her mediation and attempted to once again find her centre again, thanks to Robin's presence distracting her she had lost it the very second he had opened the door.


"Come for your daily inspection my dear?" asked a heavily chained Rage as Raven appeared before her, making a slight grin appear on her face as Raven looked at her. Raven ignored her and walked towards a huge set of wooden doors, both of them seemed to be covered in various spells and enchantments, each of them were designed to help keep Rage a prisoner in her 'cage'. Raven placed her hand on the huge golden padlock and closed her eyes as she racked her brain for the correct phrase.

"Peace is a virtue I cannot afford" whispered Raven as she opened her eyes again and pressed her hand down on the lock. The lock suddenly opened, making the engraved spells glow white as the doors began to swing open.

"What's the matter don't you want to have some daddy daughter time?" laughed Rage insanely as Raven entered the newly opened room, closing the huge doors behind her as she took one last look at her chained sister, "Or are you just here to see 'him' again?" asked Rage before the door completely closed, freeing Raven from having to look at her 'sisters' face a moment longer. Raven walked down the long cold hall as she used her powers to levitate a nearby torch to her hands. She smiled as she felt the heat given off by the flame warm her face, making her feel safe as she walked towards another set of huge doors.

"Opanus Dactororim….please" commanded Raven as she looked at the doors, each of them where covered in black chains, yet again another safety precaution she was forced to take in order to keep her father under control. The chains fell away allowing the doors to swing open revealing the 'social' area of Raven's mind, the only place that all of her emotion could met and have a somewhat normal life.

"Anyone here?" she asked as she put her torch in a holder and entered the room, taking off her cloak as she looked around, her voice echoed around the large room making her feel a little more relaxed than usual. She simply assumed that none of her 'sisters' where in as she walked towards the library. Little did she know that her every step was being watched by an unseen figure in the shadows, it's four red eyes blinked slowly as a sinister smile appeared on it's face.


Robin threw himself recklessly onto the couch in the living area and looked around for the TV control.

"Cyborg where's the remote?" yelled the masked teen as he lifted up the cushion next to him and dropped it as his search for the controller continued. Cyborg's head popped out from behind the kitchen counter with a spoon in his mouth and a chef's hat on hi head.

"Try the table in front of you bird brain" said Cyborg in a muffled voice, making the spoon move about in his mouth a he spoke. Robin grumbled various obscenities under his breath as he looked at the small coffee table in front of him, and low and behold the controller was sitting there looking him directly in the face.

"Big metal know nothing know it all" muttered Robin as he turned the TV on and began resume his usual routine of flicking through the channels as fast as possible.

"The…end…is…at…hand" said the various voices of the people on the screen as Robin flicked through the channels, making him smile as he finally stopped on what looked like another action movie.

"Yo Cy Team Gamma Strike Force III is on!" yelled Robin as he put his feet up on the coffee table and smiled he watched the hero blow up a black attack helicopter with a small but highly sophisticated hand gun. Cyborg dropped everything in his arms and sprinted out of kitchen as fast as his robotic legs would allow, leaving behind a huge mess of various meats and eggs on the floor as he approached the couch

"Make way for Cyborg!" he yelled as he jumped into the air and landed on the couch beside Robin, making the masked leader of the Teen Titan's fly into the air as Cyborg made himself comfortable. Robin landed with a thud behind the couch and reached for his bo staff as he rubbed his aching face. He was to smash it over Cyborg's the head until the TV changed to a map of the city making every light in the Tower begin to flash red as the titan's communicators began to blink at high speed.

"What's the problem chief?" asked Beast Boy as he and Starfire entered the room, each of their communicators flashed a bright red as they held them in their hands.

"Slade!" growled Robin as the picture of his nemesis's masked face appeared on the huge TV screen.

"But I thought he was you know dead" muttered Beast Boy as he looked at each of his team mates, each of them had a look of shock and horror on their faces as they looked at Slade's face.

"Looks like he didn't stay dead" said Cyborg as he changed his arm into it's sonic cannon form, "Yo where's Rae Rae?" he asked as he finally noticed that Raven wasn't standing in her usual spot beside Starfire..

