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- -

Halloween time was approaching in the city of Tokyo, Japan. In the suburbs of the great city, Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura decorated their home with their parents. It was the Halloween of their last year in high school.

"Watch out, Miki!" Yuu shouted as he threw a realistic electronic bat at her that had cost a great deal of money and didn't work.

"Wahhhah!" Miki screamed as the bat collided with her face. Yuu laughed and laughed, clutching his gut.

A group of boys from their school walked by and snickered.

"Shut up, Yuu, or I'll tell them who really played the queen in that commercial with Suzu! You know, you really look good in drag." Yuu's laughter immediately distinguished and he blushed cherry red.

"Why are you looking at my daughter!" snarled Miki's dad, Jin, as he lunged at the couple and caught Yuu in a headlock. An anime drop of sweat appeared on Miki's head as Yuu fought against Jin's grip.

"Dad", Miki sighed, "let him go." Jin reluctantly released his hold and Yuu gasped for breath.

"Never ever do that again!- I'll keep an eye on you..."

"Even after we marry?" Yuu questioned, still gasping for air.

"Who said you could marry?" Jin looked at Chiyako, Rumi, and Youji who ran inside the house, Jin chasing after them.

Meanwhile, several blocks away, Meiko Akizuki and Satoshi Miwa looked in a Halloween shop. Nachan could not make it down for Halloween, so after a whole lot of begging, Meiko let Satoshi tag along with her.

"How do I look?" Satoshi inquired after trying on a Psycho Mime costume.

"Do you want an honest opinion or a rather pleasing and enjoyable remark?" asked Meiko. A sweat drop appeared on Satoshi.

"Why don't we just forget it?" said Satoshi.

- -


In the Koishikawa-Matsurra home, the telephone rang. Miki answered,

"Mosi-Mosi" answered Miki.

"Mosi-Mosi" replied Suzu.

"Oh, hello Suzu!"

"Ja, Miki-san"

"Oh", Miki said as Suzu talked to her, "a Halloween party? Like last year? Gina and Arimi and Meiko and Satoshi are coming? Yes, Yuu and I will come. Thanks, Suzu. Bye!" Miki hung up.

"Hey, Yuu."

"Yeah" came Yuu's voice.

"Want to go to a Halloween party at Suzu's? It should be a bash!"

"Sure! Love to!"

"This is going to be great!" thought Miki.

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