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Title: Journey Of A Hero: It All Falls Down.
Author: Cobra
Summary: Things have been going pretty good since the Doomsday/
Darkseid incident. Now, it's time to shake the world up again.
Maybe, for the last time.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from DC or Buffy The Vampire
Slayer. They belong to there rightfull owners. I am making no profit
from this work of fiction.

One Month Later
(after JOH: A Warriors Goodbye)

The heavy bag swayed back and forth on the chain that hung from the
ceiling. Blow after precise blow dented the bag only to have the
next take the dent out. Sweat poured from the tired figure of Xander
Harris. A right hook followed by a left cresant kick that made the
chain rattle. Xander quickly dropped into a kneel and sweep kicked
under the bag with his right leg then standing and hammering the
heavy leather bag with a left leg sidekick. The young hero fell
backwards as the kick completed rolling onto his back and pushing
himself up with his hands to land on his feet. He jumped backwards
pushing his feet off the wall and flew the ten or twelve feet to the
bag landing a solid kick to the top of the bag that caused the chain
to break and the large bag to hit the hardwood floor with a dull

"I see you haven't gone soft since you got the ring back." Nightwing
said as he fell out of the shadows from one of the large hickory
rafters of Xander's new cabin.

"Can't always rely on power Dick. How'd you find me?" Xander asked
then rolled his eyes as he saw Nightwing smirk.

"Duh." Xander said to himself with a tired smile., "I take it things
went well in marry ole' England?" Xander asked as he grabbed a tool
box and began to fix the chain on the punching bag.

"As well as can be expected. Remind me not to piss off Giles. He's
got a killer right cross." Nightwing said with a smile. Xander
turned around and looked at him curious before shaking his head.

"I don't want to know."

"Good cause I'm not gonna tell you. Quite frankly it's embarrasing."
Nightwing said with a serious look on his face. Xander smiled.

"I'm sure. So what's the what? I know you didn't come by to talk
about your trip."

"Just wanted to let you know that Batman, Robin, and I took Fear
down last night. Batman wanted to know how you knew about the drop."
Nightwing said as Xander turned and smirked at him.

"Duh," Nightwing said to himself., "Forgot you were trained by the

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone your getting slow in your old
age." Xander said with a mock serious look on his face. Nightwings
entire body stiffened as he glared at the young man with humor.

"You want some of this kid? I'll show you a thing or two."

"Sure," Xander said as he stood and fell into a fighting stance., "I
usually don't fight the elderly but your annoying enough for me to
make and exception."

"Oh, that's it. I'm telling the Bat when this is over." Nightwing
said falling into his own stance.

"Momma's boy." Xander said and the two jumped forward at the same

Sunnydale Library

The Scooby gang sat at the table thoughtful looks on there faces as
Giles answered there questions.

"How is he Giles?" Buffy asked as Giles sat the phone down on it's

"Nightwing says he's fine. The best shape of his life actually."

"We don't mean physically Giles." Willow said with a serious look on
her face.

"I know Willow." Giles started with a sigh and began to wipe his
glasses., "I can't be sure about Xander's mental stability at the
moment. According to Nightwing he's been at that cabin training for
the last month. No outside contact at all." Giles sighed again as he
put his glasses back on his nose., "And he has no plans to come down
anytime soon."

"Then we go to him." Buffy said with a stubborn voice that made
Giles smile and sigh at the same time., "I'm not sure that's a good
idea Buffy. Whatever Xander is doing, he knows how far he can push

"He's always pushed himself past his limits Giles. But usually he
had someone there to help him get put back together." Willow said
with a serious voice full of caring and compassion. Giles smiled at
her sadly.

"You're right Willow.," Giles said causing the others to smile
thinking they'd be victorous., "However, I think we should give
Xander some more time. He'll come to us when he's ready."


Darkseid fumed as he sat on his throne. He had been beaten. Not only
beaten but beaten by a couple kids. He heard whispers about his
defeat around every corner, had killed more than a few of his
followers for thinking him weak. He'd show everyone. He'd humiliate

"Desaad," Darkseid yelled causing his follower to jump.

"Yes Master Darkseid?"

"Put a communication to Lex Luthor through. I have business to
discuss with the man."

"Right away sir." Desaad said as he ran toward the control panel two
rooms down. In mere moments a screen with President Luthors face
showed in front of the throne.

"What can I do for you Darkseid?" The bald President asked in an
overly friendly matter.

"I need your help. That new Green Lantern. I want him gone."

"Just how can I help you with that?" Luthor asked as his image
leaned back into a soft chair. The Oval Office wall in the
background., "And what's in it for me?"

"Power, more power than you can imagine. An army of warrior as
strong as I at your disposal."

"An army that can be beaten by a couple kids?" Lex asked with a
smirk on his face. Darkseid growled in warning and Lex smiled in a
friendly manner.

"Just joking with you. I must say I'm interested. Care to elaborate
on my side of the deal?"

"I will agree, not only to give you the army. But to leave Earth be
until you see fit." Darkseid said with a carefully emotionless tone.
Lex leaned forward in his chair and looked at Darkseid with the look
of a predator.

"All this just to get the new Green Lantern out of the way?" Lex
asked unbelieving.

"No, I also want the one called Superboy out of this game."

"I'm not sure I can help you much." Lex said leaning back in
thought., "I had plans for Superboy myself."

"No Superboy, no army." Darkseid said with a tone full of finality.
Lex looked in deep thought for a moment before nodding his head in

"Fine. I'll take care of my end."

"You better, I'll be watching." The screen disappeared as he cut the
link with a button on the arm of his throne. Desaad walked back into
the room slowly.

"Do you think this wise Sire?"

"Do not question me worm." Darkseid snapped, while thinking the same

END Prologue

Title: Journey Of A Hero: It All Falls Down.
Author: Cobra
Summary: Things have been going pretty good since the Doomsday/
Darkseid incident. Now, it's time to shake the world up again.
Maybe, for the last time.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from DC or Buffy The Vampire
Slayer. They belong to there rightful owners. I am making no profit
from this work of fiction.

Chapter One.

Xander sat under the trees as the sun shone high in the sky. A light
breeze blew as Xander inhaled and exhaled on counts finding his

"You've had a visitor?" A man asked walking to Xander with steady
and sure steps. Xander opened his eyes cursing his new mentor for
breaking his concentration.

"Yeah. Nightwing came by last night." Xander said as the man sat
into a lotus position opposite him.

"Nightwing. I've heard he's a great martial artist." Richard Dragon
said with a smile and a slight twinkle in his tired eyes.

"He is. Still beating me." Xander said with a smile and a
shrug., "Though that isn't saying much."

"Give yourself more credit kid. Your doing great." Dragon started
with a serious tone., "It's only been a month since you found me
kid. You've improved and learned faster than any student I've ever
had. And I've had my fare share."

"Thanks." Xander said with a genuine tone.

"No problem kid. So how did you do with Nightwing?"

"Almost a dead draw actually. Before he could've gotten me easy. I
think in another couple months I'll be able to hold out with Batman."

"Why are you doing this kid? You've got a power ring." Dragon had
curious eyes.

"I had a medallion, it almost doubled my power, but it's gone now,
locked safely away in a place no one will find it. I'm going to need
the extra edge of training, of thinking." Xander said looking
directly into his newest mentors eyes. Dragon nodded but he had to
ask the question.

"Why not keep the medallion?"

"It's complicated. It began to weaken. But it eventually got over
it's.... spell, and grew stronger again. But the medallion had a
soul inside it. As long as I wore the medallion the soul couldn't be
free. So, I'm only going to use it in extreme emergencies from now
on. No one deserves to be trapped forever."

"Couldn't agree more." Dragon said in a low voice before smiling
slightly and standing falling into a fighting stance.


"Let's go." Xander said jumping to his feet and attacking with a
smooth motion. As the front snap kick he threw was blocked Xander
landed in a tight stance just in time to block a right jab from

"That was good. Almost didn't see it coming." Richard said and he
began to attack with move after move. Spin kick, back hand, ridge
hand, front kick. Xander smirked as he noticed Richards next attack
and as the man kicked Xander spun intending to land a pressure punch
on Dragons lower neck. It was blocked and Xander felt an elbow slam
into his chest. He went with the blow doing a back hand spring and
landing in a modified akido stance. He grimaced in pain but didn't
move to rub his bruising chest.

"You still telegraphing. Don't think so much kid." Dragon said and
moved forward to fight again. Xander fell back in a hand spring but
instead of flipping back went forward slamming both feet into
Dragons' jaw. As the martial arts master flew backward he used the
moment to flip his body and he landed on his feet.

"Very good, very.... spontaneous." The Dragon moved in again.


Bruce Wayne rubbed his chin in thought before speaking to Nightwing.

"So you think someone is training him?"

"Yeah, and I'm worried that he didn't tell us. He seemed, distant."
Nightwing said with a very worried tone.

"This is Xander.," Robin said with a smile., "He won't do anything
to hurt anyone. Whatever he's doing I'm sure it's for the best." The
two older men weren't so sure.


Superboy sat at the counter sipping his Soder and smiling at the
pretty young women dressed as Wonder Woman.

"I love this place." Kon said to himself as he watched a tall blond
in a Supergirl uniform walk toward a table.

"It has it's good points." A voice said behind him causing him to
turn quickly. The young Teen Of Steel smiled as he and Xander
slapped hands.

"How ya been Kid?" Xander asked as he grabbed a Soder and the two
walked to a corner booth.

"Not bad Xan. You been cool?"

"Always. I've been looking around and calling in favors. I've found
Aurora a new mother box." Xander said with a smile. Superboy smiled
and sighed in relief.

