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Date: August 9, 2005

My Notes: Okay, a lot of you are going to be asking, "Where have I been these past several months?" The short answer is "away." The long answer is this: Sometime after my last update, my computer decides to have one of its hard drives fail. All the data that was on it was erased which included my extensive and detailed notes to this story. From that time, I stopped all work and did not bother to do any writing whatsoever. Now thanks to one very persistent reader (who will go nameless) I will attempt to finish what I started last year.

However since the scope of "Sinister Fortune" is still quite large, I have decided against continuing the story in its previous format. While this may disappoint some of you, I simply cannot maintain a sustained continued interest in Yu-gi-oh towrite lengthy episodic chapters. Instead you will recieve a multi-chapter synopsis, which I admit are not as detailed as they should be, but will serve to further "Sinister Fortune" till its eventual conclusion. Its either this or to leave this story completely unfinshed.

Also, after reviewing my work, I've noticed quite a number of errors within "Sinister Fortune" that currently exist. As I cannot go and correct those errors, please excuse them, and any future errors (read: plot holes) that may occur. I am only human. Updates will occur when I can manage them.

How Sinister Fortune continues:

Chapter 27: Village Out of Time

Yugi awakens in a small desert village since his last duel with Mokuba. A young villager woman, who has been taking care of him, tells him that the village elder wishes to see him. Yugi is still dazed from his battle, and starts talking to Yami until he realizes that the M. Puzzle is missing. Blinded by the morning light, he exits his room and meets the various people of this village. He realizes that everyone possesses a singular universal trait: they all have white hair. Right on cue, Ryou Bakura appears and wonders how Yugi got here. Yugi explains that he somehow got here after losing to Mokuba. Ryou explains that he often comes here when his 'Yami' is in control, though he never has met anyone he knew. The two decide to go see this village elder since he might explain things.

Chapter 28: Hidden Revelations (Working Title)

As the two walk in this strange village, Yugi can't help but notice that a certain young woman appears every now and again. But every time he tries to call out to her, she vanishes. Ryou states he sees her too, and that she looks very familiar, but has no clue who she is. Everyone else in the village seems to pay them no attention. Having arrived at the largest building in the village, the two enter inside, hoping to find this elder. Inside it becomes Shadow Realm dark, even though the building's interior is still intact. Sitting calmly within are an elderly couple, both of whom look well aged. They speak as one and address both Yugi and Bakura as the 'Pharaoh Incarnate' and the 'Advisor Corrupt.' Confused and asking for an explanation, the elders reply that the two of them carried the actions of their predecessors within them, and until the two of them resolved their differences, they would be forced to repeat history. Although Yugi has an idea of what the elderly couple was talking about, he wasn't quite sure how to go about it, while Ryou Bakura had no idea. Frustrated at this response, the two elders begin chanting a mantra and the Shadow Realm energies revolve around the two heroes.

Chapters 29 & 30: Past Lives Examined and The Crisis Elucidated

Yugi is nauseated, but when it passes, he feels his old familiar bond between him and Yami. But instead of Yami behaving as a separate entity, Yugi feels him inside himself. Yami the Pharaoh begins a long narrative of his life fully recalled with no gaps in the memory, as if he was a recording. Ryou also feels the old familiar bond between himself and his Yami. Yami Bakura also compliments the story of the Pharaoh so that one complete picture emerges. That story is as follows:

Yami the Pharaoh becomes King of Egypt at an early age. He has a well assembled staff of advisors and priests who run a just country. Yami Bakura is sent to the court of the new pharaoh as an envoy/representative of a village (the village of white-haired magicians aka the village they are in) that resides on Egypt's borders. Having been assigned a post at the court, Bakura begins to nurse a secret desire of greed. One of the Pharaoh's priests dies and a contest is held for the M. Ring. Bakura performs well enough, but at the moment of greatest uncertainty between him and another contestant, he gives in and cheats his way to victory. Being assigned a new post and a new rank, Bakura secretly begins funneling the royal treasury into his own pockets. In time he becomes acquainted with bandits and thieves and begins to plunder the royal tombs. The young pharaoh is unaware because a) he is naïve, and b) he's getting married, so he's distracted. Senior members of the priests complain, but they are silenced through Bakura's wiles. The pharaoh wedding day comes and as he gets a new queen, Bakura usurps power and imprisons the royal couple.

