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Two To Tango

Chapter 35: Our Last Goodbyes

A hissing sound filled the giant arena. Flecks of ice flew into the cool air as a pair of metal skates came to a sudden halt at the edge of the rink. She straightened her hand as she took off again, the ice hissing from the metal under her feet. She lifted one leg behind her before grabbing the skate with her hand, leaning backwards she took her pose as her other skate continued to glide along the ice.

She let go and skidded to a stop at the opposite end when her cherry coloured eyes fell onto something she hadn't noticed before. There was a woman standing at the entrance to the ice watching her. Without a second thought she skated over to her and smiled.

"May I help you?" She asked flipping back her loose, waist-length, jet-black hair back with her hand.

"Where did you learn to skate like that?" The woman looked to be in around her early thirties and had light blonde hair tied up in an elaborate plait with bangs framing her heart shaped face. She wore a neat suit and looked a lot like a lawyer.

"My mum taught me when I was younger, I guess I never forgot." Mirror replied with a small smile at the woman who smiled back.

"Well your mother done a very good job," She commented before returning to the teenagers question. "I'm looking for Kai Hiwatari, I heard I could find him by speaking to you,"

Mirror chuckled, but her laugh disappeared almost as soon as it appeared by the thought of her boyfriend.

"He's not up for visitors, his mother died very recently and he's not in the best of moods," She replied her eyes wavering back to the ice which she called her refuge.

Lately Mirror had been ice-skating a lot, it was a way for her to forget the troubles that not only she had, but more the problems her parents and her boyfriend were having. It didn't help that they were back at school and had to film the stupid play. None of them wanted to be there, but all of their parents were making them go, and for Mirror and Ozuma it was better than being cooped up in a house with their parents arguing all the time. Terms between Sharon and Liam Rider had diminished to the point of being practically none existent.

"That's why I'm here," The woman continued with a small sorry smile at the teenage girl. "I have the will of his mother and well, everything she left, was for him and his brother James Hiwatari who I hear is deceased also."

Mirror nodded holding back the tears that were threatening to fall.

"By the look of things, everything in Mrs Hiwatari's will is for Kai, and Kai alone," She said handing a closed envelope to the teenager who took it with both hands and gripping it as if it was a life line.

"Thank you, I'll make sure he gets this." Mirror replied as the woman looked at her with sorry eyes.

"Well make sure you send my condolences to Mr Hiwatari, it's always a hard shock to the system when you haven't see a family member for a long time." Mirror nodded and after they shook hands the woman turned on her heal and left.

Mirror's POV.

I looked up and down the road as I walked out of the ice rink, the brown A4 sized envelope still held tightly in my hand. It had been almost a week since I last saw Kai. It wasn't because I hadn't bothered or wanted to see him. It was because I was scared, and even when I once did try, he wouldn't open the door.

He hadn't gone to school in that time, the play staff were glad that all his and my parts were already filmed. The finally exams of high school were over; Kai hadn't shown up for those either. Apparently he had hired some private examination board to come to his house and let him do it there. Guess he really didn't want to see me.

A car screeched to a halt in front of me as my mind snapped back to reality. Only then did I realise I had been standing in the middle of the pavement daydreaming.

"Hey," A familiar red head looked up at me from the driver's seat of a jet-black convertible.

"Hey Tala," I smiled softly at him as he opened the passenger door from the inside of the car and pointed at it for me to get in. As I did I looked up into the sky and the sun, and sighed. We were all wasting time until school finishes tomorrow.

"You okay?" He asked as he started the engine again and took off down the road.


"Where to?" He asked again, as silence consumed us.

"Kai's house,"

"You know, Kai's mum died, not yours." I saw him out of the corner of my eye becoming worried as he gave me a side glace before his eyes met the road again.

"I know," I replied tears welling in my eyes. But from what I've heard of her from Kai I feel like I know her. And Tala didn't know Jay. He couldn't understand, so I didn't try to explain it. "When are we doing the next scene?"

