Chapter VII

Beast Boy quickly found his courage again and transformed into a green cheetah, making a quick getaway as Gogarin's huge head ploughed through the wall Beast Boy had been forced against. The huge daemon didn't mind the rubble of the wall falling onto its head as it tore its head free from the hole and took off after Beast Boy, roaring as he smashed his way through any walls, electrical devices and furniture that got in his path. Beast Boy on the other hand nimbly swerved round each of the obstacles and sped round the nearest corner, feeling too terrified to look behind him at the rapidly approaching daemon. Gogarin prepared to ram into Beast Boy until a beam of blue stabbed into his neck, making him roar as it sent him smashing into the wall beside him. Smoke rose from the small scorch mark on it's neck as he shook the walls pieces off his huge back, growling as he tuned his head and saw the robotic man standing defiant with smoke rising from his strange looking arm.

"Leave my friend alone!" growled Cyborg in a low angry voice as he pointed his sonic cannon at Gogarin's head once again. The daemon just let out a roar like screech and rushed towards the cybernetic hero, making Cyborg fire his canon once again. The beam collided with Gogarin's head, making the daemon roar even louder as the beam of energy began to push it back towards the wall. The daemon stopped itself from moving another inch by driving his clawed feet into the ground, smiling as he began to slowly walk towards the source of the energy beam. Cyborg couldn't believe what he was seeing and tried to pump more energy into his energy, making a voice chime out that if he channelled anymore energy into his sonic cannon it would go nuclear.

"You are mine!" roared the daemon as he slashed at Cyborg with his razor sharp claws, making Cyborg yell out in pain as the claws tore through his metal exoskeleton with ease. The energy stream died away as Cyborg held his damaged chest plate looking up in horror as the daemon reared up on its hind legs, making Cyborg feel small as he looked up at the full size of the daemon. Gogarin roared as he slashed at Cyborg with his claws, missing with his first few attacks as Cyborg ducked and side stepped them. Cyborg cried out as Gogarin's claws finally connected with his body again, sending his body spiralling away from the ferocious daemon.

Beast Boy stopped suddenly in his fleeing as he heard something smashing through the wall behind him, making him look over his shoulder warily incase it was the creature that was trying to eat him.

"Cyborg!!" yelled Beast Boy as he changed back into his human form and ran to his friend, helping him up as he looked at his chest in horror, "You ok?" he asked as he helped Cyborg back onto his feet.

"Fine" coughed Cyborg as he changed his sonic cannon arm back to normal, "Ugly's got quiet a swing doesn't he?" he smiled as he looked at his friend. Beast Boy smirked back and helped his friend down the corridor towards one of the rooms, hoping the creature wouldn't be able to find them if they stayed hidden for a while.

"You can't hide from me!" roared Gogarin as he broke through the wall Cyborg had smashed through, scanning the corridor with his huge blue eyes, "I will find you and when I do you shall fill my belly" he growled as he stalked down the corridor on all six of his legs, sniffing the ground as his long tongue tasted the air. A sudden roar made him stop in his search as a very angry and fierce looking Tyrannosaurus rex raced towards the daemon from the shadows, making Gogarin smile as he reared up once again and allowed the green dinosaur to plough straight into it.


Jinx continued to run despite the burning pain she was feeling in her legs and lungs. All around her she heard the sounds of the colossal creature attacking any pupil or teacher it came across, their death screams echoed throughout the long corridors of the Hive complex. The screams filled Jinx with dread, she knew that if she didn't escape from the Hive that her own scream would be heard along with the others. She quickly ran round another of the corridor corners and tripped over some books that had been dropped on the floor, making her curse as she tried to get back onto her feet. Her legs where in agony and refused to support her weight, making her cry as the fear of being killed by the monster filled her already panic stricken mind. Even more sounds of battle where heard, but these ones sounded that they happening really close to her location, making her fear turn to terror as she tried desperately to crawl down the corridor. Her breath was short and ragged making her finally give up on her crawling. She lay on her bag in tears, panting heavily as the sound of heavy footsteps approached the place where she lay. Closing her eyes she said a quiet prayer, asking God to forgive her for her past crimes and actions. She suddenly found herself being lifted off the ground forcefully, making her eyes snap open mid prayer to the face of the last person she expected to see.

"You ok?" asked Mammoth as he held Jinx close to him, running down the corridors as fast as his powerful legs would allow. Jinx tried to answer with words but her breathing was to short for her to make any so she just nodded, making Mammoth smile as he ran towards what looked like another training room.

"Gizmo get that door closed!" he yelled as he entered the room, making his second best friend press the button he was standing beside quickly. The two huge doors of the room closed over slowly, hissing as the compression locks locked together. Jinx felt safe in this new room but after she saw the creature that was responsible for the attack she knew it would make short work of the metal doors…but at least for now she felt a little safer.


Anharat growled as the energy bullets bounced harmlessly against his scaly hide, making him slash out with his claws at his attackers. Most of the guards fell to his claws but some managed to scurry away like rats, enraging the daemon as he followed after them. His eyes glowed with an intense rage as he turned a corner and was blasted at by both inmates and guards, the beams only severed to annoy him…and he didn't like being annoyed. With a roar he surged forward, making most of the brave men and women behind the make shift blockade drop their weapons and run screaming from the destructive force known as Anharat, leaving those who where to terrified to run to die by either his claws or teeth.

