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Summary: Mirror Chang is the new girl in town and there is nothing she likes better than stirring trouble. But what happens when the trouble she causes makes her see a different side to the story she thought she knew? Life just never seems to be in a straight line for the teenage girl, so what happens when she finally straightens it out and everything is revealed.

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Two To Tango

Chapter 1: Birthday Trouble

The Island of Santo Rio is stationed with many more islands between North and South America. The island is small and you can hardly walk down a street without seeing someone you know.

This island is the pit of all pits, it's like being in a jail with no roof and walls, but you still have those security guys with electric poles that smack you hard in the ass every time you go against the rules.

Maybe you're thinking I am over exaggerating a little or maybe a lot but tell me this, if you were stuck on an island with a curfew of ten for under eighteens, wouldn't you feel jailed?

Let me introduce myself, I am Queen Omega, believe me?

Didn't think so,

My real name is Mirror, Mirror Chang but everyone calls me Mi. I have black hair with neon orange streaks in them if you can call them that, and cherry coloured eyes.

Yes I know what your thinking, I'm an albino with dyed black hair, and I wouldn't blame you. Thing is, I'm not an albino but just a normal girl born with freaky cherry coloured eyes and hey, I like the neon orange.

My friend was an albino back at home, that was before I came to this god forsaken no escape island, apparently she had lied about it and dyed her hair white just for sympathy, and to be different.

My parents decided that they wanted me here, see my older half brother Ozuma has lived here all his life with my dad whilst I lived in London with my mum. Sharon and Liam Rider have been married since before my older prat half brother was born, they lived on this island until I was born.

You see my dad was a player and in my opinion still is, he is always out of town on 'business' but anyway Ozuma's mother found out that my mother was pregnant with me, as she was pregnant with Ozuma, so she left him early on. But my mother only found out a week or so after I was born when Ozuma landed on their doorstep without the mother.

I like to think of myself as Satan because I was the one that split my parents up, but then again I was the reason they got back together too. Sharon, my mother, moved away with me so she could give me a better chance at life in London, without a cheating liar as my father, so she divorced him.

Fat chance!

The only thing I ended up doing was destroying the school from inside out, literally. But my last stunt blew my dear mother over the edge, me and my best friend or should I say ex best friend?

Never mind.

Anyway me and Chloe put a for sale sign across the school gate, then when the president came (that's what we called our head teacher) and told us to take it down we put it across his brand new Aston Martin and set it alight.

Only a few idiotic year sevens got slightly hurt but that was their own fault, we told them to get out of the way, or was it to get closer? I don't remember.

Anyhow so I came here with my mother who after meeting daddyo when he came to London said they had rekindled their burning desire for each other, and since she couldn't find any school willing to give me a place in London, Santo Rio was the next best thing.

Save me please!

That's how I ended up in front of this mansion, in this room, as ginormouse as it is with all its high-tech things it just doesn't feel like home, not when I came here and I don't think it will when I leave. If I leave that is.

Standing up I walked over to the enormous ceiling to floor window that was in the centre of my room in front of my king size bed. Taking in the fresh salty sent of the sea in front of me as I opened them with a light tug. I looked out side at the breathtaking view; the house was positioned high on one of the hills that half surrounded the main city of Santo Rio, the sea surrounded the rest.

Turning my back on the view that many people would pay millions to own, I looked around at the black walls of my room.

My room is quite nice, I guess my mother wanted to make me to feel welcome so she done it my kinda style. Black walls with neon lights everywhere. But a girl has to make it feel warmer with her own touch, doesn't she? I put in all my posters of Blink 182, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Metallica and many many more.

I threw myself back on my bed and sighed.

By the way, did I mention my parents were filthy rich? No? Well yes they are, and they are also filthy stingy with it. So I don't get the better part of the deal, not being the favourite child of course. My stinky egghead twerp older half brother is.

Speaking of that brain dead idiot. Where is he now?

I sat up on my bed and let my spinning head settle. Must have gotten up too fast. Standing up I slipped on my Linkin Park hoodie and decided to look-see what he was doing.

I walked down the corridors of our family house, until I settled on a door that was at the complete opposite end of it to mine. On it was a large graffiti style sight with 'SRM Leader' on it.

Without knocking I wandered straight in and smirked when I noticed him and a girl with pink hair making out on top of his bed.

"Ehmm…" I coughed softly but loud enough for both to hear me.

"Who are you?" She questioned in a snobby voice turning her head so she was looking directly at me. I stopped myself from rolling my eyes at her and saw an open opportunity.

"Excuse me! Who are you making out with MY boyfriend," I replied not resisting the temptation of getting my half brother into trouble.

"YOUR boyfriend!" The girl said confused as she whipped her head to face Ozuma, "Is that true?"

