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Chapter 1

Innocent virgin...

That's what she had been called by all the students of the Archer Academy, all thanks to an upperclassman who seems to love annoying the hell out of a certain scarlet-haired, blue-eyed fifteen-year-old female Archer who goes by the name of Orihara Momo.

It had occurred to everyone that the girl was truly a virgin, considering that fact that she hadn't have any serious relationship with a man nor even shared a kiss with some guy. Because of this, she became the butt of all the jokes, minus the teasing of her being called an 'innocent virgin' by Kurosagi Jiku.

'And I do fucking hope he died during the fireworks display last New Year!' the familiar red-haired girl told herself angrily as she woke up that morning, ate breakfast, took a shower and was now getting dressed in her usual female Archer uniform, getting ready for school after that long winter break issued by the Academy itself.

Momo went over to her full-length mirror and checked her reflection. So far, everything was going perfect that morning and the girl hoped and pray that Kurosagi died during the New Year.

'And he better not make fun of my hair!' she added, tossing back her now chin-length ruby red hair. 'But I still can't believe it... just for the sake of Camus to notice me, I cut my hair. Will it be worth it?'

"Odin, I'm going to be late! I'd better get going now." Hastily, she put on a black clip on the right side of her hair and for the last time, she checked her reflection in the mirror. "Perfect... I hope Camus notices me now..." with that, she ran down her stairs and towards the Academy.

As she made her way into the Academy, unknown to her, a figure was watching her closely and this person closely monitored each move she made.

No matter how many times he had seen her, he still hadn't gotten over the fact on how breathtaking she was. Scarlet red hair flowing freely with the wind, a pair of dazzling aquamarine-blue eyes, porcelain-like skin... everything about her was so perfect, he would always say to himself.

He sighed happily yet again. Just seeing her always makes his day brighter in this cruel world... fate was so cruel to him, he thought bitterly.

'Momo-san...' he wanted to call out but he stopped himself just in time. He didn't want her to know that he was ALWAYS watching her from afar. As always, she would give him an irritated yet seductive look that always turned him on.

'Kurosagi, you're a pervert.' he told himself, his green eyes still on the peach.

Jiku rested his head on the upper trunk of the tree as he sat on a tree branch, still watching Momo intently.

Thankfully, the girl did not seem to notice the 'stalker's' eyes on her for she still continued her little chat with Camus, the man of her dreams...

Melamphus... How his blood boil furiously at the mere mention of his name. That person was one clueless guy who didn't even give his Momo a time of the day. Jiku knew that the silver-haired Archer didn't even know of her feelings for him which was something much more deeper than friendship...

The black rabbit also knew he couldn't make a move on Momo. Their meeting was something he'd rather forget...

She had hated him right on the spot, for he had started calling her 'innocent virgin' in front of everyone in the Academy and in retaliation, she gave him a punch in the face.

Wrong move.

For some reason, Jiku suddenly snapped and the next thing he did suddenly made him regret his decision. Dragging her inside an empty classroom, he gave her a good beating on her very first day in the Academy and she...

She almost bled to death, her frail and skinny body covered with fresh bruises and red liquid trickling down her arms and legs.

Jiku wanted to hold her, to tell her that he was truly sorry for what he had done... but before he could even get near her, the aquamarine-eyed girl stood up weakly, glaring at him. "Get the fuck away from me! Don't touch me EVER AGAIN!" Clutching painfully to her side, she walked away... That was the very first and last they talked...

From then on, he tried to win back her attention by all means possible: teasing her endlessly, letter writing, bullying, etc... But these were all in vain. It seemed as if he were invisible to her sight.

'Damn Melamphus... Now he's got all her attention.' he said to himself, sounding so much like a jealous husband.

"Did you enjoy the fireworks display last New Year?" Camus asked as they began to walk towards the main building of the Academy.

