Taking a break from Old Skool, cuz I think I'm brain-dead from it… that, and no ideas what so ever! But anyway, I'll submit this 5-minute fic so you all don't think I've left the building permanently or something!

I own no characters, nor do I posses part of Joss Whedon's soul.

Pylea Setting! ;) But, with a definite twist…. AU!

Fred sighed as she sat in her cave. She would have to go out soon to get some food. She looked at her empty basket. Yes, she would have to go today.

The young woman ran into she was in the village. Upon seeing the cart with the food she wanted, her eyes locked. Quite as a mouse, the Texan sneaked to be unheard and unseen. 'Almost there!' she smiled at her victory, she could practically taste it!

But then she giggled from her pun. BIG mistake! She screamed as the town constable grabbed her. Before she knew it, she was tossed onto some stage, the crowds watching and cheering.

"Swing the drebil!" shouted a green warrior. Fred shook with fear. She closed her eyes. "Make it quick! Make it quick! Make it quick!" she chanted, awaiting the blow.

When she felt nothing, she looked up. Her eyes locked with that of a young man, appearing no older than herself. He dropped the drebil, and removed the animal skins. Pure horror marked his features.

"I can't!" he said, and picked Fred up. She was too stunned to do much more than stare out widely. 'Oh no! Now they'll kill us both!' she thought frightened.

Then one of the demons started singing! Good singing. Singing of her freedom! The man jumped on a stolen horse and pulled her up with him. They raced off into the woods.

She clung tightly to him. 'What is going on!' she thought, deeply confused, though never releasing her grip. At least not until the horse was stopped. For some reason, Fred knew this strange man would always protect her, always.

They got off the horse and she raced for her cave, the man still following her.

Pushing up glasses, gentle smiles… giggles…

Beast transformation…mutilation…. Escape…

Blood…. Blood… Blood…

She had brought him back to her, even when he had become that thing. She understood. "We all have our demons!" she tried to calm him. She figured she owed that to him, being her rescuer and all. She smiled as she thought of them…

Before she went to sleep she remembered what had happened earlier that day. She and the man had been talking….

She made them oatmeal. "Are, you sure this all a dream?" asked the Texan. "Yeah." smiled the man.

Fred thought of that and smiled. Yet when she awoke the next day to screams, her smile faltered.

Before she knew it, the man was a big pile of ashes and memories…

"I knew he wasn't ever real…." sighed…

So... is it worht reading?