(A/N: All right, so Megara is my absolute favorite Disney Heroine of all time. I don't know that I could even begin to tell you why. Maybe it's because she's kind of evil and she's not the typical sugary sweet and boring cinderella and Snow White (though there's nothing wrong with those types). Anyway, I wrote this poem for my Senior English class last year and though most people didn't know the actual meaning behind it, they seemed to like it. Hope you guys do too )


Life quickly fleeting no turning back

Worlds flash before her She sees the truth

Love was her weakness still her salvation

Completing what her life had once lacked

Flames of damnation licking at her feet

She dance the line unafraid of the danger

Constant reminders of an egregious oversight

A cool inferno lets loose its vicious heat

A bittersweet antithesis tearing her world apart

Through options small she chooses

The ultimate price upon her heart

Her hopes of loves kiss awakening

Disappear with childhood fairy tales

From the broken vigilante escapes a soul

Plunged into a river of damnation

In a vortex of those forever haunted

She is finally whole