A Brides Request and a Bridesmaid's Promise - Chapter 1

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AU KagxInu: Kagome's best friend Sango is finally getting married and Kagome shows up just in time for the wedding. But once she arrives there she realises that the man of honor is none other that her child hood enemy Inuyasha. When Kagome promises Sango something will she live to regret it or will it change her life...for the better?


Kagome x Inuyasha

Miroku x Sango

Ayame x Kouga

Sesshomaru x Rin

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Kagome flopped down onto her bed, completely exhausted. Man, did it ever feel good to finally be home. Closing her eyes, she breathed in the smell of home, everything being so soothing and familiar. Even after all the years she had spent being a journalist, being away from home for two months was definitely hard to deal with. Cracking one eye open, Kagome glanced at her answering machine. The little red light was flashing, causing her to groan. With as much energy as she could muster, Kagome got to her feet and began wondering just how many messages there were this time. Cautiously, the raven haired female picked up the phone, pressed in her code and waited for the answer to her question. Her eyes went wide as she screeched, nearly causing her to drop the offending phone. "Ninety-five?!?" Sinking sadly into a nearby chair, Kagome grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil from the side table and prepared herself for about an hour of torture.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, Kagome sighed as she leaned her head back and sank deeply into the chair. After finally listening to all of her messages, only six of them had actually been of some importance. Two of them belonged to her parents, who were currently vacationing in Hawaii and were calling just to check in to see if she was alright. One of the messages was from her boss, kindly reminding her he needed the story she was working on in no later then two weeks.

The other three had been from her best friend Sango. Her first message played back as "Hi Kagome! It's me Sango. I don't know where you are, but I really need to talk to you. If you could call me back whenever you get home, that would be wonderful. I have tons to tell you!" The second message had been left a month later and she was apparently slightly less that calm as before. "Umm, hi Kagome. It's me Sango again. Just calling to double check that you got my last message because it's been nearly a month and you never called me back. Please call me right away when you get this." And finally, her third message left Kagome with the distinct impression Sango was extremely angry. Given by the fact her greeting was rather loud. "Kagome! You need to call me NOW!!!! I repeat, NOW!!!! This is highly important, and if you don't call me, I'm never going to speak to you again!!!! You basically have two weeks to get your sorry butt down here to New York. If you don't, well..." Sango had trailed off there before hanging up.

Fear swimming all over her, Kagome gulped. She never had Sango's anger directed at her before. How Miroku was still alive, she had no clue. For heaven's sake, the poor guy always witnessed her anger face to face, and here she was cowering from a message! Last time she had seen her best friend had been nearly a year ago during Christmas time. The woman had just started dating Miroku then and was having problems dealing with his "wandering hands," as Sango had called them. Kagome wondered if they were even still together, instantly giving her a hint of guilt. What kind of friend was she that she had not talked to Sango in almost five months? Now that she thought of it, that was probably the reason why Sango had called her. She might have broken up with Miroku and had desperately needed her. Kagome instantly dialed her friend's number and waited until she picked up.

"Who the hell is it," a grumpy and tired voice from the other end of the line asked. "Do you realize that it is two o'clock in the morning??"

"Hi Sango," Kagome said calmly. "It's me."

"Kagome," Sango exclaimed, apparently wide awake now. "Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you called! I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two months! Where have you been?"

"I was over in Asia writing my next article. Sorry."

"Well, thank heavens you came home in time!"

"Why?" Kagome became on edge, wondering just who had died. "Are you alright? Is Ayame okay?"

Calming down, Sango replied, "Oh, we're both fine, except we were worrying to death over where you were!"

Flopping back down onto her bed, Kagome joked, "Well then what could possibly be so important that you had me shaking in my boots over here for?"

"Kagome," Sango paused to take a deep breath before continuing. "I'm getting married in two weeks."

"WHAT?!?" Kagome screamed in shock, causing her to fall off her bed with a nice loud 'thump'.

"You heard me. I'm getting married!"

"Since when??"

"Since two months ago when Miroku proposed."

"Oh my gosh!! Sango, I can't believe I wasn't there! Congratulations!" Kagome exclaimed as she crawled back into bed.

"Thank you. You see now why I was so desperate to get a hold of you? You have to be my maid of honor!"

Squealing, the raven haired girl replied, "Oh Sango! Are you serious? I'm your maid of honor?"

"Well, of course you are! Don't you remember that day in fifth grade?"