Mumbo turned a corner and was suddenly grabbed, making him scream as the strong hand pulled him towards the wall.

"Keep it down will ya" growled Johnny Rancid as he placed his hand over Mumbo's mouth, making the magician nod slowly as sweat ran down his face. Rancid removed his hand and pressed his body against the wall as Anharat stomped past them, making him tremble as he saw the size of the creature intent on killing everyone.

"That was close" breathed Rancid as he slumped against the wall rubbing the sweat off his face with his free hand.

"Thanks for saving me" smiled Mumbo nervously as he slumped against the wall beside Rancid, making him look at the weird little man in disgust.
"Can you use one of these?" he asked as he thrust one of the guards energy blasters into the terrified Mumbo's trembling hands, nearly making him drop the weapon onto the ground.

"I think I can why?" asked Mumbo as he steadied his hands and looked at the weapon that was shaking in his hands.

"You may need it" smiled Rancid before he stuck his head out round the corner, "Ok come on the coast is clear" he said as he looked at Mumbo again, making him smile as he held the gun close to his chest. Rancid ran from his hiding hole and was quickly impaled by Anharat's claws, making the daemon roar as he tore Rancid's body into two separate pieces. Mumbo let out a scream as the blood from Rancid's severed body sprayed all over him, making Anharat look down at the blood soaked man before he lunged at him with his fang filled mouth, silencing his screams once and for all.


Their weapon's clashed as Kraven charged forward, his long black sword flashed with bewildering speed and force. But every one of his attacks had been parried and blocked by Slade, making Kraven only get frustrated as he lunged at the masked warrior he was sent to kill recklessly. Slade took quick advantage of this reckless move and side stepped the attack, slicing his own weapon along Kraven's face, leaving a small but deep cut on the daemon's cheek. Kraven backed away from Slade holding his cheek, feeling the blood run down is pale face as he looked back at his enemy with furious red eyes. Slade shouldered his deadly weapon and looked at Kraven, smiling beneath the metal of his mask.

"You are indeed skilled human" smiled Kraven as he removed his hand from his cheek, showing that the wound had almost already healed over, "But as you can see it will take more than a mere cut to stop me". Slade attacked quickly, determined to not give Kraven any chance of resting himself. The attack was blocked with ease and Slade only just managed to avoid a murderous riposte that left a slice wound in his upper chest. Kraven then came at Slade with bewildering speed, never before had Slade encountered suck a skilled opponent as he parried another attempted riposte, saving himself from having another slice across his chest. Kraven moved away from Slade and then shot forward quickly, giving Slade no time to raise his weapon to protect himself from the next attack. The daemon's blade flashed before Slade's mask, leaving a seep scrape in the metal before Slade staggered away from the attack, blinking in disbelief at the speed at which it came.

"We are now even you and I human" smiled Kraven as Slade felt his mask, smiling to himself as he felt that the scrape was on the same cheek he had sliced Kraven.

"It would seem so" replied Slade as he gathered his thoughts and forced his fear out of his mind, holding his staff behind his back as he re-entered his fighting stance. Kraven just snorted and smiled before he threw himself at Slade again, making Slade take a deep breath as he rushed forward to meet the daemon warrior.


Emsharas evaded all of the attacks the Justice League threw at her, replying to them with terrifying speed with her deadly array of spells sending most of them flying into the unbreakable windows of the Watchtower. Hawk Girl was the only one who seemed to avoid the spells being thrown at her and flew forward, swinging her energy mace at the bird like daemon. Emsharas avoided each of the wild swings from the deadly weapon and held her palm out to Hawk Girl, making her scream as her body began to glow dark red. Hawk Girl screamed in pain as her body was suddenly infused with an indescribable amount of anguish, every nerve in her body seemed to be alive in tortuous pain. She finally fell from the air as the attack ended, leaving her breathless and cross eyes from the intensity of the attack. The Green Lantern had watched the whole attack and roared in fury as he flew forward, blasting the daemon with as much energy as he could as fast as he could, hoping to destroy her defences before she knew what was going on.

"Fool" smiled Emsharas as she waved her hand, making the energy beams stray off course and strike The Flash in the chest as he rushed up to attacks the daemon from behind, making him cry out in pain as they sent him slamming into the control console, "I have foreseen this battle in the pools of time" she said as she sent The Green Lantern smashing into the ground with a quick slash off her claws.

"You cannot win" she said as she landed on top of him, making him scream out in pain as he felt her talons being dug into the flesh of his back. Wonder Woman acted quickly and rammed into the daemon from behind, making her roar as she stumbled away from the trembling body of John Stewart. Wonder Woman didn't let up in her offensive and pummelled the daemon with a seamlessly endless barrage of punches, making the daemon growl in annoyance as she spread her wings filling the room with a bright light, blinding Wonder Woman for a few seconds as she used her arms to try and shield her eyes. Emsharas rushed forwards and grabbed the brave heroine by the throat and drove her into the ground, forcing her into the hole as lightning danced down her arm into Wonder Woman's body. Like Hawk Girl she screamed in agony as she felt the pain of the attack sear through every nerve of her body, making the daemon smile as she looked at the pain she was causing.

