Miranda's Life

Authors Note: My first As Told By Ginger fic please be nice. I don't see to many Miranda, just some Ginger and Darren fic. I too am a fan of As Told by Ginger.

My dadis making life really rough for me and I'm becoming more cold and snappy to everyone including Courtney Gripling who is my best friend. Will the person I loathe help me?

I do not own any the characters off of As Told by Ginger that's the property of nick.


I wake up with the annoying horn my father blows just before the sun rises. My deep purple hair is in knots and my dad yells, "WAKE UP PRIVATE WE HAVE WORK OUT BEFORE THE SUN IS UP!"

Yes it's true I, Miranda Kilgalen live a life under military influence even though my dad is a cop. I go to work out with my dad, and I do the household chores. It's been this way since mom has died; he doesn't listen to a word I say. I call Courtney and ask for her to pick me up, my dad is too busy cleaning weapons and polishing his gun collection. After hours has past I walk outside and see the limo that Courtney rides in. She is wearing a suede jacket with a peach skirt, and a creamy white shirt. I just have a purple shirt and a camouflage green shirt. My hair is in a sloppy pony tail, and my nails are chipped.

Courtney hugs me asking, "Miranda are you feeling ok?"

I answer icily, "I'm fine Courtney just had too much to eat."

She looks a little hurt by my cold response, so I change the subject by asking, "Any parties planned Courtney?"

Courtney sighs and says, "I'm afraid not Miranda, momma is a bit upset over something. Don't worry though it will not last long, at least I don't think it will anyway."

I sigh and look ahead dreading to go home to my military tyrant father. Courtney asks "Miranda are you upset with me?"

I sigh and say, "No Courtney I just have a lot on my mind."

We walk to our lockers and to my disgusting view there walking over her is Miss Perfect Ginger Fautley. 'Just what I need a miss goodie- to-shoes to steal Courtney's attention.'

Courtney yells, "GINGER OVER HERE!"

The red haired girl I despise with everything I am is walking over to Courtney. Sadly I don't like to hurt Courtney's feelings, but she is only small friend to Courtney. I listen to their idle chat and get more annoyed by the minuet. Usually I have a cold nick name for the red haired pain but I don't feel like talking today. Again shunned out as we walk down the hall to the classrooms, I just give a mental sigh. We go to the classes Algebra, Chemistry II, Lunch and Gym.

I have the best time in Gym mainly because there's no Ginger Fautley. I still kick guy's butts at so called "men's" sport today we play Soccer none of their kicks got past me. The final bell rings, and I groan making my way to the door. Courtney was again talking to Fautley which still makes my skin crawl. She forgets all about me and goes into limo with her butler driving her off. I have no choice but to walk home to father dearest. Rain begins to fall as I make my way home. I stop walking and try to call Courtney but she is already talking to Mipsy ignoring any beeps. When I get home my dad yells "SWITCH THESE BULLETS AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH BEFORE 0800 HOURS OR NO DINNER FOR YOU!"



I sigh and say, "Sir yes sir." I go to switch the bullets while muttering, "I wish mom was a live then maybe I wouldn't yell so much." I look at my books knowing I have so much to do. This is my life behind closed doors and without the aid of Courtney Gripling, or any of our other popular friends.

Ok as I said this is my first As Told by Ginger fic. I don't know how good this will be please let me know flame it or praise it.