"Tonight, it's the last scene, very dramatic," He said with a smirk. Tala was back to his normal self, apart from his best friend being depressed, everything was normal in his life. Tatiana had been offered a place in a university in Russia, so now he was applying there too. Soon enough we're all going to move on, forget about each other. "Want me to take you there after we see Kai?"

I nodded slowly. My gut was lurching at the thought of seeing Kai. The last time I saw him he looked so broken it nearly tore me up inside. He lost his brother and mother on the same day! JAY COME BACK!

The rest of the journey was silent, parted only by some music coming from the radio.

As we pulled up in Kai's drive way I saw Tori, all kit off apart from a pare of boxers as he washed a new addition to the Hiwatari car collection. He looked up at us as we stepped out of the car and smiled at me.

"Hey there minx," He said. How he could still be happy at a time like this? Maybe it was just a trait of his.

"Hey," I replied half-heartedly as I headed for the open front door.

"Is Kai in?" I heard Tala ask but I didn't wait for a response. Where else would Kai be?

I jogged up the large staircase and let my feet take me from their own memory to Kai's door, the envelope gripped tighter than ever, so my knuckles glowed a pale ivory.

There came no reply when I knocked softly on the door. I sighed. Trying the door handle but the door was locked.

"Kai? Please, open up," I whimpered. Didn't he think this was hard on me too! I was having as much of a hard time as him! Maybe my mum wasn't dead, but it was worse watching your own mum suffering silently at home.


"Kai please!" I cried, a single tear rolling down my cheek. Looking down at the ground from my own misery, I stood there, unable to move. "…I need you,"

A soft click sounded and the door slowly opened. I lifted my head, my bangs strewn across my tear stained face. Big, heavy, auburn eyes stared at me, but he didn't say a word.

"Kai," I whispered, staring to cower under his intense gaze. I was about to turn and run when he grabbed my arm and pulled me into his room. He shut the door with his other hand and slammed me against it. His face was mere inches from mine if not less. I couldn't pull away as his eyes kept me pinned against the door. I could tell he was searching for something, but I felt dizzy, confused. First he didn't want to see me, and now this? "What are you doing?"

His hand drifted from my waist and up my form to cup my breast. His eyes still fixed to mine, I gasped at the feel of his touch, I could feel my cheeks were burning. I almost felt like a queen in his gaze, like he wouldn't look at anyone else the way he was staring at me right now.

Suddenly he dipped low kissing and sucking on my neck.

"Kai I-"

"Shhh, you love me right?" He asked, his voice hoarse from lack of use in the past few days, but it still held his ruggedness. His eyes were back to looking down into mine.

"Always," I whispered captivated.

He nodded before capturing my lips with his, it was rough, nothing like it had been before, he was never gentle I'll tell you that, but my lips were hurting and as he moved his head slightly to get better entrance, his tooth cut my lip. But I didn't care, he hadn't noticed either. This was really going to happen…

Normal POV.

Two burning crimson eyes glared up at the ceiling as he lay in his bed, a naked girl pressed at his side as he held her waist tightly against him. His mind was racing as he continued to glare at his ceiling.

He couldn't believe what he had done, his mother just passed away and he was fucking his girlfriend! His hand flew and ran down his face as he scolded himself. What the hell was he thinking?

Letting go of Mirror beside him who was fast asleep he sat up and stared at the wall across the bed. His crimson orbs moved to his side as the moon light filtered in through one of his bedroom windows and seem to make her skin glow. She looked so peaceful, so happy and he hated himself for making her cry the past week. It was his fault he was so weak, not hers, yet she seemed to be suffering more then him. He lay back down but on his side, facing her and he wiped away a stray strand of her jet-black hair from her face with the back of his hand.

'…find her, the one you'll love, don't let money and power dominate you like it did your father and grandfather,'

Her voice always haunted him now, everything she ever said to him as a child seemed so bold in his mind now. He missed her, she was the only one in his family apart from Jay that had ever really cared about him. She loved Jay more, Kai knew that, but she loved him as well.

