Just to let you guys know, this little fanfic takes place after the episode Spellbound. I DON'T OWN TEEN TITANS.

Chapter 1

Raven sat in her room trying to meditate, but she just couldn't. Malachoir kept swooping into her mind which broke her serious concentration. She fell down and landed with an "oof." As she got up, she heard a knocking on her door.

"What," she growled.

"Uh, its me, Beastboy. I just wanted to check up on you. You know, after that whole Malachoir deal."

Raven usually wasn't very keen on letting people into her room, but she let him in. After she destroyed Malachoir, she felt more open toward her team, yet more secretive at the same time.

"Come in."

Beast boy entered in and sat down next to Raven on the bed. He looked at her and said, "Raven, I know how hurt you are. I know that you really like that guy."

Raven started to get upset. "I did like him. But he betrayed me. He used me and threw me away. The one person who understood me was my worst enemy! Beastboy, I feel so alone."

Beastboy suddenly looked up at the ceiling and replied, "Raven, your not alone." She looked at him and his gaze switched to her. "Raven, I know you really liked that guy. He made you laugh. He made you someone who I never thought you could be. You seemed so...happy."

Raven looked down. "He did make me happy. He made me the happiest I've ever felt in my life. I didn't just like him Beastboy... I think I loved him."

Beastboy was obviously shocked by hearing this news. He had never heard Raven pour her heart out to anyone, let alone use the word "love" and "him" in a sentence. "Raven, I loved someone to. Someone who betrayed me and now I might never see her again. Terra... was that person."

"Raven, you always think that your alone, but you're never alone. You have your friends to take care of you. We won't let you down. You made a mistake, but who cares? Everyone does it! I think Robin made a bigger mistake when he made that whole Red X deal.."

Raven looked at Beastboy angrily. "You don't understand! I am alone! Because he's gone, there is no one else to understand me! You think I'm creepy! You told me that to my face! I don't want to be creepy! IM JUST DIFFERENT!" at that moment one of her statues broke to pieces.

"Raven, you are creepy! But that's why...I...uh," he started.

"You know I can read your emotions. Right?" Raven said. Beastboy's eyes widened she said this.

"So then you can tell that I like you? Like, MORE than just like you?" Raven nodded.

"I thought you liked Terra," she said. "You said you were in love with her."

"I was, but now I'm not. She betrayed me and she didn't care. She used me. I tried to help her, but all she did was throw me back down. In the end she came back to our side, but now she's trapped in stone. There's no way to get her back. I...love you Raven."

Raven's books suddenly flew off the shelves and hit her mirror, the portal to her mind. It didn't break it, but the book was sucked inside. Her mirror started to whiz around and turned pink.

"Beastboy, I might as well confess. I may act heartless, but it's because my powers cannot feel emotion. My emotion drives them insane. If I accidentally hurt you because of this, I'm sorry. I love you back."

Beastboy was surprised. Raven immediately closed her eyes and concentrated hard not to send anything flying. All that happened was she moved her chair and tipped it over.



"Get out of my room."