"Thanks man," Superboy said with a smile., "Now she can get outta
mine and YJ's hair."

"Sorry it took so long Kid. I've been a little busy."

"So ya wanna go to an intergalactic rave in a couple weeks? We can
be the guest of honor?" Kon smiled as he raised both eyebrows
signifying what he thought that could mean. Xander laughed and

"Just call my cell Kid. You've still got the number?"

"Yeah, I've been a little busy to lately. The gang had another run
in with Harm." Kon said in a low sad voice.

"Everyone okay?" Xander asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah, Rob and I took him down finally. Cassie and Cissie got hurt
some. And Impulse got a little banged up. We're of the good. All
wanting you back on the team."

"I don't know if I'll ever rejoin YJ Kon. I'm always gonna be around
to help you guys out though. It's just right now, I feel more
comfortable on my own some of the time."

"I get that." Kon said with an understanding smile. He had been the
same way in the beginning. Xander would change his mind.
Eventually., "You know if you ever need us. No matter what. We got
your back."

"Same from me Kid. I stick by my friends."

"Time to get off the serious stuff. When do the dancing babes
arrive?" Superboy was all smiles as Xander laughed and leaned back.

"At dusk my friend. That's when all the beautiful things come out."

"You hung around the Bat-Clan to damn long." Superboy said with a
snort. Xander couldn't help but laugh.


Kyle Rayner held Jade close to his body as the two sat on the sofa
of there apartment.

"You think he's okay?" Jade asked the question that had been
plaguing Kyle for weeks.

"I honestly don't know. The JLA contacted me a few days ago. There
gonna offer Xander and Superboy reserve membership."

"That's great." Jade said with a smile on her face. Kyle nodded his
head in agreement.

"It is. But Xander won't say yes."

"Why not?" Jade asked sitting up out of the Green Lanterns embrace.
Kyle sighed and leaned his head back.

"I don't know for sure. It seems like maybe, like Xander's going to
form his own team. I get the feeling that.. he knows something. But
at the same time he doesn't." Kyle said with a confused tone. He
noticed the look in Jade's eyes and leaned forward resting his
elbows on his knees he continued., "Nightwing told me he's been in
the mountains training for the last month. The guy said Xander
nearly took him down without the ring. Why would the kid keep
training if he didn't think something was coming. Even the Bat takes
breaks occasionally."

"If Xander knew something he'd tell us. He wouldn't do anything that
could get us hurt."

"I know that." Kyle said with a sigh., "That's what I don't
understand. It's like he's not himself anymore."

"You don't trust him?" Jade asked in shocked disbelief. Kyle sighed
and looked down in shame.

"I don't know." Kyle said with a shake of his head., "I just, don't

Lex Luthor sat behind his desk talking to a blank screen.

"Is everything going to plan?"

"Yes. It will be ready soon." A figure said as his faced showed on
the screen. A black man with dark glasses on.

"Your sure no one will figure this out?"

"I'm the technician Luthor. No one is smarter than me."

"You've been beaten by a boy several times. Forgive me if I'm not
overly confident in your abilities." Lex said with a sneer on his
face and a tone of superiority in his voice. The Technician looked
from the screen no emotion on his face.

"That's in the past. I won't fail again."

"See to it that you don't. I'm not known as a lenient employer."
Without saying as much as a goodbye Lex cut the vid-call and leaned
back behind his Presidential desk.

"It's all coming together nicely."


A/N: If your like me and think that my writing is better in this
fic, than every before, I think I can tell you why. I've just about
got all the characters in this fic where I want them. Xander's went
from the sidekick to the Hero. Superboy's become stronger and more
mature. Buffy's done a 180 from the series version and turned into a
good and caring person again. Willows still worried about her friend
and Giles is the father figure. I've finally gotten the characters
through a few trials and tribulations and I think that I'm to the
point that I can write them the way I wanted to write them since the
first JOH fic. The only downside to this is not getting to write Guy
Gardner anymore. He was a fun one to write. If you haven't noticed
both Xander and Superboy have sort of filled the position of trash
talking bad ass. It will be more apparent as the fics move forward.
thanks for listening. enjoy the fic.

Chapter Two.

Aurora smiled as she stared over the Intergalactic Rave with
Superboy on her right and Xander on her left.

"It's good to be back."

"Agreed." superboy said with a large smile as he noticed a large
group of females on the other side of the Rave.

"Let's go Warrior." Superboy said as he turned and looked at his
friend. The new costume took some getting used to. It was a lot like
his first GL uniform. Only darker, The green was dark and where the
old suit was white it was now pure black. A red W was in the middle
of the chest and a green power ring symbol sat on top of it.

"Fine, but check and see if there single before you start mingling."

"Where's the fun in that?" The kid asked rhetorically and took off.
Xander sighed as Aurora laughed.

"He's gonna be the death of me."

"I've said that a few times myself." The magnetic powered female
said with a smile. Xander chuckled and took to the air. As the Teen
Lantern landed in the middle of the dancing meta's questions began
to fly from all around him.

"So you took down Darkseid?" One beautiful alien asked with a sexy
smile. Xander chuckled and shook his head., "I helped a little."

"And Doomsday?" Another asked a star struck look in her eyes.

"I helped, but Warrior's the real hero there."

"That's like so cool." Another one that reminded Xander of Harmony
said as she grabbed his arm.

"I guess." Was the teens only answer as his eyes no longer had the
bright shine in them., "If you'll excuse me ladies. I've gotta go
find a friend." Xander took the air quickly spotting Superboy
talking to Aurora.

"I've gotta go SB. Something came up." Xander said, before Superboy
could say anything Xander pushed his handstamp and disappeared from
the Rave.

"Wonder whats got into him?" Superboy asked rhetorically.

Xander slammed an open palm strike into the side of his newly fixed
heavy bag. Thoughts whirled around in his head. A million thoughts,
one conclusion. His fault. He'd seen death pretty much his whole
life. Even before Buffy came to town they were burying a class
member a month. Seeing the parents crying. The students in mourning,
and the entire time something in the back of his mind said, this
isn't right. Then he found out the truth of Sunnydale. Just happened
to lose his best friend in the process. Could he have done more to
save Jesse? That's a question that still plagues him today.

"Take it easy on the bag kid." Richard Dragon said as he walked into
the room a glass of water in his right hand. Xander stopped hitting
the bag and took the glass of water drinking it quickly.

"Thanks." Xander said handing Dragon back the glass before falling
into a fighting stance again.

"I think that's enough for the day Xander.," Dragon said stopping
his student just before he started yet another barrage of moves on
the bag.

"I'm good." Xander said without looking at his newest sensei. Dragon
sighed and looked at him with a frown.

"What's wrong Xander?"

"Nothin," Xander said trying to put on his normal lop sided smile.
It didn't come.

"I can tell when your lying kid."

"Just thinking about things. It strange you know." Xander said with
a shrug.

"What's strange?"

"That I'm still here." Xander said looking directly into Dragons
eyes with pure confusion in his brown orbs., "That me. Xander Harris
is still fighting, when those so much better, are dead and gone."

"Did you ever think that maybe your just good kid?"

"No." Xander said in a deadpan voice., "Because I'm not. I go into
every fight expecting to bite the dust. But, it seems like the only
people to get hurt are those I care about. Me, I walk away with
scratches." Xander sighed before continuing., "I mean, imagine it.
Warrior dies, Superman gets his arm broke, I fly away with a few
cracked ribs and a couple scars. It's not right."

"I'm sure you've heard the story of the Tea Master. Well, this is my
version.," Dragon says sitting lotus style and motioning for Xander
to do the same. The young man does and begins to listen intently.

"A young punk kid, a thief, goes to steal a priceless little trinket
in Kyoto. The kid is a nobody, he's been told he's nothing his
entire life, he believes it. So when he's approached by one of the
greatest martial artist of all time and asked to train, he jumps at
the chance. But in the back of his mind is always that nagging
voice. The one that tells him he's nothing. Just a worthless thief.
But the kid fought through the voice, trained, learned the martial
arts and eventually over time, became well known, a fighter, a
friend, no one would ever put this man in the league of the thief
that went to Kyoto. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

"That you were a little punk thief.," Xander said with a small smile
before finishing quickly., "And that I shouldn't listen to the
annoying voice that's telling me I'm just lucky, or unlucky."

"Your slightly smarter than you look." Dragon said as he stands and
brushes himself off., "Get back to your training."

Xander walked into the run down bar in L.A. He walked like the
owner, his green silk shirt and black slacks made him stand out from
the rest of the bar patrons.

"What do you want kid?" The bar tender asked as Xander leaned on the
bar with a steady arm.

"I'm looking for Cody Driscoll." Xander said and continued as he saw
the man about to protest., "I know he's here so just point me in the
right direction." The bar tender glared at the kid slightly but
pointed to a corner table with several young women around it.

"Thanks." Xander said as he tossed a fifty on the bar and walked
toward the table. As he walked up behind the women and looked at the
young man trying to tell a funny joke Xander smirked and leaned on
the wall looking at the man. The young man looked up noticing the
hero and smirked.

"Who the hell are you?" Driscoll asked with little humor in his

"A friend." Xander said with a smile.

"Maybe I don't want any friends."

"Never said I was yours." Xander added the smile falling from his
face as the women began to walk away. Xander turned one of the
chairs around straddling it so he faced the still sitting Cody.

"If your from the Gov. you better have a good dental plan." Cody
said with a large smile. Xander snorted and smiled back.

"Me? Nah, I'm here to offer you a little job."

"I work for myself." Cody said with a deadpan voice. Xander laughed
and leaned forward on the back of the chair.