Blushing, the girl tried to reply in her normal tone. "I did... But too bad, I would've enjoyed it more if Kurosagi's hands got blown off!" a vein began to pop out of her temple.

Everyone in Payon knew it was tradition that the family of the Elder, the Kurosagi family in particular, would start the fireworks display. Being the only available member and the heir to their family, the black rabbit, in a male kimono clad outfit, lit up the largest firecracker available. (Un)fortunately, depending on which point of view you would look at, Jiku's hand almost got blown off if he hadn't gotten it away in time. The townspeople sighed in relief, for their future leader had gotten away from harm in time. Thank Odin, they said to themselves.

But behind the sea of people who were out to watch the fireworks display, Orihara Momo cursed every living thing in Rune-Midgard for not 'punishing' Kurosagi with all the dirty and shameless acts he had committed to everyone, especially to her...

"Don't say that." The platinum-haired sixteen-year-old warned. "Karma, Orihara, is so powerful these days. Who knows, something bad might happen to you just because you're condemning him."

"Karma? What's that shit you're talking about, Melamphus?!? There's no such thing as 'karma' these days and we know it! It's all crap set up by the Elders of Payon to scare the hell out of us." She puffed her chest out proudly. "Besides, I doubt something 'bad' will happen to me. I am, after all, prepared for the worst."

To the passersby, they were all shocked to hear 'innocent virgin' cursing angrily at something called 'karma'. But to Camus, who had been with her for the whole school year, starting from the month of Balder up to the month of Hel, knew her the best. She wasn't all that 'goody-two shoes' as everyone thought she was. It was rather the opposite. Rebellious, hot-tempered, potty-mouthed... these were only a few words to describe the real Momo.

Unknown to them, a figure stood behind the two, towering over their height. "I do hope you're already prepared for the new school year, Orihara. Even though it's a new year, I don't show any mercy."

The person expected her to cringe in fear but instead, the red head did the impossible: she talked back.

'Goddamn it, I can't believe I'm talking to this idiot...' she thought angrily.

"Get the hell away from us, Kurosagi. Stop polluting the only fresh air we can breathe in this campus..." she replied curtly.

Camus gave her a strange look. It was a known fact to everyone that the youngest member of the Orihara family never retorted to Jiku Kurosagi's snide remarks and comments about her, no matter how horrible they were. But now...

'She's changed... this is not good! If she continues this verbal spat with him, she'll be black and blue all over again, just like last year!'

Jiku frowned. This has been the second time they've only talked, the last time during their first day at school last month of Balder. Nonetheless, he decided to cherish the moment though it was risking a verbal sparring with her or no words between them at all. "Why should I? I own the campus anyway." He boasted.

"Then stop rubbing it in our 'middle class' faces, will you, asshole?! We already know that around a million times ever since I enrolled into the Academy last year!" she yelled back so loud, all the passers-by gave them a look. Some were curious onlookers, trying to see how their relationship fared right now.

It was no secret to everyone, Momo excluded in the list, that the heir of the Kurosagi family was madly in love with the scarlet-haired peach though the way he showed his affection wasn't that obvious. Their relationship was more of mortal enemies than lovers... It was as if he had placed a whole new meaning to the statement 'The more you hate, the more you love.'

"Well, I was just making sure you know who's boss around here, Orihara." he retorted, giving her one of his charming smiles which almost always made the women in the Academy go nuts.

Unfortunately, Momo seemed unaffected by his smile and it had an opposite effect: it infuriated her even more! Angrily, the aquamarine-eyed girl grabbed Melamphus' arm and dragged him inside the main building. "Come on, I don't need idiots like him ruining my day!"

For the nth time in his life, Kurosagi slapped his forehead in dismay. Another chance down the drain... "Goddamn it." he cursed.

'Why the hell can't I get a girlfriend?!? And of all the women in the world, why did I fall in love with Orihara?!?' he asked himself though he already knew the answer in his heart and mind.

The more you hate, the more you love...

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