I was alone not long ago without a love to call my own

I was afraid and thought it wasn't meant for me

I didn't need anybody else

That was what I would tell myself

And I believe that that was how it would be

-'Till I found you by Freestyle (Band here in the Philippines)

Chapter 1: Caught in the act


A pair of cold blue eyes looked down from his window at the people who walk in the busy sidewalks as more droplets of rain continue to fall like tears. It looks as if it mourns for the people who're dead. But, it doesn't. Being in deep sorrow doesn't solve anything when you lose someone you hold dear; especially if it was your own mother...


A nine year old girl cried out as she caught up with her mother who waited for her.

A mother...

He sighed and closed his eyes as his past once again came back to him to haunt his head one more. The past wherein his mother was tortured, killed, right in front of him, when he was only at the age of eight...

"No! Please!"

A scream of a woman was heard in a dojo but no one came. Laughter's of men filled the air as two little boys watched numbly. Their mother was battered and raped, and they couldn't do anything.

With their father gone, away from home and in another country because of a business trip, no one could save her or help them. These guys are one of their dad's worst enemies, corrupt officials who do nothing but get drunk and do more negative things.

Once all the men were done with their purpose for coming at the Minamoto's, one of them took a gun out and aimed it at their mother's head. Gave a sinister smile, and finally pulled the trigger and ended her life on earth.

The older twin tried to get up and go into the room where his mom was killed, but the younger one pulled him back and shook his head.

"We can't let them know that we saw the whole thing..." he whispered.

His older brother nodded and they both quietly left the dojo. Unfortunately, they were heard by the men and caught them before they could leave.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here, a couple of witnesses."

They both struggled to get free but the grips of the men were too tight.

"Should we kill them?"

"No." The head said. "Just knock them out and leave them here. They're only kids. It's a waste of time to kill them now."

They all agreed and hit their heads hard, leaving them outside like they were dead.

The boss looked back and grinned evilly.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you both die in my hands."

When he left, one of the brothers muttered something.

"...No... It'll be you... who will... die..." And with that, he went unconscious.

After a few weeks, they woke up in their room. They were back inside the dojo.

"Dad... he must be back." The two of them got up and rushed outside to see their father tending their mother's grave at the backyard.


"My sons... thank goodness you're both alive and safe."

Though he had a smile on his face, tears still blurred his eyes.

The 3 stood and stared at the grave, where, in bold letters, read: "Tomoko Minamoto"

When the wind blew, the younger boy, who had long hair tied into a ponytail looked up at his father.



"I want you to train me."

"Train you?"

He nodded "Train me to be an assassin. I know that that's what you do."

His father was alarmed but kept it hidden. "Your mother and I talked about this. We didn't plan on training you or your brother to be killers like I am."

"But still. You annihilate bad guys. I want to do that as well. I'm tired of seeing more innocent people die in the hands of other people who cheat and kill them and easily get away with it." He paused for a moment. "Please dad..."

Kousei looked down at his wife's grave then gave a small smile. "Alright..."

His son's eyes widened.

"If you insist and, as long as it's for a good cause."

He nodded. "Thanks dad."

"First I'll be teaching you the basics. Once you're a little older, that's when you'll use a weapon."

Kousei looked at his other son. "And you?"

"I... I'll train too."

"Good. But remember this..." He added. "Once you become expert assassins, you can't feel any emotion."

They both listened attentively as their father continued.

"And, keep your identities a secret. I'll take you to the (1) Hitokiri no Matsue's HQ. That's where I get my assignments."

The twins nodded in unison and looked back down at their mother's grave, swearing, that they'll get revenge and prevent more innocent people to die.

"Kouji! What the heck's wrong with you?!"

The blue-eyed boy turned his head from the window to his partner who rudely entered his room without knocking.


"Yeah right!" he replied sarcastically.

Kouji shrugged and looked back down at the window "What do you want?"

"Our boss, a.k.a. your dad, wants to see us."

"Go ahead and tell him I'll be there."

Takuya, his best friend, and whom he trusts the most in the HQ nodded and went to the base of Kousei.

Kouji took one last look at the little girl and her mother before leaving his room and heading to his dad.

'It's been 10 years mom, and I still haven't found that guy who gave you a hard time.'

(Kouji's POV)

Upon entering the automatic door, which opens when a person is about to enter, Takuya, Kouichi, Junpei and Tomoki were there.

