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WARNING: This is the very last chapter. And it's of course the lemon!


Marik dragged Malik over to Malik's hotel-bedroom and an evil smile crept up the yami's features. Oh yes, this was going to be something they'd both never forget. He would make sure of it.

He pushed Malik down on the bed and pulled the boy in a rough kiss. Gods, he had wanted to do this for ages! Not having the patience to wait any longer he started stripping his hikari. Damn he was getting horny. He licked his lips when tanned skin revealed itself to him. Nice…

He wrapped his arms around Malik's waist and showered kisses all over Malik's upper body.

Malik moaned in pure bliss. Ra, he had died and this was the afterlife!

Hearing Marik's moan, Marik knew that continuing was the best option. Not that he minded… no, not at all… He started sucking on Malik's earlobe and a small giggle escaped Malik's lips. "Aww, don't tell me you can't do any better," Malik said in a mock-disappointed tone, trying to let Marik speed up the pace.

The naughty hikari immediately started working on the pants.

Hmmm, his hikari was right. He was being too slow right now. I mean, god, he wasn't Malik's grandfather! So, let's speed up the pace! He quickly pulled his shirt over his head.

Meanwhile Malik had finally gotten those annoying pants off and he quickly made work of the boxers, revealing Marik's aroused manhood.

Marik immediately dived for Malik's right nipple. He gently sucked on it, making his hikari shiver in pleasure and tangle his fingers the wild hair. Marik went over to the left one and gave it the same treatment and more. He licked the sensitive nipple already hardened from the earlier treatment.

"I want you now," Marik lowly whispered.

Malik chuckled lightly. "Then put your words into action, and give it to me…" he huskily purred into his yami's ear.

Marik slightly widened his eyes in surprise. God, that husky voice sounded sexy. He gave a dirty smirk. "I wouldn't mind you talking like that to me every day, Malik-boy."

Malik snorted indignantly and gave Marik a playful smack on his head. "Oh ha-ha, very funny, ya ass."

"Oh, but I'd rather take your ass," was Marik's clever remark. He gave Malik a wink.

A slight blush threatened to crawl up Malik's cheeks, but that didn't matter. He was already burning anyway. "You talk dirty, mister," he said.

"I know." Marik childishly stuck his tongue out at his lover, very out of character. But hell, he had been out of character for two entire months anyway.

The blush on Malik's cheeks quickly faded and a smirk made itself known on his lips. "You know," he whispered. "there are more things you can do with that tongue…" Ha, now he had a smart comeback again!

Malik quickly pulled his head up, capturing his lover's lips.

Marik was taken of by surprise with the sudden attack. Malik noticed this and took advantage of him, slipping his tongue inside the other's mouth. Malik flipped the two of them around on his bed, getting on top of his lover, but Marik decided to ruin his little fun and pulled him off.

"Like hell, I'm gonna let you dominate me," he said, pushing Malik back onto his back and crawling on top of him. He brought his lips to Malik's earand whispered: "Sorry sweetie, but the uke-part suits you better."

Malik frowned. "The uke-part suits me better… You think I'm submissive?" He narrowed his eyes, eyeing Marik for a second, before wrapping his arms around the yam's neck and whispering seductively in Marik's ear. "What makes you think you can tame me, Master Marik?"

Marik looked slightly of guard, but in a second his usual smirk was restored back on his face. "Ah, so you're playing the wild-cat now, eh? You know, you shouldn't be rushing too hard. After all, since this is you first time, you might not be able to handle it."

Malik huffed. "I can handle everything." he looked Marik in the eyes for a moment. "Especially you."

Marik raised an eyebrow. "Oh really…?" He smirked and his hands travelled up to Malik's legs. "You sure?" He ran them up and down, caressing his hikari's legs, before parting them.

Malik stiffened, widening his eyes and biting his bottom lip. Suddenly his confidence had left him…

Marik noticed this and a worried look threatened to break through his smirking feature, as he looked at his hikari. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Y-yeah," Malik stuttered. "Of- of course." He forced a smile on his face.

Marik nodded, even though he didn't buy any of that crap. "Don't worry," he said, trying to sooth the other. "I'll be gentle, just relax." He looked around. "Do you have any lubrication?"

Shifting nervously on his spot, Malik shook his head negative.

Marik shrugged. "I guess this will work too," he said and brought his fingers to his lips to suck on them, wetting them.

The sight made Malik shiver slightly in fear. But it also… made him quite aroused.

Marik took his fingers out of his mouth and inserted them in Malik's entrance.

First one… he could feel Malik's tense muscles around his finger. He let the boy adjust to the feeling. Then another one… and he used scissor-movements to stretch the entrance. A third one… and he pulled them in and out of Malik. He felt Malik shiver at the touch.

Marik pulled his fingers out of Malik and gave a reassuring smile. With one quick move he rammed himself inside of Malik, holding onto Malik's hips.

Malik gave a yelp in surprise. However, Marik ignored him and continued ramming on and on into him with a steady pace. It took Malik a moment to recover from his surprise, but as he did, he wrapped both his legs and arms around Marik and hesitantly rocked back, returning him the favour.

Erotic noises filled the room, as the two retreated in their own little world, them and the rhythm of their lovemaking the only things that still existed.

Malik mewed softly, his sight clouded by lust. The low moans that irrupted from Marik's throat, right into his ear, and the way Marik moved, each time ramming harder faster and deeper into him, made him craving for more.

And more did he get! Suddenly Marik hit a strange spot inside of him, making Malik cry out in surprise. The feeling was just mind-exploding!

Marik quickly stopped, at the sudden change in reaction he got from Malik, thinking he might have done something bad. "Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

Malik blinked, getting out of his bliss. He looked at Marik. "Eh? Yeah, I'm fine," he nodded. He wanted nothing more than his lover to continue. "Really, I'm okay. Just keep going!"

Marik nodded and obeyed, once again started ramming into Malik, each time hitting that sweet spot and driving Malik crazy.

Malik moaned out loud, having never felt anything like this before. If he had known sex would be this great, he would have done it years ago.

Marik felt himself coming and wanted Malik to come with him. He let his right hand travel down lower and let it slip around Malik's cock, starting to pump him.

God, this was driving Malik over his edge. He threw his head back and trusted with all his strength. Just a few moments later he came with a loud moan, letting his cum spill into Marik's hand and over both of their bodies.

Right after him Marik gave a low growl, He too came burying his seed deep inside of Malik. They both panted heavily and didn't want to part, so they stayed in this position just a while longer.

And they never knew a certain Thief had been watching them the whole time…


(for real this time…)