"Diana!" yelled Batman as he ran towards her, throwing several batarangs as he approached the daemon. The daemon used her staff to quickly destroy the dangerous weapons and released Wonder Woman from her tortuous grip in time to grab Batman's leg as he attempted to drive his foot into her face. With ease she slammed him into the ground beside the one he called Diana, making him groan as he felt his vision darken. Emsharas was about to introduce him to her pain spell until she was flattened into the ground by the Martian Manhunter, making her roar out in pain as they smashed through three of the metal floors that made up the Watchtower.


Speedy continued to fire his energy arrows at the approaching Varnes, making the daemon laugh as the armless arrows bounced off his thick hide. Wildebeest used his strength to pick up anything he could get his hands on, throwing couches, the fridge, most of the kitchen work tops and a few chairs at the daemon. Varnes simply opened his eight aquamarine eyes wider, resulting in the destruction of each of the things Wildebeest had thrown at him. The only up side of the destruction of the household items was that the smoke and debris blinded the daemon for a brief period, allowing the Titan's East to regroup and combine their efforts against the winged daemon that had invaded their home. Each of the ducked for cover as beams of blue energy stabbed out from the smoke, destroying anything they sliced through with a blue explosion.

"What is that thing?!!" yelled Aqua Lad as he knelt beside Hot Spot, making the fiery teenager shrug as he took a few deep breaths.

"Titan's now let him have it!" yelled Speedy as he leapt up from his hiding place along with Bumble Bee, both of them blasted away at the huge creature that was floating in the middle of their living room. Aqua Lad and Hot Spot just nodded at each other before they leapt up, creating a pillar of flaming water around the creature as they combined their powers together.

Varnes roared in pain as he felt the flames burn his flesh, making him fire more of his blue eye blasts in random directions in an attempt to stop the dual attack on him. The attack struck Wildebeest, making him growl in pain as he smashed through the wall behind him with incredible force.

"Bee go see if he's ok!" yelled Speedy as he moved his head in the direction of where Wildebeest lay, making Bumble Bee fire off one last round from her B-lasers before she flew over to her large team mate. Varnes suddenly managed to break free from the pillar of fire and water and roared as pain raced through his body, making his eyes glow dark blue as he threw fireballs at each of the teenagers attacking him.

"Yo smelly you ok?" asked Bumble Bee as she began to move some the pieces of debris off Wildebeest's large body, resulting in no reply from the motionless beast hero.

"Wildebeest?" asked Bumble Bee with a trembling voice as she moved closer to his face, fear could be seen in her eyes as she felt no breath escaping from his bloody mouth. The sounds of battle suddenly didn't exist as she looked at Wildebeest's lifeless eyes, the eyes that used to be full of care if you looked at them in a certain way. Tears fell from her eyes as she closed the dead eyes over, making tiny seas of sadness on Wildebeest's broken body. She had never seen a dead body before and she hoped she would never have to, but today that hope was shattered as she looked at the dead face of one of her friends and team mates.

"Bee look out!" came Speedy's voice as he leapt at her, pinning her to the ground as a blue energy blast flashed above both their heads, "That was close" he smiled as he sat up and saw that Aqua Lad and Hotspot had managed to get the daemons' attention.

"He's dead" whispered Bumble Bee softly and sadly as she sat up, her tears still fell as she continued to think about Wildebeest

"You say something?" asked Speedy as he shot Varnes with another of his energy arrows, quickly looking down at Bumble bee as he reached for another.

"He's dead" she said a again as she pointed a trembling finger towards the body of Wildebeest, making Speedy's eyes go wide as he looked at the body of his fallen team mate. The arrow he had reached for fell to the ground as he looked at the motionless chest of his friend, feeling a great sadness build up in his chest, stopping him breathing as his body began to tremble.

"No" whispered Speedy as he looked at his friends motionless form, he quickly pushed his sadness deep down inside of him as he turned and looked at Bumble Bee once again, "It couldn't be helped now come on we have to end this thing now" he said as he pulled her back onto her feet. Bumble Bee was about to yell at him for seemingly not caring but the tear that escaped from beneath his eye mask made her stop, she knew he did care but that he was forcing himself to hide that sadness at least until the battle had ended because that is what a leader has to do…whether he likes it or not. She nodded as she pulled out her B-lasers making Speedy flash her a smile before they both rejoined the fray.


Starfire suddenly woke up and looked round her, breathing a sigh of relief as she saw she was still in Robin's room at the hospital.

"I must have drifted off to sleep I am most sorry friend Robin" she apologised to his still sleeping body, smiling as she knew he had forgiven her. She pulled out her communicator and activated the clock face feature Cyborg had just installed, mainly to help Raven keep track of time in between her mediation sessions on the roof. The digital face showed her it was nearly three in the afternoon, she knew she would have to leave soon because the hospital visiting hours ended at three everyday. Which made her often think who the patients who where awake talked to when their families and friends left.

