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"hello" Tony said into the receiver

"hey Tony" said a woman on the other side

"Amanda, hi what's up" Tony asked

Gibbs looked up from his paperwork to see what Tony was doing, as soon as he heard Tony say Amanda

"I'm going to have to cancel on our date for tonight. I Think I got the flu," Amanda explained.

"Um,...okay. How about next Friday"

"Sure same time" Amanda asked

"Yea. See you then. Bye" Tony said sweetly

"Bye" Amanda responded


Two years later, Amanda went to where her dad worked.

"Hi dad" said Amanda

"Amanda, it's been a while since I saw you" Gibbs responed

"Yea. Dad look I'm engaged" Amanda said drawing his attention to a two karot diamond with a twenty-four karot gold band.

"That's great. He must be rich." Gibbs said as he hugged her.

After they hugged, Tony walked in off the elavator.

"Amanda, what are you doing here" Tony asked

"Tony, I think it's time you meet my dad. Tony this is my dad. Dad this is my fiàncee" Amanda said pointing Tony out to Gibbs, and Gibbs out to Tony.

"B..B..Boss, I didn't know. Honestly s...she said her last name was Urban" Tony told Gibbs obviously terrified of what Gibbs would do to him.

"Dad, he didn't know" Amanda said before Gibbs could say anything.

"How did you buy the ring" Gibbs asked through clenched teeth using all his will to not draw his gun and shoot Tony right there in front of everyone.

"I've been saving for one year nine months since our twenty-first date...Sir" Tony sputtered.

"Okay then I won't kill you if you get out now" Gibbs said.

"Y..Y..Yes, Sir" Tony said scared that Gibbs might shoot him in the back as he left.

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