"She's on the roof….." said Robin never taken his eyes off the screen. Cyborg shrugged and began to walk towards the lift to the roof, making Beast Boy and Starfire giggle as he walked.

"…mediating" smiled Robin as he turned and looked at Cyborg, his words made the metal teen stop dead in his tracks as all the colour drained away from his face. The one thing he had learned in his two years of knowing Raven is that you don't, under any circumstance interrupt her meditation.

"Will we not need her help?" asked Starfire as she looked at Robin, watching the agile teen as he made sure he was carrying enough birdarangs, explosive discs, freeze discs, electric discs and grapples.

"No she's been having a hard time keeping her emotions under control" replied Robin as he took out his bo staff, "She'd be a liability" he said sadly as he looked at Starfire, she could tell that it was causing him some distress saying that. Starfire simply held herself as Robin walked past her, a determined look had appeared on his face replacing the sadness he felt about Raven's not going with them.

"You ready?" asked Robin as he looked at both Beast Boy and Cyborg, each teens nodded back before they bopped fists, "How about you Star, you ready?".

"I am unsure" replied Starfire truthfully as she looked at Robin with her sad alien eyes, "I have a bad feeling that something bad is about to happen". Robin smiled as he walked towards her and gently rested his hand on her shoulder, making Starfire smile weakly at him.

"The only bad thing about today is the beating we're gonna give Slade" smiled Robin, his words made Beast Boy and Cyborg cheer as they high fived behind him. Starfire couldn't help but smile a little more as she listened to his words, she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and give him a big hug but she knew she would have to wait until the time was right.

"Lets go kick some bad guy butt" joked Beast Boy as he flexed his arms into the air, cracking his knuckles as he stretched. Cyborg patted him on the back before he gave Robin a look.

"You know what to say man" smiled Cyborg as he looked at Robin, making Starfire float into the air behind him, a huge smile was now on her face. Robin returned the smile as he watched Starfire float past him and join Beast Boy and Cyborg, making the boy wonder laugh as he looked at their faces.

"Here we go then" whispered Robin under his breath as he took a deep breath, "TITAN'S GO!" he yelled as he pointed his finger into the air, making Beast Boy and Cyborg giggle as they looked at his cheesy stance. They stopped laughing abruptly as Robin ran past them followed by Starfire her usually carefree and happy eyes began to glow an angry emerald. They waited for a moment longer before they broke down into another fit of laughter.

"Did you see his pose?" laughed Beast Boy as he left the tower with Cyborg, both teens where having a hard time trying to get their laughter back under control.


Raven walked alone the rows of books as she ran her fingers gently against their spines, she loved doing this, she loved the feel of the old leather covers rub against her skin, it made her strangely feel alive inside. She stopped and picked one of the books of its shelf, blowing the dust from its cover before she held it close o her chest. She smiled as she felt a strange warmth resonate from the book, an ancient voice called out to her, begging for her to open it and read from its pages.

"Keep your shirt on" smiled Raven as she walked back to the social area and pulled a large leather seat towards the fire. Taking a deep breath Raven opened the book and slowly began to read the words that where printed on the old pages. Suddenly a wind blew through the room, knocking the book out of Raven's hands as she watched the pages begin to flutter about in the wind. The book suddenly began to skip about as the winds of magic began to blow more ferociously, making several of the pages rip free from the book and dance about in the maelstrom of power. It stopped almost as suddenly as it had started as a bright light engulfed the room, making Raven shield her eyes with her hands.

"Hello songbird" said a single voice as the light began to fade away, making Raven smile as the words washed over her. She was about to lower her hands until she felt someone grasp hold of them tightly yet playfully making her smile even more, "What brings you here?" it asked as a slight smile appeared on Raven's face.

"I came here to see you and now you won't let me" smirked Raven as she tried to pull her hands away from her eyes.

"What and ruin the romance?" replied the voice as the figure leant in closer and gently brushed its lips against Raven's, making her smile as she tried to make the kiss deeper.

"You not being very nice" pouted Raven playfully as the figure pulled its face away as Raven approached its lips, making her voice her frustration in the form of a playful growl.

"Are you accusing me of being mean my little songbird?" asked the voice as the figure finally released Raven's hands, allowing her to finally see who she was talking to. His crystal like eyes twinkled in the light of the place as a small smile appeared on his handsome feature.