"I am sorry to say friend Robin that I must leave you now but I shall return tomorrow with more grapes" she smiled as she looked down at his sleeping face, rubbing it gently with her hand, "Please be awake when I see you tomorrow" she whispered before she leant down and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She had done this every time she had to leave, she didn't know what compelled her to do it each time but something in the kiss felt right to her. She walked towards the door and looked back at him as she opened it, smiling and waving goodbye one last time before she floated back down the corridor, saying her goodbyes to the friendly nurse at the reception area as she past it.

Robin's eyes suddenly snapped making him inhale sharply as he sat up quickly on the hospital bed. He looked round himself in confusion and slowly removed the drip feed from his arm, gritting his teeth as he felt the long needle being pulled free from his body.

"Now that was a rush" he coughed as he began to peal the small patches off his chest, making the heart monitor flat line, "Rorek you there?" he coughed as he looked about the darkness of his room, blinking a few times as his eyes passed by the light shining through the large window of the room.

"I'm here" replied Rorek roughly as he stepped out from the darkness of the room, coughing as he to blinked at the new source of light that plagued his vision, "It seems we made it" he smiled as he fixed the black scarf around his face.

"Yes it would seem so" said Robin as he walked towards the window and opened the blinds, smiling as he looked out over the seemingly endless city in front of him.

"Where do we begin our search for my songbird?" asked Rorek s he joined Robin at the window, smiling as he used his magic to return Robin to wearing the costume he had saw him wear in Nowhere, "This 'city' of yours stretches for miles" he said as he looked out at the huge expanse of buildings.

"Only one place she would be" replied Robin as he pointed to a shape on the horizon, "Home" he said as his finger pointed directly towards Titan's Tower.

"Promise me you will not harm her in any way" said Rorek as he rested his hand on Robin's shoulder, making the masked hero turn his head and see the sadness in those crystal blue eyes of Rorek.

"You love her that much?". Rorek just gave him a weak smile before he returned to looking out of the window at the city, small tears fell from his unblinking eyes.

"Come we have wasted enough time" he said breaking the silence between them as he turned to Robin again, surrounding them both in a bright light before they vanished from the room completely.


"Can you stand?" asked Mammoth as he looked down at Jinx, making her nod weakly. Mammoth gently put her back on the ground, keeping his arm against her back to support her until her legs got their strength. Jinx took a quick look around the room as Mammoth supported her, there was about seventy pupils and ten teachers, including Jinx Mammoth and Gizmo, present. Seventy out of one thousand had survived, the thought of losing that many children made Jinx's heart break in her chest.

"The pupils?" asked Jinx as her breath began to return to normal, making Mammoth sigh sadly as he pointed towards a group of terrified children huddled together in the corner, "Discharge, Blaze and Blade didn't make it" he added as Jinx looked over at the remnants of her class, making her tears fall as she saw they weren't standing beside their friends.

"What happened to them?" she asked through a cough as she wiped away her tears, making Mammoth clear his throat as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We where running down the southern passage when that thing exploded from the wall, Blaze was killed instantly as the rubble fell on him, he didn't even know what hit him thankfully. Blade was killed by the thing itself when he tried to run from, the bastard sliced him in two with claws the likes of which I've never seen" said Mammoth as he looked at Jinx, doing his best to keep his own teas in his own eyes.

"What about Matthew?" asked Jinx as her voice began to waver and break from the sadness she was feeling, "I mean Discharge" she said as she saw Mammoth didn't know Discharge's real name.

"He thought he could cover us while we ran with his powers…He died being a hero. " he said as he remembered the brave kid standing in front of the huge creature, "You would have been proud of him" he finished with as he looked down at Jinx, making her smile as her tears fell even faster from her eyes.

"I always was" she wept as she buried her face in Mammoth's huge chest, making the giant's tears finally fall as he wrapped an arm around her and held her close, rubbing her hair gently as she cried into his chest. The tender moment was interrupted as the noise of something huge ramming against the metal doors was heard, making the younger pupils present scream as the teachers nearest to them held them close.

"Gizmo is there any other way out of this room?" asked Jinx as her smaller friend walked towards them, trembling as the doors began to buckle and bend inwards. Gizmo didn't reply as he looked at his friend with terror in his eyes, his entire body shook as the noise echoed around the room.

"I said is there any other way out of this room?" said Jinx again as she slapped her friend, snapping him out of his fear induced trance as he rubbed his throbbing cheek.

"Only the trash chutes" replied Gizmo as he stopped rubbing his cheek and pointed to several small openings in the ground.

"Where do they lead to?" asked Jinx as Crosis rammed his huge head against the door once again, roaring as he failed to break down again.

"They lead to the disposal tunnels beneath the Hive, some of the tunnels lead to various places in the city" replied Gizmo as another loud crash was heard, making the children cry out in terror again.

"Ok Mammoth start getting the kids into the chutes" said Jinx as she turned and looked at her large friend, even with the fear the had gripped everyone in the room he still managed to smile at her. He did as commanded and started getting the children nearest to him into the trash chutes, smashing the ones that refused to open with his huge powerful fists.

