Disclaimer: This story is mine, however, the world and characters it's based on belong to J.K Rowling.

Warnings: This story is slash and therefore focuses on a male/male love pairing (Harry and Draco); there is detailed sexual encounters (three squees for explicitness!) and mention of torture. Also, after the HBP came out this summer it makes this story an AU (alternate universe fic), as it is set in the sixth year of Hogwarts.

Rating: R (M)

Summary: H/D slash. The past is there for a reason: to give purpose, motivation and coherence to the present. Yet, what if Harry and Draco lost theirs and forgot the darkness that haunts them both? It is true that sometimes it's easier to forget, but what if you have no choice? After taking a powerful potion created for a terrible purpose, Harry and Draco lose their memories and soon find themselves surrounded by dark secrets that before blinded them to a different path…Complete

Beta: I give my never-ending thanks to EireVerde who betad this wonderfully for me, without her I would have grammatically failed.

Authors Notes: This story was written from October 04 to September 05 and is now complete. Enjoy!

Oblivio Nex


"Bugger off, Potter," Draco spat as he staggered up to his feet defensively.

"Malfoy! What the -"

Draco giggled as Harry looked at his enemy with disbelief; the Slytherin seemed more than a little drunk. Malfoy's eyelashes were fluttering repeatedly, as if in distress, and he was swaying as he stood. Harry's eyebrows rose even higher as he saw the other boy's eyes were glazed with unshed tears, and he was shocked to actually find himself wondering what had got the boy in such a state, as Malfoy did not normally exercise his facial muscles in anything beyond that trademark sneer.

Harry also wondered what Malfoy was doing here, of all places. Harry himself had a good enough reason (if you could call snooping a good reason that is). He had been on his way to the Gryffindor common room when he'd heard a noise coming from Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Thinking the ghost had been having some kind of tantrum Harry had gone in to investigate the cause only to come face to face with one Draco Malfoy.

The seemingly drunk young wizard returned Harry's hostile gaze and sneered at his enemy, knowing that the Gryffindor probably loved this, Draco's soon-to-be-final (and now thanks to Potter -degrading) moment. Draco clenched the tiny vial in his hand determinedly, Harry's presence didn't matter anyway; nothing could stop him now.

"Don't look so distressed Potter, as soon as I drink the rest of this you'll finally have your wish – no more Draco Malfoy, lucky you. Fortunately enough neither shall I. Goodbye Potter." Draco raised the half empty vial to his lips, but before the rest of the lime liquid seeped out Harry snatched it off him.

"You stupid pillock!" Harry snarled. "What in Merlin's name do you think you're doing?"

Malfoy, suddenly sensing his apparent suicide attempt in jeopardy, leapt to his feet and clawed at the raven-haired boy desperately as he tried to get the potion back. Harry did the only thing he could think of and instinctually drank the rest. Malfoy suddenly stood completely still and looked at him in amazed horror.

"Stupid bloody hero!" Malfoy slurred before slumping to the floor.

Harry looked at him critically, and when he noticed through his hazy vision how pretty the blonde looked as he lay there – like some kind of fallen angel – he groaned out loud.

"What the hell did I just drink?" he muttered angrily, before promptly collapsing next to Draco.

Both boys lay next to each other, beautiful even in their stillness, until a loud shriek sounded in the deserted bathroom.

The enemies had been discovered.


To be continued…