"Yes Rorek I am" smiled Raven lovingly as she took a step closer to him and joyously wrapped her arms and his neck, making the charming young wizard smile as he began to make her sway gently, "Do you have a problem with that?" she asked as Rorek danced in the air with her, his white hair swayed about gracefully as they danced around in a circle.

"I might" replied the wizard as he spun Raven around slowly, making her rest her head against his chest, tickling his chin with her hair as the danced, "So why did you really come here, I thought you didn't want to see me again after the whole custard pie incident?" asked Rorek as they continued their waltz high above the floor.

"I just wanted to feel like someone really cared about me that's all" replied Raven as she kept her head firmly buried in Rorek's chest, smiling as she felt the softness of his shirt against her cheek. The wizard simply sighed and shook his head as he reached down and cupped Raven's chin gently.

"What about your friends I bet they care" smiled Rorek as he gently made Raven look at him, losing himself for a moment in her beautiful amethyst eyes. Raven didn't answer as she quickly returned to resting her head against Rorek's chest, making the wizard smile in disappointment at her evasiveness. Rorek slowly floated back down to the ground as he stroked Raven's hair softly.

"Do you remember the day we first danced Raven?" asked Rorek in an attempt to break the silence between them. His question made Raven laugh slightly as she remembered that particular memory.

"How could I forgot, I believe you danced us straight into a wall" smiled Raven as she looked up at him.

"I beg your pardon that wall incident was your fault my sweet songbird" replied Rorek as he looked down at her, trying his best to hide his smile from her. Before Raven could even blink she felt Rorek's lips pressing against hers in a soft kiss. Her eyes fluttered closed as she kissed back, opening her mouth as she rested her hands on Rorek's chest, feeling his ancient heart beat in his chest as she became lost in the kiss.

"Two little love birds sitting in a tree" sang a voice making Raven and Rorek push each other away in surprise, "Each about to die very slowly".

"Who goes there?" hissed Raven as she scanned the room around her, mentally slapping herself for yelling who goes there. Rorek did the same as he moved closer to Raven, gently moving her behind him as he looked, making the violet haired witch smile as she felt his skin tough hers. A cruel laugh suddenly echoed out from the shadows all around them as a set of red eyes snapped open directly in front of them.

"Hello my little songbird" smiled Rage as she stepped out of the shadows, "What no hug?" cackled Rage as she looked at both Raven and Rorek, making them both tremble as they looked at the vessel that contained Trigon's essence.


Robin roared as he destroyed one of Slade's robot commandoes with one of his explosive discs, making Slade turn slowly and look at him. Slade suddenly shook his head as he felt strangely light headed, looking around himself in confusion.

"Where…where am I?" he asked as he looked at the interior of the huge industrial warehouse. He didn't have time to receive an answer as another explosion made his head snap back round to look at Robin.

"Your going down Slade" said Robin grimly as he pulled out his bo staff and spun it over his head.
"All the way this time" added Cyborg as he stood beside Robin, smoke slowly rose from his sonic cannon. Slade shook away any and all of his confusion on how he had gotten in this place as he looked at the Teen Titan's, cracking his neck as he reached for his own bo staff.

"I would like to see you try" he said calmly as he pressed a button on his belt, signalling for the rest of his robot commandoes to attack, using their mechanical legs to help them bound towards the team of teenage crime fighters, each of them seemed unfazed as the robots closed the distance between them.

"Titans go!" yelled Robin as he jumped away from the first robots attack, taking the mechanical minions head off with a powerful swing from his bo staff. Cyborg weaved and bobbed his way through the attacks of the robots as he fired short controlled bursts of energy from his sonic cannon, taking out any robot that came close to him. Beast Boy screamed during the initial barrage of attacks but soon calmed down as he transformed into a large green Stegosaurus, using his colossal tail to destroy any robots that strayed to close to him. Starfire took to the skies as she blasted away at the horde of robots with the starbolts from both her eyes and hands, destroying a huge number of them in a storm of green energy. Robin battled his way through the seemingly endless horde of robots until he came face to face with Slade, making the crime lord smile in his mask as he looked at the clearly exhausted Robin standing before him. Robin tuned out the sounds of his friends battling for their lives as he glared at Slade, feeling his hatred begin to surface as he looked at the light reflect off the gold part of his mask.

