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"What happened next, Mother?"

"Yeah, tell us! Who watched you while Grandma and Pappy were on their honeymoon."

Hope smiled as she looked at her children, Ruby and Garnet.

Blank and Ruby had married. He died a few years back and about a month later, she died. They had been with each other until the end.

Marcus married a girl named Gem (a/n large brainfart last night), and both had died in the past year.

Cinna had adopted four boys and a young girl to continue Tantalus. This continuation of Tantalus was passed through the oldest boy who married his 'sister.'

Steiner and Beatrix married but had no children. They also died about five years before.

Freya and Fratly married and helped to repopulate Clerya.

Eiko and Vivi also married and had ten kids. They named them after many of the people that they knew.

Out of the group that saved the world, only half was left. Dagger and Zidane were getting on in years but it seemed that they were ready to leave the world for good. Just one last visit from the grandkids…

"Tantalus took care of me while Mother and Daddy had their honeymoon. I had so much fun."

"Your father and I are proud of you and your children. Hope, I need one last hug." And with that last hug, Dagger closed her eyes and died. A week later, at the funeral, Zidane died. The two of them were buried side by side underneath a tree.

Their tombstone reads:

'Here lies Queen Garnet and King Zidane.

She was a hornless summoner who learned the ways of the commoners.

He was a former thief who saw that you didn't need a reason to help people.

They learned from each other that love between nobility and commoners should not be forbidden.

"I have learned that the happiest people in this world, are the people with little or nothing. We should learn from them."

Queen Garnet

"Ruby, Garnet, let's go home. Your father is waiting."

All that is left today of this portion of the royal family is Dagger and Zidane's tombstone and their story. A national park now protects this special tombstone.

Gem: The end. I came up with a semi-pessimistic ending and think that it's good.