'… lil bro, when you meet a woman like mine you'll know exactly what love is,'

Now Jay was gone too, he had no one to turn too. He watched Mirror breath gently as his mind held a picture in his head. A blonde girl, sandy blonde hair and amazing forest green eyes. Jay loved her like he did the girl in front of him, but their love didn't last, Jay's dead, she's now married. What if what he had with Mirror didn't work out either?

Kai sighed throwing the covers off himself and got out of bed, he slipped on some boxers before heading to the door to get a glass of water, suddenly feeling very thirsty. He moved Mirror's heels with his foot as he grabbed the handle, but when he stepped on something that really didn't feel like his carpet anymore, his eyes travelled to the ground and noticed a brown envelope under his foot.

Picking it up he raised his eyebrow at seeing not only his name written in black ink on it, but also his dead brothers. Kai slowly ripped it open and his eyes widened as he read the letter inside, next he moved onto a list and his eyes widened further but with dread, hatred and anger suddenly burning in his eyes. This wasn't going to happen; they had no right to do this!

He glared as a noise caught his attention and his eyes flew to the open window where a small furry head with glowing white eyes crawled in through it. He sighed as Kiwi jumped down from the window and onto his bed before lying down beside his girlfriend. Kai watched Kiwi as Kiwi watched Kai. Sighing, Kai's eyes moved back to the slim form of the girl lying in his bed.

But his mind was made, Kai grabbed his jeans putting then on then his shirt, socks, shoes and jacket. Grabbing a bag from his walk in closet he took some of his clothes and personal things before dropping them by his bedroom door. Mirror shifted slightly in his bed and his eyes instantly flew to her, if she woke up and stared at him with those amazing cherry coloured eyes he wouldn't be able to do this. Grabbing a piece of paper from his desk he wrote down six words before folding it along with the rest of the papers he found in the envelope then put it in a fresh one. Writing her name down on it he placed it on the pillow where he should be lying.

Kai looked at her angelic face, kissing her slowly he stood up.

Kiwi continued to watch him as Kai moved towards the door and grabbed the bag he had packed his things is.

"Take care of here Kiwi," Kai muttered, and almost as if the young cat could understand him, he meowed.

Without another thought the slate haired teen left through his bedroom door and disappeared into the shadows of his home.

Mirror's POV


"Huh? Kiwi! Switch it off!" I mumbled still fuzzy with sleep.


"Kai!" I groaned as it started to give me a head ache.


"Uh! I sat up, my head spinning as I smacked the alarm clock on the nightstand. My eyes caught on to the furry ball of the small cat I owned and I glared. "Thanks a lot!" I said annoyed at Kiwi who didn't even bat an eyelid. "As for yo-" My eyes looked to my side expecting my slate haired boyfriend but, it was empty. Tilting my head in confusion I looked around the room to find that empty as well. Then my eyes caught the alarm.

"SHIT!" I swore loudly jumping out of bed and realising I was naked. "AH!" I screamed again and blushed a deep scarlet trying to cover any bits with my hands, this was quite hard since I only have two hands and four things to cover.

I sighed realising in was alone and began to put on my clothes.

"Hey Kai, Mirror…" I looked up to the door to find Tori's head pocking through. "Where's Kai?" He asked confused.

"Don't know, I was hoping you could tell me," I said pulling my jumper over my head and grabbing my books from the table then shoving them into my bag.

"He's probably already gone to school," I nodded thinking about it. It was possible, I mean Kai was never a heavy long time sleeper like me, he was always up before me. "Anyway, as I was going to say, you better get a move on if you want to make it to school on time," He said checking his watch. "Actually, too late, you're already late," He smirked and closed the door.

"AHHH!" I screamed rushing to the bed to get the bracelet Kai gave me from the nightstand before my eyes caught onto something unusual. There was a white envelope on the pillow where Kai normally slept, and in his handwriting my name was written on it.