"We met again my apprentice" said Slade in his usual emotionless tone as he held his bo staff limply in his hand.

"For the last time if I have anything to do about it!" yelled Robin as he shot forward and swung his bo staff at Slade, aiming for the gold and black mask that had been haunting his every nightmare. Slade expertly ducked away from the strike and drove his own bo staff into Robin's chest, only to watch as Robin brought his own staff down and blocked the attack a few millimetres from his chest.

"I see you've improved greatly" said Slade almost cheerfully as he pulled his bo staff away from Robin's chest and looked at the masked teenager.

"More than you'd ever believe" smiled Robin as he shot forward and sent Slade skidding away from him with a sharp powerful push to the chest, "More than you'd believe" said robin again as he ran after Slade, swinging his bo staff at Slade's head once again.


Rage continued to smile as she stood close to the shadows, her four eyes never blinked as they remained locked on Raven and Rorek.

"I wouldn't do that if I where you" she said casually as she looked at Rorek. The young wizard didn't listen as he summoned forth all his power and sent it streaming towards Rage, making Raven scream as she tried to stop him. Rage laughed insanely as the beam of dark magic struck her chest, pinning her against the wall as it tried to pass through her body. She continued to laugh as she pushed the beam away from her chest with her hand and sent some of her own crimson energy back through the beam, making Rorek scream in pain as the corrupting energy snaked up his arm. She finally stopped the attack and allowed Rorek to fall the ground, holding his ravaged arm close to his chest as he trembled uncontrollably. Raven dropped to his side and stroked his forehead as she looked into his terrified eyes.

"I did warn you" smiled Rage as she returned her hand back to her robes, hiding it from sight as black smoke snaked into the air. Raven roared in fury as she threw anything she could get her powers on at Rage, making the her evil counterpart smile as she blasted away each piece of furniture into ash with powerful eye blasts.

"How did you get free father?" demanded Raven as she looked at her 'sister', an intense anger had flared up in her usual calm amethyst eyes, making Rage laugh as she felt herself slowly beginning to take control. Rage didn't respond with words as she blasted Raven in the chest with a beam of orange energy, making her scream as she smashed into the bookcases behind her.

"I was never a prisoner" replied Rage as she watched Raven begin to move amidst the broken wood and books, smiling as she dusted herself down, "I was always free my dear". Raven screamed in rage once again as she picked up all the books and debris and sent them rocketing towards Rage, making her 'sister' move with incredible speed as she dodged each of the black aura covered weapons. Rage stopped and said a single word under her breath, making each book explode into pieces and making each piece of debris turn to dust before it came anywhere near her.

"You didn't seriously think a mere half breed could contain my essence did you?" asked Rage before she broke into laughter once again. Her words made Raven's fear grow into terror as she dropped to her knees beside Rorek, running her fingers along his face as she tried to stop him from trembling.

"What do you want?" asked Raven but she already knew the answer, it was the one thing she feared more than anything.

"Do you really have to ask?" replied Rage as she stood up and walked towards Raven, "Its always been about you my dear" she said with a fake tone of care as she stood beside Raven, looking down at her as Raven continued to stroke Rorek's sweat covered face.

"I love you" whispered Raven as she leant down and kissed him on the lips, making the injured wizard smile as he felt her love for him flow through his body. She quickly pulled away and stood up, looking at her 'sisters' face as tears fell from her eyes, "Make it quick" she hissed as she looked into her evil red eyes.

"I'd wouldn't have it any other way" smiled Rage before he stabbed her hand into Raven's chest. Both Raven physical body and spiritual body lurched as Rage dug her hand deeper into her flesh, sending as much of Trigon's soul essence as possible into her. Raven screamed in both realms as she felt her father's evil influence taking control, making her eyes glow a bright red as they separated into four separate eyes, each of them had a look of extreme malice in them. Raven took one last look at Rorek and felt a twinge of sadness as the last of her tears fell from her human eyes. The sadness soon passed as she screamed in absolute pain as she felt everything that made her Raven wash away in a sea of pain and death. She fell to the ground panting as Rage removed her hand from Raven's chest, ending the unbearable pain as she trembled on the floor.