"Course not babez," The teenage boy grinned at her, "I've never seen this girl in my life,"

He gave me a look of pure distaste.

"That's not what you said last night!" I frowned at him.

That was enough to set this pink haired girl off; she jumped of Ozuma's bed and sauntered out of the room. Hopefully home.

"I'll get you for this, I promise you!" Ozuma snapped as he ran after the girl leaving me alone in his room.

Smirking I walked around looking at his belongings.

His room was large, probably twice the size of the one I had in London, with gloomy green on the walls. There was a king size bed in the centre against the wall. And there was a desk on the left hand side with two doors beside it; one went into his personal bathroom and the other into his walk in closet.

On the right hand side there was another desk with a plasma screen computer on top, next to it was a massive bookshelf with what looked like millions of different kinds of books. And by that a door led to the balcony, living on the second floor in a big house with a great view was definitely an up side to living here.

There were a few porno magazines stashed in the draw beside his bed and a couple condoms. Brothers! I've had this one for a day and I'm already wishing my parents would sell him or something!

I looked through his enormous CD collection and 'borrowed' a few, Blink 182 album and Metallica then slipped into the seat in front of his computer and watched as his friends chatted on MSN.

Pain Addict says: We meetin up or wot?

Who da Man? says: Ders a party going down on da west coast

Pain Addict says: Whos?

Who da Man? says: Hilary Richards dat sluty sophomore dats been hanging around us for a while.

Greatest Catholic says: Ye, its her birthday or something, and Kai man you would make her present

Pain Addict says: Ah shut it, I'm workin on someone else.

Great, these guys don't know how they have just made my life so much better. I paused making sure my half brother wasn't coming back then placed my fingers on the keyboard and began to type.

SRM Leader: Fuck man I wanna get out of dis hellhole, lets go

SRM Leader? What the hell is that suppose to mean? Thought my brother would choose something more along the lines of Gay As Can Possibly Be or Suck me you know where I am heading with this right?

Who da Man? says: I thought you where busy with that girl of urs, Mariah right?

SRM Leader says: The girls a bimbo with 2 much fake tan on.

Greatest Catholic says: Oz r you feelin all right? Wen da fuck did you care how much fake tan dey use?

SRM Leader says: Just shut up and get ready, I need to get out of here.

Pain Addict says: Wots up Ozzy, can't stand this sister of urs dat you've been telling us about?

You can tell this guy is a prize-winning jerk can't you? I mean how can my stupid half dead half brother stand to talk with complete bimbos like these. And I thought that pink haired cheerleader was bad.

But hey, a little good publicity never hurt anyone, did it?

SRM Leader says: Yeah she's pissin me off, that bitch better watch what she's doing.

Greatest Catholic says: I am sure all of us are dying to hear all about this whore of a sister you have, but I gotta go pick up Miriam so I'll see you there, bye.

Who da Man? Says: L8r Bryan.

Great one gone now two to go.

Pain Addict says: Hey Oz you need a ride?

SRM Leader says: No, gotta sort out something so ders no point. I'll c u later.

Damn my train is seriously on track, came to a new continent and already got an invite to a party, my brothers friends all know about me already, how much more popular can a girl get?

A smile grew on my lips and I couldn't help but chuckle at my thoughts.

I heard my half brother's footsteps getting closer so I stuffed the CD's under my hoodie and made for the door making a clean getaway.

Slipping back through my bedroom door I deposited the cd's onto my bed and decided to have a look out on the huge window I had left open. The night air was still warm as it was coming up to the end of summer; the sky was clear revealing a full moon and thousands of stars.

I smirked. Time to get into some trouble.

Music blared out of the speakers as they usually did at a good party. But on this occasion I couldn't help but cringe as the worst music escaped through them. Alcazar, This is the world we live in.

But what more could I expect as I realised who exactly this Hilary Richards was, I could see her out of the corner of my eye trying to get close to a group of what looked like stoned eighteen year old guys.

Hilary Richards is one of those cheerleader wanna bees, they are there at all of the parties but are never in any of the gang discussions and from what I can tell, she probably isn't to popular with the popular people.

I sighed inspecting my surroundings, there were a lot of people here, dancing, drinking, laughing and smoking. Not the kind of party you would tell your mum you were going to unless you want her to have a heart attack. But this wasn't that bad in my case, most of the people ignored me being the new girl they have never seen before. Some gave me the odd look over and smile before their girlfriends dragged them away death glares on each of their faces.

But this was good, if no one paid attention; stirring trouble would be easier and probably faster to, so I could get home early enough to get a good night sleep.

"Hey!" I snapped as a guy of no older than eighteen walked into me. "Watch where you're going prick,"

"Why don't you watch where you're standing," The guy replied his mahogany eyes taking in my appearance.