Grinning I picked it up before thinking hard. Eh I'll open it later; right now I need to GOOOO!

Grabbing my bag again I rushed out of the room, down the stairs, stumbling into my roller blades, shoving my shoes in my bag then skating like the wind to school.

"Your BACK!" Screamed Chizuka as I skated into the class and almost made me fall as she pulled me into a hug.

"Chizuka!" I laughed pulling her off me and skating to my seat. "It's not the first time you've seen me since the Kane thing!"

"Kane thing? I'm not talking about the Kane thing, I'm talking about the Ka-" her mouth was covered by Tala who was grinning at me madly.

"She's really happy you're here," Tala continued with a wide, scary smile on. "Right Chi?" He looked down at Chi who still with Tala's hand covering her mouth nodded slowly.

"Riiiight, I know you told them something you don't want me to know you told them, so SPILL IT!" I grinned when Tala's face turned a little rose coloured and he looked down at the ground embarrassed. And then it clicked.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed jumping to my feet only to realise I still had blades on my feet and falling back to the ground, smacking my head on a desk along the way.

"Mirror!" I looked up to see Willow staring at me and grinning widely.

"NO!" I screamed. "TALA YOU'RE DEAD!"

"Awww, our little innocent Mirror isn't so innocent!" Ryan smirked standing next to Tamsyn who stared at him as if he was stupid.

"She's never been innocent you numb skull," Tamsyn snipped smacking him on the head.

"AH! Willow! She's bullying me again!" Ryan cried as he ran behind Willow and pretended to cry.

Getting up I laughed at Willow's lost face as she stared from Tamsyn to Ryan then sighed and sat down in her seat.

"The movie premier is tonight," Johnny told me as he stood at my side and watched his girlfriend seethe from Ryan trying to hide under her chair only to get his ass spanked by Tamsyn's ruler.

Grinning I looked at him. "Everything is back to normal,"

"Hey Mirror,'" I looked to my other side and found a very tired Mathilda and Mariam at her side.

"Hey matty, how's Miguel?" I asked and felt concerned. I visited him yesterday and he was speaking, making jokes, sitting up. The doctors said he could go home soon.

"He's fine, just, it's Kane's court date today," She said and I 'ohed' in understanding.

"Don't worry, he'll get exactly what he deserves," Johnny said as he messed up Mathilda's hair to which she glared at him. "And if he doesn't, me Tala and Kai will sort him out."

Mathilda nodded and finally something caught onto me.

"Where is Kai?" I asked looking around the classroom.

"I haven't seen him," Johnny answered and both girls shrugged.

"Tala? Have you seen Kai?" I asked as he turned around to look at me.

"Nope, I was about to ask you where he was, after you know, last night, I'm surprised you don't know where he is," He smirked as my cheeks turned pink.

"Huh? What happen last night?" Mathilda asked looking confused from me to Tala.

"NOTHING!" I screamed pushing Mathilda into her seat as Mr Roberts came in and hushed us all.

The next two lessons passed by in what seemed like minutes because me and the gang actually had fun. We shoved Hilary and Mariah into the cupboard and left them there for break. We then stole Clovers make up and forced her to admit I was the greatest in the whole school to get it back. She then spent an hour looking for her groupies and got caught by Mr Roberts trying to smoke in the toilets.

"Come on!" Tatianna hissed as we crawled under the stage in the hall trying to set up some stink bombs that would go off right at the end of the movie when the credits rolled. The hall was set up for the whole school, there was a massive cinema sized screen right in the centre far wall and a projector on the opposite wall. This was the last day of term, the last day all of us were together and the last chance we had to have fun.

I laughed as Tatianna stuck on the stink bombs right under the centre stage and pressed a timer to it, all stuck down using blue tack, not the most reliable of all stackable things, but it was all we had.

