Wally and Kuki did get married. Her mother, after hearing a lot more of Wally's speech at home, decided to let her choose. Hideki moved on and married another young lady who hated him just as much. She didn't have a Wally to stop the marriage though. They gave the job to a different and smaller family to take over. They split the money so the family would still have enough money to get around.

Wally took Kuki back with him to Australia to introduce her to his mother and father. He never introduced her to his friends because he decided to make some new friends. Surprisingly enough, there names were Nigel Uno, Hoagie Gilligan, and Abby Lincoln.

They married when they were 20 in a small town in Australia. Hoagie was his first man and Nigel was his... other most important part (hey! I don't know wedding things very well!). They moved to Japan to get settled in.

Wally worked as a business man for the Sanban company and Kuki stayed at home with there three children: Reiko, Christopher, and Jenny. And every year, just like Kuki said, Wally, Kuki, and there three children go to see the cherry blossoms bloom.