Crosis roared as his eyes glowed with his ever building rage towards the door, ramming his huge head against it one more time. His claws dug deep into the metal and his head ramming was making it begin to dent inwards but the door refused to fall, as if was helping to buy the teachers more time to evacuate the pupils. With another blood curdling roar he ran at the door again, making the metal screech as it began to show signs of buckling under the force of the daemons ramming.

"What do you want me to do Jinx?" asked Gizmo as the number of children began to decrease, making her smile as she watched them disappearing down the dark holes in the ground.

"Gizmo I want you to go with them and get them all as far away from this place as humanly possible" she said as she looked at her diminutive friend, "You know the layout of the city better than anyone else and besides you're the only one small enough to get down the cutes without much trouble" she added before he could even get a chance to object.

"What are you gonna go?" he asked tentatively as he walked towards the nearest chute, looking back at his friend and knowing the answer before it escaped from her lips. He like Mammoth had somewhat of a crush on Jinx but for fear of losing a friend he never did anything about it, something he always regretted when he saw her.

"Me and the rest of the surviving staff are going to cover you escape" she said with a gentle smile on her lips, she knew about his crush and was flattered by the thought of it but sadly her heart belonged to another, "Now go the kids need you" she smiled before she blew him a kiss, making him smile back before he dropped down the chute he was standing beside. Jinx finally tore her eyes away from the chute and looked back at the door, closing her eyes as she listened to the metal beginning to fracture and break under the force.

"Never thought I'd go out like this" smiled Mammoth as he placed a had on her shoulder, making Jinx open her eyes and rest one of her own hands his.

"Like what?" she asked him as she looked up at his face, seeing that he was once again seemingly in a cheerful mood.

"Like a hero" he said with a smile as he winked at his friend, making her smile before the doors finally fell making Crosis roar as he stormed into the room.


Beast Boy in his T-rex form gave Gogarin a harder time than the daemon had expected, standing nearly the same size of the daemon his huge teeth tore pieces of white flesh from the daemon's powerful legs and back. Cyborg watched as his friend battled like he had never battled before, swiping the daemon away with his huge green tail. The floor beneath them showed signs of cracking as the two huge creatures bite and slashed at each other, Cyborg knew that it would only be a matter of time before it would give way completely.

Raven suddenly appeared beside the damaged Cyborg, making him give out a yell as he jump slightly into the air.

"Don't do that" he puffed as he held his hand over his heart, "Nearly gave me a heart attack" he said as his breathing returned to normal and he looked at Raven, seeing no emotion in her pale face.

"What is going on?" she asked him dryly as her amethyst eyes looked at him, never blinking and never showing any emotion what so ever. The glamour spell Trigon was suing seemed to be working quite well as he saw that Cyborg believed he was looking back his friends face.

"See for yourself" smiled Cyborg as he pointed back towards the corridor. Raven complied as she peeked her head round the corner, smiling without Cyborg seeing as Gogarin smashed Beast Boy's dinosaur head into the wall next to them. She continued to watch the two titanic creatures fight, knowing that she would have to eventually help the green dinosaur if Gogarin looked to be getting an advantage over him. But still he was fulfilling his purpose, his presence was distracting the Titan's from who she really was, blinding them from the true threat they where about to face.

"So what do we do?" asked Cyborg as Raven returned to his side, faking a fearful look as she looked at her friend.

"We have to help Beast Boy defeat that thing" she said plainly as she helped Cyborg to his feet, "That creature is a daemon and if we don't help Beast Boy it will destroy him no time." No sooner than she had finished Beast Boy roared out in pain as Gogarin dug one of his clawed hands into his huge leg, sweeping the huge green dinosaur off its feet with a single motion.

"So how do we beat it?" asked Cyborg as he stood up, still holding his chest as sparks danced out from the slash marks across it.

"On my signal we both attack it at the same time, hopefully my magic mixed with your sonic cannon's power will be enough to obliterate its see it off, or at the most wound it enough so it has no taste for battle anymore" she replied as she put her hood up over her head, drowning her face in shadow once again. She was lying of course Gogarin would barely feel their attack, but she saw it best to give the humans a fake sense of hope…it would make their deaths more pleasing if they where to think they actually stood a chance. Her reply made Cyborg smile as he transformed his arm back into its sonic cannon form, making a voice warn him that he was close to a complete system shut down.

"You ready?" he asked as he pressed his body against the wall and looked back at Raven, making her nod as her eyes glowed black.

"NOW!" she yelled as she flew out of their hiding position. Making Cyborg say a quick prayer as he followed after her.


Emsharas roared as she grabbed hold of J'onn's leg, slamming him into the wall with enough force so that it left a deep dent when he finally fell to the floor once again. The Martian panted for air as he rested on his hands on knees, making the daemon smile as she lodged her powerful leg into his chest. He screamed in pain as he felt the bones in his chest being broken. The kick was so powerful that it made his soar into the air, smashing through the roof he and Emsharas had smashed through previously. Emsharas was about to follow after her prey until she was struck from behind by two separate beams of energy, making her growl as she turned and saw the Green Lantern and Superman standing tall behind her, blasting her with beams of heat and emerald energy shot from a strange ring. The green beam did no damage to her but the heat vision of Superman made her cry out in pain as it seared her flesh. She roared as she pointed her staff ay them, making lightning shot out from it's tip towards the two heroes. The Green Lantern quickly threw up an green energy barrier around him and his friend, unfortunately the lightning passed straight through the barrier, making both men scream in pain as the lightning electrocuted their bodies. The daemon continued to punish the two heroes until her head was smashed into the wall by Hawk Girl's energy mace, making the daemon's lightning storm end abruptly.