"Well, ya know Personal Business is a big RISK now days."

The dark sky almost hide the tall skyscrapers of Gotham City. The
place Xander called home for a little over a month. A place where he
had friends. But that wasn't why he was here tonight, tonight was
business. He watched with a smile from the shadows as the female
figure slammed her staff into the head of one Mob goon and then spun
landing a heel kick on the head of another one. She flipped
backwards with a grace that Xander found revitalizing. Watching her
fight brought back all the training he'd had with The Batman. As the
last Mob goon went down Xander silently floated to the ground behind
the female vigilante.

"Not," Xander said stopping his words only to catch a kick the
female sent his way., "Bad." He finished with a lop sided smile.

"What do you want?" Helena asked as Xander let go of her foot. She
turned before he could speak and began to tie up the men she had
just beaten.

"Well you see it's like this," Xander said as he bent down and began
to help her., "I'm starting a little team, and I'd like you to join

"I'm not much of a team player kid. Sorry."

"That's good, because I'm not much of a team leader. We can call
this a learning experience." Xander said with a half smile that made
the female smile back and chuckle.

"What's this little team called kid?"

"You might have heard the name before. The Outsiders." Xander said
as he finished tying up the last man and stood. Helena looked in
thought for a moment before she to stood and walked up to Xander.

"Sounds like I'm going to fit right in." The Huntress said as she
shot a line and began to scale the alley wall. Xander smirked.

"I'd like to fit you somewhere."

"I heard that." Huntress said with a smirk as she reached the top of
the building. Xander chuckled low in his throat and began to float
up to her.

"I know."

Xander flew over the town of Leesburg following the white, red, and
blue figure ahead of him.

"Fancy seeing you here." Xander said with a laugh in his voice as he
flew beside the teen hero known as Supergirl.

"I don't believe we've actually met." Supergirl said with a smile
that really showed her beauty. Xander chuckled and his eyes twinkled
behind his green mask.

"You can call me Warrior. How about getting a cup of coffee. I have
a little proposition for you."

Xander flew toward the state of Nebraska with a smile. It was all
coming together.

Next Chapter: Xander's team begins to form. The question is. Is that
a good thing?

Chapter Three.

Warriors L.A.

The day had been a good one. Most of his team had been assembled and
he only had to ask one more person to join. He figured the young man
he was about to ask would turn him down flat.

"As long as we can still help YJ and hang out with them it's cool."
Superboy said with a smile as they sat in the corner booth that they
always used.

"I wouldn't try to tell you who to hang out with Kon. Besides there
all my friends to."

"Then why start a team Xan?," Superboy asked finally getting to
curious., "Why not just rejoin YJ?"

"Because I've got a feeling something big is coming, and I don't
want them in the middle of it. Like The Outsiders will be."

"But I can be in the middle of it huh?" Superboy asked with mock
hurt. Xander laughed and leaned back in the booth.

"I've got a good idea that you'd have been in the middle of it
anyway. Trouble just seems to find us when were together. Like Butch
and Sundance."

"I'm Butch." Superboy said with a smile as he took a drink of his

"Good cause Sundance was the badass." Xander said with a smile that
made the Teen Of Steel groan.

"Whatever, we both know that's a lie." Superboy said with a smirk.
Xander was about to make a smart ass remark but froze. Only his eyes
moved as he noticed the shadowy figure to there left.

"Sup Nightwing?" Xander asked relaxing as the figure walked into the

"He wants to see you. Now."

"About my team?" Xander asked already knowing the answer. Nightwing
only nodded a frown on his own face.

"Want me to come with you War?" Kon asked standing up just as Xander

"Nah, I'll be fine kid. Don't forget to meet here Friday night for
the introductions."

"I'll be here. Later War."

"See ya Kid."

Xander walked into the Bat Cave with trepidation. Not sure about
what was to come.

"Why didn't you ask me?" The Batman asked as he melted out of the
shadows to Xander's left. Xander turned his head and shrugged.

"I wanted to do this on my own."

"You should have asked me." Batman growled out in annoyance. Xander
scowled back with the same emotion.

"It's not like you have the name copyrighted Bruce." Xander said
with a slightly annoyed voice. Bruce looked at the young man in
silence for what felt like minutes.

"What's this all about Xander?"

"I can't tell you." Xander said with a sad filled voice but his eyes
showed no such emotion.

"You don't trust me?"

"Of course I trust you Bruce, your one of my best friends.," Xander
said with a shocked voice., "The reason I can't tell you is because
I don't freakin know. I've just got this gut feeling that something
bad is going to happen. Something really bad."

"And you think this team you've put together. You think it can stop
it alone?" Batman asked as he walked toward the young man with
soundless steps. Xander sighed before speaking.

"No, I don't. I think they will stand beside me. I think they will
help me lead the way for the rest of us."

"You've chosen nothing but amateurs, for a job that sounds to
important to mess up."

"Bruce, I trust you with my life. Trust me when I say that my group
will be ready. And when I'm done with them. They'll be on par with
the best." Xander said his voice not wavering under the glare of the

"You think you've improved enough to train a team? Your good Xander,
hell your one of the best pupils I've ever had. But it's a big
responsibility to lead someone into a battle."

"Batman, I can't explain this to you. Hell I don't understand it
myself. Something is happening. I'm not sure what, when, or why. But
it's gonna happen. My team isn't done yet. I've got more people to
recruit. More bugs to work out. But I will be leading a team into
something that I'll never be truly ready for."

"I trust you Xander. But your not being your normal self. Hiding in
the mountains for over a month, away from the friends you missed so
much when you were here."

"I've changed Bruce. I'm looking out for the greater good here.,"
Xander sighed and asked the question the Batman wanted in the first
place., "Can I lead the Outsiders?"

"All you had to do was ask." Batman said with a sarcastic voice.
Xander growled in annoyance.

Luthor watched the tape with fascination. It looked... Perfect.

Warriors L.A.


Xander smiled as he stood behind the bar. His team coming in one
after the other, surprisingly Superboy showed up first, followed by
Supergirl and Huntress, then the Star Spangled Kid.

"Figured the idiot would be late."

"Damn War," Superboy whispered into the young mans ear., "You got
some major babes here."

"I thought you'd notice that. It seems like all Super heroines are
hotties." Xander answered with a normal tone as if not noticing the
girls were listening.

"Alright," Xander said walking from behind the bar., "We're going to
start without him. If he shows up fine, if not I'll get a few other
people recruited tomorrow."


"Cody Driscoll. Risk."

"Ah, not him." Superboy said with a groan as he dropped down beside
Supergirl at the table. Everyone else looked at Xander in confusion.

"He was a Teen Titan a team or so ago. A wild streak, but all in all
a decent guy."

"He's annoying." Superboy said and leaned back in his chair.

"Watch your mouth man. I helped you out last time we met, remember."
Risk said as he walked in the door and took a seat by the Huntress.
He looked at her and raised both eyebrows. Xander, Superboy, and
Huntress all rolled there eyes.

"I coulda took you in. But like I said. I wasn't going to make you

"Whatever, Superkid."

"Enough," Xander said in a normal level headed voice. The entire
table looked at him., "I brought us here for one reason, I want to
have the best team I can. It's going to start, with us."

"Um," A confused Star Spangled Kid asked with her hand half
raised., "Then why am I here? I'm not in any of your levels."

"No kidding, why are all the little girls here. They can't hang with
us." Risk said and looked for a hand slap with Superboy, it didn't
happen. He rolled his eyes and went to set back down only to find
his chair no longer under him. He glared at the Huntress only to
have her smile a smartass smile at him. He mumbled something under
his breath that sounded like Bitch. Xander sighed and shook his head.

"Look," Xander said slightly loosing his temper with Risk., "If your
not going to take at least the next five minutes seriously get the
hell out."

"Who the hell do you think you are?," Risk said standing up quickly
and trying to intimidate the slightly shorter Xander., "You gonna
make me leave ring boy?" Xander turned his eyes away and noticed
that his entire team was centered on his reaction. If he didn't do
something all the respect he would need would be lost.

"You and I both know I can take you Risk. Sit down, or get out."

"Without that ring your nothin. Just a two bit civie."

"Uh oh." Superboy said as he began to inch down in his chair. The
women around the table looked at him in confusion until they saw the
vague anger in Xanders' eyes.

"Is that what you think?," Xander asked as he took the ring off his
finger and sat it on the table., "Let's see what you got."

"Your crazy, I'm ten times stronger and faster than you." Risk said
with a smile as he followed Xander onto a fighting mat a few hundred
feet away from the table they had been sitting at.

"Maybe. But once this is over, your going to start listening."

"Sure, whatever." Risk said and smirked as Xander fell into a loose
fighting stance.

"Does Warrior stand a chance?" Linda Danvers AKA Supergirl asked Kon
with a whispered tone.

"Okay, that's like asking if Nightwing stands a chance."

"Your kidding right?" Huntress asked with a slightly shocked voice.
Superboy looked at her with a serious expression.


"It's starting." Courtney said with more than a little awe in her

"This is going to be good." Superboy said a slight smile forming on
his face as he focused on the fight.


Chapter Four

Great, Xander thought to himself with profanity., Now what the
hell do I do?

"I won't hurt you to bad." Risk said with a smile as he began to
walk forward.

