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"Holy shit, did I just talk like that to LEO WYATT?"

Piper was freaking out about what she had just then. She was the shy, quiet, second sister. She was always so nervous around boys. How could she have acted like that, not just to any boy, but to LEO WYATT? The rich, famous, deliciously gorgeous Leo Wyatt? He was the one that everyone drooled over, including her little sister, Phoebe. If Missy Campbell found out about what she had just done, she would be dead meat.

Missy Campbell was Piper's mortal enemy. There were two clans that majorly hated each other at Baker High: the Populars and the Bitches. Piper was leader of the first, Missy the leader of the second. They completely hated each other. Both groups were drop-dead gorgeous, but Piper's group always gave a helping hand, and Missy's seemed to have fangs. Missy blamed Piper completely for her lack of a boyfriend, and tried to get revenge on her for it. She tried to trip Piper up or hurt her in any way she could, but her plans almost always backfired. If they ever did work, than all of the Populars would make her and her clone's lives miserable.

Piper shook her head. She shouldn't be thinking about Missy, she should be thinking about cleaning, and doing a lot of it. Once back to reality, Piper got a good look at the Master Bedroom. It was huge. Piper sighed, and got to work. They needed the money, after all.


After about an hour, Piper was done with the Master Bedroom. She puffed a stray strand of hair out of her face, but it flew straight back down. Rolling her eyes, Piper took her cleaning supplies and looked down at the list of rooms that she had to do. There were only two other rooms on the list.

"Of course there are," Piper said to herself. "I'm only doing this job part-time. After school, this will take up quite enough of my time with my homework to do, too."

She read the rooms. Both of the titles had names in them: Lauri's Room and Leo's Room. Piper did a double take on the last name. She was doing LEO's room? She hoped that she wouldn't see him again, after the huge embarrassment earlier. But, if she did, she could avoid him. After all, who really conversed with the help?


Piper walked into 'Laurie's Room', and she knew exactly whose room it was. In all of the news specials on the Wyatt family, their children were mentioned quite a few times. Laurie was Leo's younger sister, and about Phoebe and Paige's age. Looking around the room, Piper noted that it seemed as if the girl could BE Phoebe or Paige. Almost everything in the room was black or red. The lighting was dim, and there were candles and incense in the corner. There were also posters of punk rock bands littering the walls of the gigantic room, as well as a mural, in all red, of a sunset.

'Definitely like my sisters.' Piper thought this was she readied her supplies. Just as she was about to get cleaning, the door to the room opened, and revealed a teenage girl. Her hair was a dark black, and her skin was pale. She was wearing all black, and had a nose ring, along with double piercings in her ears. She looked totally Goth, just like Piper's two little sisters.

"Hey. You're the new help, right?" Piper nodded, and continued getting ready. The girl seemed nice underneath her tough outside.

"I'm Laurie," the teen continued, as if wanting to hold a conversation with Piper.

"I know."


"I read the newspaper." Piper would have said she watched the news, but she couldn't. They didn't have a television. They couldn't afford it, even though non-cable channels were free. They needed all the money they could for the necessities. Even with all of the teenagers, the family only had one telephone. They didn't even have a computer. They always had to go to the library to use one.

"Oh, yeah, my family's in the news a lot, isn't it?

"Of course."

Laurie walked closer to Piper, and began helping out a little bit. Piper stared at her, as if she were from another planet. In all of the cleaning jobs she had done, none of the people had ever stopped to help her with it.

"What?" Laurie shrugged, not knowing why Piper looked so astonished. "You seem really nice, unlike our last made. She hated cleaning my room, 'cause she hated gothic stuff.

"Well, you remind me a lot of my younger sisters. They're both Goth. I'm used to it. I actually think some of the stuff is kind of cool."

Piper paused in her cleaning, and looked at Laurie.

"Now, I'm supposed to be the one doing this job. You go and relax on your bed."

Laurie looked a bit sad, as she sulkily walked over to her bed. Guessing what she was upset about, Piper responded.

"Don't worry, we can still talk."

Laurie smiled.

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?"

"I'm the help. What do YOU want to talk about?"

"I want to know more about your sisters."

"Sure. Their names are Phoebe and Paige. Well, those are my younger sisters. My older sister's name is Prue. Prue's a senior, Phoebe's a sophomore, Paige's a Freshman, and I'm a Junior."

"Wow, all P's. Your mother must have been nuts."

Piper looked down at the floor, stopping for a moment.

"My mother's dead."

Laurie gasped.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

"It's okay. It's an honest mistake; it's made all the time."


"Drop it."


For the next hour, Piper and Laurie talked about everything. They grew a bit close, and Piper promised to talk to Laurie the next time that she was cleaning the room.

After the two said goodbye, Piper took a deep breath. She was going to clean

Leo's room and she wasn't prepared for if she ran into him again.

She slowly pushed open the door, praying that Leo wasn't in there.


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