Hawk Girl continued her furious assault on the daemon, seemingly doing horrendous amounts of damage to the creature before the daemon grabbed the mace and sent her own dark power through it, making Hawk Girl scream out in pain as the energy blasted her away from the angered Emsharas.

"Your attacks are futile!" roared the daemon as she grabbed hold of Wonder Woman's attempted punch and slammed her into the wall, making her groan as she slumped onto the floor, "None of you can beat me" she smiled as she caught The Flash in a tornado of flame, making him cry out before the tornado smashed his smoking body into one of the may walls of the Watch Tower.

"Wanna bet?" asked a voice from behind the daemon, making her turn and scream in pain as a tongue of flame hit her in the face, "I've done my homework and your kind doesn't like fire do they?" said Batman as he unleashed another tongue of fire from the flame thrower at the daemon, making her roar in pain before she vanished, making Batman smile as he dropped the weapon to the ground.

"Something tells me we'll be seeing her again soon" he said grimly to himself before he moved to help his friends, taking out a small medical kit from his utility belt.


Speedy flipped away from Varnes's swiping claws and shot another arrow at the crazed daemon, making it roar in annoyance as the energy arrow exploded against his flesh. Although the explosion was small it still caused the daemon to growl in pain as it felt some of its flesh being burnt by it. The agile archer was about to fire another of the annoying arrows until the daemon blasted him a blast of lightning, making the masked hero cry out pain as every nerve in his body came alive in agony. Bumble Bee saw Speedy was in trouble and acted quickly, blasting the daemon in the face with her powerful B-lasers. Varnes roared in pain as the beams hit him in the eyes, making him release Speedy from his lightning storm as he covered his hurting eyes. Aqua Lad was the closest to Speedy and quickly ran to him, slinging him over his shoulder before he carried his friend away to safety.

"You still breathing?" asked Aqua Lad as he rested Speedy against a destroyed piece of furniture, making Speedy smile painfully as he gave Aqua Lad the thumbs up, "Good just rest here" he said as he patted his friend on the shoulder before running back to the battle, making water shoot at the daemon from every wall in the Tower. Speedy pushed himself to his feet and winced as he still some pain shooting through his body, he did his best to ignore it as he limped back to the fight, loading another of his energy arrows into his long bow.

Hot Spot rolled away from the daemons powerful eye blast and sent a gush of fire at the winged creature, making it roar as it swerved away from the pain causing flames. Speedy saw that the creature was doing its best to avoid the flames being shot at it by Hot Spot and then finally realised why.

"HOT SPOT FIRE KILLS IT!!!" he yelled as he looked at Hotspot, making the fiery hero smile as he heard the message reach his ears. Varnes roared as he tried to blast the children bothering him with a endless barrage of fireballs, making the brave teen heroes dive for cover as the fireballs flew towards them.

"Bee keep him distracted!" yelled Speedy as he leapt up again, ignoring the pain that lanced through his battered body.

Bumble Bee nodded and took to the air, blasting the daemon's body with her B-lasers. Varnes tried to swat the annoy girl attacking him out of the air but the nimble heroine evaded each of the attacks, blasting the daemon in the face as she flew past it.

"Aqua Lad get rid of the water!" yelled Speedy as he pointed to the puddles of water beneath the distracted daemon.

Aqua Lad understood immediately what Speedy had in mind and used his powers to make any source of water in the room and on the daemon itself leave, making it fall from the broken windows of the Tower like waterfalls. Once he sensed there was no more water left to get rid of he nodded to Speedy, making him smile as he ran towards Hotspot, firing off a few arrows at the enraged daemon.

"What you have in mind archer boy?" asked Hot Spot as Speedy crouched beside him.

"A bonfire" smiled Speedy before he sent another arrow flying towards Varnes, making the daemon roar as it continued to try and kill the pest known as Bumble Bee, "A big bonfire". Hot Spot just smiled as he looked at Speedy, making his lower arms glow brightly as he changed them into flame.

"You had best start running" said Hotspot as he stood up and walked towards the daemon slowly, making the carpet catch fire as his body became engulfed in fire.

"Bee get out of there now!" yelled Speedy as he rolled away from Hot Spot, making the flying Titan fire off one last blast at Varnes before she buzzed away from his deadly claws. Aqua Lad followed after Speedy and Bumble Bee as they fled from the room, running as fast as they could towards the front entrance of their tower. Varnes turned his head and glared at the advancing Hot Spot, growling as his eyes glowed a bright blue..

"Like I said to my friend" said Hotspot as he locked eyes with the winged daemon, "You should have ran" he smiled as he closed his eyes, making his body explode in a huge fireball.