"Don't do me any favors." Xander said and jumped backward then
forward slamming a right fist into Risk throat. The blonde young
mans eyes flew open as he grabbed his throat only for Xander to slam
his shin into the young mans crotch with all the force he could
muster. Risk lashed out with a right fist that just grazed Xander's
chin sending the young man into a tight mid-air spin. The young
brunette landed on his feet with the spin and lashed out a kick
again hitting his meta-human opponent in the throat. He had to hit
every weak point he could think of. Kidneys, throat, several
pressure points that Dragon had taught him. In moments Risk was
breathing hard, had a few bruises. But that's all Xander's blows
could do. Xander jumped forward into the air slamming both feet into
Risks' face. He used the force of the blow to flip himself backwards
landing in a crouch a few feet away from the stunned Meta-Human.

"Not bad for a civie huh." Xander taunted causing the eyes of his
opponent to cloud with anger. Risk ran at Xander full speed his fist
by his head ready to deliver a full force blow. He never got the
chance. As Risk began his run Xander jumped forward sliding feet
first into the knees of the half alien ex Titan. As Risks' own
momentum caused him to flip end over end and slam into the wall of
Warriors with a loud crash. Xander kipped up to his feet.

"Alright, I've put up with this long enough." The teen said the ring
on the table flying into the air and onto his right hand. In the
blink of an eye his costume flared around him and he held Risk
against the wall with a giant green hand., "I've given you the
opportunity to become a hero again. To get out of the so called life
of crime. You don't want it fine. Leave. But next time I come find
you, it'll be to take you down. I believe in second chances. But I
think the person should want it." With a sigh Xander willed the hand
away and Risk fell to the floor landing on his feet then his knees.
He coughed then stood and walked back toward the table.

"Wow." Courtney said with a voice filled with awe. The other women
at the table nodded there heads. Superboy simply smirked.

"Kids got balls." Huntress said with a slight smile. Superboy looked
at her and rolled his eyes. Supergirl looked at her in veiled
disgust. The table quickly became quiet as Risk took his seat and
Xander floated over to the spot he had just vacated.

"Can we get on with the meeting now?" The heroes around the table
simply nodded.

"Good," Xander said with a smile., "Now that the introductions are
over I can stop being such a hardass. As for your question
Courtney." Xander said nodding to the youngest member of the group
with a smile before continuing., "Look around, You've got Supergirl,
SB, Huntress, Risk, and myself. Not one big leaguer in the bunch. At
least, no one up on Supermans level."

"From what I saw you and SB are close." Courtney said thinking back
to the fight she had seen only months before. Xander looked at her
and half smiled.

"Together, SB and I MIGHT be able to hurt or even beat Superman,
apart we wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in hell."

"You two take Superman, yeah right." Risk said with a snort. Xander
was about to answer before Courtney did.

"You didn't see them fight Darkseid and Doomsday. I was there. They
were on up in power."

"Plus," Superboy said while smiling at Courtney with thanks., "We
worked together, Xander and I are a team. And soon, all of us will
be a team."

"That's touching really," Risk said with a smartass tone as he
leaned back., "My only real question is who the leader of this team
is." As the question was asked four sets of eyes landed on Xander as
Risk then smirked at the young man.

"In battle, me, or SB. In this room, in a meeting, everyone has an
equal vote. Now if we're in a terrain that someone knows more than
me. Like if we're in Gotham, Huntress has the tactical advantage,
but either I or SB are going to okay the plan. If there's time. If
not, well, Huntress has proven herself. Same with Supergirl or SSK."

"What about me?" Risk asked with a smirk on his face.

"If you know more about a place and situation than me or one of the
others, we WILL listen to your observations, and we'll even hear out
your plan. IF there's time. Sound fare to everyone?" The group
nodded there heads and even Risk had to accept that it was the best
he would get out of the deal.

"You talk like you expect us to be JLA level." Supergirl said with a
smile and curious blue eyes.

"I do. This isn't the entire team. I have more people to get in
touch with. And we will start training soon. I've gotten a financial
backer whose given me more than enough money to start a base of

"Damn, your really on the ball with all this." Risk said finally
letting his old self show through a little. He was actually a little

"Been thinking about it for a month. I have a certain someone ready
to train all of you. I believe Huntress knows him already. But she
could still learn a few things."

"Richard?" Helena Burtenilli asked in shock. Xander nodded his head
in confirmation then smiled at everyone.

"Now, it's time to get down to business." Xander pulled out a chair
and took a seat. He looked to his left to see the Huntress.

"Can you think of anyone you'd want in this group?"

"Not really, bit of a loner unless it's the Bat Crew." Xander nodded
biting his lip in thought. He moved on.

"What about you Risk?"

"Any of my old teammates would be cool. Maybe Argent?" The young man
said and Xander nodded.

"She's in the Titans but I don't see a problem with sending an
invite. Courtney?"

"I was think maybe CM3."

"Not a bad idea. I'll try and get him an invite. Supergirl?" Xander
smiled at the young blonde who smiled back slightly.

"We kinda need a Speedster, how about Jesse Quick?"

"She's on her own at the moment, little dispute with the Titans. I'm
sure I can talk to her. Or maybe you should do it."

"It'll be better coming from you." Supergirl said with a smile.
Xander only nodded his head.

"How about you SB. Anybody ya want in our little group?"


"Her mother box would really come in handy. There's not many left.
You're closer to her than I am, you go recruiting kid." Xander said
with a thoughtful look.

"Gee, thanks." The kid said in a dry voice that told everyone he
wasn't looking forward to it.

"What did you do?"

"She thinks I purposely walked in while she was in the shower."
Superboy said causing Risk to laugh and Xander to smile and raise an

"Did you?"

"NO, I thought it was.... never mind."

"I'll get it from you later." Xander said laughter in his voice.

"Whatever." Kon said and pushed on his hand stamp transporting him
to the Rave and away from all the questions.

"Any questions?"

"Yeah? It's late, I'm tired, got a place I can crash?" Risk asked
and Xander nodded.

"There's a room for each of you anytime you want it. Your is second
floor third door on the left."

"Ya know, maybe this won't be so bad." Risk said as he stood and
walked toward the staircase.

"You have rooms here as well. If you want them."

"I'll stay for the night. I have to get home tomorrow." Courtney
said as she stood and listened to Xander's directions.

"What about you SG?"

"Nah, I gotta get going. I'll be back tomorrow to... train." As
Supergirl floated into the air Xander looked at Huntress and raised
an eyebrow.

"What about you? Ya gonna head back to Gotham tonight?"

"That depends, where's my room?"

"About three doors down from mine." Xander said with a smile as he
stood. Helena followed him in standing.

"Yeah, It's almost daylight. I'll head back to Gotham tomorrow."

"Follow me beautiful." Xander said walking toward the stairs that
Risk and Courtney had already climbed.

"Keep up the flattery and I just might." Huntress answered causing
Xander look back and smile at her with raised eyebrows.

"Maybe I should move you a little closer to my room. Ya know, keep a
close eye on you."

"Good idea."


Chapter Five.

Xander groaned silently as he stretched trying to loosen his muscles
before getting out of the king size bed all the rooms at Warriors
had in the bedrooms.

"Quit moving so much, it's to early." The feminine voice of Helena
Butinelli AKA the Huntress said causing Xander to smile.

"I'm so very sorry.," Xander said with a sarcastic filled voice.
Helena growled as she buried her face into the pillow.

"I've got some things to do today. See ya tonight with the rest of
the team."

"Uh huh." Was all Huntress could say as she went back to a peaceful
sleep. Xander rolled his eyes and slid out of bed carefully. He had
to take a shower and get dressed, then it was onward into the
daylight to talk to some old friends, about some new jobs.

"You didn't." Superboy said as he and Warrior flew across the sky
leaving trails in the atmosphere behind them. Xander didn't say

"YOU DID?!" Superboy yelled in shocked delight., "You are so the
man. She's hot."

"Man, keep it to yourself, I don't know how the hell you figured it

"Well," Superboy said with a frown as he looked down., "Lately I've
been ya know, hearing things, and well, I kinda heard..."

"You're getting super hearing?"

"Um... I guess so yeah." Superboy said with a slight smile.

"And you heard... everything?" Xander asked becoming a little

"Well, not everything. I mean, I didn't get back to Warriors till

"You all of a sudden get Super Hearing and you use it to listen to
me and Huntress." Xander said with a snort.

"Hey," Superboy said indignantly., "I didn't do it on purpose. The
power just goes in and out as it wants to."

"We'll have to work on that. Any other powers your not telling me

"Nah, not yet anyway." Superboy said with a smile as Sunnydale High
came into view.

"We better land and change." Xander said and Superboy nodded
following his lead.

"So your living with Superman now. What's that like?"

"Well, I'm going to be learning from the best. It's kinda strange
going from solo hero to sidekick but I think it'll help me out in
the long run." Superboy said with a shrug as he slipped a jacket and
jeans on over his costume.

"True." Xander said as he powered down and began to walk toward the
school. Superboy walked beside him step for step.

"Your really gonna get them involved?" Superboy asked not sure about
his friends train of thought on the matter.

"Willow will be the technical genius, Giles is awesome in the
mystics and magic department, plus Miss Calender will help with
that." Xander said naming the two main reasons he had come back to

"What about Buffy?"

"With Dragons training, and the Batmans equipment, well, she'll be
on up there. If she wants to be that is." Xander answered as he
opened one of the double doors to the High School. The two easily
made there way to the library as classes had already started.

Warriors L.A.

Huntress, Star Spangled Kid, and Supergirl sat at a corner table
silently. All thinking of there newest teammates, and there place in
the team.

"So," Courtney said breaking the silence., "What does everyone think
of Warrior?"

"He's good, I think he seems to be a little full of himself,
thinking we can be JLA level." Supergirl said in a deep thoughtful

"I've talked to the Bat Clan, the kid knows his limits. He's
probably the only hero that really does." Huntress said taking up
for there new leader.

