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Summary: Right after Angel loses his soul for the first time with Buffy, instead of going and summoning the Judge or whatever, he and Spike mysteriously leave Sunnydale. Meanwhile, at Hogwarts (the trio's sixth year), teachers are suddenly mysteriously dying, and people are discovering a new thirst for blood and fear of sunlight. Why is this happening and who's doing what in a story where nothing is what it seems...

Disclaimer: Buffy – Joss Whedon. Harry Potter – Joanna K. Rowling.


He was gone. Just left here there to be alone, scared, cold. He was nowhere to be found. Maybe this was just some kind of joke? No, he wouldn't do that. Something happened. She needed to find out what it was.


They thought it was another normal day at Hogwarts. Little did they know that their lives were going to change in less than eighteen hours.

"Oh, bloody hell," Ron cursed under his breath. "We have double Potions today."

"We do?" Harry replied. "Crud."

"Grow up, you two," Hermione scolded as they climbed through the portrait hole and headed through the halls and down to the Dining Hall. "You're going to have to deal with bias like Snape's for your whole life. Get over it."

"So? Just because we might have to deal with it for our whole lives doesn't make it just," Ron retorted.

Hermione rolled her eyes and Harry sighed. He was sick of them fighting all the time. It was just getting so boring.

"Do you think you can go maybe three hours without fighting?!" Harry snapped. "You think I enjoy being the third wheel in all of this? It's getting really annoying and I'm sick of it."

"Sorry," Ron grumbled. "But it's not like I started it or anything."

Harry threw up his hands, giving up, and sat down next to Dean and Seamus; leaving Hermione and Ron to sit and argue together.

"They're fighting again?" Dean inquired.

"Yes," Harry mumbled, annoyed.

"God, those two," Dean responded, shaking his head. "When are they going to just give up and go grope in a broom closet?"

Harry chuckled. "Honestly..."


By lunch Hermione and Ron had completely given up on speaking to each other. It seemed that the fight had escalated into more than just a small dispute over Ron and Harry's maturity. They were now arguing about- truthfully, no one had exactly taken the time to listen to what they had to say or the full story of their fight.

Meanwhile, in the lives of the Slytherin students, Draco Malfoy himself was in a dilemma.

How in hell could I get such a horrible grade on this stupid Potions assignment? I'm freaking Draco Malfoy, for Merlin's sake! Snape loves me and I do not get shitty grades in his class, he was thinking as he walked down the halls of the school, heading toward the entrance to the Slytherin dorm. Right as he entered it, someone pounced on him. He looked up and his harsh, gray eyes met a pair of smooth brown ones and he knew exactly who they belonged to.

Pansy Parkinson.

He shoved her off of his toned body and brushed himself off, clutching the piece of parchment for dear life and hoping to Merlin that no one would notice the horrible grade scrawled upon the top of it.

Unfortunately, he wasn't so lucky.

"Ooooooh! What's this?" Pansy asked obnoxiously, snatching the parchment out of Draco's clenched fist.

"Pansy, give me that," Draco said in his nicest voice, trying to win her over with his charm and convince her to give him his paperback.

"Oh my GOD!" Pansy exclaimed. "You got a D on your assignment form Snape? I thought he loved you!"

"Just shout it to the whole world, why don't you, Pansy?" Draco responded, his voice dripping with sarcasm and anger.

"Wow, this thing is pretty bloody horrible," she replied, scanning it over.

"Pansy you-"but he knew just yelling at her would do him no good, so he did the only other option that came to his mind; he kissed her.

Pansy had a GIANT crush on Draco, and they dated for half of fourth year, and all of fifth year until Draco finally decided that it was getting boring and he knew he was only dating her for her good looks and kissing talents. Pansy still was madly in love with Draco, and he knew that starting a make out session with her- however brief it may be- would certainly loosen her grip.

And it did. He snatched the paper away and ran up to his room, snickering, before she could protest.


It was dinner when it all began. The students and faculty at Hogwarts were eating like it was just a normal day- and it was, to them. Hermione and Ron were still not talking, Draco had come in late as he always did, it was like it was every day. Except for the fact that Professor Snape was missing from the teacher's table.

"Where is that old bastard?" Ron inquired. Harry just noticed that he had just walked in and sat down next to him.

Harry shrugged, poking at his mashed potatoes. He hadn't even realized that Snape wasn't there. "He's probably off plotting against us," was his response.

Ron laughed quietly. "Probably," he agreed.

"You made up with Hermione?" Harry wondered aloud, noticing that Ron hadn't started screaming at her yet.

Ron shrugged. "Somewhat, I guess."

"Finally," Harry responded with a quiet laugh.

Suddenly there was a loud creak and silence fell over the Dining Hall. The students craned their necks to see the door and they could just see Snape's slimy body slip through the crack and land with an echo on the floor.


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