"Now rise Raven and show us your pretty red eyes" smiled Rage as she took a step away from the trembling form of Raven. With an inhuman growl Raven obeyed and stood up slowly, summoning her cape to wrap around her shoulders before she turned to look at Rorek. The young wizard had seen many horrors in his time but what he looked at now made his very soul tremble in teror. Only one sentence was on his mind as Raven stalked towards him, her four red eyes looked at him with murderous intent.

"I love you to my beautiful little songbird" whispered Rorek before Raven blasted him, engulfing his body in what looked like black flames. His screams mixed with Rage's insane laughter creating a song of pain that would forever echo through out the halls of Raven's mind.

"You know what to do don't you little one?" asked Rage as she watched Raven look at the scorched ground where Rorek lay a moment before. Raven turned and nodded slowly as her four red eyes even made Rage feel a little afraid.

"The go and carry out father's will little songbird" smiled Rage as she melted into the shadows behind her. Raven looked back to the place where Rorek once lay and felt nothing as she looked down at her pale skinned hands. A smile appeared on her face before she faded away, reconnecting her spiritual self with her physical self.

"The end will begin father" smiled Raven as she stood up and looked around her with her blood red eyes. She was about to step into the nearest shadow until she heard a strange chiming sound coming from a small yellow device strapped to her belt.

"This is…Raven" she said as she opened the small cover and watched the screen change from static to a picture of green skinned young boy.

"Raven we need your help now!" screamed Beast Boy as the sound of battle was heard in the background, "We're at the old warehouse on pier forty-five…hurry up and get down here!" said Beast Boy before the screen returned to static showing Raven a small map of the city. She considered ignoring the plea for help as she studied the map but something told her she had to help the strangely coloured boy.

"It will give me a chance to see what my 'new' powers can do" smiled Raven as her eyes began to glow red again. She smiled as she waved her hand at the nearest shadow, making it turn into a pool of darkness, she stepped into the shadow portal making it return to its normal form.


Robin ducked away from Slade's next attack and tried to ram his fist into his gut, but missed as Slade side stepped him and grabbed hold of his arm by the wrist. Robin's eyes went wide as Slade tripped him and rammed his elbow into Robins back, making him cough out in pain as he slammed into the ground. Robin gritted his teeth as he rolled away from Slade's fist and stabbed his foot into Slade's face, leaving a dusty foot print on the black side of the crime lords mask. Slade growled in rage as he stumbled back a few steps, blinking only once as he glared at Robin with his only visible eye. Robin roared as he leapt forward and shot his fist forward, intending to crack open Slade's mask with his bare hands.

"Good Robin" smiled Slade as he grabbed hold of Robin's fist and jerked his wrist violently, "But still not good enough" said Slade as he tried break Robin's arm. Robin acted quickly and shot his other fist forward, but went wide eyes again as he watched Slade grab the punch and locked his fingers around it, forcing the masked hero to the ground. Robin gritted his teeth as he pushed back, managing to bring Slade down to one knee, surprising the crime lord by this inhuman show of strength.

"What are you planning Slade?!" growled Robin as he struggled to keep Slade on one knee, sweat ran like rivers from his forehead, stinging his eyes as the seeped into his mask.

"You tell me" replied Slade as he struggled to push Robin away from him, but failed as Robin shifted his feet quickly.
"No riddles!" hissed Robin, "Just answer my question" ordered Robin as Slade finally managed to return to a vertical base, his eye was locked with Robin's.

"I don't know!" yelled Slade as he pushed Robin away from him, "One minute I was in my lair planning on how to kill you and the next I was here with my army, so you tell me why I'm here!" snarled Slade as he rammed his fist into Robin's gut, making Robin cough as his chest burned as the air was robbed from his body. As soon as Slade removed his fist from his gut Robin flipped up and rammed his own fist into Slade's gut, making the body armour crack as Slade felt his own oxygen supply being stolen from his lungs.