Thinking for a moment, Kagome smiled as she recalled the memory with fondness. "Mhmm. We'd both be each other's maid of honor no matter what happened. Who ever would have believed that you'd be the one to get married first?"

"I know! I always thought you would be first. You always did have so many more boyfriends that me." Sango sighed wistfully. "Speaking of which, how are things going between you and Hojo?"

"We broke up." At this point, Kagome rose to her feet and began getting ready for bed.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, Kagome."

"Oh don't be." The raven haired woman started struggling as she tried to get her nightdress on with the phone sandwiched between her ear and shoulder. "We were completely wrong for each other, total opposites. He just wasn't my type."

Giggling, Sango replied, "It was because he was too organized, wasn't it?"

"Weeeeeeell, that might have played a part in it."

"How did I know? I told you that you'd drive him crazy after only a month with your chaotic nature." She could tell her friend was joking.

Letting her hair tumble down her back, free from its restraining bun, she replied, "Actually, it was quite the opposite. He drove me crazy! He was just too organized!"

Laughing came from the other end of the phone as the women continued their conversation for at least another half hour. "It's been so long since we last talked. I wish we lived closer together."

Smiling, Kagome agreed. "Me too. I'd drop my job in a second to come live in New York with you, but my art can't support me quite yet. Even now, I'm finding it hard to make ends meet."

"I know. I know. There's no need to apologize. I just miss having you around. So, speaking of which, when's the soonest you can get down here?"

Walking over to her calendar, Kagome stopped her finger on the date, analyzing her answer before replying. "I'll be there late tomorrow night if I can get a flight."

"Oh Kagome! Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm not missing another day of planning your wedding."

"Well, if you're sure. Tell you what. We'll go for supper when you get here. I know how you hate airplane food."

Scrunching up her nose in disgust, Kagome said, "You're telling me. Just the thought of it makes me feel sick."

"Well, I should probably go. I forgot about what time it was. Miroku's smacking me with a pillow in order to be quiet so he can go back to sleep." At that moment, Kagome heard a slight flump in the background.

"Okay. I'm going to book my tickets in the morning. I'll see you tomorrow night, Sango. And I'm sorry I wasn't there when Miroku proposed. I wish I had been."

"Don't worry about it, Kagome. You're going to be here for the wedding. That's all that matters to me. Oh, and Ayame will be happy to see you as well."

The raven haired beauty sighed. "I miss the two of you as well. Good night, Sango. Say hi to Miroku for me, and tell him I said sorry."

"Will do. Night 'Gome," Sango said, using her childhood name before hanging up.

Kagome got up and placed the phone back in its holder, sighing as she looked at it sadly. This wasn't the first time she wished she had never moved. It seemed every time Kagome got off the phone with her best friend, she regretted the rash decision to get away from everything. She should have stayed there instead of running away, hopping she could be able to start over. With another sigh, Kagome turned off the light, slipped beneath her covers and let sleep overcome her.

Stepping off the plane with shaky steps, Kagome walked with as much dignity as someone who had thrown up twice could muster. Reaching the terminal, she saw Sango and Miroku standing there, waiting for her in the baggage claim area. A smile spread on her face at the cute sight they made, Miroku with his arm around his fiancée's waist. Raising a hand to wave, Kagome stumbled right before meeting up with them. "Oops," she apologized. "Sorry. I'm still a little queasy from the flight. You know how I hate the bloody things."

"Oh Kagome," Sango hugged her best friend while still talking. "I always feel so bad for you. You do all this traveling to see me even though you know it makes you feel horrible."

Forcing on a smile, the woman waved her hand, dismissing her comment. "Don't worry about it. The chance of getting to see you is worth that flight any day. Plus, an hour from now, I know I'll be as right as rain. You know me."

"Well, let's get you home and all cleaned up. Then we can go for supper."

Sighing, Kagome replied, "Sounds like heaven. Can I take a bath too? I'm feeling all gross and yucky."

There was no hesitation on Sango's part. "Of course!"

Turning, Kagome smiled at Miroku. He looked exactly the same since she last saw him. "Hey Miroku. Congratulations on snaring Sango!"

The man grinned. "I know. I felt like the luckiest man alive ever since she said yes."

"While we're on the subject," Sango held out her left hand for Kagome to see. "Take a look at my ring!"

