Title: Sleepless at County General.

Category: Drama

Rating PG-13

Disclaimer I do not own any of the ER cast, I do own this story.

Summary: Six years ago disaster struck when Patient Paul Sobriki Stabbed and Murdered a colleague, Lucy Knight. Followed by that Dr. John Carter; who survived the terrible Valentines day massacre. So just what does happen when Paul comes back?

Abby's Apartment

The alarm clock buzzed three times already before Abby decided to roll over and get up out of bed. Tired and confused She rose up slamming the snooze button one more time. She was supposed to be getting ready for work which she had just gotten off about 8 hours ago. The hospital has been really short staffed since some nurses decided to walk out last week. She made her way up and out of the bedroom wandering into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. "Hmm". She thought, "Should I have a cup of Folgers, or this new coffee blend Susan gave to me?" Abby was always willing to try new things when it came to food or drinks. So she filled up the coffee pot with the new blend Susan gave her and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Susan and Chucks Apartment

"Suzy... Suz, wake up it's almost eight." Chuck said as he was rubbing Susan's arm. They both have been tired too with the new baby being here and everything Susan has felt like she has been set in a trap she can't get out of, for now anyways.

"Wha... What? Oh my god Chuck!" Susan yelled as she tripped getting out of bed. "I have to be to work by nine or weaver will have my ass."

"So? What's big bad Weaver going to do if you're a couple minutes late?" Susan just gave him a blank stare.

"You obviously haven't spent much time in the ER have you hun?" Chuck just laughed as he started up the shower for Susan.

"So when is your next day off?"

"Oh god, well probably not until next Monday or something". She grabbed a piece of toast off the plate Chuck had brought in for her to eat.

"Next Monday!!??" He said hysterically. "That's in like a week, when are we going to be able to spend time together?" Susan just looked at chuck for a moment and then walked over to him grabbing his arm and embracing it.

"I promise you Next week, I'm all yours but for now...." Chuck just looked off the other way.

I'll go warm up some eggs real quick" he said as he walked out of the room disappointed. Susan started to get in the shower soaking herself knowing that she'll be spending another day in hell.

County Parking Garage

Abby pulled into the parking garage which for her was on the eighth row so she would just park and take the elevator down into the ER from the garage. She had to still park in the nurses area because security hasn't updated her badge yet to the first year resident's row, which was a more convenient walk to the Ambulance Bay. Even though she doesn't have to be doing a nursing shift, she still offered on doing it just because the ER would be screwed if they didn't have any back up nurses. So Abby continues to do her internship and maintain nursing shifts 7 days a week. As she parks she notices that someone is standing by her car. She cannot tell who it is but whoever it might be scared her to bits. She stares at the person for a minute before getting out of the car, just to see who it is. It's John Carter sipping his coffee. He starts to walk over.

"Hey Abby"....

"Hey Carter, um... what are you doing down here in the garage? Or I should say, up here."

"Did you forget already? I told you I had to talk to you about your residency schedule".

"Oh... right... yeah sorry Carter, I think I'm starting to lose my head." He laughs and gives her a light punch in the arm.

"Yeah well you won't be the only one if Weaver catches you walking in late." They both laugh as they walk in together.

In the Car

Chuck and Susan are stopped at a red light. Susan is going through the diaper bag making sure that the new baby has everything it needs for the day.

"Suzy, come on I put everything in-"

"Everything??" She's missing her extra bib!"

"Aw come on Susan..." Chuck whispers. "It's just a bib; the kid has another one in there somewhere." "

Yeah Chuck, that's the thing, she only has one. She needs two incase the other one gets dirty at the daycare." Chuck just glares up at her laughing.

"Sheesh, how many lunches do they get? I guess I should of packed extra diapers two just incase the four isn't enough for all the bibs she needs to go through". Susan just looks at Chuck sarcastically.

"Well next time you know." Chuck starts to dig in her pocket for some change as the light turns green.

"Green". Susan said.


"GREEN"! Chuck looks up and starts to accelerate.

"So your old man said he would take her on Tuesday right?"

"Oh yeah... right. You know my dad; he keeps everything jotted down in his head. I'll have to remind him later". They start to pass the sign for County General Hospital and the car comes to a complete stop.

"So what time you think you'll get off tonight?" Susan glares down

"Oh..... Probably around 8 or 9". She starts to get out of the car.

"Hey Suz, we love you."

"Awe I love you guys two, Kisses". Susan starts walking inside the Door as Chuck slowly starts to move off and drop the baby off at the nursery.