Story by: BAILEY!!! And CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSS helped come up with the idea and is writing the side story

Disclaimer: blah blah blah... I don't see the reason for putting this here it's a well known fact that we don't own Harry Potter! That's why this is called FAN fiction!

Ok so this story has a few different parts. One part is all about Siri and Remmy, one part is all about Snape and Lucius, but the MAIN part is about Harry and Draco.

Summary: Draco is tired of his parents not paying attention to him. They did when he was little, so why don't they now? Voldermort is gone, so why doesn't his father spend any time with him? His mother is never around him anymore either. Christmas break is boring, Christmas is over, so why can't he go back to Hogwarts? Sure he gets to owl his boyfriend, savior of the wizard world and boy-who-lived Harry Potter, but he is still in America with his godfather Sirius Black and his godfather's mate Remus Lupin. Winter Solstice is just around the corner... and Draco would love to be little again...


As many know, a witch or wizards wish, is a powerful thing. It can achieve many things.

Not all things are that easy or that simple.

Not many know winter solstice is an important thing. If a wish is mad at EXACTLY the right time, without the person knowing it, wonderful things can happen. The ONE your heart desires can come true. No, it can NOT bring a person back to life or anything like that, but, did you ever wonder how and idiot like Fudge became Minister if Magic? Or how Lockhart such got straight teeth? They both made a winter solstice wish.

Now our story here today starts with a boy. His name is Draco Malfoy.