"The truth this time" coughed Robin as he rammed his elbow into Slade's back, knocking him onto his chest as he gasped for air. Robin was about to kick Slade in the chest until he heard the sound of Starfire's screams, making his head snap round as he looked about for his friend. He completely forgot about Slade as he watched several of Slade's robots hold her while another one continued to punch her in the chest.

"What will you do Robin?" asked Slade as he stood behind Robin, his hands placed behind his back as he looked at the masked hero, "Save the girl or stop the villain?" he asked as Robin turned to look at him. Robin knew he had to help Starfire before it was to late but he also wanted to stop Slade from escaping yet again.

"Don't worry I'm sure we'll met again" said Slade as he turned and walked through the mass of destroyed robots, Robin wanted to follow after him but he couldn't ignore Starfire's screams. With a semi heavy heart Robin turned away from the escaping Slade and ran towards Starfire, pulling out several explosive discs as he got closer to her.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!!" yelled Robin as he threw the discs, not taking into account of what the resulting explosion could do to Starfire. He was relieved to see was virtually unharmed as he pulled out his bo staff and jumped at any remaining robots, sending broken pieces flying as he hacked away at them with his bo staff.

"There's to many of them!" yelled Cyborg as he was backed up against a wall, his sonic cannon was now pulsating a really bright blue, making a voice tell him that an overload was inevitable, he decided to change it back to its normal arm form as he ran towards the wounded Starfire and the battle weary Robin.

"Tell me about it" smiled Beast Boy as he transformed from a Tiger to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, roaring as he stomped his way towards Starfire and Robin.

"How many roughly left Cy?" asked Robin as he reached for the last of his birdarangs, praying the number would be below one hundred, panting hard as he looked out at the mass of blank faces looking back at him.

"One hundred and twelve" replied Cyborg sadly as he shut off the scanner part of his eye and looked at Robin.

"I somehow knew that was coming" whispered Robin almost cheerfully as he shook his head and did his best to hide his tears, failing as a few managed to snake their way out from beneath his mask.

"What do we do?" Beast Boy said, asking the question that was on everybody's lips and mind.

"We fight" replied Robin remorsefully as he looked at each of friends, this time allowing his tears to fall as he looked at their sad faces, "And for the record it has been an honour fighting with you guys" he smiled before he picked up his bo staff and leapt into the midst of the robots, his bo staff clanged against their metal bodies as the robots swarmed over him.

"Yeah what he said" smiled Beast Boy before he transformed into a green gorilla and followed after Robin, smashing any robots in his path with his huge muscular arms.

"Cheer up Star" said Cyborg as he cracked his metal and human bones in his neck, "We all gotta go someday" he grinned before he charged at the robots, ramming his fists into faces and bodies as he made his way towards Robin. Starfire watched from a distance as her friends battled against the seemingly endless horde of attack droids and robot commandos, she felt a twinge of guilt as a small voice in her head told her to run away and save herself.

"No I must help my team mates" she said as she powered up her hands, making them glow an gentle emerald as she stared at Robin, he panted as he successfully batted away another of Slade's commando robots, "I must help my friends" she said before she flew into the midst of the melee, blasting as many of the heartless robots with her starbolts. For the first time since she had arrived on this strange planet the little alien girl felt human as she blasted her way towards her leader and friend.


Raven stepped out of her shadow portal and smiled as she floated above the huge melee going on below her. Trigon would have been happy just watching the fight from up here but he knew that in order to make them think he was their friend Raven he would have to help them win. He felt sick to his stomach at the thought of helping another but he knew it was something he just had to do. With a snarl he closed his eyes and began to channel his own energy into Raven's hands, making her do the same until they where glowing a bright and dangerous black and red as her eyes changed into their new red form.

"This should do it" she smiled as she cupped her hands together and held them behind her back, "Azstar Decros Mantros Destra!!!" she roared as she sent the energy shooting towards the fight beneath her, making the teen heroes and robots stop as they watched the killer beam get closer. Trigon suddenly remembered that he had to keep the Titan's alive and quickly created a black energy bubble around them, protecting them as the energy beam destroyed the entire warehouse and leaving only destroyed robot parts and wreckage as the smoke cleared.