Thankfully the High Priest anticipated this, and begins leading an army to attack the capital, thus dividing the country into Northern and Southern Egypt. Eventually the High Priest succeeds in besieging the capital, and Bakura attempts one last ruse. He tricks the young ruler into believing that the High Priest is coming to kill him and thus pits the Pharaoh against the High Priest. Here the story abruptly ends and both Yugi and Ryou ask why. The Shadow Realm energies disperse and the two elders tell them that history did not record a single timeline. Due to the powerful magicks invoked by the three participants (the Pharaoh, Bakura, and the High Priest) three different events played out into the timeline. Each of the timelines has one decisive winner but because the events overlapped, there's no clear answer. The timeline 'settled' when the bearers of the Millennium Items died and were scattered. But because now the M. Items fell into their respective owners in the present, the problems of the past begin to intrude on the timeline again. Thus Thoth's paradox becomes clear: the past can alter the future and vice-versa. There won't be any solid timeline until these events are resolved. Burdened by these truths, Yugi asks 'What can be done?' The answer given is to create a new timeline where both past and present events harmonize.

(At the present, that really is just Ryou Bakura and not his evil counterpart pretending to be him. Also the events describe the timeline as it originally played out. Since these events do not correspond to the ones already described in Sinister Fortune, the various forces are altering both past and future.)

Chapter 31, 32, & 33: Family Blood Feud, Riding the Streams of Time, and The Price of Sacrifice.

Meanwhile, events turn towards Domino. As Joey, Kaiba, and Tristan bicker and argue about what to do in Kaiba's mansion. Roland then informs the young CEO that someone has seized control of KaibaCorp Tower and demands to duel Seto. Easily roused, Kaiba heads to the tower and takes the two friends along. Returning to his very office, Seto confronts the only other person who can lay claim to the Kaiba dynasty: Mokuba. The younger sibling, still wearing his latest trophy, hurls abuse at his brother. Eventually the older Kaiba loses his cool and the two decide to duel. Mokuba again exploits the M. Puzzle so he can score an early lead with his elemental deck. Seto recovers but before he can get an advantage, Mokuba summons a BEWD and then three fused. Seto slowly begins losing badly. As if knowing the threat to its master, the M. Rod activates.

5000 years in the past, High Priest Sethos is returning to his incomplete temple. He finds that the city in which he has been sent to guard is being attacked by those rogue sorcerers he knew were in the area. He makes his way towards his temporary residence to find Menkura and Kisara battling against a foe only known as Gehaji. Sethos arrives as he takes Kisara hostage. The two summon monsters and wield magic but Sethos is fighting poorly as he doesn't wish to harm his beloved. He conceives of a plan that might work, but he knows the price of victory would be very high. But seeing his strength failing, he doesn't know what else to do. His M. Rod activates at the moment of his greatest despair.

Both men, Seto and Sethos again become aware of the other, but this time they feel themselves in the other. Sethos, through Seto's eyes sees the image of the fused BEWD and hearing Kisara's voice saying "that because that dragon is in the future, so I will also be. You must carry out your plan." Seto, through Sethos' eyes, sees Menkura and hears Mokuba's voice saying "my big brother will do whatever is necessary to protect me, even if he has to smack me around a bit." So both Seto and Sethos, drawing strength from the other, summon the Egyptian Demon Nehebau the Soul Serpent (So not the original name. I really had the Egyptian Demons well thought out and their various powers, etc.) each to their respective battles. A great massive snake, huge and scaly, appears and is really, really big and scary. The two men's connection cuts, but each knows what they have to do: High Priest Sethos uses Nehebau like a dart and has it pierce through Kisara to slay Gehaji. Sethos realizes what he has done and cradles Kisara's body, sobbing. She tells him that he did what needed to be done and the gods will reward him somehow. Meanwhile Menkura takes Gehaji's dagger. This is the act that allows him to control Mokuba in the future.

Seto uses Nehebau to destroy Mokuba's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, in a similar dart-like fashion which strikes Mokuba in the chest. Shocked by the similar tactic used to defeat him in the past, Gehaji loses his hold on Mokuba and is thus free. The two brothers make up as Seto holds his newfound Egpytian Demon card in his hand. Part of the High Priest's memory is now illuminated in Seto Kaiba's mind, and knows he has to go find the other two. He allows Mokuba to wear the M. Puzzle until they can find Yugi. And the four of them go searching for Yami Bakura.