"I don't know, he seems, crazy sometime." Supergirl said not really
sure what to think. Huntress smiled slightly.

"Don't we all."


The members of the Justice League sat around the table in deep

"Are we still going to ask them?" Wonder Woman asked the other
members of there elite team.

"I don't see why not. It would only be on a reserve basis." Superman
said with a thoughtful yet light hearted look on his face.

"Warrior might say no." Batman said in his deep voice as he sat
beside Superman.

"If he's getting this team together for the reason you say. He's
going to want all the help he can get when the time comes, he'll
take the communicator if only for that reason." Martian Manhunter
said in his distinctive way. The others nodded in agreement, even
the Batman.

"Now, I think it's best that we bring them here, and all ask them to
consider." Wonder Woman said with a non-authoritive tone. Everyone
nodded there agreement.

"Might as well make a party out of it. Invite YJ and some of the
other heroes?" Green Lantern voiced his opinion.

"It might be a good idea, keep them from being, intimidated by
adults." Superman said knowing how the young heroes didn't like to
be bossed around for no reason.

"Then it's settled." Wonder Woman said with a smile as she
stood., "I'll let Cassie know, she can invite YJ. Then we'll work on
getting the Outsiders invited."

Sunnydale High Library.

"So you and Huntress huh?" Superboy said in a whisper.

"There is no me and Huntress. She's not the clingy type, and right
now, I don't need to be either." Xander said with a slight sigh.
Superboy leaned back in his chair with a smile.

"A booty call. I didn't think you had in you Xan-man." Superboy said
causing Xander to lash out with his left foot and hook the back leg
of the chair Superboy had leaning backwards. The young hero fell to
the floor with a slight yelp that made even Giles smile, and Miss
Calender laugh out loud. Superboy stood up with a slight snarl and
dusted himself off.

"Very funny."

"I found it rather amusing." Giles said as he and Miss Calender sat
across from the young heroes.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you Xander but what brings you home?"

"Job offers G-man. And believe it or not you might even get paid."
Xander said with a small smirk., "I'll tell you more when the others
get here. They have a little part to play in this as well."

"Part in what?" Buffy said as she Willow and Oz walked in the door.
They saw Xander almost right away and with a speed that defied the
laws of physics they latched onto him.

"I missed you guys to." Xander said with a laugh as he hugged both
of them, and nodded his hello to Oz. Finally the young man was able
to pull himself from the two girls and push them gently into seats
before standing before them.

"Okay," Xander started with a deep breath., "First thing is. I don't
want you to say yes because you feel like you owe me or anything.
You do NOT have to do this. Truthfully I can do it without you, I
can, I just don't want to."

"Just spit it out Xand." Buffy said slightly worried about the way
her friend was talking.

"I've started a team. The Outsiders. I'd like all four of you to
join." As Xander finished a hush was over the library. Finally Giles
broke the silence.

"We are not Superheroes Xander."

"Really?" Xander asked with a small smile., "We couldn't have saved
the world a month ago without you Giles. It was your idea, you found
the spell, and you made it happen." Giles looked down embarrassed at
the young mans words.

"What about the rest of us? We're not in your league." Willow said
with a soft voice.

"Wills, there's this woman I know, she's in a wheelchair, but she
does more for the superhero community than any five heroes out
there. If you accept my offer, your her link to us. Your our
Oracle." The team was in thought as Xander turned to Buffy.

"I've got the greatest martial artist in the world ready to train
you Buffy. With his training, my equipment, you can do great things.
Not only with the Outsiders, but here, on the Hellmouth to." He
smiled at the slayer then turned to Oz., "Oz, from what I hear your
an electrical genius when it comes to communication. That's your
forte. If you all accept." He turned and looked at Miss Calender
with a small smile.

"Jenna Calderesh, your a decently strong witch. With you and Giles
on the team we'd all but have the magic realm cornered. Again, if
you accept." Xander looked down at the floor as his friends thought
about his proposition. Again it was Giles who broke the silence.

"You know we want to help you Xander. But, we can not leave the
Hellmouth, it cannot be left unprotected."

"I know," Xander said with a smile., "That's why the Outsiders HQ is
here. Set right in the middle of good ole Sunnyhell."

"In that case., "Buffy started with a large smile., "You know I'm

"Same here Xand." Willow said her smile growing larger as she
thought of all the new technological things she'd have to learn with.

"Me to." Oz said in his monotone voice. Xander smiled and nodded at
the three, then looked over a Giles who had not only a smile of
happiness, but a total look of pride in his eyes.

"Of course I'm in Xander. I've wanted to be involved since the

"I'll help however I can." Jenna said she seemingly the only one who
caught that Xander hadn't called her Miss Calender. The only other
person knowing of her identity being that of Rupert Giles she was
slightly at a lose. But the smile on Xander's face showed her there
was nothing to be afraid of. Not from him at any rate.

"This is great." Xander said with a smile as he slapped Kon on the
back. Kon smiled at him and knew at that moment that there was no
way anyone here was going to die. Unless Xander, and himself, went
first. Good friends were just to hard to find.


Chapter Six.

Xander led the large group into the underground structure with a
large smile on his face.

"What is this place?" Huntress asked as she and Superboy moved up
from the group and stood at either side of Xander.

"Believe it or not, this was intended to be a deep cover military
base by next year.," Xander said while taking in the large main
room., "The funding went the way of the buffalo so I was able to get
a few strings pulled and buy the place under an assumed shadow
company. Oracle can work wonders when she needs to."

"This is our HQ?" Superboy ask in shock as he surveys the area
around him., "This place is huge."

"Plenty of room for training, and living if need be."

"I think it's cool." Star Spangled Kid said stepping forward and
looking over the area.

"I'm in total agreement." Buffy said as she smiled at Xander and he
smiled back in thanks.

"Well, let me give you the tour. Then, I'm going to introduce you to
your newest instructor."

"Yeah," Buffy said stepping forward with a smile., "Who is this so
called badass that's going to teach ME?"

"Trust me blonde," Huntress said with a smile., "He'll wipe the
floor with you." Buffy turned quickly on the Huntress with a look
that would kill any master vampire.

"Alright, play nice." Xander said without looking back. Both women
looked at the mans back and as Buffy stuck out her tongue Huntress
gave him the finger.

"Don't think I didn't see that." That Xander a slight humor in his
voice., "Go for the tour boys and girls. SB and I have to take care
of a little bit of other business."

"Like what?"

"Two things, One, I need to talk to Oracle and have her order the
best computer system she can find. Two, gotta talk to our little
financial backer. He's probably going to want a tour of the place."

"Your going to give a Civie a tour?," Risk asked finally making his
annoying presence known., "Are you an idiot?"

"I never said he was a Civilian. There's maps of the place on the
computers at the end of the room. Find your room, check the place
out. We'll be back in a few hours." The group nodded and began to
talk among themselves as Xander and Superboy walked out of the room.

The Oval Office was dark as Lex Luthor looked at the screen with the
Technician on it.

"The two young heroes have been spotted flying over Metropolis.

"Very well, release the tape to the media in ten minutes. I want
there world turned upside down by nightfall." The figure on the
screen nodded and the screen went black. Lex leaned back with a
smile on his face.

"The deal is almost done Darkseid. Soon, your going to have to
deliver your little Army."

The two young heroes flew over the earth silently contemplating
there new positions in the world.

"Something's been bugging me Xan," Superboy said breaking the
silence., "Why did you make me second in command. Wouldn't SG or
Huntress be a better choice."

"No, they wouldn't have. You and me think alike Kon. We feel the
same about this job, we take it seriously, just not to seriously.
Plus, I trust you, I don't know the others well enough to trust them
to make the right decision. I know you will."

"Um... wow." Superboy said actually touched by the faith Xander had
in him.

"Even Robin has noticed how much you've changed recently," Xander
added with a slight smile on his face., "I think he said. Ego went
down, thoughts of others went up."

"I'm gonna beat the snot outta Bird Boy."

"I'd just take it as a compliment. Anyway, I trust you to put the
others first, that's why your my right hand man."

"I get it. Doesn't hurt that I'm able to kick your ass any day of
the week." Superboy aside with a smile on his face. Xander looked at
him with a mock glare.

"I could teach you a thing or two kid. Stick with me, you'll either
fly higher than ever..."

"Or go down in a ball of flames." Superboy finished with a smile.
Xander chuckled and nodded.

"Touché." Xander said as the duo landed in front of a pizza joint
to eat.

"OH MY GOD! IT'S THEM!" A female voice screamed out making both
Xander and Superboy turn.

"We really don't have time for autographs ladies," Superboy started
with a large smile., "If you leave me your names and numbers I'll

"FREEZE!" The two turned the other way to see three police officers
with revolvers pointing at them.

"Did we do something to get fired from Superherodom War?"

"If so I didn't get the memo." Warrior said with a serious voice as
he eyed the policemen., "Two choices SB, give up and go to jail. Or,
split and find out who the hell set us up."

"I'm all for option two fearless leader."

"Then it unanimous. Let's get the hell outta here." Xander said, the
two taking to the air with inhuman speed. The cops didn't get the
chance to fire a round.


The Flash came to a jarring stop in front of Kyle.

"Ah!," Kyle yelled in shock as Wally seemed to materialize in front
of him., "Damn, don't do that Wally."

"Um, sorry." The Flash said with a smile that told Kyle he was
anything but., "There's something on the Alert screen you should
see. It's about Warrior and Superboy. It says.. Well, that they
killed somebody."