"That was close" panted Raven as she floated towards them, quickly using a simple glamour spell to make her red eyes look normal, "You guys ok?" she asked as she made the protective bubble disappear, revealing the relatively undamaged battle weary teen heroes.

"A lot better than what we could have been if you hadn't showed up" replied Cyborg as he patted the dust off of his battle scarred body, smiling goofily as he helped a battered Beast Boy to his feet.

"Yeah thanks" said Beast Boy as he held his arm close to his chest, smiling slightly as he looked at Raven, "I guess we owe you one" he smiled as he looked at her sheepishly.

"We owe her many" cheered Starfire as she flew forward and wrapped her arms around Raven, hitting Beast Boy in the face as she hugged Raven, "Thank you for saving us" she smiled as she squeezing the air of out of her body as she hugged Raven tightly. This must be the one called Starfire thought Trigon as he rummaged through Raven's memories, trying to find the names for each of his daughters friends.

"Do not mention it Starfire" said Raven weakly as she finally managed to free herself from Starfire's iron like grip.

"You feeling ok?" asked Robin as he looked at Raven, raising one of his eyebrows as he looked at the Titan's resident witch.
"I'm fine…..Robin" replied Raven pausing for a few seconds as she tried to remember his name, "In fact I've never felt better" she smiled as she turned away from him, her eyes began to glow red as she disappeared into the shadows.

"Where are you going?" yelled Beast Boy as he watched Raven slowly disappear into the nothingness of the darkness.

"I have some things I need to take care of" replied Raven's voice as her body became engulfed by the darkness, "I'll be back soon I promise Beast Boy". Robin watched the Raven as she disappeared, trying to figure out why he had a bad feeling about her.

"Yo you coming?" asked Cyborg as he placed his hand on Robin's shoulder, snapping the masked teen back to reality as he his heart raced in his chest.

"Huh why where are we going?" asked Robin dumbly as he turned his head and looked at his large metal friend.

"Home bro where else" smiled Cyborg as he walked towards the T car, Robin smile just as he followed after him still trying to figure out why he was had a bad feeling about Raven.


A large black bird shot up from beneath the ground spreading its huge wings before it changed back into Raven, her four eyes seemed gleeful as she looked about the darkness of the derelict church. She didn't say anything as several figures rushed out from the shadows all around her, smiling as they looked at her.

"Look what we have here" said on of the thugs as he licked his lips, "A present from the good lord himself" he said as he looked up and down Raven's body, stopping as he looked at her chest. Raven smiled as she turned to face the man, making him take a few awkward steps away from her as he saw her four red eyes look at him. With seemingly no effort she waved her hand at the man, sending him crashing into the wall behind him, making him cough up blood as she pressed him against the wall until she heard a sick crack sound echoed from his crushed chest. With a smile she lowered her hand, allowing his limp body to crash back onto to the ground, blood slowly trickled out from his mouth as he lay motionless on the ground. The rest of the thugs didn't waste anytime and quickly ran from the church, screaming as they stumbled down the steps onto the street, each of them disappeared into the alleyways of the city. Raven could have followed after them but she would save them for later as she walked towards the large altar at the front of the church, using her powers to send it smashing against the wall behind her, revealing a huge stone lid, engraved with crosses and other holy symbols.

"And before my eyes I saw an angel fall from the heavens, an angel whose innocent blood would open the void and allow ultimate evil to make his glorious return to the realm of God" smiled Raven as she ran her fingers along the lid, making the symbols glow a strange red as she toughed them. She tilled her head backwards and began to giggle quietly as she removed her hand from the lid, her giggle soon turned into a evil laugh making it echo around the great church as the body of the slain thug began to twitch as dark smoke slowly snaked into it's open mouth. Raven stopped laughing and slowly turned and looked at the reanimated body of the thug, smiling as it stood up and dropped down to one knee.

"What will you have me do?" asked the reanimated corpse as it raised it's head slightly and looked at Raven.

"I only ask one thing of you" replied Raven as she looked at her servant, "Introduce the world to the Church of Blood" she said before a giant black bird surrounded her, making her disappear as it sunk back into the ground.

"Very well my master" smiled the man as he stood up. He suddenly melted away into the darkness as the red glow from the holy symbols on the stone lid began to fade, returning the church to darkness and shadow.




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