"Oh Sango," Kagome took her friend's hand and held it up to the examine the beautiful ring. "It's simply breathtaking." The ring was gorgeous, gold with one large sparkling round diamond in the center, two smaller circular diamonds flanking it. It captured the light and refracted it, creating millions of little rainbows all over the place.

"I know," Sango said as she smiled fondly at her treasure. "My heart almost stopped when I saw it. Sometimes, I just hold my hand up to the light to admire it. I never get tired of looking at it, even though I've been wearing it for almost two months."

"So, I take it I have good taste in jewelry. Is that what I hear you saying, darling?" Miroku grinned while wrapping his arm around her waist once more.

Smiling happily at her husband-to-be, the brown eyed female responded. "Yes, that is definitely what I'm saying."

Kagome's eyes softened, glad to see her best friend so happy. Yet, something ached deep inside her own heart, and she wished for just a fraction of a moment that she could also find someone she could love as much as Sango loved Miroku. Kagome instantly crushed that thought, however, having no right to think such selfish thoughts. For the next two weeks, she would only think of Sango. It was her best friend's wedding, and she would be nothing but cheerful. "Well, why don't we get going? Miroku, would you help carry my bags? I'd take them myself, but I'm feeling too weak right now."

"Of course." Miroku kissed Sango quickly on the lips before heading to the baggage area. "You two go ahead and start towards the car. I'll meet you there in a minute."

Sango's cheeks turned red slightly at the public display of affection, then blushed even more when she heard Kagome giggling. "What? I still haven't gotten used to kissing in public!"

Kagome just grinned as they started walking towards where the couple had parked the car.

"So, you'll be sleeping in the spare bedroom as usual," Sango continued as they reached the vehicle and she moved to unlock it.

"Nonsense. I'm staying the night, but tomorrow I'm checking into the closest hotel."

Shocked at her friend's statement, the slightly taller woman protested. "Kagome, I insist you stay with us."

"And I'm insisting that you let me stay elsewhere," Kagome commented cheerfully as she threw a large wink at the other woman. "You two lovebirds need your space." As Sango blushed, Kagome laughed. "What? You know it's true! Come on, Sango. You're getting married in two weeks! There's no chance you're getting me to stay at your place. I'd be the odd wheel out and you know it."

"I guess I can see what you're saying," Sango replied slowly. She opened her mouth to protest further, but at that moment, Miroku walked up with Kagome's suitcase, plopping it into the trunk and then climbed into the driver's seat. "Ready?" Seeing both girls nod as they got set in the car, he started up the engine and backed out of the parking lot.

"Kagome said she won't stay with us," Sango pouted to Miroku.

"Well, darling, it is her decision. But Kagome, are you sure? You're more than welcome to stay with us."

"No, it's really alright. I'd just be in the way. It's easier if I have my own room in a hotel."

Sighing, Sango relented. "Alright, but our home is always open to you, no matter what's going on in our lives."

"Gotcha. Now, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be antisocial and close my eyes for a quick shut eye until we get to your place." And with that said, Kagome did exactly that.

Three hours later, Kagome found herself sitting at a big round table in Earls, eating a scrumptious pasta dish while chatting amiably with her companions. "So, tell me all about the wedding. What do you have panned and what not?" The excitement was clear in her voice as she asked.

"Well," Sango said as she looked at Miroku. "I'm basically getting my dream wedding."

Dropping her fork, Kagome squealed. "Oh my gosh! Sango!!! Are you serious?? You're having a wedding at the Roosevelt Hotel??"

Sango only nodded as she laughed, happy tears dotting the corners of her eyes. "Yeah, can you believe it??"

The two women jumped up into a hug, twirling around in happiness until they were both crying with happiness. "Oh, Sango. I'm so happy for you!"

Wiping the tears away from her eyes, her best friend nodded. "Thank you. I'm so happy you're here. Everything's perfect!"

Sitting down once more, they continued to clutch each others' hands as Kagome asked, "What was the exact date again?"

"May third," came Miroku's reply. "We were lucky to get it. There was a cancellation and we got the spot. We weren't sure what we were going to do if you didn't show up. Sango refused to have the wedding without you. The next available opening was in seven months!"

"Wow." At that, Kagome turned to Sango and frantically asked, "You haven't chosen out the dress yet, have you?"

"No! I'd never do that with you, Kagome! How could you even think that I would?"

Relieved, Kagome sighed. "That's good. I didn't think you would, but I just had to make sure. So, two weeks before your wedding. What's left for you and me to do?"