"What?!," Kyle yelled in shock even as he walked toward the main
computer to see the screen., "They would never...." His words went
silent as he looked at the screen just in time to see Warrior snap
the neck of a common thug., "It's gotta be a fake."

"They ran from the cops just outside of Metropolis. The Pres, wants
us to bring them in. One way or another was his exact words."

"Luthor. This just reeks."

"We have to do it." Martian Manhunter said as he walked into the
room., "If we do not the people will no longer trust in us."

"Look," Kyle said with a serious voice., "J'onzz and I will go down
and try to talk some sense into them. Get them to turn themselves
over to the JLA."

"If Warriors anything like the Bat it'll never happen." Wally said
with a slight smile., "My guess is there running so they can find
out who made this tape. I wish we could let them play it out."

"Me to. But we must bring them in, for there safety as well as our
own." J'onzz answered with a saddened look.

"Alright.," Kyle said with a sigh., "Let's go J'onzz. I've got a
couple friends to stab in the back." Wally and J'onzz looked at Kyle
in sympathy as he walked from the room to the teleporter.

"They wouldn't do something like this." Wally said with a determined

"I agree. We will get to the bottom of this. Notify Superman and
Batman of the situation."

"Sure thing J'onzz." Wally said even as the Martian Manhunter
floated from the room., "This is so screwed up."

"This is so screwed up!" Superboy yelled into the sky as the two
young heroes flew over the state of Hawaii leisurely.

"It has to be someone with a lot of money, and a lot of power.
Someone that could have something to gain from getting us out of the

"Who would gain anything with us gone? NO ONE. We're minor league
here Xander." Superboy said while in deep thought himself.

"Then he's doing it for another reason. Revenge? Darkseid maybe?"
Xander thought out loud.

"Not his style, he'd just send an army here to kill us. And everyone

"True," Xander said his eyes no really focusing on what was ahead of
him., "But will all the powerhouses on planet he knows he couldn't
do that right now. It would be suicide. Maybe he's teamed up with

"You think we pissed him off that bad?" Superboy asked in shock.

"We're nothing but snot nosed brats to him. Of course we pissed him
off that bad. He got beat by a couple of rookies."

"Still, that doesn't help us at all."

"Your right, for once.," Xander said trying to inject a little humor
into the situation., "So we focus on the tape. There can't be that
many people that can fake a tape that well."

"Well, It could be the DEO. They've been wanting to get rid of YJ
for months now." Superboy offered with a shrug.

"Doesn't fit, why just come after you and me then. Hell, why come
after me at all. I'm not in YJ anymore."

"Nothing makes sense right now.," Superboy said in
frustration., "Okay, what do we do fearless leader?"

"I'm going to call Oracle. Maybe she can analyze the footage from
the tape. Either prove it's false, or give us the names of the
people who can make it."

"Sounds like a good plan."

"Not really, but it's all we've got." Xander said with a frown on
his face., "We need to contact The Outsiders, tell them not to worry
and not to mention any of this to anyone. Including the JLA."

"Why keep us out of the loop?" Kyle asked as he and Martian
Manhunter flew up beside the young duo. Xander and Superboy cursed
silently and stopped suddenly each one facing off with the other.

"Your here to take us in aren't you?" Xander asked already knowing
the answer.

"Just come up to the Watchtower, we'll get this all straightened
out." Kyle said praying that this talk wouldn't escalate into

"We can't do that Kyle. Give us twenty-four hours. If we can't clear
our names by then we'll come in."

"I wish I could Xander. Really. But I just can't do it. If we let
you run free the public won't trust us anymore. We can't let that
happen." Kyle said his voice showing how much he meant the words.

"I understand.," Xander said his voice soft but growing
harder., "Now you have to understand that this is something we've
got to do. If we go in it could take months to clear us. By then,
well, I've got a feeling we won't be needed. This is it Kyle. Either
A: you let us walk for a day. Or B: We walk over you." Xander said
the last part with more emotion in his voice than anyone had heard
in a long time. Everyone present could tell he didn't want this
fight to happen.

"I'm sorry Xander." Kyle said as his ring began to glow. Martian
Manhunter tensed ready for the battle.

"Not nearly as much as I am Kyle." Warrior said a green aura
enveloping his body even as Superboy tensed into a fighting stance
he'd seen Xander use the day before on Risk.

"Let's get this over with." Superboy said with a sad smile on his
face. The two duo's flew toward each other with the speed of a



Superman and Batman walked into the main room quickly.

"What's the situation?" Superman asked with a serious expression on
his face.

"Look for yourself." Wally said pointing at two of the screens. On
one was a CNN newscast talking about the murder by Warrior and
Superboy, on the other was Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter
squaring off against the two young heroes.

"It's a fake." Superman said with absolute certainty as he watched

"Yeah, I know, so does Kyle and J'onzz but we don't have a choice.
We have to bring them in." Wally said with a sad voice.

"I'll go down and talk some sense into them." Superman said but
didn't get to move as Batman spoke.

"What if you don't."

"What?" Superman asked looking at his friend in shock.

"What if, when or if they get passed kyle and J'onzz we let them go
for a short time." Batman said with a small almost invisible smile
on his face.

"Warrior asked for twenty-four hours. I think maybe he already has a
few leads." Wally said looking at Superman with a pleading look.

"Okay." Superman said with a smile of his own., "If they can get
past Kyle and J'onzz we'll give them the twenty-four hours."

"What's the league about if not sticking by one another?" Superman
added with a small smile, he winced as he looked at the monitor to
see Kyle slam a green fist into Warriors jaw.

Xander fell from the sky slamming into the ocean below him with a
loud yell. The water seemed calm for a moment before the Warrior
shot from the ocean with a bellow and slammed a green surrounded
fist into the stomach of Kyle. As Kyle doubled over from the force
of the blow Xander slammed a right fist into the side of the Green
Lanterns head then brought up a knee knocking the air from Kyle as
it impacted his chest hard. Xander flew backward quickly pushing his
back against Superboys as the two kept an eye on there respected

"Got a plan War? We are so far out of our league it isn't funny."

"Actually," Warrior whispered with a smile., "I do. You remember how
you told me about the bubble you put around you in space. Do that to
these to. But make it hard, think you can do it?"

"If you give me enough time I can try."

"No problem. I'll keep them busy. Shouldn't be to much of a problem.
But at the first broken rib I'm sickin them both on you." Xander
said with a cocky smile gracing his face.

"Gee, your such a good friend." Superboy answered sarcastically.

"I know." Xander said before shooting straight up in the air and
doing something he'd been thinking over for a long time. He
duplicated his ring. One on each hand as he started a spin shooting
green beams of energy from both rings.

"That's impressive." Superman admitted as he watched J'onzz and Kyle
both fall toward the water from the surprise move.

"Just wait. He has something in mind." Batman said a small amount of
pride filling his voice.

As Xander stopped his spinning he saw the two superheroes coming his
way. With a smile he rocketed down toward the ocean causing both the
heroes to change there course downward. With a smile he again
decided to try something new. The young man clamped his jaw shut
gritting his teeth as he put his will into form. It looked as if his
body began to grow, his muscles seeming to bulge when in reality it
was just his green aura fitting tighter to his body and fluctuating
wildly. Both Kyle and J'onzz stopped for a moment to see what the
young man had in mind. That was there mistake when faster than Kyle
could believe J'onzz was hit with a hard right cross and he was
slammed with a green truck. As Xander completed the right he twisted
and slammed a left sidekick into the Martians mid section causing
the alien to fly into the water below them at mach speeds. Xander
turned just in time to catch Kyle left hook to his jaw. As Xander
twisted he lashed out with a left uppercut that almost made Kyle
flip in mid air. As the Green Lanterns head went up Xander slammed
an overhand right into his friends chest holding back only slightly
so as not to seriously hurt his ally. He moved back for a kick but
was blindsided win J'onzz slammed into his left side sending the
young Warrior flying past a concentrating Superboy.

"Hurry it up will ya!" Xander yelled as he flew by blocking a right
cross from Martian Manhunter. Xander was glad that everyone was
holding back in this fight. He'd hate to have to fight either hero
at there full potential. Much less take both of them at the same

"What's Superboy doing?" Wally asked as he watched Warrior get
slammed from two different directions from GL and MM.

"I'm not sure.," Superman said then smiled as he looked closer to
the monitor., "He sure is concentrating awfully hard though."

"We might want to remember this fight."

"Why is that?" Wally asked as he finally took his eyes from the
monitor to look at The Batman.

"These are two kids holding there own with two of the leagues
best. I don't think this will ever happen again."

"Let's hope not." Wally said with a small smile as he turned back to
the monitor just in time to see Xander slam a right hook in J'onzz
face and get a left sidekick in his ribs from Kyle., "That had to

"Okay Kon. Concentrate. Warrior is counting on you. Can't let your
best bud down now can you." Superboy said to himself as he tried to
manipulate the molecules of air around him. He felt it slightly.
Just a minor change in the temperature., "Just a little more.
Concentrate kid."

Xander flew backward with the force of a punch from J'onzz. He
thought he was going to go past Hawaii only for him to grunt in pain
as he hit an invisible barrier in mid air. He hid the grunt and flew
back toward the fight as if he stopped under his own power.

"Just a little more kid. Your getting there." Xander whispered
almost silently as he slammed into Green Lantern with a shoulder
before also slamming into MM with the same move. The three heroes
flew into the water at speeds that would have crushed any normal
human. As the group hit the water Xander poured on more speed
slamming the two heroes beneath him into the soft sand floor of the
Pacific. He turned quickly flying out of the water to hover beside

"How we doing kid?"

"Just another minute. Then get them as close to me as you can."