"How's it going Willow?" Chizuka asked into the phone she held at her ear as she desperately tried not to laugh.

"Good, nearly done," Willow was sticking stink bombs under the seat cushions of the chairs Clover, Hilary, Sydney and Mariah always sat in. We were getting out of high school with a bang.

"Okay let's go," Tatianna hissed crawling back to the main door of the school. We slipped through, Willow joining us up as we walked up the stairs to the main ground level of the school and saw a crowed of our grade students trying to look at pieces of paper posted on the notice board.

"They posted it up already!" Chizuka gasped running to the crowd and tried to push her way through.

"Hey guys," Ryan appeared at my side and looked at the mass of students before us.

"Hey Ryan," Me and Tatianna chorused as Willow tried her best to get as much distance between herself and him.

"Doesn't this look fun?" He asked an odd looking grin on his face.

"I guess, in whatever way you're looking at it," Tatianna stated looking slightly uncomfortable. I can't say that I blame her, from the look Ryan was giving the rest of the student I was feeling slightly uncomfortable myself.

"GERANAMOU!" He yelled running up to a random student, grabbing his shoulders and launching himself right onto the heads of the unsuspecting crowd who all buckled from his weight. Ryan rolled on top of all of them in a fit of laughter.

"I guess in his world, this really was an opportunity for fun," I said laughing.

"Don't just stand there!" Wiillow snapped as I noticed no one was actually standing next to me anymore. The notice board held all of our end of highschool exam results. "Let's check our scores!"

Running up to the rest I scrolled down the list with my finger to find my name. A in English, A in art, B in physics, D in ICT, A in drama, B in Spanish and A in maths. OMFG! AN A IN MATHS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

"OMFG! YOU GOT AN A IN MATHS! YOU BITCH!" Chizuka screamed as we all fell into fits of giggles making everyone around us look at us as if we were mad.

"I got an A in drama!" Willow whooped jumping around in happiness as her boyfriend appeared behind her and pulled her into his arms.

"Well done babe," He whispered leaning down and giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

"AH! I GOT A D IN ENGLISH LIT! NOOOO!" Ryan fell to his knees and started punching the ground with his fists wildly.

"Ryan, you didn't take English Lit," Chizuka said pointing to Ryan's scores.

"Oh yeah!" Ryan smiled getting back to his feet. He looked at his scores and his face fell. "I think I prefer my D in English lit." With that he walked away, head down.

"Wow, he got straight A's and he wants a D in English lit!" Chizuka asked looking dumbstruck.

"It's his family, they pressure him into doing good," Tamsyn said as she appeared at Chizuka's side.

"I never knew! He never mentions anything about his family," Tatianna whispered thinking over it.

"Oh yeah, did you hear about Kai?" Tamsyn looked at me expectantly and sighed when I shook my head. "He got top marks in the whole grade and he's got a placement at the most prestigious university in Russia."

My eyes widened as I turned back to the list and my eyes fell on Kai Hiwatari's marks. Straights A's, full marks in half of the exams.

I knew he was smart, but I didn't know he was that smart.

"Oh and is it true you finally lost your virginity?" Tamsyn asked and my eyes widened and my face turned pink again.

"Oh I think that's Tala over there, calling me," I said pointing to some random person walking down the hall in the opposite direction and walking in that direction myself.

"Mirror that's lame! So lame!" Tatianna called after me and I mentally swore her death later.

"Can everyone make their way to the hall for the movie presentation," The intercom crackled to life in every classroom as students began to get up to get to the hall.

"Come on! We're gonna see our movie! DONE AND DUSTED!" Willow screamed running around in a circle arms in the air and she smiled widely.

I looked around at the people walking to school. There had still not been any news from Kai. I had tried calling him a million times now but his phone was always switched off. I even called Tori and Cherry to see if they saw him, but both said they hadn't seen him since the day before.

I was getting worried. What if he got run over by a car!