"Well," Sango soon began ticking off various things she had in mind. "We have to get the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the veil, the bride's maids' dresses, your dress, and choose the bouquet. Ayame already helped me pick out what we're going to serve and helped me plan the cake. Of course, I'm going to run all that by you, just to double check. Other than that, we're good. You go here just in time. The wedding rehearsals start the day after tomorrow."

"Oh my! We have our work cut out for us. Also, don't forget you and I have to go shopping for my present and that other stuff."

Sango blushed at that comment, causing Miroku to raise one eyebrow. "What 'other stuff'?"

"Oh, Sango and I promised we'd go shopping and have a girls' day out that last day before she gets married. Like an all day bachelorette party. It's going to be the best day ever. Well, the best day after your wedding, that is."

Miroku nodded his head. "Oh okay. So does that mean I can have the day all to myself with all my guy friends?"

"Yeah," Sango replied as the waitress appeared to take away their plates.

"Would you like anything for dessert," the young woman asked.

"Yes. May we see the dessert menu, please?" Miroku began to rub his hands together gleefully like a child about to get an extra-large serving of chocolate cake.

"Certainly. I'll be back once you've made up your minds." The waitress handed each of them a menu, then left.

"Mmmm. This all looks so delicious!" The woman turned to her fiancé. "What are you going to have, Miroku?"

Looking at the menu for a moment, he decided. "I'm having the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. What about you?"

"I'm not so sure. What are you ordering, Kagome?"

Shaking her head, the said woman put her menu down. "Oh, I'm not going to have any. I can't afford to-"

Sango immediately cut her off. "Nonsense! One little treat isn't going to make you fat, 'Gome." The engaged woman looked at her best friend directly in the eye before sticking out her lower lip in the classic puppy dog pout. "Pleeeeeeeeese?"

Sighing, Kagome relented. "Oh alright." She could never deny her friend anything when she used that face. "Umm, I guess I'll have the apple pie then."

"Mmmm, that sounds good too." Sango buried herself in her menu once again. "But I think I'm going to have the brownie sundae."

Almost as if summoned by magic, the waitress reappeared, pen and paper in hand. "Have you decided?"

"Yes. I'll have the brownie sundae, please."

"I'll have the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake."

"And I'll have the apple pie, please."

Pausing from her writing, the young woman asked, "Would you like vanilla ice cream on top?"

"Umm, no. That-"

Sango yet again cut her off, speaking quickly. "Yes, she will."

"Umm, okay." The waitress looked slightly confused at the action, but thought nothing of it. "I'll be right back with your orders."

"Sango," Kagome chided gently. "I didn't really need the ice cream."

Before she could speak, Sango's shoulders dropped slightly as she looked beseechingly at her friend. "Please Kagome, don't worry about that tonight. It's supposed to be a celebration."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I'm over it. I just didn't feel like ice cream. That's all." The raven haired woman saw her best friend look carefully at her, but she let the subject drop. Taking a sip of her water, Kagome asked, "So, how are Ayame and Kouga doing?"

Miroku was the one to speak up this time. "They're doing well. Kouga finally asked her out. We were all overjoyed."

"What?!?" Kagome barely stopped herself from spitting her water out all over the place. "He asked her out??? When was this??"

"Nearly three months ago," Sango commented. "Wow, 'Gome. You really are behind."

Looking down at her water, she swirled it around in the glass, causing the ice to clink together. "Yeah. I guess you're right. I am behind."

After that, the evening flew by quickly. Kagome was getting ready for bed in the spare bedroom. Pausing as she passed the window, she placed her hand on the frame and looked out at the full moon glowing brightly in the night sky. Sighing, she rested her head again her hand, speaking softly, "What am I doing? I should move back here. What am I still doing in Michigan? I can't believe I missed Sango's first phone call, and now I find out Ayame and Kouga are dating! I'm missing out on so much and I don't even know why. I don't even like my job, and it's not as if I wouldn't have a place to live. I could stay with Miroku and Sango until I got settled in and got my own place." She sighed before continuing. "Oh well. I'll think about it in the morning. I'm tired and I wouldn't want to do anything I might regret."

Looking up at the moon again, Kagome sighed once more. Turning her back, she flicked the lights off and began walking cautiously over to her bed. Once she arrived there safely, she sank beneath the covers, but sleep did not come as easily as it had the night before. It was a long time before Kagome finally fell asleep, haunted by the memories of her past.

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