Oblivio Nex

Chapter 17

Draco's grasp of reality was hazy at best, at the moment. The most irritating thing about being in this state was that he only heard snippets of conversations, ones that he really thought he ought to be a part of.

"Look, I don't… damn what McGonagall… thought … heard, or even…portraits repor… can't believe you made me think…"

"… Mr. Potter, I'm sure the headmaster had his…"

"… Poppy, Harry has… my fault… Draco…"

"You'd better… never thought… fainted and then I understood… bloody Lucius!"

Draco bobbed in and out of consciousness like this for a long time, sometimes hearing arguments, most of which were about him, and sometimes hearing soft earnest words that soothed his hurt heart, but both arguments and words were forgotten before he actually woke up.

Draco opened his eyes and he smiled vaguely when he saw familiar eyes watching him.

"Do you just enjoy watching me sleep, or is it because you know what I look like naked?" he asked, his voice a little croaky.

Harry gave a relieved chuckle and he settled back into the chair he was sitting in, beside the boy's bed.

"You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you speak," Harry grinned at him.

Draco frowned as he tried to remember what the boy was on about, and then it all came back to him and his eyes widened, the colour draining from his face.

"W-what am I doing here?" he asked, his voice wavering as he looked around the room wildly; their room, he noticed.

Harry watched Draco uncertainly, not knowing what he was going to do.

"Draco, you do remember everything, don't you - the past two weeks, and before that?" Harry asked softly.

Draco looked at him and nodded, still wondering what the hell had gone wrong.

Harry grinned, "Good, I thought for a minute we'd have to go through it all over again, but this time with just you who'd lost your memory."

Draco suddenly frowned, an irrational anger building up inside him, "It was you? You again? For Merlin's sake, Potter! Why can't you just let me bloody die?"

Harry blinked in surprise as Draco screamed at him and then he frowned, his own distress at the unbelievable situation finally snapping his calm façade.

"You selfish little brat," he snapped, shocking the other boy to silence. "Do you really think that's the best thing to do? That that is the best solution? Do you understand how worried I've been while you've been bloody lying there half dead? Do you realise that I almost killed Snape when I found he'd misjudged whatever it was you poured into that antidote, so it wasn't harmless but actually almost killed you? Damn it Malfoy, when I saw you take the potion instead of giving it to me I was so bloody happy, but then I saw that you had stopped breathing… Do you have any idea how frightened I was? Do you?"

Draco watched as Harry grew more and more angry, and his eyes again grew wide as Draco realised what this meant. Did Harry still…

"W-why?" Draco's quiet voice broke through Harry's rant. The other boy sighed and shook his head as he looked at the confused Slytherin.

"Because, you silly git, despite whatever delusions you've got going on in your mind, I really do love you, and I had hoped that the feeling- if this martyred suicide was anything to by- was mutual."

"Whatever, Potter, you're the hero, not me." Draco snorted at that, martyr indeed! And then blushed as he considered the situation again; a boy dying in his lover's stead, how poetic, he thought derisively.

Harry just grinned and shrugged. "But am I right, do you love me?"

"Well what do you think, Harry?" Draco asked sarcastically, finding it incredibly odd to be having this conversation with the 'real' Harry Potter.

Harry just grinned, "I don't, I'm a Gryffindor, remember? That's why I need someone else to tell me the answer."

Draco smirked at the boy's reply, "How very Slytherin of you. I think you'll find that if you did think – as, rightly so, you don't think, being the Gryffindor you are – the answer would be 'of course the amazing Slytherin loves you, you silly poof'."

"It would?" Harry asked, with a smirk to match Draco's.

Draco nodded.

"But you would also think – if you did think – that you'd better tell that same gorgeous boy what is going on, because if you don't explain soon he may have to take drastic measures."

"Oh I don't know, I'm not really scared of someone who speaks about themselves in third person," Harry teased.

Draco scowled.

"Oh, okay," Harry sighed. "Well, what happened was that after your meeting with Zabini-"

"You know about that?" Draco asked, surprised.

Harry nodded.


"McGonagall was out taking a walk and overheard. Anyway, after your meeting with Zabini, Dumbledore asked me to go to his office; that was why Ron and Hermione came yesterday. He told me about what your father did-"

"Wha- how did he know about-"

Harry scowled at him, "If you're not going to keep quiet, I won't tell you what happened. Now, shall I go on?"

Draco nodded sulkily.

"Right, well, Dumbledore told me what your father did and I was pissed to say the least, especially after his ridiculous excuses for allowing you to be hurt. And then he told me about you wanting to kill me. By that time I'd had enough and I was also thinking the whole thing a joke, and so I got a little hysterical, I suppose. Then Dumbledore gave me the antidote to Oblivio Nex and I remembered everything, and then, well, I was a little bit more open to the idea of you trying to kill me," Harry said wryly, scratching his head a little guiltily.

Draco frowned. "But you were going to drink the antidote which I'd supposedly poisoned anyway?"

"Wha- oh, no. You see, Dumbledore wanted to be sure of your loyalty to the Dark; if nothing else, then we could have used the attempted poisoning to hold you at the Ministry for questioning and also get you away from the Dark. So Dumbledore asked Snape if he'd make a very light sleep potion that would only make the drinker sleep, despite what was added to it," Harry explained.

"But the powder was too strong?" Draco guessed.

Harry nodded darkly, "Yeah, you wouldn't believe how many points Gryffindor got docked after I erm, sort of attacked Snape… Hermione wasn't very pleased."

"And Weasley was?" Draco asked, amused at the idea of Harry attempting to murder Draco's Head of House.

Harry laughed, "Oh, Ron was very pleased; he said he'd even forgive me for falling for you after watching Snape shriek while I chased him around the Hospital Wing."

Draco couldn't help but laugh at that, too.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, Harry," Draco said quietly as he sobered a little. "I thought I'd spare you any more pain, but it seems I've only done the opposite."

Harry frowned, moved over to Draco, and perched next to him on the bed, lifting his chin up and smiling at him gently.

"Just promise me, and this time I'm going to be specific, no trying to save my life with your suffering and/or death - that includes jumping in front of curses, taking mysterious potions with weird and unidentifiable ingredients, or any of the other exotic dangers that seem to constantly haunt my life, okay?"

Draco smiled at the boy.


Harry grinned and kissed him softly, the first kiss where they both knew that this was what they truly wanted, as themselves.

"But Harry, what about father, and the Death Eaters and-"

"We'll deal with all that eventually, one step at a time, okay? We've got a lot to talk about, a lot to sort through, and most of it won't be nice, especially deciding what it is we're going to do," Harry sighed but then shook his head, smiling at Draco as he continued, "But for now, at this moment, let's just forget about it."

Draco gave a small smile and sat back in Harry's arms, doing just that. After all, sometimes it was better to forget…



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