Title: Watching

Author: Stigmatized

Summary: 'Sometimes Takao watches Kai, but most of the time he watches Kai with Rei.' Yaoi, KaixRei and one-sided TakaoxKai.

Rating: R

Warnings: Strong yaoi and a description of ManSex.

A/N: One of these ideas that pops randomly into your head. Not much to say about it, really. Sorry about the sucky title. Apologies also for the end bit... my first attempt at a lemon/limey type thing '


Sometimes Takao watches Kai, but most of the time he watches Kai with Rei. They were always together now. Kai was always cold and harsh with the rest of the team, but he wasn't like that when he was with Rei.

Sometimes he heard them talking in low, hushed tones which were almost drowned out by the sound of rustling clothes. Then Takao would walk in and see them sitting impossibly close, touching each other and just... talking. Kai's back always faces the door in these moments. That's the only part of him Takao's been able to see for months. A few times Takao had wanted to yell and shout at Rei- demand why he had taken the place Takao wanted so badly, but he didn't. Even his hot temper allowed him to see that it wasn't Rei's fault.

At night he sometimes hears them through the wall. Those small, whispered conversations morph into the wet sounds of kissing and sounds of clothes hitting the floor. Soon the noises grow in volume and intensity. He can always distinguish Kai's voice from Rei's. He likes to lie in his bed and imagine it's him eliciting those noises from Kai.

He had seen them doing that once- they had forgotten to shut the door properly (probably for some reason that Takao didn't want to think about) and it had swung open. He couldn't resist glancing in, wanting to see Kai above (and probably half-hiding) Rei, so he could put himself in Rei's place.

He had looked in and frozen. Rei was on top of Kai, his mouth half open, panting, and his hips thrusting, sweat running in rivulets down his back. Takao's eyes moved to Kai and he felt a twinge in his stomach. His eyes were shut tight, his mouth open and panting; his cheeks flushed a dark pink and his head tilted back, revealing his throat and bobbing Adam's apple. They had thrown the bed covers back, so Takao could see almost everything. His eyes were glued to Rei's hand, which was moving with quick, firm strokes while wrapped around Kai's cock. One of Kai's arms reached up and grabbed Rei's head, pulling him down for an intense kiss. Takao had had to stuff his fist in his mouth to keep back a groan. Kai broke away from the kiss and tilted his head back again to let out a loud moan. He suddenly came in Rei's hand and Takao tried to move his legs before he was noticed, but then didn't move when he saw Rei shudder a little and then let out a cry. He collapsed onto Kai and started to kiss his neck. Takao's eyes widened when Rei brought his hand up to his lips and licked off the sticky white fluid. Kai let him finish and then brought him down for a kiss. Rei rolled off of Kai, still kissing him. When they broke apart an 'I love you' was whispered, but it was so quiet Takao couldn't tell who had said it. They fell asleep, tangled in each other, and Takao returned to his room.

Sometimes Takao watches Kai, but most of the time he watches Rei with Kai.


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