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A/N: This is the end!


After dealing with that hurtful part of my life, I am finally able to move forward. It seems strange to be filled with purpose again. For now the maybes are outside of my mind. Courtney and I have strengthened our ties with each other. We talk but not as much as we did before. I begin to befriend Ginger and her pose. Of course it's doubtful we'll ever be really close. It's a start. I can be strong and independent for the most part again. I now walk into school with my head held high again.

HEY WORLD I AM BACK! Yep I'm back with a vengeance. I still see a counselor whenever I need to talk to someone neutral. My dad and I have made a small step into a friendship. It is a rather big step for both of us but we manage to hold somewhat civil conversations. My dad now talks to the counselor, Ms Winters. My dad has an interest in her but she seems to be keeping her distance. I now pick on my dad about his crush on Ms. Winters. Like I said it's a small step but it seems like a giant leap. I begin to build up my reputation from scratch. This day is different from the others. Chad and I have agreed to keep the relationship flexible. I made the rule no too cute pet names and I agreed to not get so suspicious at his talking to other girls. Band is actually starting to interest me again and that I thought wouldn't happen for a long time.

The darkness seems to be slowly fading away. I feel the ground underneath my feet, hear the birds singing, and smell the different smells that make life unique. Even though school will always be school it just seems different now that I am out of that ivory tower that I created. When school finally lets out I actually take my time walking. This is something I needed to do for a really long time. I run in the field of flowers, stir up the butterflies and lay on the ground. It all feels so real not something you buy at in a store. I let out a laugh not one of those sarcastic laughs an actual one.

I hear someone walking toward me and ask, "Having fun?"

I smack him on the shoulder and say, "What do you think captain obvious?"

He laughs, and says, "I think you are so happy you don't know how to deal with it."

"Yes I finally get to live and thanks Chad for everything."

We share a kiss and not worrying about people seeing us. I finally live the way I am supposed to. Mom don't worry anymore I understand now, you want me to live thank you.