She didn't remember what had happened, but remembered being on something that had crashed. A ship, possibly? There were fragments of wood around her, which could confirm that theory.

She had been traveling with her mother to visit something. But where was her mother?

She examined the person nearest her, trying to remember who he was.

He looked somewhat younger than he was and was a black mage. His bright yellow eyes were closed as though he was unconscious.

Her mother trusted him deeply and for a long time apparently. His name popped into her head like fireworks. Vivi.

The person next to Vivi was a teenage girl who loved Alexandria to no end. She had blue hair, a horn, and wings. The only thing that horn meant was that she was a summoner. What was her name? Oh yeah. It was Eiko.

As she watched and waited, Eiko began to stir.

"Mog, where are we?" Eiko asked groggily.

Mog was a moogle that was the same age as Eiko and stayed with her always.

Eiko looked around and realized that the princess was awake.

"Oh, Hope, you're awake. Any idea where Dagger is?"

That was her name. Hope. Strange name but not as strange as her mother's.

"I don't know. Is Vivi all right?"

"Yeah, he's asleep. I'll wake him when Dagger comes back."

Dagger chose that moment to come back. She was tall and barely into her twenties.

"Who's that man with her?" Hope wondered.

The man had red hair and was probably a thief. But mother knew and trusted such people.

"I still don't know why you need me to come with you," said the red-haired man.

"Amarant, I need an extra hand to reach Madain Sari. You know how dangerous the monsters are, and Hope isn't a very good fighter, yet. She also deserves to see some of her heritage at a young age."

"All right, I'll help you but once we get there, I have other things to attend to."

"Fine. Hope, Eiko, Vivi, it's time to go."

"Now?" whined Hope.

"I didn't whine when I was your age. I didn't have anyone to whine to either. I learned to survive on my own. Besides, I'll give you a piggy-back ride later if you're good for the rest of the day," Eiko said to Hope.

"How much further?" asked Vivi, who had just been woken up from his nap by Eiko. (a/n yeah, he'll stay groggy for a little bit)

"We're close to Condai Peit. So not that far," Dagger said.

Hope stayed close to her mother while they headed towards Condai Peit. She wondered what Madain Sari looked like. Was it a village, city, or town? Were there people there? How old was the place?

Hope watched as her mother fought several monsters with great ease.

"Why aren't they afraid of the monsters?" Hope wondered.

"Rally Ho!"

"Rally Ho!"

"Rally Ho!"

"That's the dwarves' greeting. You have to say it to be allowed into their town," said Dagger.

Hope watched one of the people approach her mother. He was asking her about someone named Zidane. Dagger shook her head sadly. Hope wondered who Zidane was and how that person was connected to her mother.

On the way out of town, Dagger stopped to buy supplies and was asked about Zidane again. She shook her head, and they continued to Madain Sari.

"Hope, look around. Did I ever tell you that I was born here?" asked Dagger.

"No, Mother. You never did," replied Hope. "Who are those people talking to Aunt Eiko? Why are they calling her Lady Eiko?"

"They're moogles, and Eiko lived with them for three years."

"But why are they calling her Lady Eiko?"

"I don't know why, Hope. Ask Eiko sometime. Vivi have you found somebody?"

Vivi had come running back in a really good mood. It was strange because he normally was so serious.

"Yes," said Vivi breathlessly. "Come see who it is!"

Dagger wondered who could have put Vivi in such a mood and almost ran after him to see who it was.

"Steiner!" exclaimed Dagger.

"Your Highnesses, Master Vivi, and Eiko," said Steiner greeting all of them.