I narrowed my eyes at him, who dose he think he is? The Supreme Lord of the World? More like the Supreme Lord of Bullshit!

I just managed to get around him when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him.

"Hey you owe me a dance," He said his mahogany orbs getting darker and a smirk grazed his lips.

"For what?"

"For being so rude to me,"

I rolled my eyes; this guy really knows how to be a pain in the butt.

"I don't think so," with that I pulled my wrist out of his grasp and walked away without looking back. A part of me was half expecting him to follow but then again, why should he? He doesn't even know me.

Time to get this party going.

I went over to the side of the beach where the table with the food was set and chairs for guests to sit in were placed. With one look around I could tell no one was watching so from the pocket of my hoodie I took out some super glue and began to draw on the chairs with it.

I reckon I am one hell of an artist, and so do many other people, even my shit head of a half brother couldn't deny it when I showed of my sketchbook over dinner a couple hours ago.

The chairs looked quite decorated when I finished with them, one had a middle finger on it that quite amused me, the next had 'Never trust slate haired bastards' which I think that shit head from before rightly deserves.

When I was done with the chairs I got up and from the bag around my shoulders took out some shaving foam and a jar of slugs, which the gardener sold me for five bucks.

Don't even try asking me why he had them in the first place, but hey at least I was putting them to good use.

The birthday cake lay on the centre of the large table and with another look around I started to decorate it with the freshly shaken shaving foam I stole of the dim whit. I noticed two girls giving me odd glances as they chatted by one of the ivy pillars that were separating the pavement from the beach.

I gave them a wide grin pulling my hood on my head and opening the jar of slugs that had appeared to wake up and slowly made their way around the rim of the jar. There was no way I was about to go touching any of those slimy horrible things. Take it from me, I use these kinds of things but I really do try to avoid touching them at all costs.

Tipping the jar over between the snacks I walked away a smirk tugging at the corner of my lips.

Checking the time on my watch, I looked around happily for the birthday girl. A shriek of laughter caught my attention and sure enough there was missy wanna be laughing over exaggeratedly on something the guy next to her said.

Great, the only thing left was the piece extraordinaire.

I know what your thinking, I must be the cruellest girl alive to be doing this to someone I don't know on their birthday, and don't get me wrong I would think that too. But I think I have always been a good judge of character and believe me, not only from what I have heard about her, but I really think me and her will never see eye to eye, and in one sense I hope we never do.

The music stopped and everyone looked over to where Hilary was standing. A huge fake smile on her face she stood over her cake with a knife in her hands ready to cut. Without a sound I moved myself behind one of the huge art sculptures that were placed randomly around the beach and pulled out a water gun.

Hilary's moment fell as she took a big chunk of what looked like 70 per cent fat free cake and began to spoon it in her mouth. I had almost fallen over laughing as she tried not to scrunch up her face at the taste of the thing in her mouth; she just chewed very slowly a weary smile on her face.

With no more time to loose I took aim, smirking I pulled the trigger as not only water but bleach fell over her and her guests, putting instant non washout able stains in their clothes. I wasn't cruel enough to do it to their hair, that just would be heartless, and anyway it might have made someone blind if it got into their eyes.

I am a very reasonable person you know.

Screams filled the air; Hilary was running away, her eyes filled with tears and anger. I nearly dropped dead with laughter when I saw some guys running around with chairs stuck to their asses, their faces filled with horror but they weren't sober enough to really know what they were doing, or what was stuck to their backsides.

With a triumphant smirk I began making my way home still hearing the chaos that was building up behind me. The music had stopped completely and people were making their way home.

To think about it, I really done a favour to schools in this area, forcing their pupils to go home earlier… maybe that's not such a good thing since I am totally against school.

"That wasn't very nice," A smug voice jeered behind me.

I whirled around and saw the slate colour haired prick leaning against what looked like a black viper. His auburn eyes drilling right into my cherry ones.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I answered in a sweet and innocent tone that I had mastered over the years.

"Don't even try deny it, I saw you with the super glue, slugs, shaving foam and bleach," He pushed himself off his car and walked slowly towards me.

"Bet you can't prove it though," I said a glint of amusement flashing in my orbs.

He must have seen it because he gave me a slow smirk before grabbing my wrists and pulling me into him then attached his lips to my own.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" I raged shoving him off with all my might but his weight made it difficult.

"I like you,"

"SO!" My voice was getting angrier by the second and when he reached for my wrists again I moved out of the way and with all my might raised my fist and slammed it straight into his face.

"AAAUuuggghhh," He groaned as he covered his eye with his hand, "You bitch!"

But before he had a chance to recover I ran across the road and made my way swiftly home.

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