Speedy and the others dove out of the Tower door as Hot Spot exploded, making the Tower rock as flames shot out from each of the windows.

Varnes roared in pain as the flames of the explosion hit him, burning away his flesh as the Tower became a huge inferno. There was no escape for him, his wings where destroyed because of the flames and for a second time in his long existence the daemon felt fear. The flames engulfed him totally, sealing his fate as he fell onto the ground. He took one final look at the sky behind him and thought of the brothers and sisters he was leaving before he closed his eyes, allowing the flames to destroy his physical body completely. All that was left was dust when the flames died down, dust that was quickly scattered as a wind blew through the remnants of the Tower.

"Hot Spot you ok?!!" yelled Speedy as he re-entered the ruins that was the Tower, his eagle like eyes scanned around the debris for any sign of his friend. A cough from debris covered corner made him smile as he saw a single hand waving in the air. He ran to the hand and clasped hold of it, pulling Hot Spot out from beneath the burnt chair he was lying beneath.

"I never want to do that again" coughed Hot Spot as a smile appeared on his tired looking face, making Speedy just laugh as he helped carry his friend out of the destroyed Tower to the equally worried Aqua Lad and Bumble Bee. They may have won the battle against Varnes but the price of that victory was to high, they had lost a home and a very good friend to the daemon. Titan's East whether they liked it or not had been destroyed…just as Raven had wished.


Slade was having a hard time blocking Kraven's attacks as fatigue started to set in. The daemon on the other hand showed no sign of even being tired in the slightest and still swung and slashed his sword with great speed and power. Slade had received deep cuts across his chest, arms and right leg thanks to this uncanny speed the daemon had, making it hard for him to swing his deadly weapon with the same power he had done at the start of the duel. Inside his mask he was panting heavily and sweat was dripping into his eyes, stinging him every time he blinked. Twice now had the daemon came close to end the duel but each time he stopped making Slade growl as he realised the creature was toying with him. Slade stumbled away from Kraven and panted for air as he rested on a knee, making Kraven smile as he danced about in one place. Slade felt his anger make his blood boil as he watched Kraven dancing about, making his grip around his weapon tightening. Kraven smiled as he watched Slade stand back up, holding his staff behind his back the same he had done at the start of the fight.

"Very well human I shall humiliate you some more" smiled Kraven as he rushed forward, bringing his weapon down in a brutal over head slash.. Slade barely managed to bring his weapon up in time to block the finishing blow, stopping the razor sharp blade mere inches from the top of his heavily scarred mask. Kraven smiled as he began to move the blade closer to Slade's mask, seeing that the masked man was trying his best to push the blade away as it began to bite into the metal of his mask. Inside his mask Slade eyes where full of panic, he found that he couldn't push the blade away and knew it would only be a matter of time before the black blade of the daemon's sword bite deep into his flesh. But Kraven didn't push the blade any further he instead pulled it away and rammed his foot into Slade's chest, making him cough as he felt the kick driving the air from his already burning lungs. Slade fell to the ground panting and coughing for air, spit dribbled from his mouth as the air he sought came in small amounts. The pain was almost unbearable, his chest felt like it had been rammed by a great stone pillar, breaking each of his ribs as the stone refused to break. Kraven backed away from Slade, smiling as he shouldered his deadly long sword.

"It would seem you are defeated old man" smiled Kraven as he watched Slade gasping for air, each time he inhaled pain flared up in his battered chest making him cough away his newly acquired oxygen. Slade didn't want to admit it but the daemon was right, he was to weak to continue this fight and his breath was to short to call for aid from either Cinderblock, Plasmus or Overload. He was facing death alone and for once he felt fear. Then something struck him, an idea of how he could win and cheat death once again, it was risky and the timing needed to be perfect but if it worked it would end this duel once and for all.

"Never count your chickens before they hatch" replied Slade as he stood up, moaning as he his ribs brought him more even more pain, "Come creature let us end this farce" he said as he gripped his weapon behind his back and motioned for Kraven to attack. The daemon roared as it launched into its attack, lancing forward with his blade with incredible speed. Slade managed to side step fast enough to stop the sword from impaling him in the chest, but Kraven quickly adjusted and stabbed his sword into Slade's lower chest, making him cough as he felt the metal pass into his flesh. Slade gathered all his strength and stabbed out with his own weapon, driving its point into Kraven's chest above where his heart was. Kraven felt a slight pain and looked down to see that the spear hadn't passed through him enough to pierce his heart, making him smile as he looked at Slade in the eye.

"You missed human" sneered Kraven as he looked at Slade in the eye, pushing his own sword further into Slade's gut.

"Did I?" smiled Slade as he pressed a button on his weapon, making it extend suddenly. The tip pierce Kraven's black heart with ease. Kraven roared out in agony as he felt his heart being pierced, pushing Slade away from him as blood gurgled out of his open mouth. Slade rolled away from the daemon and watched with a smile as it stared in disbelief at the weapon impaling its heart. Kraven roared in fury and pain as he fell onto his knees, his black blood was beginning to pool around his body.

