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CHAPTER 8- Sniffles, Bruises and Monsters

Harry had given up. It was impossible to wake Draco up
in the morning.

He used to think it was impossible for him to wake up
Draco at 17, but dealing with him at three...

The past week didn't go any easier. After their trip
to Hogsmeade, Draco thought every time Harry was out
of his sight he was going to get lost again. No matter
how hard he tried, Draco didn't want him to go to the
bathroom by himself, but after a talk Draco decided it
would be better to sit OUTSIDE the door.

Quidditch practices weren't any better. Hermione now
had to go to them, trying to keep Draco Company, which
didn't always work.

Taking him to Sev was worse. Severus didn't want him
getting in to his potions lab (where he was)

Harry now didn't even TRY to wake him up. Plus he was
always in a better mood when he woke up on his own.

So Harry had taken to carrying him into the great
hall... only a young child could sleep when going in
there... it was really loud.

So there Harry was, carrying him in.

He was just getting ready to sit at the table when
Draco woke up.

"Good morning Dray, are you hungry?"

Draco just shook his head.

"Why not? You need to eat"

Draco put his head back onto Harry's shoulder. Right
on his bare neck...

"Draco, You are burning up!"

"I don't feel good Harry"

"I can tell"

'Why couldn't I tell when I picked him up? Oh great,
what do I do now?'

Hermione noticed Harry franticly talking to Draco and
feeling his forehead repeatedly. "Harry, what's

"Draco has a fever!" Harry had tears in his eyes," I
can't take care of him, I have no idea what to do!"

"Harry, calm down! What do you do when Draco is
usually sick?"

"I usually stay with him, make sure his fever is
down... stuff like that"

"You know what to do Harry"

"I do? I do..."

"Yes now go do that"

(x) X (x)

Harry carried Draco up to their room and laid him down
carefully next to Wufei. Then he went over and got a
glass of water from the pitcher on the windowsill.

He brought the glass to Draco and tried to get him to
drink, but he didn't want to.

Harry gave up and tucked Draco in a little tighter. He
had classes and Quidditch today... he had missed so
much already, but there was no way he would leave
Draco like this. Even when Draco was older, he still
hated to leave his love sick in bed with no one there
to watch him, so he decided to stay.

He sat carefully on the bed leaning against the
headboard. Draco stirred softly, then put his head in
Harry's lap.

Harry went to lie down next to the blond when Draco
shot up and ran to the bathroom, trying not to throw
up along the way.

Harry felt horrible. How could he have let the one
person who meant the most in the world to him get
sick? It was probably from the last Quidditch practice
when Draco insisted he be out there, to make sure no
monsters got him. That was Draco's biggest fear. No
matter where they were, any new place, Draco would
always cling to him. (real big difference from normal
huh?) Harry wondered what these monsters were, but put
that thought on hold as he walked into the bathroom,
finding his little blond sitting against the bathtub
half asleep.

Making as little noise as possible, Harry started the
bath and added the vanilla bubbles Draco usually used.

Once the bath was filled, Harry stripped Draco and put
him in the bath.

He didn't dare leave, even for a moment when Draco was
in the tub.

Harry carefully washed him, using a soothing wash he
had gotten from Sev.

Once Draco was cleaned, Harry grabbed on of the big
fluffy towels from the rack next to him and pulled
Draco from the bath. He was almost sound asleep when
Harry laid him on the extended counter they had in the
bathroom. Harry got out the soothing lotion he had
gotten in Muggle London. He had found it worked really
well on Draco.

Once they got back to the bedroom, Harry found the
shirt Draco usually used for nighttime and put those
and a pair of boxers on his little one. He put Draco
in bed and stripped himself down and put on a pair of
cotton sleep pants, then climbed in next to Draco, who
latched on to the body heat next to him.

(x) X (x)

Draco had been sick for a week and was now better.
Which meant he was now ready to take on the world...

Over the week Draco had gotten a bad cough that a
cough suppressant couldn't even stop. Harry had taken
him to see Poppy and she said it was only a cough,
which cooled Harry down a lot.

But other than that, Draco was fine.

So there they were, sitting outside on a lovely snowy
day. Harry had Draco all bundled up so he could play
in the snow with all of the other Hogwarts'
attendances. But he didn't want to. Apparently there
was a snow monster somewhere out there.

So Harry sat down by a tree and read a Gundam Wing
manga to him for the hundredth time.

Ron came over and plopped down in the snow next to

"Hey mates, why aren't you playing with us? You know
you are never too old to play in the snow!"

"There are snow monsters out there!"

"Snow monsters?"

"Yah Snow monsters. They will eat you if you aren't

"I don't know... I've been out there for a while, I
haven't gotten eaten"

"That's because you aren't little!" Draco said with
wide eyes, "They only eat little kids!"

Ron looked confused. Trust Ron to be confused by a
three year old.

"Hey Dray, if I carry you, will they eat you?" Harry
asked looking at Draco all the while.

"No, you're big!" Draco looked at Harry as if he was

"Well then come on!" Harry stood up with Draco in his

They played in the snow until the sun went down and it
was time for dinner.

All in all, it was a good day.

(x) X (x)



"I gotta go to the bathroommmmm!"

Harry was sitting in charms class, trying to work on
the in class assignment they had been given.

Draco had been pretty quiet for the most part.

Harry raised his hand.

"Yes Mr. Potter?"

He was a seventh year. Seventh years did not ask to go
to the bathroom during class. It was an unspoken rule.

"May I please go to the bathroom?"

Harry held his face, as it turned red when his fellow
classmates busted up laughing.

"Umm, yes Mr. Potter, you may.

Harry could hear the class laughing as they walked

(x) X (x)

Draco was sitting in DADA and was watching the class
practice the basic spells that might be on the NEWT
tests. Draco was just sitting there minding his own
business when he was hit with a spell.

He flew out of his chair and hit his head on the table
behind him.

Harry saw what happened and rushed over. The rest of
the class followed but was held off by Hermione.

Draco was out cold and had a huge cut on the back of
his head, and nothing had ever scared Harry so much.

He sat down right next to him and gathered him in his

"Draco, Draco wake up, Draco, come on, get up" he kept
saying little things until Draco woke up.

When he did he started crying and clung to Harry as
hard as he could. His head hurt so badly!

Harry picked him up and took him to the hospital wing,
where Poppy looked him over.

Harry was given a few pain potions and some shampoo
and conditioner he could use that didn't bother the
tender area where the large gash was just a moment
ago. Cuts on younger people took longer to heal.

By the time dinner was finished, Draco was bathed and
in bed, Harry couldn't have been happier to see a day