Alone with Hidden Cameras

Yu-Gi-Oh – Un-cut – What a scary thought, eh?


Yes. This is the probably the most random thing in the world but hell – it's funny! This is just a lot of things you never expect from the Cast of Yu-Gi-Oh. With each chapter you will see how our hidden cameras have captured the most embarrassing thing imaginable... But we, Kisa and Kiyama, hope you all enjoy the show!!! n.n

Chapter One: Yami –

Yami sat on his bed his legs sprawled out in front of him. He was sitting in only his birthday suit.

He was looking down between his legs, and said, "Hello, jimmy. How are you today?"

"..." Jimmy answered.

Yami replied, "That's good."

Yes, was talking to himself, or rather his manhood. His third leg was named – Jimmy, as you can tell.

Yami then asked, "Jimmy, how does it feel when I have sex? Does it hurt? Or does it feel good? Because if it hurts, I am very sorry."

Jimmy replied, "..."

"Oh, really? I'm glad I could help." Yami said delightfully.

Jimmy replies, "..."

"Alright," Yami answered, scratching his Jimmy.

Jimmy replied, "...."

"You're welcome," Yami said.

"..." Jimmy asked.

"She'll be back soon," Yami answered.

Jimmy asked another question, "...."

"She might want to. We'll have to see," Yami said, smiling.

"..." Jimmy asked.

"Then I'll be ready for it, what about you?" Yami asked Jimmy.

"..." Jimmy replied.

"Damn, are you anxious," Yami said.

Well, let's leave Yami and his best friend some alone time...

That probably scared the friggin' crap put of you all, but I assure you there is more yet to come... We feel sorry for those who are scared away. We hope you all com back very soon!!! n.n

Kiyama and Kisa