"I'll try." Warrior said as the two Justice Leaguers flew out of the
water angry looks on there face., "Oh shit."

JLA Watchtower.

"At least there holding back." Wally said while watching the screen.

"Kyle and J'onzz, or Warrior?" Superman asked already knowing the

"All three." Batman said in his no nonsense tone of voice. Wally
looked up in shock but decided to take The Bats word for it.

"Looks like Superboy is going to make his move." Batman said his
eyes intently focused on the screen.

"This should be interesting." Superman said also leaning forward to
focus on the screen.

"Now War!" Superboy yelled through gritted teeth as he forced all
the ttk he could out his body. The Warrior nodded to himself and
focused both rings on the two Justice League members flying at him
at supersonic speeds. With a yell he unleashed two identical beams
hitting GL and MM in the chest sending them both flying into the
wall that Superboy had constructed from the molecules in the air.
With a earsplitting roar Superboy focused on the air and pushed the
wall in to form a small circular holding cell. Warrior smiled and
quickly focused both his green beams on the wall enveloping it in a
green aura. He concentrated and used his will and his somewhat new
knowledge of what the ring could do to change the fluctuation of the
air molecules in the globe causing it to completely solidify under
the green aura. The young man stopped and breathed a deep breath
before floating down level with the green bubble.

"It will dissipate in a few minutes. Sorry about this Kyle, J'onnz,
but SB and I gotta do this. Twenty-four hours. Then we'll be at the

"I did it! I can't freakin believe it." Superboy said as he looked
at the cell he and Warrior had constructed.

"Yeah, the air cell will keep Kyle's ring from freeing them
immediately. But using the fluctuation powers of my ring I've tuned
the frequency of the aura around the ball into a high pitch. It
shouldn't take but a few minutes to crack the air cell. We better
get going."

"That is major kewl." Superboy said with a smile as the two began to
fly away. He waved at the two Justice Leaguers one last time before
they disappeared as the sun began to fall.

"There damn good." Kyle said looking at J'onnz with a smile.

"I admit that they are better than I expected." As the Martian spoke
the cell around them vanished.

"Quick thinking really. Gotta give them credit." Kyle said as he and
J'onnz flew up toward the atmosphere.

"I couldn't agree more."


Chapter Eight

Superboy and Warrior flew over Sunnydale as dusk sat with long faces.

"I can't believe I can't get in touch with Oracle. I swear if she
and Nightwing are... I'll hurt him.," Xander said with a serious
face., "I will."

"I'll be right there with ya pal. So what's plan B?"

"The Outsiders kid. There plan B, to be honest they should have been
plan A." Xander said as the two landed in the middle of one of the
wooded areas of Sunnydale and Xander typed in a code on a hidden

"Yeah, teams should stick together." Superboy said as the two young
heroes walked into the main room. The entire Outsiders team turned
to look at them and Willow stood quickly.

"We already know. I've searched through all the databases I could
find and only came up with a couple names who could have made such a
good phony video, that have a record."

"Damn, she is good." Superboy said with a smile as he looked at
Xander who was to smiling.

"Yep. Told ya so."

"What's the whole story Warrior?" Supergirl asked with a serious
look on her beautiful face.

"I don't have the entire story yet. So far all we know is someone
wants Superboy and I gone. The guy or gal pulling the strings has to
have lots of money, and lots of power. Only a few names come to mind
but connecting them to us is a hell of a stretch."

"Great. So all we have are the names Willow found." Huntress said
already deducing what Xander had in mind.

"Yeah," Superboy said with a small frown., "And it gets worse. War
and I only have about 22 hours before we have to walk into the
Watchtower and turn ourselves in. We were able to get away from GL
and Martian Manhunter but we gave our word that we would turn
ourselves in tomorrow."

"Then we better move fast.," Risk said grabbing the print out that
Willow had finished just before the teams leaders had entered the
HQ., "There's only four names on here. Only three of them have

"Whose the fourth?" Superboy asked as he reached for the printout.
Risk handed him the paper after a seconds hesitation.

"A guy called The Technician. Supposedly some kind of mechanical and
technical genius."

"Damn, I'd bet any amount of money it's him." Superboy said with a
loud sigh.

"Dealt with him before?" Warrior asked grabbing the printout.

"Yeah. Quite a while back. But yeah."

"Risk, Huntress, and Supergirl. I want you to take the first three
names on this list. SB and I will focus on finding The Technician."

"Ya got it boss." Huntress said looking at the top name on the list
before walking out.

"I'll get my part done. "Risk said memorizing the second name and
address before tossing the paper to Supergirl.

"If it's one of our guys we'll get this straighten out." Supergirl
said floating after her leaving teammates. As they vanished down one
of the exit tunnels Xander turned to Willow.

"Where was the last place the Technician was spotted?"

"Washington D.C." Willow said quickly having read all the info just
moments earlier. Xander and Superboy looked at each other and

"Great," Xander said and rubbed his face., "Giles, Buffy, I want you
to take a copy of the footage to a friend of mine. I'll call ahead
and have him meet you at the back alley of The Bronze.

"No problem Xander." Buffy said already reaching for one of the
three copies the team had already made., "What's this friend look

"Big guy, black hair, red, yellow, and blue uniform. Trust me you'll
know him when you see him."

"Want me to use my communicator?" Superboy asked already knowing
what Xander wanted.

"Yeah, tell him the back alley of The Bronze in Sunnydale
California. Fifteen minutes."

"No problemo War." Superboy said beginning to walk away but not
before pulling a little earpiece from his pocket., "Superman, this
is Kon....." The voice faded as Kon-El moved further from the group.

"Whose behind this Xander?" Giles asked as he grabbed his coat off a
nearby chair.

"Not totally sure Giles, but one of the most corrupt bastards ever
is at D.C. The Technician being there sure is a big coincidence."

"To big of one to ignore I assume." Giles said with a small smile.

"Yeah, way to big."

"Why are we sending a tape War? I know Batman would have already
thought of this." Superboy said coming back into the conversation.

"I got a feeling Batman is going to sit this one out until he's sure
I'll need his help. He's giving me a little space this time around."

"Ah.," Superboy said with a frown., "Great time to cut the cord Xan-

"We can handle this Kid."

"No doubts from me. But the Bat could've done all the hard work for
us." Superboy said with a large smile.

"Don't get lazy on me now." Xander said with a smile as he shook
Giles' hand and hugged Buffy as the two left.

"Oz, there are a couple communicators in that cabinet over there.
Grab three." Xander said pointing to a cabinet a few feet to Oz's
left. The young musician nodded and grabbed what he was told tossing
one to Xander, one to Superboy, and keeping one for himself and

"Careful guys." Oz said nodding to them both.

"Hey this is the super-duo your talkin to. Apart we're damn tough,
together we invincible." Superboy said while hitting Xander on the

"Yeah," Xander said with a smile as he fitted the small communicator
in his ear.," What he said."

"Let's get out of here War. We got work to do."

"Let's hit it." Xander said as he powered up and a green aura
surrounded him.

"Lead the way oh Fearless Leader." Superboy said with a large smile.
Xander flipped him the bird with a smile as he took off flying
toward the exit, the Teen Of Steel only a few lengths behind him.

"Xander and Superboy watched from behind a cloud as the limousine
pulled away from the White House.

"So you think tailing Luthor will lead us to the Technician."
Superboy said as the two began to float behind the car.

"It's all I've got to go on right now. so yeah."

"There following sir. Would you like me to tell the Technician to

"Yes. That would be the smart thing to do."

As the limo pulled into an old warehouse on the outskirts of the
city Xander and Kon landed on the roof.

"This is to easy." Superboy said with a small smile.

"It's not over yet. This is Lex Luthor remember?" Xander said as he
looked down through a dirty skylight.

"So we be careful." Superboy said with a shrug. Xander looked at him
with a smile.

"Yeah.," The Warrior said with a smile as his body was enveloped in
green energy., "Just not to careful." The two men smirked and jumped
through the skylight sending shards of glass falling into the middle
of the dark and dank warehouse. The two surveyed the warehouse and
turned quickly as clapping was heard behind them.

"Very nice entrance.," Lex Luthor said as he and The Technician
walked into the moonlight being provided through the destroyed
skylight window Xander and Superboy had just jumped through., "A
little over dramatic but all in all I give it a five."

"Oh come on. That was a seven point five at least." Superboy said
faking outrage. Warrior locked eyes with the bald villain for only a
moment before speaking.

"Give us the equipment you used to make the video."

"I would, really. But you see I've made a certain, deal with the
devil as everyone likes to say. You don't welsh on that kind of deal
my young friend."

"I'm not your friend.," Warrior said his tone cold and even.
Superboy smirked slightly as he saw Luthor's face show shock for
just a moment.

"That's to bad. Here I was about to make you an offer."

"You can shove that offer straight up your ass." Xander growled out
and Superboy almost laughed at the outraged look on Luthors face.

"Very well.," Luthor said before turning to the Technician., "Kill
Warrior. I need to have a little chat with Superboy before this is

"No problem."

"I'm not a pushover technogeek." Xander said beginning to stride
forward. He motioned Superboy toward Luthor and the Kid nodded in
acknowledgement before moving away from Xander and following the
path Luthor had taken. The two stopped about twenty feet to the left
of Xander and the Technician.

"So Baldie, what you wanna talk about? I hear the Lakers are gonna
suck this year." Superboy said no humor in his voice and no smile on
his face.

"Since the beginning of you I've been.... Curious. Well not really
curious but I had figured a little something out."

"Really?," Superboy asked faking curiosity., "You figured out Cadmus
actually gave this clone a brain and now your jealous?"

"Very quick retort."

