Timeless Escapades

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Chapter 15

Harry watched silently as Remus Lupin (his Remus from his time) fussed over his blankets and pillows. Little did he know that Remus was such a mother hen! Honestly, the man hadn't left his bedside for the past three days if only to retrieve potions to force down Harry's throat. O f course, Harry sighed, it had to be taken into account that he had been missing from Hogwarts for about a month and a half. Remus had obviously not taken the disappearance very well, his body, which had always been thin because of his werewolf excursions, was now positively ragged. Harry felt the beginnings of guilt churn in his stomach.

"There!" Remus told him, standing back to look at his handy work, while sitting in the chair beside his bed.

Harry struggled to loosen his 'straight jacket' of bedding and gave the werewolf a disgruntled look, his face tinged red. "Bloody tuck ins!"

Remus smiled, "Language, Harry." But he did lean forward and pulled some of the covers lax from their earlier taunt position, just enough for Harry to move around without getting out of the bed.

"Now, you need to drink these," Remus told him, "and then we ne — "

The doors to the hospital wing slammed open to reveal three Marauders and Lily Evans. Lily raced to the end of the corridor where he was stationed, and then she grabbed Harry in a hug and tugged him almost off the bed.

"Oh Harry!" Lily sobbed, smoothing Harry's hair while Remus smiled at the alarmed expression that Harry was giving him. "I — you!" Lily pulled away abruptly and beamed at him, "You have my eyes!"

Sirius cracked up and had to clutch onto the bedside table for support while Lily glared at him. "Shut up you idiot! He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you!"

James anxiously edged forward, "Er... Harry, I..." he rustled his hair nervously, "I'm really sorry about the b — "

"You stay away from him JAMES POTTER!" Lily bellowed at him, glaring daggers, "I don't know how in the world I ever decided to marry you in the future, but YOU ARE A — "

"Lily, James?"

Both teens spun around to face Harry who was sitting up and looking at them with an ironic expression. "Lily, it's okay. I'm not mad at you... James?" James looked up and flinched at the hurt expression on Harry's face. "I'll need more of an apology coming from you."

James winced at that, why had he thought that it would be so easy to gain Harry's forgiveness? His son! He was still in shock at that part... and with Lily, no less! The first time that they had seen each other after Dumbledore had both told them the news, was not pretty.


"Insane." Sirius was muttering to himself. "Completely effing insane."

James wasn't in much better shape... he was sitting on one of the sofas muttering to himself. "The future? That just can't be possible! Why would he come here of all places, anyway? It just doesn't make any sense!"

Remus looked up from his thoughts and stared at James, "I'm sure everything will work out, Prongs. Hopefully he won't be able to hold as long a grudge as you can."

James groaned and put with head in his hands, Sirius came over to offer his helpful advise. "Are you kidding me? If he's really James's son, then Prongs won't be forgiven until doom's day."

The portrait hole suddenly creaked open and the trio watched as Lily came staggering into the common room. James watched as she sat by the closest armchair to the fire and sat down. Remus hesitantly approached her.

"Are you okay?"

Lily looked up and immediately saw James staring back at her, crumbling even further, Lily sobbed into her hands.

"Why you!" she cried. "Why couldn't it have been anyone but you!"

James felt his heart sink at this and his stomach cramped painfully. "Listen, Evans... I'm sorry — "

"Why couldn't you have just been nice to him!" Lily leapt up from the couch and prowled toward James, shaking so hard that her red hair was swaying jerkily in the air. "What did he ever do to you anyway?"

James stared at her as Lily stomped up to the girl's dorms, and looked down at his hands. He was at a loss of what to do... he couldn't even remember the reason that Pr — Harry, was ticking him off. James sighed and looked at Sirius and Remus, whose faces showed equal guilt.

"Come on, guys." he muttered, "Let's turn in."

-end flashback-

James shook his head and watched as Lily sat down on the other side of the bed, still glaring at him. Sirius had gone off to visit Peter, who was still down on the other end of the ward... but Remus slowly edge forward and was looking at the older man sitting next to Harry in shock.

"Oh!" Harry remembered with a jolt, watching was the younger Remus stared at his guardian. "Guys, this is Professor Lupin..."

"Remus, Harry." Lupin told him with a slight smile. "I'm not your professor anymore."

Remus senior watched as his younger counterpart watched him wearily. He smiled at the timid teen. "I have something for you, Remus. This," he said holding out a little box, "contains ten doses of a potion called 'Wolfsbane', you only need to take half the amount of one of the doses a day before you make your... ah, change. It allows you to keep your mind."

Lupin watched as the young man took the little box carefully, as though it was a priceless treasure, and held it tightly in his hands.

"Thank you... er... Professor?" he finished weirdly.

Remus smiled and turned back to Harry as the three Maruaders along with Lily left the wing ten minutes later. Lily left reluctantly, and kept promising Harry that everything would be okay and that James or 'the git' as she named him, would be punished accordingly.

"We need to talk." Lupin told him once they all left, pulling out a branch of Icela root that was died an unnatural blackish colour.

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