A Real Conversation

Author's Notes: Takes place after 'At the Hour of Our Deaths', I haven't seen the whole episode, so I'm just going off of what I did see. This is my first Pretender fic, so I'd really appreciate some feedback! Please review, virtual brownies to those who do!

Disclaimer: 'The Pretender' and its characters don't belong to me and never will. Darn....

Miss Parker was curled up on her couch, reading a sappy romance novel. She knew that this didn't fit her Ice Queen persona at all, but she couldn't help it. These books were the closest thing to real love that she would ever know. She was jolted out of her fantasy world when the phone rang.

"What?" She muttered venomously. She was almost surprised at how well she could slip into her fa├žade after being Miss Sappy Romantic. She had a feeling it was Jarod, almost no one else ever called her.

"Did you see her too?" Jarod asked, knowing that she would know whom he meant. The little girl, Faith, that he and Parker had been friends with long ago was there on that mountain with him, and through Sydney, he had found out about Parker's own near death experience.

"Yes." Miss Parker answered quietly, placing her book down. They talked for a few minutes, in their regular cryptic style, until Miss Parker finally asked the question that she had been wondering about, ever since his phone calls started. "Are we ever going to have a real conversation Jarod?"

"I thought that we were having a real conversation Miss Parker." Jarod said, wondering where this was going. This was always how it was, he would call and give her some cryptic clue, they would banter back and forth cryptically, and then he would cryptically hang up on her. Well that part wasn't cryptic, but the rest of it was right on.

"No Jarod. A real conversation that doesn't have anything to do with your family, or my mother, or the Centre. A conversation where you actually call me by my first name." Parker didn't tell many people her first name, it was another way she kept them out. But when she was younger, she remembered whispering it in his ear. Ever since that day she had wondered what her first name would sound like coming from him. She knew that it was dumb, but she still couldn't help but wonder.

"Why don't you tell me Parker?" Jarod asked, not sure if he wanted to go into this with her. "Go back to your book." He suggested, looking into her window.

Parker smiled slightly, just enough so that she knew he would see it. She looked out the window, peering into the inky blackness of the night, searching for him, but couldn't seem to find him. Didn't surprise her, he always wore black. But it was still oddly comforting that he was watching her, he could see her. It should have been creepy, or she should have gone outside, and captured him, but she didn't. "Fine Wonderboy, whatever you say." She murmured. "Good night Jarod."

"Good night...Monica." He said quietly, and then promptly hung up. He spared one more glance at her, and then turned towards his car.

Miss Parker smiled, and set her phone down, and picked up her book. Monica. She liked it coming from him.

Author's Notes: Please tell me what you think! I'm not sure how well I got the characterizations, but I tried my best! Thanks for reading!