"I do try." Superboy said with no smile, the hostility easily found
his normally friendly tone.

"You see I've made a few calls right after you lied to me in the
beginning. I found out a few interesting facts. Your DNA donors for

"Wow, it's not a big secret that Westfield used his own DNA helix."
Superboy said seemingly bored with the conversation.

"Is that what you were told. Such an easily convinced young clone
you are."

"Look, the chat's been fun Lex." Kon said steel in his voice., "But
I think I'll just knock your teeth out and go help my friend."

"You see," Lex continued ignoring Kons' threat with an easy
gate., "You have two donors, one is Superman himself, and the other,
well. Is me."

End Chapter Eight
A/N: Okay. I know that the few people that read this trash ;) need
to know a few things about the characters before I go on. Well here
we go. Superboy was created by Cadmus labs after Superman was killed
by Doomsday. It was originally stated that he was cloned from Paul
Westfields Cadmus' director at the time. We now know that was false
(thanks to Geoff Johns and his excellent writing on the new Teen
Titans comic.) It's now said that he's 50 kryptonian (superman) and
50 human (Luthor) Now the reason behind this hasn't been said in
the comics so I'm going to make up my own little reasons. Don't
expect all the answers to just fall into place right now. It'll come
eventually though.

Chapter Nine

Xander hit the ground as the yellow beam hit him in the chest hard.
This wasn't going the way he needed it to go. With a growl low in
his throat he kipped up to his feet and began dodging the
Technicians blast. A flip here, roll there. Relying more on his
physical training than his ring. Finally his mind caught up with his
body and he smiled. This was to easy.

"Your lying." Superboy said with a shocked voice.

"Why would I. You see, Dabney Donovan was the lead scientist on my
cloning. And, well, he was the first scientist assigned to your
little project. Think of it, the greatest criminal mind in known
history combined with the strongest hero on Earth. It's a once in a
millennium opportunity."

"I don't believe you."

"Sure you don't. I'll be in touch." Lex turned and walked
disappearing into the darkness. Superboy heard the limo start and
saw the lights disappear down the highway.

"He's lying.... right?"

Warrior flipped off the wall and used his ring to throw a wooden
crate in front of the energy beam that was coming toward him. With a
smile he jumped straight in the air using the ring to levitate as he
flipped forward and powered the ring down slamming both his feet
into the chest of The Technician. As the Technician hit the ground
Xander rolled forward spinning as he reached his feet a cocky smile
on his face as he powered his ring back up creating his green aura.

"Now to find the guys equipment." Xander said as Superboy walked up
to him. A confused and angry look on the young Teen Of Steels face.

"What's wrong?" Xander asked with sincerity.

"I'll tell you after we get everything straightened out."

"Okay," Xander said after a moments hesitation., "You check that
side of the room I got this side."

"Sure thing." Superboy said floating over to his side of the
warehouse. Xander watched him go with a curious gaze then sighed and
started searching his side.

Warrior and Superboy smiled and nodded to all the heroes that waved
at them at the Watchtower.

"I think he was lying." Superboy said with a false smile. He
couldn't take his mind off what Luthor had told him two days ago.

"So what if he wasn't?," Xander said smiling at Huntress who at the
moment was fighting with Nightwing., "Who your from doesn't make you
who you are. I still trust you Kon."

"Thanks man."

"Don't thank me. You earned it. Now let's party. This is a
celebration right?"

"Superboy, Warrior." Both young men looked up to see the JLA
standing together. Superman behind a podium., "Could the two of you
come up here please?" Both young men looked at each other in
confusion then made there way to the League. As the two Teen Heroes
stopped beside Superman the big blue grinned., "You've both done the
League, and the world proud. You've pushed past your limits time and
again to save not only innocent civilians. But other heroes that are
far more experienced than yourselves. So with great honor I ask you
to accept our offer. Reserve Membership of the Justice League Of

"Um," Xander said in pure shock., "How could I say no to that. Of
course I'll accept."

"Looks like we graduated to the big leagues War." Superboy said with
a smile as the heroes in the audience cheered like there was no
tomorrow. The Outsiders sat toward the back but there screams could
be heard over the other heroes with ease.

"You've both earned it." Wonder Woman said with a smile as she
handed both young men communicators.

"Good Job," Batman growled as he walked by., "Both of you." The
shock look on both the Teens faces made Batman smile slightly (there
it was JH!) but it was gone before anyone other than the two young
heroes could see it.

"Did he?" Superboy asked in shock.

"I think he did." Warrior muttered just as shocked.

"We're gonna die, that's gotta be it. We've only got like six months
to live and no ones telling us about it."

"Sounds like a plausible reason to me." Warrior said as smile
starting to form on his face as his and Superboys team walked up to

"Well well," Huntress said while she ran a finger over Xander's
chest slowly., "Look who got a promotion."

"Yes, and now we must celebrate. Naked limbo at The Outsiders HQ."
Superboy said finally getting in the spirit of the occasion. Xander
burst out laughing as he saw the look on Supergirl and SSK's faces.

"He's kidding. Unless ya know.... you wanna play." The smile on
Xander's face was filled with humor and the entire crew laughed. It
was now that he wished the Scoobies could be here. To bad school was
in session.

"I'm all for it, mind if maybe we invite a few of the other babes
present." Risk said eyeing Wonder Womans ample assets.

"I wouldn't do that buddy." Superboy said slapping the young man on
his shoulder., "I think I've got someone else for you to meet. She's
got a magnetic personality."

"Kon," Warrior said with a smile., "Get YJ and let's have a little
party at Outsiders HQ. Tell them to get ready for a little

"Kewl." Kon said moving toward the group that was already walking
toward them with large smiles.

"Underage parties were never my thing." Huntress said with a soft

"And here I thought you were happy I'm alright and would want to
test my physical fitness level."

"Keep dreaming Ring-Boy." Huntress said as he started to walk away.

"Boy?! I'm all man lady!" He yelled loudly causing all the other
heroes in the room to look at him with humorous faces., "Alright
this is mine and SB's day. No smart ass comments." Xander said with
a false scowl on his face.

"Wouldn't dream of it kid." Green Arrow said with a smile as he
turned back to Black Canary.

"So you and Huntress huh?" A voice that Xander had to smile at said.

"Nothin like what your thinkin there Roy." Xander said turning and
bumping fist the hero known as Arsenal.

"Give me some credit kid. Not only am I the best with weapons, I can
smell sex a mile away."

"Okay, so maybe it's sorta what you think. But still not exactly."

"Sure kid, sure." Arsenal said with a smile., "Ya know you me and
Superboy should go clubbin. There's this awesome new club in
Metropolis. A little photo ID magic and your in."

"Rain check Roy." Xander said with a smile and Roy looked hurt.

"Damn, the Bats already got the claws in him." Roy turned around
shoulders slumped and walked away. Xander chuckled making a mental
note to get the IDs and have a little fun with Roy in a few weeks.
Nightwing walked up and put a friendly arm on Xanders shoulder.

"Why does Roy look like you ran over his puppy?"

"Told him I wasn't going to go clubbing with him this weekend."
Xander said with a smile. Nightwing laughed slightly and nodded.

"He's been trying to corrupt one of us Bat boys since the beginning."

"I'll probably end up going, eventually. You've got to have a little
fun in this business." Xander said with a large smile.

"Couldn't agree more. Maybe I'll even join you."

"It's bound to be fun. I gotta get going Nightwing. Party at the new
HQ to celebrate our first success." Xander smiled and slapped
Nightwings hand before walking over to the rest of his team and
Young Justice.

"How's everyone been?"

"We've been fine. How about you War?" Robin asked a smile on his
face as he and Warrior slapped hands much like Nightwing and Warrior
just had.

"Except for the being set up for murder I've been peachy. Cass,

"Hey." The two girls said in unison. Xander reached an arm out and
stopped Impulse as he ran past.

"Hey War." Impulse said before ducking and beginning to run again.
Everyone shared a little laugh.


"Yeah?" Xander turned as Wonder Woman walked up to him.

"I've seen the footage of you and Superboy fighting J'onzz and Green
Lantern. Very.. interesting."

"Thanks I think. We didn't want to do it. Just didn't really see a
way around it."

"I'd have probably done the same." Wonder Woman stated with a smile
before turning and walking away with a wave.

"I know it's wrong guys.," Xander started with a serious look., "But
it's really really hard to concentrate with her around."

"Your such a man." Cissie said with a roll of her eyes. Xander
laughed all the time holding in the retorts that were screaming to
be said.

"I still thing he's a fraggin sissy." Lil' Lobo said with a huge
smile. Xander looked at him with a smirk.

"Go chew on your tricycle seat." Lobo just fumed.

"Can we go start a party now?" Superboy asked as he and Impulse
appeared with food and drinks in there hands.

"Where did y... I don't wanna know." Warrior said shaking his head
as the group walked toward the transporters.

"What?" Impulse asked in total confusion.

Xander stood in the dark room staring intently at the screen.

"Just wait Luthor.," Xander said as he watched man on the screen
with the Technician., "Soon your going to be playing by my rules. No
one messes with my friends."

"Xan?" Xander hit the escape key and turned quickly smiling at Buffy

"Yeah Buff?"

"Everyone is wondering where you are." Buffy said as the music from
the party could faintly be heard through the now open door. Xander's
smile became genuine as he powered up his ring.

"We better not keep them waiting then." He said with laughter in his
voice. Buffy looked at him in suspicion. Soon that look of suspicion
turned into one of horror. As Xander zoomed forward faster than she
thought possible and grabbed her flying from the room and dodging
all that was in there path.

"PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

END JOH: It All Falls Down.