"Come on! You're not going to make me miss this," Willow ordered grabbing my hand and pulled me through the door to the school, down the hall and in the direction of the main hall.

We took our seats on the completely opposite side of the hall from Clover and her escapee lunatics. And as we planned the stink bombs went off as soon as they sat their fat arses down on the seats. The immediate reaction nearly made me, Willow, Tatianna and Chizuka piss our panties as we fell to the floor in fits of laughter. Everyone was pointing and laughing at their shocked, embarrassed and angry faces.

"Okay calm down everyone!" Mr Dickinson ordered as he stood on top of the stage and hushed everyone into silence. Clover and her posse running out of the hall in humiliation, closely chased by the vice bitch. "As you all know, a large amount of students we're picked to film the movie of Romeo and Juliet," He continued when everyone went silent. "They chose to perform the play in a more new and unique way which I'm sure has come out in the best light, so, let's watch,"

The lights of the hall were switched off and the projector flickered to life forming an image on the white screen that covered the wall in front of us. The picture was of a letter being opened, and then words began to appear, it was the introduction of Romeo and Juliet. My heart jolted when I remembered Kai's letter in my pocket. A sudden feeling of dread and worry consumed any happiness that was there before.

"Are you okay?" Willow whispered as she leaned towards me.

I nodded slowly and got out of my seat not giving any of my friends the chance to pull me back or follow me I escaped through the hall doors and ran down the corridor. I was aiming for the only place I knew I could be alone long enough to read the letter and understand what it meant. But I knew already deep down where he was, what had happened and why.

I ran up three flights of stairs then up a ladder pushing open the roof door. I crawled through it and instantly a gust of wind hit me square in the face pulling away all my strands of hair from my face to dance in it behind me.

Pushing myself up I stood up and walked over to the edge. I got a good clean image of the beach where Hilary had that party, where I first met Kai. My eyes shifted to the houses, my house, his house.

I pulled the letter out of my pocket and slit it open with my thumb. My heart was racing even though I knew what was going to happen. The blonde woman had said it herself, too bad I hadn't seen it before.

My eyes caught onto a computer printed piece of paper. Kai had inherited everything, everything apart from actually being able to own it. I fell to my knees not caring how much it hurt, it said even thought Kai was the rightful owner, all his property would actually be second owned by his father. Kai home in Russia, his mums things were all half owned by his father. His family is evil, I knew that, but why did they have to take the one thing that really made me happy! And why did they have to make a man who already suffered enough, suffer even more?

My phone vibrated in my pocket and without a single thought I took it out, flipped it open and held it to my ear. I felt so empty, alone and hurt. We made love last night, he was my first, I hoped he was my only… but I guess not.

"Mirror! Guess what! HE GOT LIFE!" Mathilda's voice sounded overjoyed on the other end of the phone but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I flipped the phone shut as a picture of that slate haired teen flickered in my mind and the phone in my hand seemed to somehow slip out of my reach and fall to the ground.

I swapped the two sheets and found his handwriting and only six words. Sniffling I struggled to my feet again and looked out at the setting sun, I wiped any tears that threatened to fall but felt more empty than I had ever been before. Maybe this wasn't meant to be, maybe we weren't so meant for each other as everyone kept saying.

I looked back down at the handwritten words. They were repeating in my mind as I took the paper in two hands, grabbed it from the centre and tore them straight down the middle.

"I love you, I'm sorry, Goodbye,"

And as I heard the roars of the students inside clapping for the end of the film I smiled at the sun as I threw the bits of paper in the wind.

Maybe we weren't meant to be together now, but if we are in the future, then I'll find him again. Shouts and screams filled the air and I turned around to stare at the flap that lead back to the school. The stink bombs must have been activated.

I looked back at the bits of paper that were mere dots in the sky now.

"Good luck Kai," I whispered before grinning. I turned around and ran back into the school to join the chaos that was the last day of term. To spend it with my friends. After all, we're all splitting up now, we have to fend for ourselves…

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