Just want to start with all the usual stuff first.

Better Than Expected

Summary: Marco finally decides to come out to his parents as a result of Dylan's persistence. He never expected this...

Chapter: 1 Made Up My Mind

Rated: PG Occasionally PG13 for language (homophobic words)/content

Disclaimer: Would I write these and actually own Degrassi? If you can't figure that out, you probably shouldn't read this. It'll be over your head. (Joking!)

Ch. 1 Made Up My Mind

Oh my God! Marco's voice shrilled in his head. Could he be any hotter?!

Marco and Dylan were on Dylan's bed making out. They heard the door creak and they jumped apart.

"Dylan?" Paige smiled as she realized what they were doing. "Do you think that you two lovers could breathe through your own noses for a sec? Dinner's done." Dylan threw a pillow at Paige who was doubling over in laughter as Marco started to blush furiously.

"Oh Paige," Dylan joked, "you slay me with your humor!" He grabbed Marco's hand and led him to the dining room.


"You should tell 'em."

"I'd sooner gouge my eyes out with a knife."

Marco and Dylan were once again arguing about Marco coming out to his parents.

Dylan stood up and took a Swiss Army knife out of his pocket. He threw it into Marco's lap. "There's a knife. If you hurry I think we can go to your house and still make the eight o'clock movie."

Marco started laughing. He looked up at Dylan. He wasn't smiling. "You are joking. Right?"

"About the knife?" He grabbed it from Marco's hands. "Yes." He slid it back into his pocket. "About coming out? No."

The smile left Marco's face. "Dyl! Come on!" He whined in protest as Dylan went to leave.

"No Marco, you come on! I'm tired of this!" He motioned to the fact that they were once again up in his room hiding. "I want people to know Marco. I want us to be in the open without you worrying about seeing someone you know."

"Look, I'm sorry!" Marco looked at the ground as he tried to hold back the tears. "I know... this sucks."

"Maybe we should call it quits." Dylan looked at Marco and all the pain this was putting him through.

"NO!" Marco jumped up and yelled. "No," he repeated softly. "I'll tell them, just give me some time."

Okay, before I get a bunch of flames, I just want to clear some things up.

-I know that Dylan's reaction seemed a little... morbid, but he and Marco have been going out for over a year and he still won't tell his parents. It makes him wonder whether Marco really wants to be with him or not.

-I don't know if Dylan really owns a pocket knife, just part of the story.

So, I hope you liked it so far. Short, I know, but at least it's not a cliff hanger! (My other story is famous for those.)