"Didn't the one who sent you here tell you daemon" coughed Slade as he stood up warily, holding the bloody wound in his chest as he staggered towards the defeated daemon, "I never lose" he said as he picked up his weapon, retracting it to its smallest size as he stumbled away from Kraven, leaving a red blood trail with every step he took. Kraven roared once last time before he fell onto to the ground face first, its body turned to dust before it touched the ground. Slade managed to remove his mask before he fell to the ground, breathing slowly as his life blood made a pool around him.

"Cinderblock….." whispered Slade but his words trailed off into nothing but a gasp for air as he slipped into unconsciousness.


"Beast Boy duck!!!" yelled Cyborg as he got into position beside Raven, making the green dinosaur change into a mouse and scurry towards them before Gogarin knew what was happening. As soon as Beast Boy had changed Raven and Cyborg attacked, sending their combined energies towards the confused Gogarin. The daemon roared as the beam of blue and black energy hit it, trashing about with its claws as the energy began to eat away at his white flesh. Cyborg collapsed to the ground as his battery died on him, leaving Raven to continue sending her own power down the beam as Beast Boy pulled his exhausted friend back to the safety of the corner. Gogarin growled as the beam began to engulf him in light, forcing him to close his eyes as the beam became a ball of energy that encased him. The ball suddenly exploded, making Gogarin roar as pain raced through his huge body. The force of the explosion sent Raven flying down the corridor, as well as making Beast Boy splat into the wall that was behind him. The room became engulfed in light as Gogarin's roars where heard and then there was only silence as smoke bellowed up from where the mighty daemon stood tall.

"Is it over?" asked Beast Boy as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head as he looked at the bellowing cloud of smoke. Gogarin stepped out of the smoke and roared in fury as blood seeped from a few deep lacerations on his side and face, his blue eyes where full of rage and contempt as he stood on weak legs, licking the blood off his face as he looked down upon the terrified Beast Boy. The daemon roared as it bounded towards the green shape shifter, his huge mouth open as Beast Boy sat watching, to terrified to think or move.

"Cantra!" yelled a new voice, full of power and confidence, as a beam of intense dark magic raced over Beast Boy's head, stooping Gogarin in his tracks. Beast Boy looked behind him and blinked as he thought he saw Robin leaping from the shadows, throwing several of his explosive discs at the creature before he landed beside Beast Boy. Gogarin once again made a attempted lunge at Beast Boy but another beam of the dark magic stopped him again, this time sending him crashing down the corridor. The floor suddenly gave way under the weight of the daemon falling on it, making it roar as it fell to the lower level, crushing the T-car with its enormous body. The flames licked up from the explosion and made Gogarin roar loudly as he felt them burn his flesh, the touch of fire brought him great pain and before he could feel anymore of this unwelcome pain he scurried away from the flames.

"I will have your flesh" he growled as he looked back up through the hole he had fallen through at Beast Boy and Robin, blinking once with his huge blue eyes before he dug his claws into the ground. In a matter of moments he was gone, disappearing down a long dark tunnel of his own making.

"It would seem we got here in the nick of time" said Rorek as he stepped out of the shadows and stood beside Robin, making the masked teenager smile as he nodded in agreement.

"Dude aren't you like meant to be at the hospital in a coma?" asked Beast Boy as he blinked confusingly at his friend standing in front of him.

"It's a long story BB" smiled Robin as he helped him stand up, "But first things first where's Raven?" he asked, the tone of his voice had changed from being cheerful to a more urgent one.

Raven shook her head as she opened her eyes, blinking a few times as she saw nothing but light and stars.

"Friend Raven are you ok?" asked Starfire as she came into focus, her face was laced in the light and stars that where plaguing Raven's vision, "What has happened to our home?"

"And then I saw an angel" whispered Raven as she looked at the alien girl, a cruel smile appeared on her lips as Starfire looked at her with concerned eyes.

"Friend Raven why are your eyes red?" asked Starfire as she noticed Raven's eyes where beginning to glow a gentle red colour. Raven suddenly grabbed hold of her wrist and held it tight as she sat up, making Starfire look down at the ever tightening grip.

"You are hurting me" said Starfire as she tried to pull her write free from Raven's grip, but found she couldn't break her friends grip.

"I found you" smiled Raven as her eyes returned to their demonic form, making Starfire scream in horror as Raven moved closer to her face.

Robin and Rorek came running at the sound of Starfire's screams and stopped as he saw Raven carrying her into the air, the alien seemed to be unconscious in the half demon's arms.

"RAVEN!!" yelled Robin as he looked at her, making her stop and look down at him with a smile.

"Try anything stupid bird brain and the girl will die" growled Raven as she looked down at Robin, making him growl as he moved his hand away from his utility belt, "Good boy" she smiled as she blew him a kiss.

"Oh and before I forget there is a bomb somewhere in the Tower with a thirty second timer" she smiled as a black bird began to take form around her and Starfire, "They do say it's best to go out with a bang" she smirked before she blew him a kiss and vanished making Robin turn and run back to the Tower as fast as his legs would allow.

A bright flash illuminated Jump City as a huge smoke cloud rose into the air from Titan's Island. The terrified residents of the city looked over to the island and gasped in horror as they saw the once mighty Titan's Tower in flames.




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