Chapter 2: The first day

Wally walked out of the car and got his things from the trunk. He was a

little nervous sleeping in the same room with a girl. He had never had

a girlfriend because of Kuki always on his mind. He waited for her to

come out.

"I'll show you my room!" Kuki said and she ran off.

"Hey! Wait up!" Shouted Wally and he chased after her.

He saw her go through a door and we ran through it. Little did he

know, Kuki's room was very cramped. He was about to slow down and look

around, but instead he tripped and landed right on top of the bed where

Kuki lay. She let out an "oof" as he fell upon her. His head landed right

where her chest was.

"Ah! I'm sorry! Ill just put my stuff over here," He said while getting

up. His face was burning up. This had never happened to him before...

"Oh, yes, please set up your stuff. Ill be downstairs. Its almost 7,

so we will eat dinner soon." Wally nodded.

He got a good look around the room. It was filled with pictures of boy

bands, pink fluffy things, and a few rainbow monkeys. He choked when he

looked around. He didn't know that she was such a girly girl...

Wally unpacked and went downstairs. 'Oh, wow. I cant believe that just

happened. And I landed right there! I don't feel so good... I hope Kuki

isn't mad at me...'

He went downstairs and saw Kuki. Instead of sitting at a table with

chairs, she sat at what looked like a very low table. She wasn't sitting

on a chair either. She beckoned him to her and he sat next to her. He

tried to copy the position of her legs, but in the end gave up and sat

down cross-legged. Kuki's mother served dinner. SUSHI!!! Wally had never

tried this before. And what was this funny green stuff? And this

pinkish stuff too? Kuki read the confused look on his face.

"Don't tell me you've never tried Sushi before! Here, Ill show you how

to eat it," and she gracefully took her chopsticks and showed him. He

tried his best and did pretty well. He ended up liking the food, but he

took about 45 minutes to eat. Kuki had gone upstairs by then. Wally had

been flying for over 12 hours, so he wanted so sleep. He walked right

into Kuki's room without knocking.

"EEEEEK!" she screamed. She was dressing!

"ah! SORRY!" and he closed the door while his face turned a

tomato-red. She was in her room changing... and he saw her...her...her... ugh. Not a good

start. He waited for her to finish and she got out. "Uh, please knock

first." And she scurried downstairs.

'How could I be so stupid! Your getting to meet the girl of your

dreams and you have already totally screwed up! I mean, GET A GRIP! I wanted

to see her but not THAT much of her! Oh boy, this might be a longer

trip than I thought.'

Wally stripped down to his boxers and lay on his futon. Within minutes

he had fallen asleep.

It was about 2 o'clock in the morning when he woke up. He was going to

go to the bathroom when he found he was being held down to his bed.

What was going on? He looked around and saw that Kuki was sleeping with

him! His face turned red again and whispered, "Kuki...? Kuki...? Can you

please get into your own bed? KUKI!!!" He said louder which woke her up.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Its just... I thought u were cold. I usually sleep with

my, uh, well, nevermind. The point is, I lost it and I needed something

to hug."

"Well, could you give me a warning or something? You know, I'm still

kinda new to this stuff."

"Well, sorry! Next time I'll let your shiver to death!"

"Ah, I didn't mean it that way! Im just not used to all this! I live

in Australia, not Japan!"

"Hmmm... sorry."

He found he didn't really need to go the bathroom after. Actually, he

couldn't. Kuki was still clinging tight onto him as she fell back

asleep. this is gonna be a long night.