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Chapter 3

As soon as Caril left the room in haste, Jiku entered, falling down on the ground from the impact.

"Oww! What the hell!" he demanded angrily as he picked himself up from the cold marble floor of the classroom. Strange, their classroom sounded awfully quiet, he noted. When he looked at all their shocked faces, the black rabbit suddenly joked around.

"What's the matter with you guys? You looked like you've seen a ghost!"

A nearby female student managed to respond to his statement. "This is much more serious than seeing a ghost! O-O-Orihara-san... cussed and gave Hermethes-san the dirty finger!"

Jiku was shocked. HIS sweet and innocent peach, cussing and being the bad girl! Was the Day of Ragnarok coming too soon?

"I mean, look at the chairs, Kurosagi-sama!" the girl said, pointing at the rows of desks and chairs in disarray. "Orihara-san pushed Hermethes-san and this is the effect!"

"Odin... what the hell happened here!" he demanded angrily.

A cold voice shot back. "This is what will happen next to you, Kurosagi, courtesy of me."

'Momo... what happened to you...?' Camus asked himself, too shocked to speak up.

Jiku blinked. "What did I do?" he asked innocently, emerald green eyes filled with confusion and hurt at her accusation against him.

"WHAT! How dare you…!" Momo began to lunge forward to hit him but Melamphus, who had just recovered from his stupor, grabbed her behind the arms to restrain her. "Melamphus, you're a traitor! I need to teach this jerk a lesson on how painful it is to get beaten up twice or even thrice a week!"

She could still feel his knuckles connect unto her stomach, usually breaking a rib or two… Afterwards, a mocking laugh would follow and yet another kick or two to knock her unconscious.

"Don't!" Camus yelled, interrupting the violent imagery in her mind. "Forget about what he has done to you, will you?" he tried his best to hold her back but to no avail. The girl a year younger than him seemed a bit stronger than usual.

"Let go!" she flailed her arms around madly to get away from the blue-eyed boy's death hold but it was all in vain.

Unknown to the two, the black rabbit observed them, his usual clear emerald green eyes being replaced by a dark and stormy one. 'How dare they flirt with each other!' he thought angrily.

Sensing the anger emitted by Kurosagi's aura, the silver-haired Archer grinned sheepishly. "Sorry about this, Kurosagi-san. I really have to hold her back before she kills you. Literally."

"Forget about this! I've made up my mind! I won't hurt him anymore, okay!" a feminine voice announced angrily.

Before Jiku could even flash her a smile, she added. "Its not fun if I kill him today. Now Melamphus, let me go now."

Reluctantly, her best friend released his hold on her and she walked towards her mortal enemy's direction. The girl raised her right hand and gave him a firm poke on his chest using her right index finger. "Remember this! Someday, I'll bring my revenge on you and before that day comes, do atone for your sins, Kurosagi! You'll need it badly if you want to go to Valhalla, ne?" the last part sounded so full of sarcasm, it was nostalgic.

With that, she took her sit on the very last row and at the very back of the classroom, her gaze at the girl who had just came in, still crying. 'Caril Hermethes… you are so dead when I'm done placing scars and bruises all over your body.' She said as she touched her weapons strapped around both her hips.

Seconds later, Master Crius, a man in his early twenties, came in, frowning at them. "Take your seats! Classes have started minutes ago!" he barked angrily.

Nervously, everyone went to their seats, still frightened and shocked about Momo Orihara's 360° personality turn. Even more shocked than the others was Jiku, who still couldn't believe that his innocent peach became a bad girl all of a sudden...

'What happened to you, Momo…? Why did you change so much?' he pondered as he sat at his original seat; the second to the last row, in the middle of the classroom. 'I've liked you better when you were an innocent little peach… my peach.'

Recess time came after long hours of new lessons taught by their teachers and Momo excused herself from the classroom, heading over to a secluded place in the Academy. Turning her head around to see if anyone had followed her, the aquamarine-eyed girl leaned against a tree, took out a mini computer organizer and opened it. "Onee-san!" she hissed angrily at the monitor.

A raven-haired Alchemist's face appeared on the small monitor. "What now? I'm busy mixing potions! It better be good, Momo, or else I'll take that Orihara personal communicator away from you!"

The younger sister rolled her eyes. "It'll be good. Anyways, can you give me a hair grower potion? I need it!"

"Is that all?" the older Orihara sighed in disapproval. "Fine, fine… I'll give it to you tomorrow. Meet me in your house after school tomorrow, okay? NOW DON'T BOTHER ME!" Ayami yelled angrily. In panic, Momo quickly turned off her communicator, sighing in relief. Now her problem was over…

"So that's where you went…" a masculine voice spoke up.

She cocked her head to the side swiftly to see who spoke. To her disgust, it was Kurosagi, smirking at her. "So you want a hair grower potion, huh? Is it for Melamphus so he will like you, Orihara?" he asked arrogantly, his emerald green eyes filled with wickedness.

Her face said it all; from a pale colored one, it became cherry colored. "What the hell do you care, Kurosagi!"

"I'm just saying that you're wasting your time on him." He stated as a matter of fact. "Someone like him can never appreciate you."

"He appreciates me!" she shot back angrily at him. "He's just shy to show me his affection!"

"If he does, then why the hell does he like a long haired Orihara better than a short haired one? Don't tell me he likes you only because you have long hair." The raven-haired boy with matching green eyes said, eyeing her. "If he does like you, Melamphus would've appreciated you just the way you are."

'He's right…' Momo admitted to herself but shook her head madly in mild hatred. 'Wait a minute! Why am I acknowledging and listening to this idiot who doesn't even know how to love!'

"What do you know! You haven't even experienced love!"

Jiku turned red. "I HAVE experienced love, Orihara! In fact, I love someone right now!" 'Too bad, she thinks of me as some jackass who hates her so much...' he thought sadly.

"Oh yeah! Give that girl my condolences! A jerk had fallen in love with her!" she mocked. "I do hope she doesn't fall in love with a fool like you!"

Clenching his fists angrily, he banged it on the tree where Momo was leaning and she screamed. Chips of wood fall down her head and she wanted to punch the person responsible for scaring her.

"Why you…!" using her dominant hand, she readied herself to give him a blow in the face but the teenage boy grabbed her wrist, shoving her hard against the tree. Right then and there, he gave her a rough kiss on the lips…

Orihara managed to push him away and gave him a glare. "HOW DARE YOU…!" instead of an insult, a moan escaped her lips as he slid down the upper part of her Archer dress down to her waist. The black rabbit trailed small kisses on her neck down to her collar bone until his tongue slid down her shoulders to her chest. His hands slid down her shoulders, positioning it just above her breasts. Calloused hands pressed against her bra, giving her bosom a little squeeze. Jiku smirked as another whimper escaped her lips.

"You like that, my sweet peach?" he said seductively, giving her another kiss on the face. He licked her cheek and as he reached her lips, Jiku Kurosagi licked her upper lip, teasing her. "You can have more…"

The girl seemed to snap back to reality and angrily, she gave him a punch in the chest. "You pervert! You stole my first kiss!" the aquamarine eyed Orihara fixed herself up as she ran back to her classroom, tears streaming down her cheeks.

'That Kurosagi… stole my first kiss! What am I going to do! Don't tell me… his destiny will be intertwined with mine!' her mind began to panic at what would happen at her future. 'I won't let it happen! I'll make sure he and I will never EVER be together!' she thought, very determined to change her fate. There was no way she would allow herself to get married with HIM in the future!

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