Takuya Kanbara: My best friend ever since he and I were 14 and started to work together. His main reason why he joined is because just like me, he got sick of seeing more and more people die in the hands of corrupted officials.

One thing that's pretty silly about him, for me is his goggles. It's either around his head or his neck. That's probably where Junpei got the nickname goggle head.

I would mostly do the killing and he mostly does the stealing. His moves are pretty quick, added the brown gloves that he wears to keep his fingerprints away for any sign of evidence.

His weapon of choice: daggers and a sniper. Yes... he's a sharp-shooter. He watches my back all the time.

Kouichi, my only twin brother. He's the smart one here and he would preferably spy and gather data. That's his specialty and it's really useful to us whenever we get a mission. He doesn't have a partner and that's what makes him gather info a lot faster than we can kill.

Carrying a katana and a handgun, like me, he uses it when things get out of hand.

Junpei Shibayama: The oldest of the group. He's the one in charge of getting our weapons cleaned and looks brand new. Kind of like a blacksmith if you ask me, only, he doesn't make the weapons. He's pretty smart though but he can goof up a lot of times like Takuya.

Tomoki Himi: The youngest member. He's the computer wiz here. Want to decode a password? He'll figure out a way on how to this. He's like an assistant of Kouichi's. Gathering important facts and data on our victims, this makes him suited for the job. Especially if there's a security code in it.

Yeah, there's only a few of us who're really doing the job. There are also some people who go undercover as either a teacher or a janitor. Any job where you are least suspected as a spy. That's what keeps this HQ of ours going.

(End of Kouji's POV)

"I called you all here because we have a client, who will be giving the job."

"And who is our victim this time?" Takuya asked.

"What else, another politician who framed him. Except, I think Kouji can handle this alone."

"When does he want it done?"

Kousei stood up from his chair and looked out the window. He turned his head to Kouji to answer his question.


That night...

"Thank you."

A high school student came out from a store after buying the groceries for her mom.

"Time to go back home."

She smiled and walked back to her house. When she was halfway there, she heard a faint cry of pain. She immediately ran to the source of it and when she got there...

"Oh my Gosh..."

She dropped the grocery bags and fell to her knees, staring at the corpse in the dark alley, along with 2 more dead bodies and blood all over the place.

Her eyes saw a long blade which glimmered under the moonlight as the owner swished it to make the stain of the dark red liquid slide off his katana. He tuned his head to the blonde haired girl who couldn't move with fright.

His blue eyes stared at her.

"You saw it..."

She tried to back away but couldn't.

"S-saw what?"

The killer gave a small smile and narrowed his eyes at her.

"Too bad... I can't let a witness live to tell about this."

Izumi Orimoto was her name, and she was about to face death all because she saw this assassin kill 3 people in one night and in an instant.

"But I..."

He raised his sword, ready to slice her head off but...

Her green eyes were blurred with tears as she waited for her everlasting sleep to come. But it didn't. Not even the blade of the sword touching her or giving a cut.

Opening her eyes slowly, she was taken aback when she saw that the killer was only a boy about her age.

He retracted his katana and turned his back at her.

"I'll let you live for now. But the next time we meet, get ready to meet a friend of mine called death."

And in a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the darkness.

Izumi blinked. This all looked like it was just a dream.

The next day...

Izumi walked to school, not forgetting what had happened last night.

"How come he didn't finish me off?"

"Kou! Hurry up!!"

She stopped and looked behind her. 2 guys came running to her direction, also wearing the same uniform she had only they weren't wearing skirts but pants.

After they ran past her, someone whom she thought looked familiar followed and bumped into her accidentally. However, before she hit the floor, a hand grabbed her arm.

"Thanks a-"

Her eyes widened. Right in front of her was the killer.


He cocked his head then smiled. "Um... hi... I'm Kou Mizuaki. Do I know you?"

She shook her head "No."

"Oh. Okay. See you later." He ran off to school.

She blinked a few times 'Must be a different person.'

"Was that her?"

Kou nodded "And she didn't suspect me."

"That's good Kou. Or should I say..."

Kou gave a sinister smile at Izumi.


"Shut up Takuya. I mean, Tayuki. We're here undercover."

"Yes. I know that Kiei."

Kouichi shook his head. They were there undercover as normal high school boys. Why?

To finish Izumi Orimoto. That was their job from now on. Get rid of the witness.

'How come I didn't kill her last night?' Kouji/Kou thought.

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